Chapter 4.49 – Betrayal

Sam headed to the treadmill to burn off her excess energy. She was nervous and antsy about leaving for Newcrest in the morning – worried that Levon wouldn’t want her when she came back. On the other hand she was excited to be going. She’d been incredibly sad after Tyler and Keira left, and sorely missed their company. It had been fun watching things through Keira’s eager eyes. Tyler never cared about the glitz and glamour of show business, but Keira was excited about everything.

The last day of their visit, she and Keira had a fabulous time at the spa getting the works. While soaking in the hot tub, she confided in Sam that she really wanted to move to Del Sol Valley and become a Personal Assistant. Keira even strongly hinted that she would love to work for her and/or Levon so she could ‘put her business degree to good use’. She said they already got along well, so the rest should be easy. Sam thought maybe after she started working again, she might consider it. She had enjoyed her company and enthusiasm.

Still, she couldn’t figure out Tyler. Keira seemed to have her brother trained like a lap dog. If she didn’t want him to bug her she pushed him out of her lap without another thought, but when she wanted him, she just whistled and he was there, trying hard to please her. It was very hard to watch.

But really, was she any different than her brother? Was she Levon’s lap dog? Was it only because Tyler was in love with Keira, and wanted to keep her happy, that he didn’t complain? She and Levon were in love. Weren’t they? Or did she just let him use her when he was there because it made her feel good, just to have him shove her aside when he had better things to do?

This was not a good train of thought. She jumped off the treadmill and took a shower. She was glad Tyler asked her to come to stay with them for a few weeks. Even though she was nervous about leaving Levon, he was right, she needed some time away from him. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

After her shower, she started packing. It was going to be cold in Newcrest. A change of weather, along with the change of scenery, would make a nice respite for her.

By the time she had both bags packed, it was close to dinner time and she was starting to get hungry. She hated eating alone, it was one of the hardest times to be by herself. She walked out on the balcony to get some air, then texted Levon to find out what time he’d be home. He promised her he’d come home early since it would be their last night together for a few weeks.

Sam was both thrilled and shocked when he texted her back that he’d be there in an hour. She excitedly sent a message back that she was making dinner. Spaghetti with garlic bread would be easy and she wouldn’t screw it up, so that’s what she’d prepare.

She ran downstairs, grabbed a bottle of wine as her cooking companion, and got busy. She wanted this to be special so Levon would have good memories of tonight and be ready for her to come back.

While the spaghetti boiled, she ran upstairs to change clothes and freshen up. She wanted to look nice for Levon.

Back in the kitchen, she’d just finished setting the table when she heard the front door open and Levon came into the dining room. “Wow Sam, that smells great,” he said.

He walked over and kissed her neck, making her giggle. “If you keep on doing that,” she said seductively, “we might have a cold dinner.” He laughed. She realized she hadn’t heard Levon laugh much at all the last month or so. “It’s not gourmet,” she added, “but it should be edible, especially if it’s still hot.”

“Well, then, let’s eat,” he said as he removed his arms from around her and walked to the table. He opened the bottle of wine she had set out and filled their glasses before sitting down.

Disappointment colored her thoughts. She was hoping he would’ve opted for a quick romp in the bedroom over a hot dinner. It made her think about how he easily he’d agreed that she should leave. He didn’t even blink an eye. In fact, he’d seemed almost relieved. ‘That sounds like a great idea,’ he’d said, like he couldn’t wait for her to be gone.

Levon sat his glass down and sighed. He’d noticed her mood change. “Sam, what’s wrong now? Are you nervous about leaving?”

“Nothing,” she said trying to brush away the loneliness of the past couple of months. “I’m okay. Let’s eat.” She held up her wine and forced a smile. “To us, cheers.” She swallowed down a large gulp.

Levon clinked her glass and took a sip. It was clear he wasn’t convinced she was okay. “Sam, you know you need this. It’ll be good for you, something to keep you entertained. And frankly, I’m so busy that with you gone, I can work as much as I need without feeling guilty that I’m neglecting you all the damn time.”

No, this wasn’t what she’d envisioned tonight to be like at all. She’s hoped for a romantic evening. “You act like I’m an annoying gnat and you’re happy to be done with me,” she complained, her feelings hurt and tears threatening to fall. God, why was she so emotional all the damn time? Everything made her want to cry.

“No baby. It’s just you’re … I don’t know … you’re needier than normal. I’m sure it’s just because you don’t have anything going on right now, but I do and …”

“I’m in the way,” she finished for him, now angry. “Well, you don’t have to fucking worry about it. I’m on the first plane out in the morning!” She pushed her plate back. “I’m not hungry anymore.”

“Sam. Don’t …” he said just as his phone buzzed with a message. He looked torn as whether to answer it or talk to her.

“Go ahead, don’t let the annoying gnat get in the way!”

“Sam, I need to let them know I’m busy, and will call back so they won’t keep texting.”

“Call them,” she said as she stood up. “I’ve got nothing else to say anyway.” She grabbed her now empty glass along with the open bottle of wine and turned to go upstairs while Levon pushed the name to call the person that texted him.

Sam stopped before she got to the stairs to see if she could tell who it was. “Hailey, I can’t talk now,” he said, “I’ve told you, please don’t text or call me at home.”

Hailey? His costar. Well, it was work related, thought Sam, and she began to feel bad. Regardless, she was curious about what could be so important, so she stayed to hear the rest.

“Yes, she’s leaving …. tomorrow. So we’ll have more time in the next couple of weeks …. Yes, we’ll talk tomorrow. So don’t call me back tonight … no, I need to go check on her.”

After hearing that, Sam ran upstairs before he could catch her listening. Shit, shit, shit, she thought, he is cheating. Her heart pounded in her chest while she absent mindedly filled her glass. She shouldn’t have been surprised. He’d been staying late every night for the past month. Hanging out with Hailey no doubt. She already knew he flirted overtly with every female he saw, including Tyler’s girlfriend. Was he trying to push her away, to get her to leave him? Instead, she’d tried to put herself in his place. If she had guys coming on to her, she’d be flattered, so she had tried to ignore it. But now, just like Dax, he’d found someone new and exciting to replace her.

Damn him, she thought as she blindly walked to the bathroom, opened the cabinet and grabbed her bottle of Valium. She needed to calm herself so Levon wouldn’t see her crying over him. There was no way she would give him the satisfaction. One more night, and she could forget about him for a while. Maybe forever. She just had to get through tonight.

After she washed down the pills, she changed into her nightgown so she could get in bed before Levon made his way up. That way, maybe she wouldn’t have to talk to him and tomorrow she’d be gone.

“Sam?” he called out as she came out of the bathroom. “There you are. Are you okay? Baby, we need to talk about this.”

Sam was ready for a fight. He acted like he hadn’t done anything wrong. Well now she knew differently. “What did they want?” she asked, wondering if he’d tell her it was Hailey.

“Just a script change for tomorrow.”

“Liar!” she screamed. “It was was Hailey! The only script change is what time you can hook up!”

“You listened to my conversation again? Why can’t you just fucking trust me?”

“Because you’re never straight with me. You always say it’s nothing, or tell me half truths. Just like now!”

“Right, because just look at you!” he shot back. “You always overreact to everything! I’m done walking on eggshells with you Sam. This is just one more example of your jealous and whiny bullshit. I’ve tried to be patient, but everything with you is just one big drama after another. Your show being cancelled, me staying late at a cast party to socialize, signing a frigging NDA, my work phone calls, freaking out over my filming schedule. Do I need to go on? And yes, I sugar coat shit – because of you Sam – you do nothing but whine. You need to grow the fuck up.” He threw his hands up and turned around. “I’ve gotta get out of here before I say something we’ll both regret.”

Less than a minute later she heard the front door slam and the tears came. He left and hadn’t even tried to explain the conversation to her, so it must’ve been true. They were going to hook up. Probably already had been. Was she really as awful as he said? Did she really run him off? Oh God, what had she done? She was why he turned to Hailey. Her heart was broken and her chest actually hurt. Now she knew what they meant by a broken heart. Suddenly, she felt more alone than she ever had.

Sam slid to the floor by the bed and held herself while the tears rolled down her cheeks. After what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes, she was dehydrated, her eyes were gritty and her head was pounding. Her entire body was shaking with the knowledge that her life with Levon was over. He’d left her. But then, he’d been slowly leaving her for the past month.

Finally, she dragged herself up and made her way to the stairs for something to drink. As she walked down, she fleetingly wondered if maybe she’d been wrong about Levon. But then he hadn’t tried to deny her accusations. He. Just. Left.

When she walked into the kitchen, the overpowering smell of garlic from the now cold meal on the table made her nauseous. The smell had to go, and right now. She held her breath and quickly threw out their ruined meal. Then she scrubbed her hands to get the odor off them.

Now that she could breath again without gagging, she sat down at the bar and opened another bottle of wine to quench her thirst. She was still shaking, so she used it to wash down one more Valium. She needed to calm herself and settle her stomach so she could sleep before having to get on a plane tomorrow.

After her second glass, she was finally starting to feel the effects of the pills and the wine. Now she should be able to sleep. She tried to push thoughts of Levon out of her head. She couldn’t think about him now. Those thoughts were too confusing. She just needed to get to her bed before she gave up laid on the floor. If he did come back, and found her on the floor, he would be pissed off. If she was in bed, maybe he’d join her and apologize.

Okay Sam, she thought trying to give herself a much needed pep talk, time to take your crying ass to bed. She giggled a little. Yep no more crying. She stood up and was admittedly more than a little drunk. Whoa, she thought as she grabbed the counter to stop the room from spinning. That most certainly would make her barf even if the food hadn’t.

Welp, guess I’ll def be sleeping on the plane tomorrow, she thought and giggled again. Okay Sam, off to bed with you, she said to herself then pushed away from the bar and made zig-zagged path towards the stairs, trying to keep the room from spinning.

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32 thoughts on “Chapter 4.49 – Betrayal

  1. I won’t pretend I didn’t expect something like this. That girl. Man, that family. Both kids are so messed up, hopefully the little sister is stable enough and won’t end up like her big brother and sister!
    It’s hard to comment without picking sides here. I get both, Sam and Levon, but all the handsome and caring won’t pull it out of me for Levon. He is a master of playing the game right without letting it get close enough to truly affect him.
    I am wondering if there is a viable future for Sam and Levon together. Maybe they are just not really compatible. Maybe she really needs to be with her family living the normal life for a while and it’ll reset her, and maybe then a new Sam will be able to fix issues with Levon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh. No flashbacks please. It wasn’t necessarily Levon’s fault though. He’s told her not to mix drugs and alcohol. She was just pissed at him and jumping to conclusions. And he doesn’t talk to her like he should plus all the flirting makes it easy to make those leaps. And he’s right. She’s needy and a drama Queen. But no. We don’t need another Alex incident.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Levon’s speech was the diamond in Sam’s ugly rock collection!
    Bless you, Levon, for your sanity and patience with this tiresome brat.
    I don’t think he’s cheating on her, I think she took his words the wrong way. Well, ofc she did! It’s not like she’s driving with all four tires on the road, now is she?
    Seriously, this man needs to be considered for Sainthood, I sure as hell would not have the patience for a Sam-like partner.
    Cut the strings man! You don’t need to ride the train all the way to crazytown.

    Dare I hope that cracking yourself on some stairs is the wakeup call you need, Miss Murdock?
    I hope she isn’t dead ofc, one doesn’t deserve to die for being excessively needy and insecure.
    One thing is certain though, girl you need a therapy!! And maybe less access to alcohol. And possibly a bedroom on the ground floor…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, Levon finally laid it all out there. Hopefully she listened. And he’s pretty much done. Its ver possible he’s not cheating, she just took it how she thought it would be. Self fulling prophecy. I hope she’s not dead, but maybe got some sense knocked into her! Lol. A ground floor bedroom is a must with a lock on the alcohol cabinet. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Seems like Sam hit rock bottom.
    Tylers situation is only a little better, ” Keira seemed to have her brother trained like a lap dog. If she didn’t want him to bug her she pushed him out of her lap without another thought, but when she wanted him, she just whistled and he was there, trying hard to please her. It was very hard to watch.”
    Cassie’s situation is a little better. At least her love interest is opening up to her.But….
    Your impeccable writing skills and window to their souls brings the reader to feel for them. Bad choices and all. It is the ultimate compliment. But it is very hard to read cringe, ouch, ugh, pretty please with a cheesecake on it, bring some sunshine into their lives in the next chapter. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I understand! It’s time for something good to happen. They’ve all had such rough times! Sam is definitely at rock bottom and it’s time for her to grow. Tyler is close. And Cassie is finally beginning to allow herself to open up. Shew. This group was indeed a big mess.


  4. If hitting her head hard on the floor is what it takes for this kid to finally get her shit together, then I say take her for another ride!
    I don’t know what was worse: to watch the evening unfold and know with certainty it would end in tears; or to be in Sam’s head and witness all those wrong conclusions she was making. She’s the maker of her own doom.
    I felt so bad for Levon. He didn’t have a chance. The battle had been lost before he even set foot in the apartment. Nothing he could say would get through. He did the only thing he could when he left.
    Completely unrelated: I learned a new thing. Apparently there are people who eat their pasta with a bread. I’m shook. And I’m not alone!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. WOW! Okay first off, did anyone else notice that staircase had no rail?! That poor girl had nothing to grab onto! 😓 Anyhow, this is no bueno. I seriously feel so terrible for her. I agree with everyone else, she is being kind of a whiny basket case. And that will eventually push Levon away. Probably already has. This Hailey person being the arms he got pushed into.

    Sam, you need to get a hold of yourself. Put down the liquor! That’s an order! I know it’s easier said than done but she needs to find a different way to deal with her problems.

    I seriously hope she’s going to be okay, we don’t want another death to break our hearts. 🥺🥺🥺 Especially her!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No more deaths. Agreed. And yes. What’s up with a staircase with no rail! Dang.

      Hopefully this time is the time that makes her wake up to what she’s doing. As long as she’s okay if/when she wakes up. Thank goodness she wasn’t at the top of the stairs. She has pushed him away with her mistrust and whininess. She automatically thinks he’s cheating. 😔

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahhh! I knew she was going to drink herself into a tragic death!

    I’m hoping she’ll just have a little concussion because she needs to visit her family! 😭😭😭

    Don’t die, Sam!! 😭😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What started out with the promise of a beautiful evening, turned really ugly and tragic quickly. Sam definitely needed to hear all that though. I hope she’ll be ok and this is just a ‘get your act together’ moment for her.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I hope Sam will be okay! I don’t think this family can bare yet another tragedy…! 😥
    But I have to say, as much as I dislike Levon, I was totally “You tell her, man!” during his outburst, lol! She needed to hear those things from someone at last, although I’m not sure if they can make an impact at this point… The first thing she did after their fight was drink (oh, and cry of course). Sam clearly needs help and she’s not going to get it on her own, or have it provided by her *lovely* mother and stepfather. I hope this will be her chance to realize she’s treading down a very dangerous path and change her ways…
    And sorry in advance for the random following comment, but are her boobs bigger in this chapter? Maybe she’s pregnant and doesn’t know it yet? Lol, I know – totally random! XD But I had to ask! 😀
    Looking forward to your next chapter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • She needed the truth from him, but, like you said, I’m not so sure she really heard it. If she gets through this, hopefully it will be her call to action. To take responsibility for herself and get the help she clearly needs. Ha! I’m not sure if they are bigger or if it was just outfit … possibly … …

      Next chapter coming soon! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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  10. Gah! What is this!? Ahh it started out so promising too. I feel so bad for both of them. But they’ve been arguing from the start. They just don’t bring out the best in each other. And their circumstances just make everything worse. Sam has never been in a good place almost her life so she is the way she is now. And Levon seems to know that and tries to support her, but then turns around and flirts with everything in a skirt. I don’t quite get the guy. I understand the need for publicity stunts, but the Kiera scene just left such a huge bad taste in my mouth. He’s like the ultimate player. Sam is messed up enough and doesnt need that.

    Sigh i was so looking forward to a Sam/Tyler reunion too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It started out good and went downhill fast. Tyler and Keira just aren’t good together. I wish the reunion would’ve been nicer. Levon is pretty stressed with his new show and is just about fed up with Sam.


  11. So I’m going to try the “comment on another tab while reading on this one” thing. Although, that means that THIS is the ‘another’ tab, so saying reading on ‘this’ one makes no sense. Oh well. You get it.

    -uh oh. The title doesn’t bode well.
    -I so anticipated Levon showing up late, but he didn’t. 🙂
    -Shit, Sam. Valium and alcohol don’t mix. And you KNOW THIS.
    -Ah, crap. I wondered when Levon said she was more “moody” lately. Well, if she keeps going like she’s going, she won’t be anymore.
    -Well, I didn’t see THAT coming… dayum.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I wonder if Levon will come back, remembering that Sam is prone to pills and alcohol. Not that I think or hope their relationship has a future. It would just be more suffering for both of them if he stayed with her out of duty. But you can come back for someone in need even though they’re not your partner. I hope he proves as a decent human being and comes back to check on her.


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