Chapter 4.51 – Leaving Del Sol Valley

Dr. Jeng’s words played over and over in Sam’s head. ‘Now, it’s time to wake up and grow up ….. If not, you’ll just be another statistic.’ Sam was more afraid than any other time in her life. Desperate, she repeated her earlier plea. “Please….” she begged, “there has to be another way. I want help. Honestly I do, but I can’t go away and be alone. I need someone with me, until I’m better.”

“Going into therapy here, surrounded by with more of the same, isn’t going to help you. You need a complete change of scenery.”

“What if I go to stay with my father in Newcrest? It’s near San Myshuno. I was planning to go visit anyway before…” Sam’s words rushed out before dying in her throat when she remembered the baby she’d lost.

“I still stand by my recommendation that you go to a rehab center. It’s for your own good Ms. Murdock.”

Sam was frightened beyond belief. If she were alone, she’d feel abandoned and wouldn’t be able to breathe. “I can call him and have him pick me up in the morning. I’ll get a therapist. I swear. Please, just don’t send me away. I need my father.” She whispered the last part to herself.

Dr. Jeng’s face softened just a little, giving Sam a small sliver of hope. “I suppose I can’t force you to go. Leaving here would be beneficial, however without the structure of rehab, it won’t be easy.”

Oh thank god, thought Sam. “Thank you,” she breathed out. “I need to call him. I can do it now.” Then she realized how disappointed he was going to be in her. And she knew her mother would fight her leaving. Her small bit of hope began to dissolve.

Dr. Jeng was scribbling notes. She didn’t know if she could trust her to help, but she had no choice. She swallowed hard. “Dr. Jeng, could you please explain to my mother that I have to go stay with my dad? She doesn’t want me in rehab, she wants me with her. She’ll only go along with it if it’s your recommendation.”

An eyebrow shot up. “You need your mother’s permission to go stay with your father?”

Sam rang her hands together. “It’s complicated. She’ll push back hard. Maybe even get lawyers involved.”

Dr. Jeng studied her for a moment as if she were trying to put the pieces together. “All right,” she said finally, “I’ll release you in the morning – provided you don’t begin to show signs of withdrawal. I’ll let your mother and Dr. Montgomery know my recommendation is for you to go stay with your father while you get therapy. I’ll leave referrals for a couple of therapists in San Myshuno with your release paperwork.”


San Myshuno Airport that same day …….

Ryan was shocked Sam wasn’t on her flight. He kept calling her phone, only to get voicemail. She’d sent her itinerary and it wasn’t like her to not call if something happened, which it easily could have. But now, he was getting worried.

“Ryan, try Maribel,” suggested Taysia. “Surely she would know if something came up. Or she could at least go check on her.”

“Fine,” grumbled Ryan hating that he had to talk to her at all. After multiple tries, he finally left a voice mail on her phone too.

“Taysia, I’m not sure what to do. I don’t know if we should stay here or go home.”

“Let me check the flight schedule to see when the next plane gets here,” suggested Taysia, “maybe she’s on it and that’s why she couldn’t get to her phone.”

A minute later, Taysia walked back over to where Ryan sat with his head in his hands. “Hey, calm down,” she said, putting her hand on his back to comfort him. “There’s another flight that gets here in an hour. She could very well be on that one. Let’s grab something to eat and wait. If she’s not on it, or we haven’t heard from someone, then we can figure out plan B.”

They sat down at the restaurant bar. No sooner had they gotten their drinks than Ryan’s phone rang. “It’s Sam!” he said with relief, as he answered the phone. “Sam! Baby what happened? Where are you?”

“Oh Daddy,” came his daughter’s distraught voice. She sounded like she might be crying.

“Baby, are you okay?” he asked and looked at Taysia.

“Not really,” she said and sniffed.

“Where are you?”

“I’m in the hospital in Del Sol Valley. But I’m okay. It’s a long story. But I really need you to come get me.”

“You want us to come there?”

“Yes. I’m sorry to ask you to do it, but I need you.”

“Where’s Levon and your mom? I’ve been calling her phone. Aren’t they there with you?”

“Mom is here. Levon has been … but…”

He could hear the extreme distress in her voice. His little girl sounded scared and desperate. “Okay baby, just tell me what I need to do.”

He could hear the relief when she next spoke. “Thank you. I’m being released in the morning. The therapist here is recommending a couple of counselors in San Myshuno.”

“Therapist?” he repeated and shot Taysia a worried look. “Taysia and I can be there tonight so we can leave as soon as you are released in the morning. It’ll probably be too late to come to the hospital tonight, but I’ll text you when we arrive.”

“I know it was a lot to ask, but it means more than you can know. I promise I’ll explain everything when you get here. I love you so much Daddy.

Ryan hung up and looked at his wife. “Baby, something’s very wrong. Call Tyler and let him know what’s going on. I’ll go get tickets for the next flight out.”


Del Sol Valley Hospital the next morning ….

Sam just finished getting dressed when she heard a knock on her door. She looked up as Levon slowly opened the door and walked in. “Hi,” she said, not sure if she was happy or sad to see him. “I didn’t know if you really would come back after yesterday.”

“I said I would Sam. Your face looks better. How are you feeling?” He seemed uncomfortable, speaking to her slow and soft as if she were a child.

“Like I fell down a flight of stairs,” she gave him a weak smile. “Dad and Taysia came in last night. They’re going to take me back to Newcrest with them this morning. I’ve already been released. Just waiting on the paperwork.”

Levon looked shocked. “You’re mom’s okay with that?” Evidently he hadn’t spoken to her mother this morning.

“No,” she said and slid off the bed, “therapist’s orders though. Look Levon, before I leave, I need to clear the air between us.” She moved to sit in a chair, sick of being in the bed, and motioned for him to also have a seat.

“Sam, there’s really not much left to say. I thought a lot about us last night after I left.” He nervously ran his hands through his hair.

She knew he was trying to tell her they were over. He practically said as much the day before. “Before you say anything more, please, just listen to me for a minute. Levon, I need you to believe me when I tell you that I didn’t know I was pregnant. I swear I didn’t. And I just couldn’t bear it if you thought I was so selfish and heartless that I would knowingly harm our unborn child. Please say you believe me.”

“Sam, how can you ask me to believe you when you don’t believe me? It’s so damn one sided. It always is with you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Fuck, Sam,” he said, clearly frustrated with her. “I … wasn’t … cheating! I cut filming short so I could spend the evening with you before you left. And dammit, when I got home, you were already half drunk. If you must know, yes, I was looking forward to you being gone. You were smothering me. I figured when you got back, if things weren’t better, then we’d have to have a serious talk. But you didn’t trust me. Instead, you listened to a one sided phone call, and once again, jumped to conclusions. Then you totally went off the rails. So you made my decision for me Sam. And frankly, I’m relieved. I’m done. We’re done Sam.”

Sam was crying silent tears. She deserved his horrible, but truthful words. Her own insecurities drove him away. She took a deep breath. “I’m so sorry. I know I’ve been difficult to live with the last few months and have done so much wrong. But not telling you I was pregnant – Levon – that was NOT one of them. I. Didn’t. Know. I’m not asking for a second chance,” she said, her words barely a whisper, “only for you to believe that I didn’t know.” She needed this so bad.

Levon rapidly blinked away his own tears and swallowed hard. “I believe you,” he finally said. He looked incredibly sad. Sam knew it took all he had to give her those few words. He’d done it for her.

He’d given her a small gift and she needed to repay him. “Thank you,” she said and it seemed so hollow. “Levon, I’m gonna to do this. I promise, I’m going to get my head straight while I’m in Newcrest.”

Levon stood up and once more, dragged his hands through his hair. “I hope so Sam, for your sake. I should go now.”

“Bye Levon,” she said. Her heart felt heavy in her chest as she watched him walk out the door.


Ryan and Taysia walked to the nurses station to find out what room Sam was in. Once the nurse told him they turned to go down the hall. Before he got two steps away, he froze at the sound of the voice behind him calling his name.

He turned to face his ex-wife. The last time they were together in the same room, a huge argument erupted over Tyler. He expected no less this time. “I’m here to pick up my daughter. What do you want Maribel?” He worked hard to keep his voice low and calm.

“Before you go in there,” she said, “we need to talk.”

“I don’t have anything to say to you. Sam asked me to pick her up. And I am. Last time I looked, you were no longer her guardian. She’s a grown woman and can make her own damn decisions.”

“You won’t say that after you hear what I have to say.”

What the fuck happened? he wondered. His curiosity was getting the better of him, and sadly she had his attention. “I suppose you know what happened and why she’s in the hospital.”

“Of course I do!” sneered Maribel, “I’m her mother! In case you forgot. And I seriously doubt she’s told you any of it.”

“Dammit Maribel,” growled Ryan, “I haven’t even seen her yet.”

“Let’s go somewhere private,” said Maribel, “I suppose you want the little wifey to join us.”

“You’re trying my patience!” warned Ryan. “Forget it. Taysia, let’s just get out of here.”

“I wouldn’t do that Ryan,” warned Maribel, “You need to hear …”

“No, I don’t,” he ground out through clenched teeth. “You haven’t fucking changed at all!” Now he was just pissed off.

Maribel cocked her head and smirked. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she sang out.

“Ryan, Maribel,” said Taysia calmly, “Both of you need to put away your differences. We have the same goal, and that’s to take care of Sam. Ryan, let’s just hear what she has to say. Then we can go.”

Ryan stopped and looked at his wife. He took in a cleansing breath and let it out forcefully. “Fuck, fine. Where to?”

“This way,” said Maribel, “The waiting room is empty and should be private enough.”

Once seated Maribel sneered at Taysia before addressing Ryan. “So what did she tell you? My guess is nothing.”

“She was upset,” replied Ryan, “The only thing she told us was that her therapist wanted her to get treatment in Newcrest. She was crying so I didn’t press her. She promised to fill us in when we got here. Wait! If Levon laid a hand on her, so help me if he did….”

Maribel looked upset. “No, he didn’t hurt her physically, at least not that I know of. But then, all he ever did was hurt her. It was his fault she was in the state she was in to begin with. He’s never there for her anymore. God Ryan, I thought she was going to die! It was awful! Thank God she’s okay.”

Taysia gasped. “Die?” asked Taysia.

“She told us she was fine,” added Ryan. “What the fuck happened Maribel?”

“You don’t know Samantha very well do you?” asked Maribel, “Well I do. She’s needy. But then, so are most actresses. This business is rough and she’s been feeling at odds since she’s been in between jobs. I told Levon numerous times to be more cognizant and pay attention to her. But what did he do? He just ignored me.”

“Well, she was feeling lonesome, that’s why Tyler asked her to come to Newcrest for a few weeks,” said Ryan.

“Wait, Tyler? Why did he ask her?”

“If you were as close to your daughter as you pretend to be,” interjected Taysia, “you would’ve known that your son and his girlfriend were here a week ago to visit her and Levon. Tyler invited her to spend time in Newcrest while she was between jobs. So Maribel, let’s just please dispense with the theatrics and get to the point. What happened with Sam?”

“Fine,” growled Maribel. “Wanna know what else Levon did? He was cheating on her. So your daughter began to abuse drugs and alcohol.” She looked smug which pissed Ryan off. “She overdosed. That’s why she’s in the hospital. So now you know her dirty little secret. Do you still think it’s best for her to run away from her problems, or stay here and face them head on with those that are closest to her?”

Ryan ran his hands through his hair and glared at his ex-wife before responding. “Oh hell yeah. Even more so now than before. I see now why she begged me to come get her. Evidently she needs something real and positive in her life right now. And obviously, that isn’t anyone here!”

“You’re fooling yourself Ryan,” replied Maribel. “She’s running scared instead of facing her problems. You’ll just further enable her.”

“Why didn’t you stop it then?” asked Taysia, “We’re not enabling her. I would say you are the one turning a blind eye to her problems and enabling her, because it didn’t fit your agenda.”

“She doesn’t live with me!” shot back Maribel. “Besides, I tried to intercede. She hid it well. Sam is a very good actress.” She looked at Ryan before continuing. “But now that we do know, Ragnar and I can provide the best care possible. Better than what you could possibly afford.”

Ryan wanted to shake her. How dare she insinuate that he couldn’t provide for Sam. He was almost out of his seat when Taysia put her hand on his arm to stop him.

“You can throw all the money you want at Sam,” said his wife, eerily calm, “but it’s not going to help if she doesn’t have the opportunity to fix the underlying problems. One of which, without doubt, is your desire to control every aspect of her life. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a young woman that needs our help.”

When they stood up, Ryan wrapped his arm around his wife, needing to pull strength from her. He never dreamed Sam was becoming an alcoholic, or worse, a drug addict. Taysia effectively shut Maribel down and kept him from a complete meltdown. “Have I told you how awesome you are?” he asked as they walked towards Sam’s room.

“She’s exhausting,” replied Taysia, “laying in wait for us like that. I think she really thought she could scare us off. Well, not on my watch.”


Sam was getting nervous. She’d been dressed and ready to go for hours. She thought her dad would’ve been here by now. Her mind was racing. What if he changed his mind? What if her mother got to him and talked him out of taking her.

There was a knock on her door and her heart leapt into her throat. Please let it be Daddy, she prayed. Then she heard his unmistakable deep voice call out her name and a sob lodged in her throat. “Oh Daddy!” she cried and threw herself into his waiting arms.

“Sam …. baby …. we’re here now. It’s gonna be okay.” He hugged her tight as he spoke.

When she pulled back, he tried to hide the shock of seeing her face. She moved her hand to cover it.

“We saw your mother,” Taysia said with the same look of horror in her face. “Sam, she told us what happened. But she didn’t tell us you got hurt.”

Sam could feel her shoulders drop. “She told you?” She sat down on the bed because her legs couldn’t hold her up anymore. “I fell … it’s all my fault. You must hate me.”

“Of course not,” said Her father gently, “We’ll help you through this. It’s not the end of the world. It happens. People use alcohol as a coping mechanism all time. You just have to learn new ways to cope. That’s all.”

“But … the baby…” she said and began to tear up.

“Baby?” asked Taysia. “Oh God, are you pregnant Sam?”

“No,” she said and shook her head. “Not anymore,” she chocked out. “But, I thought you said Mom told you. When I fell … I lost it.” Sam’s small amount of control gave way to a fresh round of tears.

Her father sat next to her. He pulled her into his arms and held her until she composed herself.

“Ryan, you stay here with her,” said Taysia, “I’ve got a bone to pick with someone. I’ll be right back!”

Before she could open the door, the subject of her ire walked in. “I came to say goodbye to my daughter,” chirped her mother. “I knew he would try to leave without giving me the chance.”

“Mom….” she said and closed her eyes a minute to rein in her emotions, leaning on her father for support.

“How dare you set us up like this!” said Taysia under her breath, “telling us only half truths, letting us believe we knew what was actually going on. Look what you’ve done to her.”

“Excuse me,” sneered Maribel, “I only told you what you needed to know. Anything more was Sam’s decision.”

Her father jumped to his feet. “Enough!” he growled. “You’re upsetting Sam even more. She’s coming with us, so get the fuck over it.”

The next thing Sam knew, Taysia was the one sitting next to her and talking softly. “It’s okay. Just breathe. Listen to me Sam, you need to give your mother a hug goodbye and then we’ll leave. Okay?”

Sam nodded her head, and took a deep breath to compose herself before she stood up. “Mom. We do have to go now. This is what the therapist said would be best.”

Maribel sighed, “Of course darling. And that’s the ONLY reason I’m letting you leave with them.” She held out her arms. “Come here dear.”

Sam fell into her mother’s arms. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d hugged her like this, and didn’t realize how much she’d needed it. “I’m sorry Mom, I have to do this. Tell Ragnar I said goodbye. I’ll be in touch.”

“You just say the word Sam, and I’ll come get you,” said her mother when she released her. “I don’t care what anyone says. You belong here with me.”

After her mother left, her dad looked at her. “I think we should get you out of here. Are you okay to leave now?”

Sam nodded her affirmation, too drained to think or talk, just grateful she was leaving with her father, regardless of what her mother said.

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 4.51 – Leaving Del Sol Valley

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  2. Wow…drama drama DRAMA!!!

    When Ryan and Maribel are together, it’s just WWIII all over again. And she riles up Taysia and she gets her demon out as well! Lol!

    I am shocked Maribel didn’t put up as much of a fight and went along with it. I’m actually not trusting her. I’m thinking she may have a plan or is going to pull something. That’s her bread and butter walking to Newcrest. Without Sam, Maribel is nothing and although she has Ragnar, I don’t put much stalk in that relationship. Her star power is through Sam.

    Maybe Maribel doesn’t believe this will last long and that’s why she’s playing semi nice about this arrangement. I’m glad Sam is getting out of there. Here’s hoping she finds happiness!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ryan and Maribel are oil and water big time. Even Taysia lost it a bit. And Sam was right when she told the doctor she’d get lawyers involved if she didn’t tell her she needed to get away.

      She backed off for now, but she hasn’t given up by a long shot. There’s still that series that Ragnar is finalizing. She feels confident Sam won’t turn her back on that. So yes. She doesn’t think Sam will be gone long. Sam is in her element when she’s acting. She is indeed Maribel’s claim to fame. And Ragnar is big time invested as well. They won’t let her stay gone. They are humoring her for now.

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  3. Sam’s mother treats her like a child! The sooner she gets to Newcrest, the better. How dare that star-struck hussy try and keep things from Ryan! Ugh! I need to stop before I say something I’ll probably regret. Love you and this story!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This is one of my favourite chapters of this gen! Not that everyone was on their best behaviour, or anything… but who wants that? Kekekeke.
    I’m proud of you for coming back and using your words, Levon, and I’m proud of Sam for how she handled it. It was sad, and I feel bad for them, but I think that was a healthy split, but not so final that it couldn’t be revisited at some point 😏

    Taysia was a good foil for the more mercurial Maribel and Ryan, her expression the whole time sort of put me in mind of “wth is this ho?” 😀 and also a little bit of “children, please settle down.”
    I even enjoyed Ryan’s intensity, it was almost… cute? Let’s say cute.
    I’m glad Sam is going to Newcrest, and I really hope she’s successful! I’m sure it won’t be smooth sailing or anything, but this all just feels so… promising! Right?

    Yes! I feel hopeful /frets
    While still fully knowing that there will always be drama to come.
    Oh, who am I kidding… I love it when things go to shit 😈
    Buuuut, apparently I also like it when things get a little hopeful 😁

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    • Levon and Sam. He did tell her what he’s been feeling, instead of just avoiding it. And she needed to hear and listened for once. A healthy split to say the least.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the Maribel/Ryan confrontation with Taysia trying to get them to behave like adults.

      And yes, Sam is Newcrest bound. Let’s hope she can pull herself together. And no, it probably won’t be smooth, but if she stayed in DSV, well she didn’t have much of a shot. Hopeful is good. There hasn’t been a lot of good this gen so far. It’s past time. ❤️

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  5. Thank you for writing a little bit of sunshine compared to the darkness of the last two chapters. Funny, Maribel says Levon was cheating on Sam, Levon denies cheating on Sam. Well Sam and Levon have ended their relationship with a possibility of them renewing it. Depends on you the writer.
    Sam is going to need to keep busy, Perhaps volenteering for some soup kitchen/charity/orphanage/community theatre? Maybe meet someone who is not self absorbed or so into Show business?
    Kiera is going to be in her element as Sam’s Fan club when Sam arrives. I wonder if Kiera will give Tyler the time of the day. Will Veronica make a comeback? Looking forward to a little more sunshine on Cassie, Sam and Tyler.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to finally have some light peaking through. Maribel clearly said whatever she needed to in order to shift the blame for Sam’s state of mind. And Sam and Levon parted on decent terms so that’s good too. Keira will indeed be excited to see her new BFF. Lol. Sam will need to find something to keep her busy. A whole new world awaits her in Newcrest. Once she’s ready to face it. We will indeed see more of Cassie, Tyler and Veronica too.


  6. Loved it as always, it will be really nice to see all the cousins back together again and possibly a bit easier for you to have them all in one place?!

    So was Levon cheating or not? I’m going with not! I’m not sure if I want them to get back together or not. I kind of expect Sam to meet a non famous person in Newcrest which would be fab too.

    Great chapter as always x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed it. They will be back in one place! Lol. It will be good for Sam I’m sure just to be away from the unrealistic expectations. As for Levon, he was probably tempted, but I tend to believe him. Not sure if we’ll ever know for sure. Even if he wasn’t, I think they are over. She didn’t trust him so if he wasn’t, he would be hurt and done, and if he was then so long buddy. Either way, doesn’t look good for them. But at least they parted on decent terms. Maybe she’ll meet someone new. But if she goes back … ? Thanks for reading! ❤️


  7. I’m so glad that Dr. Jeng finally showed a human face and I’m glad Samantha is moving in with her dad.

    It’s good she’s ended her relationship with Levon in a reasonably sensible way.
    It’s really hard being a boyfriend with someone who is addicted and even though Levon may not be a bad guy then there was no hope for them as long as Samatha was not able to enter into an equal relationship.
    I hope she will start to grow with time. The hope is far greater now that she has left her mother.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samantha moving in with her dad is no doubt the best thing for her. She needs to be away from the pressure and surrounded by people that just want her to be healthy and happy.
      She and Levon left things civil and that was the best outcome. It is hard to be with someone that tries to cope using drugs and alcohol rather than dealing with their situation. So true that she couldn’t be in an equal relationship.
      With her family and therapy, I hope she’ll grow and begin to take responsibility for herself. Her mother doesn’t really know how to love. She tried when she was pregnant and married Ryan, but the reality wasn’t what she wanted. She treated Sam like a dress up doll rather than a child.

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. I almost missed the epic drama of Ryan vs Maribel 😂 But now we’ve got Taysia in the mix 😈 I’m glad to see Maribel fail at her awful attempts to gain the upper hand. And even happier to see Sam get some distance from that nightmare! (I did think Maribel had a point about the pregnancy detail potentially being Sam’s business to share because of how personal it was butttttttt we all know that’s not the real reason she didn’t tell 😒)

    Here’s to some healing for Sam, at last! 🤞🏻I kinda hope she never goes back to Del Sol Valley after this, but I wonder if she would really be able to stay away from showbusiness for that long… 🤔🤔🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe! Taysia is stepping up to the plate! And yay for Sam getting away from her for awhile. Right. The real reason she didn’t share wasn’t because it was personal for sure.

      Hopefully she will stay long enough to get healthy, but I’m not sure she can stay away. Let’s hope she can find something fulfilling for her.

      Liked by 1 person

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  11. Oh geez the fight was gloriously horrible if theres such a thing. But im glad it happened because it had to. I really dislike the angle Maribel oresented and im wondering if she really think so,or is she stirring up something. Im glad Sam is still going to Newcrest and out of that toxic city. It has been nothing but horror for her. Now that she and Levon broke up, out of her moms life and a break from her career, hopefully she can start being her own person than rely on anyone else for validation and support. She needs that independence. You go girl.

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  12. Uh, Mari…. That look on doc’s face said it all.
    I’m glad Levon believes her.
    And I just “love” how Mari is trying to poison Ryan’s mind on the recent events. Haven’t even gotten that far, but she’s gonna put her own damn spin on it so that she can do what she can and make Ryan think he isn’t up to the task of taking on Sam. Ugh!
    YES! You go, Tae! “as you pretend to be” 😀 Love that lady.
    There are other lives out there besides acting. Totally different ones, but that’s not always a bad thing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, Levon isn’t really the bad guy here, they just drifted apart. Imthinkmtheir relationship was one of convenience and when it was no longer convenient, and they were headed in different directions, it fell apart. And yea, Taysia is awesome and so good for Ryan.


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