Chapter 4.53 – Female Problems

One month later….

Cris consumed Cassie’s thoughts. He opened up to me, trusted me, she thought, so why am I so afraid to give him the same trust back? Gah, she could list soooo many reasons.

Cassie closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh as the cold sugary goodness slid down her throat. She began to list the many ‘reasons’ in her head. First, she had fallen for Cris – hard. Not a reason, or was it? She knew she was afraid of her intense feelings for him. But why? Because when she lost Alex, she lost part of her very soul, and was forever scarred – and it hurt bone deep. She didn’t want to let him in, and then lose him. She might not survive it. But was is too late?

Cassie let out an exasperated sigh and dug in for another spoonful of therapy. Second, what if he thinks my reasons for holding back are not valid? He already knows I’m a mess, this would just validate it. Third, she would have to revisit the pain of losing Alex. Her breath caught in her throat. Is that my real fear reliving that pain all over again. Maybe, maybe not …

Before she could finish her thought and get on to reasons four and five, Veronica walked through the front door. “Oh thank fishsticks!” exclaimed Veronica, “Ice Cream therapy! I’ve had the day from Hades and soooo need it.” Then through clenched teeth she continued. “That dunderhead gave my promotion to that slimy little lickspittle.” She was clearly big time pissed.

Cassie looked at her trying to decipher what she’d just said. “You didn’t tell me you were up for a promotion.”

“I wasn’t,” she admitted, “but it totally blows raspberries Cassie! He’s a … a …”

“Lickspittle?” Whatever the hell that is, she added silently, trying not to laugh at Veronica’s obvious distress. “So, you just don’t like the … uh …. lickspittle?”

“He’s a manipulative son of a monkey!” The veins in Veronica’s forehead were popping out, she was so angry. “He steals the intern’s ideas and passes them off as his own!”

“Why don’t you tell Paul or Walker?” asked Cassie.

“And just how the fishsticks would I prove it? And then I’d get a reputation as a snitch, besides he doesn’t work for Walker. Gosh darn, I need some ice cream!”

Cassie laughed to herself while Veronica got ice cream. She’d learned in the last few months that they’d lived together that sweet Veronica had a competitive streak a mile wide and didn’t like to lose. And when she was mad, the ‘Veronica swear words’ made their appearance. Fishticks was definitely a favorite and never ceased to amuse Cassie.

“Ahhh, much better,” moaned Veronica, after she took a bite, then she looked at Cassie, “So, what gives with you? You must be thinking about a certain Italian hottie if you’re chowing down on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Did you talk to him yet?”

“No, I didn’t talk to him,” admitted Cassie, her previous list running through her head, “You would think it would be easy to just tell him, but the more I think about it, the more afraid I get. The ‘what ifs’ are crippling me.”

“The man is obviously crazy about you Cassie. He’s going to understand, but if you keep putting it off, he won’t. It’s already been a month.”

“I knoooow, and the longer I wait, the harder it is to just – do it.

“Well, how are things at the bar?”

“They’re okay. We carefully tiptoe around our not-a-date-dinner-date, I guess he’s waiting on me. But now I’m not sure he even wants to ask me out again.”

“Oh, he wants to,” said Veronica with certainty.

Cassie squinted her eyes at Veronica. “You know something, don’t you? I can tell – it’s Walker, isn’t it? Cris talked to Walker and Walker told you.”

Veronica chuckled. “My lips are sealed. Just tell him Cassie, rip off the gosh darn bandaid before it becomes permanently fused to your skin.”

Cassie sighed. She knew Veronica was right. If she didn’t so something, she could kiss any chance with Cris goodbye. “I will, soon, I promise. But can we talk about something else? Tyler’s graduation is coming up in just a few weeks. We should do a party, maybe at the bar?”

Veronica shook her head. “Nope, not the bar. You and Cris will just work it. You two need to be able to enjoy some time together away from work.”

“This isn’t about me, it’s about Tyler,” she objected, “but yeah, I guess we should enjoy it with him. I don’t think I want to do the bluffs again though, especially if the guys get another wild hair up their ass and decide to play Never Have I Ever.

Veronica rolled her eyes. “They can do that anywhere, trust me, I know. You forget I work with two of those dunderheads. Oh, wait! I know a better place, what about the park in Newcrest? The clubhouse there is perfect. They have a play room with video games, a dance floor and more importantly, a bar. Perfect send off for Tyler and his nerdy self, plus it’s just the right size for our group.”

The clubhouse. Damn. “I guess we could,” she said, then quickly added, “I’m sure Dad wouldn’t charge us to use it, so it would be great for those of us on a budget, as in you and me.”

“Ohhh, you gonna be okay with that?” asked Veronica, “I know there could be – a ghost.”

Ghost was right, but she needed to do this. “They’ve remodeled the entire game room since then, which helps.” Ohhh, she thought, I can use this as an opportunity to talk to Cris, show him the memorial plaque and segue that into the Alex conversation. “Yes, it’s gonna be just fine. Let’s do it.”

“Okay, it’s settled then, but I’ll let you call Tyler, ’cause if I call him and Keira sees it’s me, she’ll have a conniption. Ugh, speaking of Keira, do we have to ask her to help?”

“Nope,” replied Cassie and popped her P. “Tyler and I did yours, and she didn’t lift a finger, besides she should be asking us to help her plan something for him and so far she hasn’t. So clearly, it’s up to us do this.”


“Morning Ty,” said Sam, “I’ve been doing a little thinking about your female problem.”

Tyler rolled his eyes and chuckled. “I hope you mean Keira.”

Sam laughed and it was sweet sound. “Yep. Levon called me yesterday, he’s so crazy busy, he’s still living in my house.”

“That sucks, but how the hell does that help my problem?”

“It gave me an idea.” Sam was grinning now and waggled her eyebrows. “He needs someone….”

“Sam,” he said to stop her. But when she rolled her eyes, he figured it out. “Ohhhh, you think he might hire her as a Personal Assistant?”

“Bingo! I didn’t ask him yet, but you said you wanted out and it’s what she wants to do.”

“But are you gonna be okay with Levon and Keira together?”

“Ty, we’re over, there’s no going back for us. I didn’t trust him, and trust issues aren’t easily overcome, but based on our conversation, I think we can still be friends. I hope so anyway.”

“Okay, then make the call. Oh, I almost forgot. I came down to tell you Cassie called, and she and Veronica are throwing me a grad party at the clubhouse in a couple of weeks. I’d like you to come – if you can, I mean – if you’re still here.”

“That’s sweet of them and Ty, I will definitely be there for your party. I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Sam!” said Paige, as she ran into the kitchen. “Can we take Darlene with us today? Please! Her mom already said it’s okay.”

Sam laughed at her half sister and glanced at her watch. “Well, sounds like you already have it worked out. Go get your coat, hat and gloves and let her know we’ll be there in a few minutes for our park therapy.” She looked at Tyler, “God, she’s already such a little manipulator.”

“Tell me,” said Tyler. “So, park therapy, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s to help me get accustomed to seeing mothers and their children. Babies are the worst. I take my tablet with me and write while she plays. It actually helps to put my thoughts down, even if I delete it afterwards. It seems to gives them less power over me once I write them out, and then I can stop obsessing over them. Sorry, more than you wanted to know.”

“I’m just glad it’s helping.”

Paige ran back in. “I’m ready!” she announced.


‘It’s been a month since that awful day, and I haven’t had one drink or used any tranquilizers. I haven’t felt the need to.’ wrote Sam. Then she wondered, Is that because no one here puts any pressure on me? Will I just fall apart again as soon as I get back to my real life? The thought terrified her, so she quickly added it to her notes.

Paige and Darlene’s high pitched squeals made her look up. She sighed softly. Was I ever that young and carefree? she wondered as she watched them swinging. They were laughing and having a great time, only worried about who could go the highest. She envied them. Instead of playing and being a kid at their age, she spent it practicing for dance recitals, rehearsing for pageants, hours upon hours spent getting her hair curled, and makeup applied. At least, when I won, it felt like it was worth it, seeing how happy it made my mother. Then a scary thought occurred to her. Is that what I’ve been doing my whole life? Playing dress up to make my mother happy?

“Is this seat taken?” asked a man startling her from her thoughts.

She quickly closed her tablet and looked up at him. Holy hotness, he’s gorgeous, was the first thought that entered Sam’s mind. “Oh, no, I mean yes, of course. The seat is available. Please sit down.”

He smirked at her and sat down, pulling out his own tablet. But he didn’t pay attention to it. He was watching everyone, and only occasionally would he type something. Then she wondered if he was a stalker. It’s always the good looking ones.

“What are you working on?” she finally asked. She needed a good explanation or she was going to take the girls and leave.

“An advertising campaign.”

“At a park?”

“Yep. Observing so I can be sure to incorporate happy families accurately, and maybe I’ll get lucky and find a real family to showcase in the commercial.”

“Oh, sorry, I won’t bother you anymore, I’ll just … um … get back to my … stuff.” Sam tried to type notes in her tablet, but he’d completely unnerved her. She kept stealing glances at the handsome stranger, and he seemed to be doing exactly as he said.

After nearly 15 unbearable minutes he stood up. “Thank you for letting me share your bench.” He nodded towards the swings. “Are those your girls?”

“Yes, they’re with me, mine, I mean, they’re mine yes,” she said, nodding her head furiously. Ugh, he probably thinks I’m bat shit crazy. Still, she felt better letting him think one was her own child. Darlene could certainly pass for hers.

“Sorry,” he said with that smirk again, “I didn’t mean to pry. Maybe we can share a bench again next weekend. Later.”

Sam was relieved when he turned and walked off. She began to type furiously in her journal about how the handsome stranger made her feel. ‘Is it wrong that I hope he will be here next weekend?’ What would her therapist say about her reaction to him? It’s only been a month since Levon and I split up. If she did see him again, she promised herself she wouldn’t dare allow it to progress beyond friendship. My therapist will be proud I’m not trying to do a rebound relationship. Wait, what was she even thinking? They exchanged about 15 words and she didn’t even know his name. She was indeed a mess.


Tyler tried to finish his last paper for school while waiting for Keira to arrive for their dinner date. Dammit, he said to no one and shoved away from the desk. He’d counted on Sam’s proposal, but he hadn’t heard another word since they’d talked, and now his gut was twisted up in knots. He knew, if something didn’t give soon, he was going to have to break up with her.

The doorbell finally rang and he bolted down the stairs, but Sam beat him to it.

“TYLER!” called out Keira when she saw him. “Guess what?”

Tyler stole a glance at Sam. “What?” he asked.

“I got a job!” she squealed.

Tyler’s shoulders drooped. There went her leaving for Del Sol Valley. Now he would have to figure out how to break it off. “That’s nice,” he said, trying and failing to sound enthusiastic.

“Tyler,” she said, her eyes sparkling with excitement, “Levon called me – Levon Jefferies. We did a video conference call. It was soooo cool. He offered me a job! Isn’t that amazing?” Without waiting for him to reply she looked at his sister. “Sam, thank you, a million times thank you for suggesting it to him! You should join us tonight to celebrate.”

“I’d love to,” replied Sam. “So, when do you start?”

“As soon as possible.” Keira looked at Tyler and her smile faltered. “Tyler, can we talk?”

“Why don’t I give you two some privacy,” said Sam, “I’ll just go up and get ready.”

“This is a great offer for you, congratulations,” said Tyler. Now he just had to tell her they needed to break up because of long distance. Still, his stomach was in knots.

“Thank you,” she said and looked at her hands, “Tyler, I’m leaving next week, Levon has a lot for me to do. I’m going to be really busy, getting settled and just learning. What I’m trying to say is, I think I’m going to be too busy to try to focus on us while I’m in Del Sol Valley.”

“What?” Did she just ditch me? Or is she wanting to take a break? …. but what is the difference?

“I’m sorry Tyler, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I want to still be friends.”

“You’re breaking up?” He needed to be sure.

“You are so sweet Tyler, and very attractive. I just think it’s better if we move on.”

“Shit,” he murmured mostly to himself.

Keira looked like she might cry. “Tyler, you gave me some of the best times; The Grand, the Bluffs, Del Sol Valley, countless romantic dinners. Even if things were a little awkward at first, they got so much better. I’m truly going to miss you.”

Tyler was already overwhelmed, confused by emotions he didn’t understand, and now she was about to cry. “No, god, don’t cry. It’s okay … I mean … I’ll be okay. I couldn’t go to Del Sol Valley anyway. I’ll be starting my own job and have to work at the gym.”

“You’re okay then?” she asked, now looking hopeful.

“I … I think so,” he said, but couldn’t help this weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Sam walked in. “You two get it worked out?”

“Yes,” answered Keira, “We are going to stay friends.” She smiled sweetly at him. “Only this time, without benefits.”

Tyler returned her smile, both sad and relieved. Still, he found he was looking forward to dinner with Sam and Keira. He would enjoy watching her excitement, without feeling like he had to try and fit in. He could finally just be him. He felt some of his sadness ease as they headed out the door.

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42 thoughts on “Chapter 4.53 – Female Problems

  1. If only all break-ups could go this smoothly. 😁 I’m glad both of them got what they wanted in the end and that Tyler felt a bit of sadness too and not just relief. Well done Sam!
    I like these changes the characters are going through. Their personalities seem to be coming more to light. I’m even starting to tolerate Tyler without wanting to whack him on the head for something every now and then.
    The ice-cream therapy was great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • A very unusually smooth break-up for sure. And yes, Tyler did feel weirdly sad. She meant a lot to him and I don’t think he realized it until he lost her. Now he’s going to be alone. And yes, well done Sam. Worked out perfectly.

      The ice cream therapy was a lot of fun. And as they are maturing and trying to move their lives forward, we are finally starting to see their personalities coming through much better. I’m glad you are warming up to Tyler if only a little. 😀 He’s growing.


  2. Aww, lovely chapter.

    Great thinking from Sam. I really liked how they ended the relationship as friends. I don’t believe Kiera means to be so obnoxious, she’s just not a match for Ty nor he for her. They are both great in their own way.

    Lovely to see Cassie again too. I love having all our gang in the same relative area. Nice to see more of Paige too.

    The stranger in the park is intriguing so keen to see more of him.

    Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think Keira has any idea she’s so obnoxious. 🤷‍♀️ They are just so different it makes her seem that way more than if they had similar likes and dislikes. She’ll be great for Levon – as a PA! 🤣 But she’ll get introduced to more people like her and that’ll be good.

      Cassie! I loved her interaction with Veronica. They are perfect roommates. And Paige is just a little Taysia in the making.

      We’ll see more of the Stranger in the Park! Lol.


  3. Good for Tyler, good for Keira. Levon and her should get along fabulously.
    Sam really seems to be coming into her own, wanting to be whom she was supposed to be, trying to be a daughter to her father, step-daughter and half-sister to Paige, but most of all a sister to her brother. They need each other more than they know right now, each is perfectly equipped to build the other one up to where they need to be.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The hottie in the park, sounds like a reporter for the tabloids, sniffing out some scoop. “Oh that Blonde in the glasses, is it possible that she is that Sam Murdock that has disappeared for a whole month? Gotta check her out in more ways than one…..
    Kiera and Tyler breakup: Yup it was Kiera that did all the talking as usual, breaking up with Tyler very gently, treating him like bye bye sugar daddy while going after her passion in Del Sol Valley.
    Cassie and her ghost of Alex. Sounds like the clubhouse will be a perfect setting for Tylers Graduation, bet he will enjoy spending time in the game room and maybe meet a gamer girl that sweeps him off his feet with her rpg character as ir is Tyler’s turn to talk about what interests him and it is mutual. Threes really a crowd with the Cris-Cassie-Alex. Maybe Cassie can finallly say goodbye and close that chapter of her life and move on with Cris….
    Sam is thriving so well with her therapy. Writing it all down. Realizing how empty fame and eternal pleasing of her mom has robbed her of her childhood. Sorry Sam is like a grown up Jo Bennett Ramsey, realizing that she does not want to continue down this path.
    Paige. What can I say. You gotta pick one to focus on for the next generation. I think Paige would be perfect. You have been focusing on Sam-Tyler-Cassie over all the other well adjusted siblings. Paige is more than well adjusted, she is like a tiny Greta Thurnburg. We need that for the next generation as the setting just may very well be focused on going green.
    Thank you for ice cream therapy and a chapter of light .

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    • Hehe. I’ll give you a hint. The hottie in the park isn’t a reporter. In fact he’s been around for awhile, he just hasn’t met Sam.

      Lol, Keira did do all the talking as usual! And is now off to greener pastures.

      And yes.,the game room should be a great place for a party for,Tyler and maybe he’ll meet someone there to fill the void left by Keira.

      I do hope that Cassie can finally say goodbye with the help of Cris, otherwise, you’re right, three’s a crowd.

      Sam is doing well. She was in the perfect environment to make it healthy for her. Not saying she still doesn’t have a lot to overcome. But no, she doesn’t want to go down the path the way she has been. She needs to be in control.

      Paige is a spit fire that’s for sure and smart too. Perhaps she could be.

      The ice cream therapy was fun. And things are finally beginning to turn around for the cousins. ❤️


  5. That ended well. The important part – that it ended, lol 😂
    Jokes aside, great chapter. Glad to see Cassie is warming up to Cris. She just needs to speak with him and the party at the clubhouse will be a perfect opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved this section ❤️
    Right now it looks like all problems are finding a solution.
    New problems will certainly arise but right now I just want to enjoy the optimism and peace. 😊

    Have a nice weekend 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh man, overall I loved this!

    Tyler is free of Keira.. or rather they’re free from each other, since honestly they just weren’t compatible.

    I’m thrilled that Cassie seems to be inching closer to reaching out to Cris. Here’s hoping she doesn’t lose her nerve, and doesn’t wait too long.

    So happy for Sam that she’s getting this time with her family that sees her rather than dollar signs when they look at her. I do worry a bit though.. I hope she’s doing okay. I noticed that she felt better having someone think the girls were hers, and that Darlene could pass as hers. I hope it was just that the hottie flustered her and it was a fleeting wistfulness and not something deeper. Also, hottie better be good for her. Sam’s had enough difficulty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed! Tyler and Keira are indeed BOTH free now! And hopefully Cassie will finally free herself of Alex’s ghost with help from Cris, provided she doesn’t wait too long.

      Sam is being seen for herself for the first time in a long time. She wanted her mystery friend to,think they were hers so he wouldn’t try to come on to her. He def had her flustered. Not that she really wanted to kidnap them or anything more disturbing. 😱 I hope the hottie is good for her too, she’s had enough problems. But she’s not ready sadly.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Yay! The witch is gone and without struggle! Now Tyler is free to date Veronica! Lol!

    And…Walker will be at the party sooooo…maybe there will be another awkward meeting between him and Sam?

    And Cassie! Talk to your boss already! Lol!

    Looking forward to the party!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! Yes, Tyler is free to date whoever he likes. So possibly Veronica! ☺️ We know they have a lot of affection for each other. Whether it’s just brother/sisterly feelings, time will tell.

      And yes! Walker 😍 will definitely be at the party as will Sam! If he hasn’t figured out who she is by then, the cat will be out of the bag! Oops. But Walker would never betray her. He’s that kinda guy.

      Cassie! Yes…it’s not going to be as bad as you think. Talk to him! He’s left the door wide open for you. Take Veronica’s advice, gosh darn it! 🤣

      The party should be quite interesting as the dynamics are shifting.

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  9. Pardon my extremely late comment!
    Sam is so cute in her little ‘disguise’ hat and glasses 😁
    She’s just really cute, period; I’m enjoying seeing her progress, she’s giving me more self-possessed vibes these days, and I just can’t help but root for her!
    We’ve had our differences in the past, Sam, but you were in a bad place, and I like seeing you start to have these little victories ❤
    Walker, eh? Kekekekekeke…

    Cassie with the ice cream, I feel that so hard (or cookies, cookies are nice too). I enjoyed her and Veronica (and Veronica's sassy language), and them therapeutically applying dessert together.

    Keira really stole the show for me this round, I must say. I know she's been a trial to Tyler, and him to her ofc, but her enthusiasm here was really infectious, and that whole scene just cracked me right up. After all Tyler's plotting and obsessing and second guessing and beating around the bush, it's like someone came up behind him and whipped down his metaphorical relationship-pants 😂
    Best of luck to you, Keira! I'm glad to see you move on to better things… but probably not as much as Tyler is 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    • No comment is ever too late! Sam in her covert disguise is funny. She’s doing so much better. I’m proud too!

      And Walker! Hmmm mmm. Watch out Sam.

      I love Cassie and Veronica working out each other’s problems over ice cream! ❤️

      But yes! It was Keira’s day to shine. I’m laughing at the visual of Tyler standing there with his pants down going wtf just happened – which is pretty much what happened. Tyler can finally move on and stop overthinking and obsessing. But all in all, he learned some quick life’s lessons from his time with her which wasn’t complete unpleasant for him! 🤣🤣🤣

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  10. Lol, my favorite part of this chapter: Veronica and her G-Rated cussing. 😄 LipSkittle, Lickspittle. okay, what a tongue twister that word is! 😂 Why doesn’t she swear anyways? Lol.

    Anyways, I’m starting to like her, and I might just actually start to ship her and Tyler. I didn’t at first but that was just because I liked him and Keira at the time, but now that that’s done and over with, maybe they would be cute together. And yes Veronica is who I meant when I said I might know who Tyler gets next 😁😉

    Well, the end has officially neared and Tyler and Kiera are sailing off their separate ways. Wow, so Tyler didn’t even need to work up the pain of dumping Keira. She pretty much did it for him. That was too easy 😄 But he feels the sadness in the pit of his stomach though, simply because it’s very real. That was his first real girlfriend. Although he was so ready for it to end, it doesn’t stop the fact that he had an emotional attachment to her. This wasn’t just another girlfriend in the books, this was the girl he lost his virginity to. It’s not like he’s done with her and he’s going to cheer. Part of his heart hurts too I’m sure. But of course time will heal, and Tyler will find somebody he can be happier with.

    Looking forward to the next chapter! 🤗🤗🤗


  11. Byeeeee Keira! Good riddance 😂 Glad that’s finally over.

    It’s nice to see Sam having some normalcy in her life (and some encounters with handsome strangers too 😉 ) but like her, I am wondering what will happen when she goes back to Del Sol Valley…

    I hope Cassie is able to finally head toward some peace. Both in her grief about Alex and her feelings for Cris!

    Feels like this is all leading up to something interesting going down at the radiation party… 🤔😈 Hopefully all will go smoothly 😛

    (Also, Paige! 😂❤️ She makes me smile every time)

    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, Bye bye Keira! They are both so much better off.

      Sam getting to slow down and have some normal interactions with those that love her, plus meeting a handsome stranger is so good for her. But how will that translate when she goes back?

      And Cassie…it’s time for her to put Alex to rest and truly move on with her life. Preferably with Cris.

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. Ngl, for a moment I was hoping “lickspittle” would be Paul or Walker! That would have made those men certainly more interesting, also, tensions? 👀
    Veronica is so adorable.

    “…she could kiss any chance with Cris goodbye” I think Cassie should kiss Cris instead 😏😏 skip the talk, go right to the point, maybe that’s easier? XD

    Sam lol, she certainly got over Levon very quickly, but it just convinces me more that she stuck to him because she’s so afraid of being alone.

    LOL Tyler, omg he can’t even do break ups by himself 😂😂 I had a good laugh here 😁 Keira, well done, get rid of the trash and start a new and exciting chapter in your life! These two were so incompatible I am surprised they survived that long. I’d long lost my patience with Tyler already in her place (she must have really liked him smh) and in Tyler’s place I’d probably tried my best to ghost her. 😆

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hah! That would’ve been – interesting – no doubt. Hmmmm. But yeah Veronica is funny.

      Cassie should def kiss him instead…

      Sam didn’t love him. He was a security blanket – she didn’t want to be alone. Exactly.

      Tyler has so much growing up to do. 😔. But at least he can relax and do it now without worrying about Keira. And Keira will no doubt be much happier.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Ahhh wow Kiera didn’t hesitate ar all there 🤨 i mean. Okay. That was so obvious. But.. Ugh. Its a smooth breakup but geez. She was totally playing him there. He’s gonna think about this moment somewhere in the future and whack himself on the head about it but eeeeeh at least that’s done. I also dont know if I like the idea of Levon and Keira together 😂 he may be all that she wants ( for now) but i just see her aiming for more and more. But oh well that is her story. Im really liking Cassie and Veronica’s friendship. Haha Veronica cusses pg. That’s cute! Sam poor sam. Her notes are so telling about the life she has led. Even in her notes she defaults to ‘this will please my therapist’ no girl. Please yourself. Im sure it’ll come to her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah … Keira was willing ready and able. She’s in hog heaven. But I’m not sure if she and Levon will be a couple.

      Cassie and Veronica are so good for each other. Cassie needs a real friend and Veronica is just too sweet to have had to put up with Keira’s crap. And Veronica’s PG cursing is so funny.

      Sam needs to learn to do what pleases her for sure. She’s so used to doing what everyone else tells her to do.


  16. Vero is funny-angry angry. Yeah, been in those shoes too. My ideas. She gets the credit. Something goes wrong… “my” fault. Huh. Now that bitch is a manager. Well, good. I now make the same and work less! Ha! Go ahead and LIVE AT YOUR CRUMMY JOB!. >:) (wait. this isn’t about me. sorry)
    Hehe, Sam’s doing what I did that made me start writing. No gorgeous strangers for me though, lol. It’ll really help her, like she said. It’s good to see it written down, and then it’s out there and no longer bottled up.
    So now Keira’s breaking up with Ty. It feels weird because it’s the opposite of what he’d set himself up to do. Now, he doesn’t know how to feel. I’m so glad he worked through it quickly, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m laughing so hard at your rant! Sorry you had that happen though, totally sucks. And yes, Veronica is hysterical. So you began writing just recording your thoughts or a diary? That’s cool. And yes, I did therapy eons ago and writing down your feelings does seem to give them less power over you.

      It’s so funny that as soon as something better came along Keira was done with Tyler. Poor Tyler is so confused about his feelings. But I think being with Keira did help him grow a lot. He experienced things and feelings he might never have otherwise.

      Liked by 1 person

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