Chapter 4.63 – Watch Party

“Hey Slayer! Ready to get started?” teased Veronica. She and Tyler had been meeting at the gym for the past month, since she’d promised to take him skiing for graduation.

Tyler grinned. He couldn’t help but be happy around Veronica, she was always so upbeat even though they worked hard. Before they’d started working out, he only thought he was in shape. “Hi Ronnie,” he said, happy to see her regardless how sore he was gonna be afterwards.

“Ready to work those abs?” she asked with an evil grin. “Gotta have core strength to get your derrière off the ground when you fall.”

“Who says I’m going to fall?”

Moi! Now let’s get to it! Sit-ups first.”

After they showered and changed, they went to the gym’s cafeteria/kitchen for breakfast as they usually did on Saturday morning. Tyler greedily gulped some coffee. “So, I’m going apartment shopping tomorrow. Wanna come with me? I’d rather you did instead of my parents since you’ve lived on your own and know what’s important.”

“Ohhh, of course, sounds fun – or stressful – depending on your situation.”

“You’ll help make it less stressful, but I’m prepared for stressful. I can’t afford a huge monthly payment and I don’t want a roommate.”

“Pros and cons right,” she said and wrinkled her nose. “Small and no roommate, or bigger with the headache of a potentially bad roomie, plus little to no privacy.”

“That I guess, but it’s mostly because I’m going to be working from the apartment and I need the peace and quiet. Sometimes I have to run Paige out of my room, she doesn’t understand the difference in me working versus me playing games and chatting online.”

“Yeah, I see your conundrum. We’ll find you something. By the way, I saw the trailer for Sam’s new show last night – it looks really good, and Sam looked stunning. How is she?”

“I think she’s doing well. The first episode airs next weekend, wanna come watch it with us? We’re going to my grandparents’ house since they have a media room, so we can watch together. Cassie’s parents are coming too since she has to work, so Cris is gonna air it at the Blue Velvet.”

“Really? I’d love to, as long as your grandparents are okay with one more guest.”

“Of course they are. Um, how’s Walker doing now that Sam is gone? I haven’t seen him since she left last month even though he lives next door.”

Veronica screwed up her face. “I think he really misses her. He was as cranky as a donkey in heat yesterday when one tiny little thing went wrong and that’s so unlike him.”

Tyler busted out laughing. “Donkey? In heat?” he asked in between guffaws. “Sorry, it’s just so funny. I didn’t mean to laugh, it’s just I never know what’s gonna come out of your mouth except maybe fishsticks. So, back to Walker, he misses Sam? You think we should ask him to join us?”

“Hmmm, probably not. If your folks wanted him there, they would’ve already asked him. Maybe I can get Cassie to tell Cris to invite him to the bar.”


The next afternoon …..

“Fishsticks Tyler!” exclaimed Veronica with her hand on her hip. “You can paint it. Cassie, Cris and I will help and the landlord said he would pay for the freaking paint. So why wouldn’t you want this house instead of that noisy apartment? It’s bigger, and the rent is the same?”

“I know Ronnie, and it was nice of you to call about this house. It’s just … it’s a house,” explained Tyler. He got her point, but was still a little overwhelmed.

“EXACTLY!” she shot back.

“Right,” said Tyler, “but why do I need this much room? It’s more to take care of and more to clean.” He was just realizing the benefits of living at home versus on his own.

“Oh good heavens, have you been taking ornery lessons from Walker?” She took a deep breath and calmed herself. “Tyler, you asked for my advice. I promise you, as someone that has lived in both a house and a tiny apartment, and not even as tiny as the one in San Myshuno, a house is actually easier to take care of. You’ll have junk piled everywhere in that tiny crawl space of an apartment. Your gosh darn because bed folds up into the wall and when it’s down, you can’t even walk around it, you have to crawl over it. Not to mention loud neighbors banging on your ceiling and walls.” She looked sad and added, “Besides, you’d be all the way in San Myshuno. If you get this house your right next door to me and Cassie and – ”

“Stop! I get it. I guess I’m just nervous about a house.” She was right, he asked for her help,he should be willing to listen.

“Oh fishsticks with a pile of dog poo on top Tyler! That’s lamer than a one-legged man in a sack race!”

Tyler busted out laughing. As smart as Veronica was, she was equally as crazy.

“Don’t laugh at me!” she said, sounding hurt.

His heart squeezed a little, he hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings and he felt bad. “Ronnie, you’re right,” he said, “I should take the house. It just a big step and it needs so damn much work. My dads gonna freak out. You have to promise to help me paint and clean before I move in.”

She went from 0 to 60 on the happy scale in 2 seconds flat and gave him a giant smile. “Yes!” she squealed as she pulled out her phone and started texting. Her phone dinged and she looked up. “Done,” she said smugly, “Cassie and Cris are on board. You have your paint and cleaning crew ready to go – sir. Now, call that poor man back in here and tell him you want this house before someone else snatches it out from under you.”

The landlord was waiting outside while they discussed whether or not Tyler wanted the house. When he walked back in with the contracts, he looked at Veronica and asked if she was going to be living in the house. “She’ll have to sign the lease too,” he said.

“No,” said Tyler quickly, “she’s just a friend.” That sounded harsh in his head, because in reality, Veronica was becoming more than just a friend to him, and the thought of her living with him wasn’t as bad as he had made it sound. Sadly, the words were out and he couldn’t take them back. “Actually, she lives next door and that’s how I found out about the house in the first place.”

That seemed to mollify him so he handed Tyler the lease. Tyler signed it, then paid the security deposit, plus first and last month’s rent. “Congratulations Tyler,” said his new landlord and shook his hand.

Tyler picked up the papers he just signed, suddenly feeling buyers remorse. “Wow,” he said, “I actually have a place of my own now, please tell me it’s going to work out.”

“Of course it Tyler,” cooed Veronica, “and remember, Cassie and I are right next door so you’re not alone.”

“Right,” he said feeling better, “Thanks Ronnie, you were a huge help. Wanna grab food since it’s already dinner time, my treat? After we eat we can head over to my grandparents’ house for the watch party.”

Veronica’s happy smile made his heart skip a beat, and his trepidation about the house turned into excitement. “Sounds like a plan,” she sang out, “but I get to choose since you were being such an obstinate dunderhead and didn’t want to listen to the voice of reason.”

Her words were playful and kind, making him laugh as he slung his arm around her shoulders, “Okay ‘voice of reason’, where to?”


Cole and Dannie’s house

“This is Veronica Hadley. Veronica, my grandmother Dannie Murdock, and my grandfather, Cole Murdock.”

“Oh, I know you!” exclaimed Veronica, “you’re the veterinarian in Willow Creek. You took care of Blackie for me. Dad has him now, but he’s old so I don’t know if I’ll ever get him back.”

“I’m sorry,” said Cole trying to be supportive.

Veronica smiled politely, and sighed softly. “It’s okay, he’s better off with Dad and his family.” She turned her attention to Dannie. “You look familiar to me too, I’m sure I’ve seen you … before.” Veronica’s words trailed off and she turned beat red. “Ohhhhh … ahhh … never mind.”

Tyler’s grandmother started laughing. “Maybe you’ve seen my picture on a book cover?”

“Holy guacamole, you really are …”

“Daniela Stevens?” suggested Dannie.

“Um, yes… I oh, I …” stuttered Veronica.

“I’m flattered you recognized me,” said Dannie grinning, “I’m much younger in my picture.”

Tyler started to laugh. “You read Grandma’s racy romance novels?” he asked.

“Every last one,” she admitted as she turned as red as a tomato.

She looks adorable all flustered, thought Tyler, trying to hold back his laughter. The more I learn about her, the more I want to know. “Alrighty then,” he said just to say something.

“Now Tyler,” said Dannie, “some people are just romantics at heart and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” Then she grinned at her husband, “Right Cole?”

“Don’t get me involved in this,” protested his grandfather, “come on. Sam’s show is about to start.”

“Well, just so you know,” retorted Dannie, “Sam’s show is for mature audiences, so not so different from my novels.”

“Hi Dad!” said Tyler a little too loud when his father walked into the room. He felt bad for Veronica and wanted to rescue her, himself and even his grandfather from his grandmother. “What kind of snacks do we have?”

“Taysia made popcorn” said Ryan, “it’s in the kitchen, grab some and come on. It’s almost time for the show to start.”

“Wow, that was awesome and steamy,” gushed Dannie when the show was over. “It has something for everyone – sex, romance, mystery, paranormal – and with that cliffhanger they’ll have everyone hooked. It’s gonna be a number one show for sure. And didn’t Sam look stunning! Whew, and that leading man … hubba hubba. I know you’re proud Ryan.”

“I am,” replied Ryan, “But damn, it’s hard to watch and know that’s my little girl.”

“Well, I see why she loves it,” added Taysia, “she’s a natural. And you’re right Dannie, Drake Johannson is yummy.”

“You too? Geez Taysia,” said Ryan before launching into a rant. “Let’s just hope Sam doesn’t hook up with him. We’ve seen first hand how hard that life is and it’s definitely taken its toll on her. Staying with us gave her a much needed break, she looked like a different person when she went home than when we picked her up. I hated to see her go, but it’s a good thing she left before she got too involved with our new neighbor. She doesn’t need a control freak for a boyfriend.”

“You mean Walker?” asked Veronica.

Ryan eyed her. “You know him?”

“Yes sir, he’s my boss.”

“Is he an arrogant ass at work too?” sneered Ryan.

“Ryan,” said Taysia, “you don’t know him well enough to say that.”

“Walker really is a good man Mrs. Murdock,” said Veronica. “Yes, he’s a bit aggressive sometimes and can seem arrogant, but advertising is a highly competitive field and he has to be confident. Confidence sells in marketing.”

“Dad!” said Tyler feeling the need to defend Veronica, “She’s right. He’s a nice guy and Sam really likes him.”

“Really Ty?” barked Ryan “You – ”

Taysia put her hand on his dad’s arm, “Ryan,” she said interrupting him, “now is not the time. She’s a grown woman, so quit being an overprotective father and calm down long enough to call and congratulate her. And please, put your phone on speaker so we can all talk.”


Del Sol Valley ….

“Hold on Daddy!” said Sam slightly disappointed when she saw the caller ID. She’d hoped it might’ve been Walker. He hadn’t called since she left, but then, she hadn’t called him either like she promised. “I need to go, where it’s quiet.” Sam left the party downstairs and went upstairs to her old bedroom.

“Sorry, it was too loud to hear. Ragnar and Mom threw a party for the cast and crew to celebrate the first airing. So, what did you think?”

“Everyone thought it was great sweetheart, and you looked amazing,” said her dad and chuckled, “your grandmother can’t say enough good things.”

“Yes! It was awesome Sam,” piped in her grandmother. Apparently he had the phone on speaker. “This series will be number one and no doubt you will win all kinds of awards!”

Sam laughed. “Is the whole family there?” she asked.

“Everyone including Tyler’s girlfriend, Veronica,” said her grandmother. “And did you know, she reads my books!”

“Congratulations Tyler!” said Sam, pleased that he and Veronica had finally gotten together. It made her miss Walker that much more.

“Grandma! We’re just friends,” corrected Tyler.

“Yeah, right,” said her grandmother making Sam laugh again. She could just see her grandmother rolling her eyes at them. The once sweet but serious woman was now full of mirth and vinegar.

Sam’s phone started buzzing with another incoming call. When she looked down, her heart leapt in her chest. It was Walker. “I gotta go, I have another call coming in. I’ll call you back Daddy. Love you, bye.”

She didn’t wait for them to say goodbye and flipped over to Walker. “Hello,” she breathed out happy to get to it before it went to voicemail.

“Hi Sam, congratulations,” he said, “Honestly, I didn’t know if you’d even answer, or if you would be too busy to talk to me.”

God he sounds upset, she thought, but what else should I have expected? “Of course I’m not too busy for you Walker. I said I would answer if I could, I was just talking to my family, sounded like they had a watch party. Veronica was there with Tyler and Grandma thinks they are together. Are they dating now?” She knew she was doing a bad job pretending everything was fine.

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” he shot back, “I called to talk to you, not talk about your brother and his girlfriend.”

Yep, she thought, a really bad job and now he’s really pissed, but something else is going on. “Walker are you drunk?” she asked bracing herself for his response.

“Maybe, just a little,” he admitted, “but dammit Sam … I miss you and when I had to watch that guy kiss you and then … I –

“Walker!” she interrupted, “Just listen to yourself!” She didn’t know if she was more angry that he was drunk or that he was mad about her kissing Drake on screen. “He wasn’t kissing me!”

“It fucking looked like you,” he groused.

Sam had a sense of deja vu wash over her that chilled her. She was jealous of Levon because he was giving out tit-tats so she got drunk and propositioned Cris, thank goodness he turned her down. And now Walker was jealous and getting drunk. Sam took a deep breath and let it out to calm herself. “Walker, look, that’s why this business is hard, lines easily get blurred and if your not careful, you’ll get drawn in, just like now. Drake’s character was kissing my character, Darius was kissing Sybil, we weren’t kissing each other. It’s like Scarlet. If you kissed me still calling me Scarlet, you wouldn’t have kissed me, but you didn’t Walker, it was really me that you kissed – and me who kissed you back.”

“God, I miss you Sam,” he said, “I thought I could do this, but you haven’t called me, and I ‘m afraid you’re done with me.” Her heart squeezed when his voice cracked. He sounds so unlike himself. Where’s that arrogant confidence?

The door opened and Drake walked in. “Samantha! Here you are, you’re missing the group picture. Come on sweetheart.”

“One second Walker,” she said and lowered her voice, “Drake, please give me a minute. I’m on the phone.”

“Baby, the photogs are waiting, then we’re gonna cut cake and have a toast,” he said impatiently.

“Two minutes, now go,” she said and made shooing motions. “I’m sorry Walker. I’m at a party for the first airing. I need to go, they’re taking publicity pictures.”

“I guess I underestimated how hard you really work, sweetheart baby.” His last words were filled with venom. “Call me if you have some time. I’d like to talk when I’m not half way to shit faced.”

“He calls everyone sweetheart Walker. It doesn’t mean anything. I’m really sorry I haven’t called, honestly, I’ve been running in circles since I landed. When I get home from the studio, I crash. We’re trying to get the season finished early so we can start working on the next, hopefully at a saner pace.” She was rambling now. Actually, when she walked into her house that first day, everything came rushing back, and as soon as her mother left, she had a major meltdown crying herself to sleep. There was no way I was calling him. He thinks I’m brave and strong and he would’ve been sorely disappointed. Hell, I’m disappointed in myself. The very next day, things really did get out of control and as each day went by, the guiltier she felt and the harder it became to pick up the phone. Clearly he’d been waiting on her to make the first move and she disappointed them both through her inaction.

“Samantha,” called out her mother this time, “whoever you’re talking to can wait, you’re needed downstairs! Stop being so rude.”

“I’ll be there when I’m ready!” Sam said through clenched teeth, “I already told Drake I’d be a couple of minutes. Now leave and let me finish my fucking conversation or it will take longer!”

“How dare you?” said her mother.

“GO!” yelled Sam.

“I’ll go, but this isn’t over young lady,” retorted her mother, then turned and stormed off.

“I’m sorry Walker. I’m really needed downstairs.”

“Hey, it’s okay Sam,” said Walker, his tone much softer, “you go take care of business and I’ll sober up. I’m really sorry for acting like a jackass. Please, call me later tonight, after you get home. I didn’t mean to cause problems.”

“You didn’t. I’m just sorry you had to hear that, but when Mom says jump, she expects me to ask how high – as does everyone else. And you know what Walker? I’m not doing that anymore. It’s exhausting to keep pushing back, but at the same time, it’s freeing. I’ll call, I promise this time, but it might be late.”

“That’s my girl! And Sam, it’s okay if it’s late.” She could hear the smile in his voice before he began to sing. “Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and I’ll be there, you’ve got a friend.”

She laughed, going from upset to happy with his sweet words. “You do need to sober up,” she said through her laughter. “I’ll call, if for no other reason than to hear that song again.” Truth was, she did miss him terribly. And that’s probably the real reason I didn’t call, because it would hurt too much.

“You’re right. I just had one too many drinks at the bar. I’ll be better. If you can be at a party where everyone is drinking, and your clearly sober, then I can do without as well. Bye Samantha Murdock. I – I’ll be waiting.

Maybe we can do long distance, she thought as she made her way down the stairs. Just talking to him made me feel better. But really, I wish he could be here with me, enjoying the party and celebrating the show’s success. Maybe I’ll ask him to visit when I call him tonight.

When she walked into the ballroom, everyone started clapping, so she stopped and took a theatrical bow. Well, she thought, looks like everyone survived just fine without me rushing downstairs to be a their beck and call. Selfish jerks. She didn’t miss her mother’s glare, but ignored it and held her head high as she took her place for the pictures.

I’m Samantha Murdock, she thought to herself as the photographer snapped away, and you better not fuck with me.

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        • Oh my. I hope they don’t do that. It was disastrous before and she could’ve died. Then where would their meal ticket be? Of course she probably has a hefty life insurance policy! You’re evil! 🤣🤣🤣. Her mother loves her, probably, even though she’s an awful mother. And Ragnar seems to be a bit more loving although he’s also very much about the almighty dollar and power as well.

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  2. For once I’d love to read a love interest that is supportive and proud of his woman instead of acting like a whiny, possessive caveman with an ego more fragile than an egg.
    I hope Sam’s gonna kiss her new co-star instead soon.

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    • Walker was jealous and drunk. He said things he shouldn’t have. Happens. He should have called her sooner and she should have called him too. But they are both unsure of what’s between them. Walker wants to be with her, but won’t ask her to give up her job. She isn’t ready to be with him even though she wants too. But perhaps the last month of filming and working has helped her realize she’s in control. She’s definitely trying to be. She never talks to her mother like she did. And definitely when Walker got over himself, things went in a better direction.

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  3. I almost swallowed my gum when I laughed at Dani talking about her romance novels. LOL! Way to embarrass your hubby, sweetie! Walker needs to chill with the drinking, even if he runs a bar. Sam, IMO, needs to quit acting and move back to her dad’s. She was happier there and got to be Sam Murdock, daughter of Ryan Murdock. Not Samantha Murdock, knock-out actress.

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    • Dannie totally embarrassed Cole. It was fun seeing them again. Walker shouldn’t have been drinking and made a huge mistake calling Sam while drunk. But I think he realized it at the end. She was happy in Newcrest, but she loves acting too much to stop. Maybe she can strike a balance now that she’s truly reconnected with her Newcrest and maybe has a growing connection with Walker.


  4. Tyler shows great confidence in Veronica She is a good friend but maybe a little too busy. Tyler needs to look at apartment and she persuades him to rent a house?
    I’m not quite sure if it’s good that he’s still putting the big decisions in the hands of others? Although Veronica is a good girl.
    He should not give in so easily just because a girl looks a little hurt 😕

    I think it’s a little funny that Ryan’s still mad at Walker. An overprotective father or a stubborn fighter 😂

    How nice it was that Sam could say no to Drake and to her mother. I hope she can continue to withstand the pressure 🙂

    The conversation with Walker started somewhat awkwardly. Walker is definitely jealous and Sam has not called because she does not want to feel that she misses him? That sounds like a really bad strategy Sam 🤨
    Walker drinks up the courage to call an ex addict? It doesn’t sound too smart either 🙄
    Luckily, it still looks like they found each other again over the phone. They seem to be good for each other. 🥰

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    • Old habits die hard where Tyler is concerned. But I think all in all it was the right decision.

      Ryan is a stubborn fighter which makes overprotective father even worse! At least Taysia can calm him.

      And yes, I was so happy to see Sam stand up to both Drake and her mother. It’s hard to do for her. She’s gonna need to stay strong. Sam’s strategy for avoiding Walker is flawed. She’s afraid of her feelings I think, but at the end I feel like they both remembered why they enjoy each others company. They do bring out the best in each other.

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  5. Sam and Walker’s Long Distance relationship is the pits Sam does not call Walker. And Walker calls Sam while he is drunk. Baad for a supportive relationship with an alcoholic.They are definately going to have to work on their relationship if it is going to mean anything. Love the get together at Dannie and Coles house. Dannir makes a great torrid racy romance novelist. Good to know Veronica’s secret vice or hobby. So Tyler got persuaded to rent a home next to Cassie and Veronica. Sounds llike a bargain and great when one is near family really, And I for one approve of Veronica as a friend with all of her colorful language with room to grow at Tyler’s pace. As Grumpy as a Donkey in heat. LOL. Love the pictures of Reagan and her love. Agree with Sam’s accessment, it was her character that was kissing and doing R things with the handsome Drake’s character on the screen. It was a little hard on the family and Walker. (thats why so many actors and actresses ask their families NOT to watch the screenshow especially if it is R or for mature audiences). Thank you for the pictures of your legacy, entertaining tidbits (Dannie as a romance novelist!) funny moments (Veronica and her colorful language) sadly realistic (Sam and Walker’s long distance relationship in the pits) cold look at fame and its toll on actresses (Sam and her mother)

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    • Sam and Walker indeed have a bit of work ahead of them. They got to safer ground by the end of the call at least. It was fun to see Dannie and Cole again and find out a little more about Veronica. Even as she swears in PG she likes the racy adult romance novels. Lol. And she did talk Tyler into a house when he thought he wanted an apartment to lease. But it was a better deal and he’ll be surrounded by friends and much closer to family.

      And yes! Sam’s assessment of the screen romance with Drake vs the kiss with Walker was right on. But it’s definitely hard to watch for Walker and her family. And we know Sam has a penchant for having an affair with her leading men. 🤷‍♀️

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  6. Wow. I never thought of Veronica as the cussing type. Then again we’ve only seen her when she’s not in the spotlight and usually with acquaintances. Now that she is, is that default Veronica with friends?

    Tyler is still being led around but Veronica is fun to read about. He’s starting to realise, or at least his feelings for her are being re-ignited. I hope he steps on the gas pedal soon. Any more of “She’s just a friend” and she’ll really end up being just that. XD

    Sam and Walker’s relationship. Another wow. Both sides screwed up, but its okay to send someone a ‘How are you’ text just to see if they’re okay even if he promised her space. Especially if it’s been months. (I’m assuming so since Sam’s new show got aired.) She still has a tall wall and blames herself for not being strong enough but at least Sam is standing up for herself against her mom and Walker. Walker’s not as attuned as Cris so her bottling up and his aggression is going to have the relationship go sideways. :\ If Walker continues to go about things aggressively he might push her away or make her withdraw into herself.

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    • Yes. Veronica gets passionate and the PG cursing comes out! Lol. And you’re right, if Tyler doesn’t stop saying just friends … we’ll he can kiss her goodbye. Sadly he’s still being led around a bit – but at least Veronica considers his well being first. She’s trying to help him.

      Sam and Walker are on rocky ground. They barely got started and both distanced themselves. 😬. But now that they are talking again, things they can see how they want to do things. Sorta hard when you’re so far away. And yes, it’s been about six weeks.

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  7. This didn’t pop into my reader and I’ve been looking for a new chapter since Saturday! Ugh!

    Omg…so much to talk about. Ronnie and Ty are getting along so well. Hoping for more than friend soon. Veronica’s phrases crack me up!

    Poor Walker is on Ryan’s hit list. And Walker got drunk having to deal with watching his love on screen with that dashingly handsome DRAKE! Ooooo so fun to see him! He’s definitely star material. A blast to see him in this story! 🤩🤩🤩

    I love how Samantha is taking control of her life. Give everyone the finger if they cross you! This is YOUR life! When they find out they can’t control you, they’ll either stop or get out of your life. It’s so freeing when controlling people move on! Not having their condescending comments in your ear to bring you down is awesome. I’ve felt for poor Sam!

    Great chapter!

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    • Aww. Thanks! Crazy Veronica and Tyler are getting closer and closer. He even thinks her phrases are funny. That’s good. He rarely ever liked what Keira had to say. Just fretted over it.

      I think any man that was interested in Sam would be on Ryan’s hit list. He loves his kids dearly but just doesn’t show it in the right way. Thank goodness he found Taysia. She totally gets him to back off.

      And Sam! Yes…. she’s taking control and nobody likes it. They are so used to getting her to do whatever they want. I’m very happy for her. I think a bit of that is Walkers influence and her therapy. But she remembered what he said and took it to heart. Good for her!

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    • No … it’s not. I don’t think it’s really jealousy so much as being frustrated and upset he can’t be with her. I don’t really think he jealous in the way that he doesn’t want anyone else to talk to her. Still, it’s hard to watch someone you care about being kissed like that.

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  8. Oh Ryan, always the hot head. Although maybe Sam could learn a thing or two from it!

    She’s doing great back in the valley so far but it’s early days. She always amazes me how stunning she is and it’s clear to see she does like her job. If she can learn to balance it with her personal life like she has started to do it’d be perfect. I’m not sure I can see her stepping down from the job unless in years to come if she settles down with kids and withdraws from the spotlight, I dunno.

    It was so lovely to see all the family again. Raegan will always be a firm favourite. Lovely to see Dannie, hilarious as always and actually now reminds me of Sophia with her assuming Veronica and Tyler were together. I always love the photographs in the background too. I was trying to rem who was who and some of them I’ve forgotten over time!

    Walker really needs to deal with is issues, Sam dealt well with it so hopefully now they are back communicating it will go smoother. My favourite was when she told her mom to let her finish her conversation or it would take longer. I often need to tell other people this – if they’d just leave me at it i’d be much quicker lol.

    Hadnt realized til this chapter that I’d kinda missed Tyler. Teenage Ty was a bit annoying but young adult Ty is doing much better.

    As always looking forward to more more more!

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    • Poor Ryan, at least he has Taysia to call,him on his sh*t. And he usually listens to her.

      Sam is doing really well, so far. Standing up to her mother is something that she’s working hard on and her mom is starting to be done with it. You can only push her so far before she starts pushing back in a bad way. But yes, Sam loves her job. I think a lot of it comes from her easily being able to step outside herself and become someone else. It makes her characters believable. She’s a natural. Too bad when it comes to her personal life it’s not so easy for her. But she is working hard to take control of that as well. So you’re right, I don’t see her quitting her job anytime soon. Even for Walker. 💔

      Walker does have issues he needs to deal with. I think his feelings for Sam may force him to do it. We shall see. I moved seeing Dam stand up to her mother like that. I was high diving her. 😂😂😂

      Reagan! ❤️❤️❤️. I miss her and Evan so much. At least they’re happy now and have moved on from losing Alex. And Dannie does make me think a little of Sofia although she was more tactful. Always thoughtful and respectful. Dannie has lost her filter over the years. But it was fun getting the family together again. And I agree, adult Tyler is way more fun than teenaged Tyler. He was a mess and is finally coming of age.


  9. I went from not caring too much for Ty and Ronnie being a couple to, like, totally shipping them hard!!! 😄 I love her style and the silly G-rated profanity thing she does! Lol “Fish sticks with a pile of dog poo on top!” 😅😅 Okay now all of the sudden I’m dying to see an nsfw chapter with them. Jesus, what is wrong with me 😰🍆

    Okay, Walker is… um. Don’t know, I thought he was nice and cool at first but a little shitty towards my dear Sam here. First, you are not her husband, and second, you need to expect these drawbacks of being a celebrity. She is being pulled in all these directions, for God sakes she’s human and needs to breathe!

    Anyhow, good work and btw, it was so nice to see our dear elders, Cole and Dannie and living the golden years! So crazy! Seems like yesterday I was just reading about Grace giving birth to Cole.

    I’m so happy you are keeping the story going. Don’t ever quit, this is my favorite SimLit of all time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad Ty and Ronnie are growing on you. You might get your wish … lol. I mean fishticks with a pile of dog poo on top! We have to have THAT scene! Seriously she’s so good to him. Much different than Kiera.

      Walker needs to back off … he’s fallen hard and is making bad choices. More Walker drama coming up next. 😬

      Cole and Dannie…. ❤️. And Grace…😭😭😭.

      I’m very happy you are enjoying my story! 🤗🤗🤗 That makes it even more fun to write.

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  11. loved this chapter. It is great that Veronica and Tyler are starting out as friends and hopefully building from there as Tyler needs to grow into himself and be happy with himself first. I think that once he realises what love is all about he will start blooming and be much more self assured.

    I do not find Drake appealing at all and he is no competition for Walker, please he looks and acts like a Mr. Smoothie . Doubt very much if he will be an asset to any relationship because he is already in one with himself…… me, myself and I. UGH! It is very disrespectful to interrupt Sam while in a conversation because he needs to take a photo. Pretty sure Sam’s mother has something to do with him pushing it. Just another way for her to control Sam.

    Sam will certainly not go via that route again as she is starting to realise her worth and that is great. I think it is good that both Walker and Sam are a bit insecure with, and about each other. Walker has always been over confident, and use to getting his own way, so kudos to Sam for knocking him down a notch. Him losing it and drunk dialing her proofs that he is not in control of the “game” as he admitted to Sam previously, for once he needs to work for something he hopefully is serious or starting to get serious about. It is good that Sam is being a bit cautious and taking time to think where this is leading before she acts. To me that is a sure sign that if they give each other a chance and build this relationship up for the right reasons it can be a match made in heaven. — Yes! I do love a well balanced caveman/Alpha male, and Walker is getting there.

    moving on to the next chapter 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like your assessment of Tyler, learning about what love really is and being happy with himself. I think we’ll see more of this for sure.

      Drake is too much into himself. And definitely no competition in Sam’s eyes. She’s already been through the mill with guys like him. And yes, he definitely has a relationship with himself! 🤣🤣🤣. I have no doubt Sam’s mother had a hand in sending him to get her.

      Walker is very confident, and she certainly pulled the rug out from under him for a bit. They do need to take a little more time to develop their relationship – the problem is the distance. I do,think they can be good for each other. Sam makes him grow and go slow, something he’s not ever had to do before. And he has helped her gain some self-confidence as well. Which she sorely needs. Win win… hopefully.

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