Chapter 4.79 – Jealousy Part 2

What just happened back there? wondered Sam on the short, but silent drive back to her house. How had she had the courage to say what she said? She looked at Walker’s profile, his jaw firmly set deep thought. She knew, because of his support, she’d felt empowered for the first time in her life.

He’d stunned her at the way he stood up to Ragnar and took up for her. No one has ever done that for me before, unless there was a catch and I had to do something in return. It made her think of how he’d also stood up to her father’s inquisition when they first met, making her smile in spite of the unease that was trying to worm it’s way into her head. The unease settled in as soon as she thought about her mother. Ragnar was so dismissive of Mother the entire evening and clearly knew about what happened between us, I hope I’m not the cause of problems in their marriage.

“I’m going to go call Paul and let him know what’s up so he can get our lawyers to draft two contracts,” said Walker once inside her darkened house, “one for BCL’s partnership with Triple A and one to outline the conditions for you to do the commercials that Ragnar will need. Then you’ll have to sign another with Triple A and Simmy Choo, as long as Laurie is okay with you becoming the new face of Simmy Choo.” He stopped and frowned. ”Babe, are you absolutely sure you’re okay with this? Honestly Sam, it’s your decision, not mine and it most certainly isn’t Ragnar’s.”

He’s working out the logistics so I’ll be protected, she thought as she got lost in his ocean blue eyes. “Walker, I do want to do this, even more so now than before, however I’m a bit worried about Mother.”

Walker’s face turned from sweet understanding to rage in an instant. “I know Mari’s your mother, but dammit Sam, she just wants to control you and so does Ragnar, you can’t see it because you’re too close, but he’s using her to be sure he has easy access to you.”

“That’s not true,” she barked, knowing she was getting defensive.

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” said Walker clenching his jaw again, “I’m going to call Paul.”

“Walker …” she said quickly before he could walk away, hoping to find words to make him smile again. “Thank you for tonight … and having my back.”

He turned and looked at her, anger still brewing although he tried to temper it. “Sam, you need to be standing up for yourself. I understand following direction on the set, I’ll give you that shit, but sweetheart, off the set, you shouldn’t let anyone control you like that. It irks me to watch it happen. And fuck, now I’ve said too much again,” he added when her face fell.

“You don’t understand,” she said trying to hold back the hurt.

He held out his arms. “Come here baby, I don’t want to fight with you, I’m just so disgusted with the way they both make your decisions for you and you let them.”

Sam fell into Walker’s open arms relieved. “Walker, I know that Mother tries to manipulate me into doing her will, but isn’t that what all mother’s do? And Ragnar, really, he’s just helping me succeed, he made sure I got this part, he works for me.”

“It’s an illusion babe,” he said softly as he stroked her back, “Ragnar works for Ragnar. Period. Granted, he’s a very shrewd businessman and good at his trade, and I respect that, but not the way he’s using your mother, and frankly … well, never mind, I’ve already upset you enough for one night and I don’t want to fight anymore.” He pulled back and looked at her. “Just think about what I’ve said okay? Now it’s getting late and I have business to attend to so I can focus on us.” His smirk said more than his words.

She watched from her perch on the couch as he walked into the corner of the big room, sat down and got busy. He jiggled the mouse to wake up his laptop and after only a couple of minutes, he picked up the phone and called who she presumed was Paul.

Walker’s also a shrewd businessman, thought Sam, but I don’t think he uses people like he thinks Ragnar is doing. But then, what would happen to me if Ragnar and Mother split up? I hope nothing, but God, Mother would be devastated, she adores him, and apparently now she also fears him, or maybe they’re just having a rough patch and she’s worried about their marriage.

Before she could spend anymore time worrying about the state of her mother’s marriage, Walker walked over and lowered himself next to her. “Okay Sam, all done.”

“It must’ve gone well,” she said and smiled, “you’re no longer scowling.”

He returned her smile and her insides turned to jelly. “It did, Paul had already given his dad a heads up so the paperwork was ready. They just need to get the contract for you drawn up to give to Ragnar, he said it should be ready by end of day on Monday, so now I have you to myself for the rest of tonight and all day tomorrow.”

“That sounds amazing,” said Sam, “I’m glad you still want to be with me after that awful dinner, but I think I fell even harder for you because of it, if that’s possible.”

“That’s good, because Sam, I want you to practice taking up for yourself.”

Sam closed her eyes and grimaced. Why did he have to bring that up again? “Walker, last time I tried, I got into a huge fight with Mother on the set, that’s when she slapped me, which was what Ragnar was referring to tonight. Mother didn’t want him to know, and I think it’s causing problems in their marriage.”

“Do you have an agent Sam?” he asked, ignoring her comment.

“Not really, just Mom, and like I said, I guess Ragnar acts on my behalf.”

“Then we’re hiring one for you. You need a neutral third party, looking out for your best interests, to review your contracts. Ragnar shouldn’t be writing them and having you blindly sign them. They’re always going to be written 100% in his favor, not yours.”

“But Walker, I’m already in the middle of the contract, I can’t change it now,” she said frowning. 

“I understand what’s done is done. Still, I want to have someone review your contract and see if there are any loopholes for you and what ones are in there for Ragnar. You have to eventually get out from under their collective thumbs. We’ll shop around and find a good contract attorney, and when the timing is right, you can fire Ragnar’s ass.”

“Okay, I guess,” she said, and her stomach clenched at the thought of doing that to Ragnar and in the process possibly causing the destruction of her mother’s marriage. “Can we please talk about anything else but this?”

He took her hand in his. “Of course,” he said, his tone serious, “how about we take a nighttime dip in your pool, sans swimsuits, talk about the first thing that pops up?”

Sam laughed and stood up, happy his mood had shifted from somber to playful. She took off her shoes, sat them on the table and grinned. “Last one in has to get the towels,” she challenged and began to run. The sound of Walker’s laughter along with his belt unbuckling filled her with joy.

“No fair,” he called out, “you got a head start, now you’re gonna pay.”


One week later …

One month later…

“Cheers to a highly successful campaign for Simmy Choo,” said Paul as he raised his glass, “and to Triple A for partnering with BCL to make it happen.”

“You did a fantastic job getting the ball rolling Walker,” purred Laurie McClain, the marketing director for Simmy Choo, “and Zeek, you old geezer,” she added affectionally, “I’m so glad we were able to continue to do business with your agency.”

“Hey, who are you calling an old geezer?” he teased back.

“You sweetheart,” said Mandy, Zeek’s wife as she patted his arm before turning back to Laurie. “Laurie, in all honesty Walker was the best thing to happen to our marriage, Zeek had been working day and night until this handsome young gun waltzed into to his office and demanded to work with him. Now I have my husband back again.”

She clearly adores him, thought Sam. It’s sweet, I hope Walker and I are still that happy and in love at their age, if that’s where we’re even headed. God, I need to stop this train of thought because he’s never indicated that he wants more than what we have now.

“Glad to be of service Mandy,” replied Walker and dipped his head in her direction.

“You can be of service to Simmy Choo anytime,” purred Laurie, blatantly flirting with him.

Walker laughed, “As long as we can count Simmy Choo as one of our premier accounts, I will happily be at your service.” He tipped his glass to hers, having opted for champagne for the celebratory toast, leaving Sam with just a glass of sparkling water to toast with.

Why did I insist he have champagne? she wondered, second guessing her decision, now I feel like an outsider, but I wanted him to feel normal because this was his night, but what if it’s now our last night and he’s found someone not so broken in Laurie. He’s clearly into her.

“Cheers to that!” said Paul again, making everyone laugh, except Sam. She sipped her sparkling water wishing she were anywhere but in this restaurant watching Laurie flirt with Walker, especially since he appeared to be eating it up.

Paul turned to Sam, probably noticing her mood, and began to chat her up while Walker and Laurie continued their flirt fest. She couldn’t help looking over at them every so often.

Laurie was hanging on to Walker’s every word, leaning in giving him a good view of her more than ample chest and touching his arm. Bitch, thought Sam.

“Sam, are you even listening to me?” asked Paul.

Damn, what did he say? Something about a beach shoot. “I’m sorry Paul, I was distracted.”

“Don’t worry about Walker,” he said under his breath, “he’s just buttering up our client. He’s very good at making them feel important, because hell, they are.” Paul laughed at his own joke then continued. “I usually come off like a lecherous ass, but he has that boy next door charm. Come on gorgeous, dance with me and let’s get your mind off of him while we discuss your next shoot. I promise to behave.”

“Okay,” she said, forcing a smile, then took once last glance at Walker and Laurie deep in conversation. She wanted to claw that woman’s eyes out for the way she kept touching him, and his too for letting her.

“Samantha,” said Paul a little louder and she saw his hand extended to her. Walker never once looked in her direction as she took Paul’s hand, he was so completely focused on what Laurie was saying.

“Hey,” said Paul as they danced, “lighten up sweetheart, it’s business.”

“I only thought casting couches applied to acting,” she growled under her breath.

“Beautiful, he’s not gonna have sex with her, they really are discussing your next commercial.”

“With her cleavage on full display,” grumbled Sam, causing Paul to throw his head back and laugh. “Crap, now she’s hauling him to the dance floor.” she said and kept trying to catch a glimpse as Paul led her around.

“You want me to cut in?” he asked and she nodded.

Paul sighed and danced them closer. Laurie had pressed her body close to Walker’s and was saying something in his ear. Sam was done. This was Levon all over again and she wouldn’t take it. “Never mind, let them be,” she hissed, “take me home.”

Paul led Sam from the dance floor and sat her down at the now empty table. His demeanor had changed and he was dead serious rather than playful. “Look Sam, I’m sorry, but Walker and I can’t leave. I’ll call you a Suber if you want, but we have to stay, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d stay too, make use of those mad acting skills and at least pretend to like Laurie. She represents the largest client we have on the west coast and she expects to be wined and dined.”

Sam opened her mouth to object, but Paul stopped her. “Look Sam, Walker loves you, he risked everything to come down here for you, so stop acting like a spoiled princess and let him do his goddamn job.”

“How dare you talk to me like that!”

“Hey gorgeous, I just call it like I see it,” replied Paul unfazed, “Think about your boyfriend for a minute instead of yourself. If you leave, how do you think he’s going to feel? I know what he’s been through, I was there through the accident and saw first hand what it did to him. He poured himself into work and never had more than one night stands with anyone – until you. Moving to Willow Creek let him leave all that shit behind, and then he stumbled on you and now, it’s time for him to live again.”

“Samantha?” said the female voice that she was beginning to despise, “do you mind if I borrow Paul for a few minutes?”

Huh? She looked up, still stinging from Paul’s words and Laurie was smiling down at her, Walker standing next to her looking guilty? Laurie winked at her conspiratorially, “I think this guy here is dying to dance with you, can’t say I blame him.”

“Okay,” said Sam a little confused, “of course.”

She got up and Laurie took her place and began to talk to Paul while Walker took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. “You okay?” he asked frowning.

“She had her hands all over you, and you didn’t stop it.” God she sounded whinny.

Walker stiffened. “I was trying not to offend her by assuming she was doing it on purpose.”

“You should’ve stopped her,” she snarked back, more word vomit escaping.

“Sam, we’re not doing this now,” he said through gritted teeth.

Crap, she said to herself, now he’s really pissed off, well, so am I. “Then when? When we get back to MY house? Is that all you want from me? Are you using me too, like you say everyone else is? Maybe Ragnar was right.”

Walker stopped moving, the anger on his face real. Oh god, thought Sam, I’ve pushed him too far.

He grabbed her hand hand and pulled her into a private corner. “What did Paul say to you?” he demanded.

“Paul?” she asked.

“Did he try to tell you I wasn’t interested so he could steal you away?” he asked, barely in control any longer, “I’m going to beat the shit out of him if he did, I don’t care if he is my boss.”

“No… oh God Walker, no, I’m such a jealous idiot.” She looked at Walker praying he’d forgive her. “He said you risked everything to be here and I needed to suck it up and quit behaving like a spoiled princess. It’s just, well, all I could think of when I saw you two together was Levon and how he always flirted with everything with a vagina.”

Walker closed his eyes for a minute, seeming to gather himself while his jaw worked back in forth. Sam held her breath waiting for him to say something, anything. Finally, he looked at her, the hurt that she’d caused clearly reflected in his eyes. “Sam, I thought we were passed that bullshit. I’ve given you no reason not to trust me, but clearly you have trust issues. I’m not sure …”

“Don’t say it, I’m not ready to hear it yet. I’m going to leave so you and Paul can finish up your meeting. Tell Zeek and Mandy … and Laurie … goodbye for me. I’m sorry.” She started to leave and Walker grabbed her arm.

“No you don’t. Dammit Sam, what did you think I was going to say?”

“That you want to break up,” she replied timidly, her voice barely a whisper.

“Did you not listen to what Paul said, what I said? I love you Sam. You. Why would you think I want to end it?”

“I’m confused and jealous so I guess my insecurities got the best of me.”

Walker crashed his lips to hers, pushing her against the window in a searing kiss. Her heart was pounding out of her chest when he finally released her.

“Did that feel like I want to leave you Sam?”

She put her fingers over her swollen lips shook her head.

“Just so you know Sam, Laurie invited me to her hotel room for an after dinner drink and I told her I was involved with you, that we’re together. She said you were a lucky woman, I corrected her and said I was the lucky one.”

“That’s why she said what she did, God I’m such a fool.”

“No, Laurie’s a beautiful woman.” Sam couldn’t stop the look of annoyance that crossed her face and Walker grinned. “Hey, I have eyes, but sweetheart, by the same token, Drake is a very handsome man. You know I almost lost my shit on the set watching you two, so I guess I can relate to how must’ve felt.”

“You flirted with her to get back at me for doing a love scene with Drake?” Sam was shocked he’d stoop that low and was mad all over again.

“Sam, I wasn’t flirting back,” ground out Walker angrily, “just talking.”

Sam chewed her bottom lip replaying their interactions. He’s right, he never touched her except for what was required by dancing together. It was always Laurie that kept touching him. “I don’t trust her,” whispered Sam.

Walker huffed out a breath. “I can handle someone like Laurie, but I’m sorry you had to witness it.”

Sam thought for a minute about Drake and Laurie. Drake was so much worse because she had to kiss him and pretend she had a love/hate relationship with him all week long. “I guess you’ll be wining and dining high profile clients and I will always have handsy costars, paparazzi and their fake gossip.”

Walker chuffed out a laugh making her relax. “I suppose you’re right,” he conceded, “now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s get back to the table and rescue Laurie from Paul so I can end this awful meeting and salvage the remainder of the our evening.”

Sam felt small and petty. “Thank you for not giving up on me, it’s not easy to work with people that feel entitled or want something from you, it makes things get all confused in my head. You’re the best thing to happen to me and I just keep messing it up.”

Walker tucked her into his side making her feel cherished yet ashamed. “Yeah Buttercup you’re gonna need to work on that,” he said gently, “now suck it up and let’s get back to the table.”

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 4.79 – Jealousy Part 2

  1. I liked Walker from the get-go, but even more now. Samantha doesn’t seem to be able to free herself into a position where she is not so entangled in her mother and Ragnar’s wishes, that she could stand up for herself more than the occasional outburst here and there. Enter Walker. Hopefully this won’t become a full-time position for him though, to the point that she just trades out whom she made herself co-dependent on. Great pictures from the ad campaign.
    The jealous rage at the end though disappointed. Very immature of her, still. Marketing is like that, some people are just more touchy-feely than others, and as long as it doesn’t go off-course, doesn’t bother Walker and he keeps it business-like, it is what it is. Paul even tried to tell her, and if had more charm than a cactus on fire he would have been delving right into the flirt-fest, I am sure. Great chapter again.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think Walker is figuring out just how complicated Samantha is. Poor thing has been through so many ups and downs and the only constant has been her mother and Ragnar. Walker is trying to get her to think and act for herself, but your right she’s bordering on replacing her mother and Ragnar with Walker. Hopefully he can help her understand loving someone is not the same as controlling them.

      It’s too bad she got so jealous. Her insecurities got the best of her and for sure Paul would’ve been right in there in the middle of the flirt fest. At least he knows he wasn’t the right one. And I do think Walker knew where to draw the line. As Walker is around more and continues to reassure her, hopefully she’ll continue her growth as a strong and independent person. She has to or she’ll get used up quickly.

      Glad you liked the campaign and enjoyed the chapter. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  2. It is amazing how you crafted Sam’s POV to show her insecurities (her jealousy showing her fear that Walker is not into her as much as she is into him) her concern for her mom (worried that her mom is having trouble in her marriage) blind spots (to Ragnar and Mari’s manipulation) her growing disgust with fame (seeing how entitlement causes Laurie to come on so strongly to Walker, causing flashbacks to Drake and Levon’s behavior with women. Hopefully Walker giving her chances to be independant (like getting her an agent and educating her in contracts) she will choose independence instead of codependancy. Fame is a double edged sword in marketing and acting and you show it so strongly in this chapter. Thank you..

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m so,glad you enjoyed the peak into Sam’s head. She is very afraid of cutting ties with her mother and Ragnar and upsetting them. I hope she does eventually choose independence because if she doesn’t, her relationship with Walker may not last.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw. Walker has it so bad for Sam. To the point where he’d beat the shit out of Paul and ruin all the work he’s done for the past many months and costing his career. 😅 its a heat of the moment talk but it does show his priorities and what he cares about a lot which is Sam. And Sam does have a lot to work on. It’s going to take awhile to undo what all those influences have ingrained in her bt her acceptance that they are there and paul’s honesty and Walker’s patience will help her identify and manage them. I wonder if Sam has an agent by now. I’m so glad Walker suggested it because he’s right. There’s no way those contracts will be written in Sam’s favor with the way the shut her voice down even in person. So excited to see what’s coming next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was most definitely heat of the moment but Sam is his priority, there’s no doubt. ❤️. Yes, she needs to get an agent ASAP if she doesn’t already have one. Walker has so much patience because she shows she’s trying. She’s moving forward but it is a lot to unwind. She’s learning to trust him and see that he is working for her, not for him. He always asks what she wants and that’s something no one has ever done. So she just did what they said she should do and was praised for it. There is more to come. Glad your e cited for it. 😊


    • I hope at least maybe they are both getting over their jealousy a little. It all comes from a place of insecurity. As their relationship matures perhaps they’ll develop the trust that is really the backbone of a relationship. Simmy Choo went really well! Yay!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sam’s beauty is easy to see in this great shots. Like everyone else, I was disappointed with her jealousy and glad Paul told it to her straight. It’s. Not always about her, and even though in this case it was about her next ad, it was still not entirely about her, but about business in general and specifically in that industry. Sam has been sheltered and Laurie is abusing her position and power. I hope Sam and Walker can work through the jealousy issues that crop up from time to time and surpass them. They have a great future together if they can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so right. It’s not always about her. Paul did let her have it, and she needed to hear it. Laurie was pushing it but then Walker did tell her when she tried to take it too far. They both have to learn to trust each other. It’s a big leap of faith for them both. I too think they can be a great team if they can get past these issues.

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. Ha, ha, these two are still a mess, but they’re slowly getting better. I do think Sam was a little too jealous, but at the same time it wouldn’t have hurt Walker to make his not-single status known to the handsy lady a little earlier – no need to let her grind all over him while his girlfriend’s watching.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You know you’re messed up when this is what the marriage of your parents looks like and you still tend blame yourself for it. SAM! IT’S ALL THEM, IT HAS NEVER BEEN YOU!
    Oh my goodness NO, NOT ALL MOTHERS MANIPULATE THEIR CHILDREN INTO DOING THEIR WILL! Like, most will try to give the advice that they think is best and yes, sometimes they will try to convince you that they know best but the extent to which Mari does it is NOT normal. Oh, Sam! How in the world have you turned out to become a decent human being.
    It’s far more difficult to recognize with someone like Ragnar, I think. Because in the foreground, it will always seem like they want your best. You need a whole lot of insight into human nature and into the person’s mind to identify the problem in this. An insight that as a child and often even in your young adult years, you don’t have or only start to develop.
    On a lighter note, that ad pic for Simmy Choo Blue is so well-made, I had to laugh. It’s so silly and at the same time, mirrors modern designer and perfume ads so well.
    I can’t and don’t want to imagine how Sam felt. And how Walker felt in that earlier chapter. Their relationship will never be “normal” by our standards as long as they have such important positions. There will always be others flirting with them and they need to figure out how to react to that. How to be okay or how to deal with it otherwise. If they stop talking, they lost. So it’s good they could figure that out this time, it will help for all the future ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Again, so we’ll said. Sam and Walker are fighting an uphill battle. Her reality has been her mother and Ragnar since she was a young teen and her mother before that. She’s trying to think for herself but is afraid to cut that cord. Yes, they talked it out again. As long as they keep communication open, maybe they can eventually make it up the hill.


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