Chapter 4.82 – Purple

2 Months later – Opening Day of Purple …..

“Good morning gorgeous,” said Cris when he walked in carrying a box, “I managed to get the extra glasses – how are you, are you nervous? Today is your big day.”

Cassie smiled and dried her hands. She was happier right this minute than she ever dreamed she had a right to be since she lost Alex. “It’s our big day Cris,” she corrected.

Cris set the box on the counter. “Yes, well Purple may be our lavoro d’amore, but she’s your bambino, your creazione.”

“Cris, can you sit down for a minute, I need to tell you something. Purple’s not the only, how did you say it … lavoro d’amore … we have coming up.”

“Okayyy,” said Cris, then walked over to the nearest, table sitting down hard. “What is it? Don’t tell me you’ve already started making plans to open a sister bar as much hell as we’ve been through getting Purple to this point. Yes, it may have been a labor of love, but it was damn hard work and a lot of 18-hour days. Please tell me you didn’t already buy land or another bar.  God help me Cassandra, if you did, you’re on your own. Wait, no, this is a partnership and I’m not going to agree to it.  No. Just no. We have other kinds of bambinos to work on.  You’ll just sell it back or it’s gonna waste away for at least 3 years.”

Cassie rolled her lips trying unsuccessfully not to laugh at Cris’ rant.

“What about this do you find fucking funny?” he asked, beginning to get angry, “I was looking forward to relaxing a little, maybe rethinking a honeymoon in Italy after we get married so we could focus on baby making, not starting another project. What? Stop looking at me like that.”

“Cris, are you quite done thinking you know what I’m going to say?”

“Oh, thank God,” he huffed out looking so relieved it was comical and Cassie had to bite back a laugh. “So you didn’t buy a bar,” he continued, “but what the hell did you do? It’s about the wedding, isn’t it? That I can deal with, whatever you want is fine.”

“No, Mr. Jumps-to-conclusions, it isn’t the wedding or another bar, however dear Cris it is a project, a lavoro d’amore, as you said earlier.”

This time it was Cris that was trying not to laugh at her butchered Italian.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “Okay, yes, my Italian sucks, and it’s a good thing yours doesn’t so you can be the one to teach our children a second language. It’s going to be sooner rather than later too because Cris what I’ve been waiting to tell you is – we’re pregnant.”

Cris sat there staring which unnerved her. She wasn’t expecting speechless, she thought he’d be happy. “Cris, say something, you’re scaring me.” She reached out to touch his face but pulled back, still unsure of his reaction.

He blinked hard a few times and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed hard. “I love you,” he managed to say, his voice thick with emotion.

“Buuuut?” she asked dragging the word out waiting for the other shoe to fall. “You’re upset with me, I get it, I’m so sorry, I – I didn’t think …”

“Feel,” he said, interrupting her by grabbing her hand and placing it over his racing heart. “I’m trying to calm myself Cassandra. Is it really true? You’re sure you’re going to have our baby?”

“Who else’s baby would it be?” she asked, confused as to why he would question her fidelity.

“No Cass, I mean are you positive you’re pregnant? I know if you are it would be mine, we’ve been joined at the hip for the past 6 months.”

She relaxed and smiled. “Oh, I’m positive. You see I did a pregnancy test a little while ago and those things are pretty darn reliable when they say pregnant and Cris, it said pregnant.”

Cris picked her up out of the chair and swung her around making her squeal. Then he placed kisses all over her face. “I love you Cass, but why didn’t you let me know you suspected you were pregnant?”

“I was going to tell you last night when I realized I was over a month late, but you were asleep before I got out of the bathroom and I didn’t want to wake you and worry you over nothing. This morning you left to go to the restaurant supply in San Myshuno to pick up the glasses before I woke up, so I stopped at the drug store on the way here and did the test as soon as I arrived.”

“God Cass, next time wake me the fuck up, never wait to tell me something so important. What if something happened and I didn’t know! And God, I’ve been letting you do manual labor.”

“Hey, calm down the caveman routine.  I’m pregnant, not sick and I only bothered with the test because if I were pregnant, I shouldn’t be drinking tonight, otherwise I might’ve waited because I’m not far along, and it’s common to be irregular with stress, but let’s wait to spread the news until we see the doctor, okay?”

“Okay, okay,” he said and chuckled at her rambling, “Cassandra, I’m glad you took the test because I had planned on us getting shit-faced tonight and breaking in the purple couch in our office.”

“Newsflash Cris, we don’t need to be plastered to break in the couch. And anyway, I don’t need Caveman Cris lording over me with a club, I can take care of myself.”

Cris pulled her close. “Caveman Cris want hump Cavewoman Cass on couch now,” he said, imitating a very husky caveman voice.

Cassie burst out laughing before he could kiss her. “Keep your day job Cristiano! I much prefer the random Italiano

“Seriously Cass, I know you can take care of yourself, but I want to be included, we’re partners, soon to be married, and not long after, parents – the ultimate partnership.”

“I know,” she replied, feeling small and wishing she’d done as he suggested and woke him up, “I wasn’t trying to exclude you, just be safe. I actually thought it’d take a lot longer to get pregnant after getting off the pill, but it was a welcome surprise, right?”

“Wait, you stopped your birth control?” he asked, once again looking very upset.

Cassie felt her eyes begin to burn and swallowed hard. Crap, she thought, I’ve really messed up. ”I did because said you wanted to start trying as soon as we got married,” she said softly, ”and sometimes it takes a while to get pregnant after stopping and I didn’t want to make you wait months or even longer … I guess I’m just super fertile.”

“More decisions without me,” he grumbled working his jaw, “we’re a team Cass, I don’t care that you stopped taking the pill, but you should tell me. These are decisions we make together.”

“You’re right and I’m truly sorry, this whole partnership thing is kinda new to me.” Then she narrowed her eyes at him. “But if I told you I’d stopped taking the pill, I wouldn’t be able to walk ‘cause we’d be at it like rabbits and you’d have me taking pregnancy tests every damn day.”

Cris laughed and the tension in the air evaporated.  “Okay, maybe you’re right on that point.”

“I promise, I wasn’t shutting you out, I wanted it to be my gift to you. I would never dream of buying a bar or doing anything like that without consulting you, but you’ve made it perfectly clear you want babies, I just wanted to give them to you, you Big. Italian. Oaf.”  Cassie poked him in the chest with her finger emphasizing each word.

“Oaf, Caveman? What other endearing terms do you want to call me bella mamma?” he asked with a smirk.

“Bella mamma?” Cassie covered her mouth with her hand as the reality of what was happening hit her with his words. “Cris, oh god, I’m going to have a baby! A little person that’s going to depend on us to take care of them.”

Cris threw his head back and laughed, then took her hands in his. “Sì e sì amore mio,” he said with a beautiful smile, “Cassandra, a child is the purest form of love, and I couldn’t be happier, now let’s get these glasses washed and put away so we can go home and get ready for tonight’s grand opening. We have many new beginnings to celebrate this evening.”


Later back at Purple….

“You look lovely Cass, are you ready for tonight?” Cris asked her as she nervously fiddled with his collar.

Cassie sighed softly before answering. “As ready as I’ll ever be I guess. I mean, suddenly all of this pales in comparison to what our future holds, but honestly, I’m happy for the distraction, especially since we aren’t telling anyone yet.”

“Me too, amore mio,” he said, “we’ll make an appointment with the doc tomorrow, but tonight is your night, you should revel in it.”

This man is beautiful, thought Cassie as she smoothed his suit just so she could keep touching him, I wonder who our baby will favor, I sincerely hope it’s their father, my business partner and my future. “Thank you Cris,” she said, her voice cracking, “for believing in me and never giving up.”

“Hey, bella mamma, no tears, this is a joyous occasion and you know I’m totally hooked on you, I could never give up.”

“I love you Cris,” she said, as she stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed his full lips, reluctantly pulling back before it could get heated. “We should go greet our thirsty guests before they riot.”

“Indeed,” he replied with a warm smile and held his arm out for her.

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 4.82 – Purple

  1. Aww, how sweet – the next generation in the making. Maybe twins … 😉
    Love the “Purple” and love them as a couple. All around a beautiful, heartwarming and uplifting chapter.
    Now we need the other Cole descendants to follow suit in leveling up. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow! This was so romantic.
    You made me float casually away on a pink cloud.
    Pure enjoyment 💖

    They are a couple now and Cris is right that she should involve him in decisions concerning their common future
    Cassie may be acting wisely in keeping her pregnancy decision to herself. Cris can be pretty overwhelming.
    I love the descriptions of how their love carries them over all the little bumps on the road 💖

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  3. Congratulations! So happy and excited for Cris and Cassie 🙂
    Everything seems to work out very well for them, and about time. The launch of Purple went smashingly and I’m pretty sure that it will be a huge success with other projects following.
    I am also leaning towards it being twins, since she is so fertile and all ;-). Despite the hard work juggling twins and managing an upcoming bar, I am confident that they will make it work as they make a great team. Even if it turns out to be only one boy or girl, it would not make a difference to the fact that they will be awesome parents.
    Loved the chapter and the pictures, thank you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes. I am excited too! It was fun to see Purple come together. ❤️. And they do make a great team. When they work together, they can do just about anything they want including become great parents. But twins. 🍼🍼Eeek. However Cassie is a twin of a twin, so I suppose a very real possibility. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. ❤️

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  4. Wonderful news! I’m so glad they partnered up in business and in life, too.

    Purple turned out amazing, and they should be very proud about the grand opening. I think it went super!

    I think Cassie and Cris have a bright future ahead of them. ❤ 🙂

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  6. I love these two – surely the name Alex is going to feature in the baby name be it male or female. I can see Cassie honouring her sister in that way too. I agree witht the other above, I hope she has twins.

    The bar looks stunning – did you build it yourself? My building skills are terrible – just a square divided into rooms lol

    Again, it was so nice to see everybody there together. Two chapters in a row – what a treat!

    Looking forward to Raegan and Evan finding out they’re gonna be grandparents.

    Fabulous chapter as always ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ha. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex is a part of the baby’s name either. You guys wishing for twins! 😂😂😂😂

      I wish I could take credit for the bar. I got it off the gallery and changed a few things to make it work. The colors of course. And added some rooms, rearranged a little, but the hard work was done.

      It was fun getting everyone together again for sure. I miss them all so much! And yes, I can’t wait for Cassie to tell her parents. They’ll be overjoyed I’m sure.

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  7. What a great chapter! This was one of the best light hearted ones! I love seeing Cassie smiling and Cris is so over joyed! Purple looks amazing! Thank you for such a great chapter. And the pictures are awesome! I can’t wait to see what happens for the rest of the cousins! Come on Sam, get your crap together!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww. Thank you! ❤️ After so much drama it is good to see these two really coming together, happy for their future and smiling. Purple was so much fun. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures since there were a lot of wordless parts. And yes, it’s certainly time for Sam to get it together and fully trust Walker. But he also needs to stop comparing himself to Drake, there is no comparison, he just needs to realize it.

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