GEN THREE – Reagan & Ryan

Generation 3 – Reagan and Ryan

Prologue – Gen 3

Chapter 3.1 – Reagan & Ryan

Chapter 3.2 – Taylor

Chapter 3.3 – Archer

Chapter 3.4 – Meet the Crew

Chapter 3.5 – The Dance

Chapter 3.6 – Sex Education

Chapter 3.7 – Wall Flower

Chapter 3.8 – Different

Chapter 3.9 – Too Late!

Chapter 3.10 – The Death of Me

Chapter 3.11 – Never Forget

Chapter 3.12 – Goodbye

Chapter 3.13 – Summer Vacation

Chapter 3.14 – Camden

Chapter 3.15 – Paris

Chapter 3.16 – Christmas Break

Chapter 3.17 – Prison Mama

Chapter 3.18 – Grandma’s House

Chapter 3.19 – Return from Paris

Chapter 3.20 – I Do

Chapter 3.21 – Tickle Monster

Chapter 3.22 – Armless

Chapter 3.23 – Work

Chapter 3.24 – The Offer

Chapter 3.25 – Dog With a Bone – Part

Chapter 3.26 – Dog with a Bone – Part 2

Chapter 3.27 – The Closing

Chapter 3.28 – Adulting

Chapter 3.29 – Parole Hearing

Chapter 3.30 – Alienated

Chapter 3.31 – Over My Head

Chapter 3.32 – Home Sweet Home

Chapter 3.33 – Settling In

Chapter 3.34 – The Party

Chapter 3.35 – Professions of Love

Chapter 3.36 – Rosa or Bel?

Chapter 3.37 – Sick Day

Chapter 3.38 – Adultery

Chapter 3.39 – Blast From the Past

Chapter 3.40 – Kumbaya

Chapter 3.41 – The Truth

Chapter 3.42 – Life or Death

Chapter 3.43 – The Aftermath

Chapter 3.44 – Waiting

Chapter 3.45 – Mommy Dearest

Chapter 3.46 – Archer

Chapter 3.47 – Nightmares

Chapter 3.48 – Time Away

Chapter 3.49 – Goodbyes

Chapter 3.50 – Taj Mahal

Chapter 3.51 – Hard Truths

Chapter 3.52 – Therapy

Chapter 3.53 – Confessions

Chapter 3.54 – Going Back

Chapter 3.55 – Gunpowder and Pennies

Chapter 3.56 – Grandpa

Chapter 3.57 – Grandma

Chapter 3.58 – Normal

Chapter 3.59 – The Rehearsal

Chapter 3.60 – Something About Weddings

Chapter 3.61 – Mama Bear

Chapter 3.62 – Everyday 

Chapter 3.63 – In a Rut

Chapter 3.64 – Try Harder

Chapter 3.65 – More Advice

Chapter 3.66 – Thanksgivings and Christmases

Chapter 3.67 – Samantha

Chapter 3.68 – Sulani

Chapter 3.69 – Epilogue


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Chapter 4.16 – Paparazzi

Sam waited on the balcony off her bedroom for her father to arrive. She was hiding from her mother because she didn’t want to answer questions about where they were going or what they were doing. Plus she had a view of the drive from there and could run out before he had to come to the door and get interrogated.

She checked the time for what seemed like the billionth time.  She wanted him to get her before her mother came looking for her.  She just wanted to and get out from under her constant barrage of questions and demands, for a little while anyway.  Yes, she had her outfits picked out for the photo shoot. Yes, she knew what she was wearing to the cast party. Yes, she read the script and studied her lines. Yes, she had her homework done … it never ended.

The only other times she was free from her mother was when she was with Ragnar or they were filming.  Ragnar had made sure her mother didn’t interfere with that. She tried to at first, giving Sam pointers in how to deliver her lines. Ragnar threatened to kick her out if she said another word. Sam owed him big time just for that.

Finally, she saw her dad’s rental pull into the drive and ran downstairs.

“Bye Mom! Dad’s here,” she yelled as she ran out the door, not giving her mother a chance to stop her.

“Hey Sam!” said her dad as he climbed out of the car. “In a hurry?”

Yes. Let’s go. If I hadn’t run out, you would’ve had to play 20 questions with Mom.  When we get back, you’re more than welcome to come in and play if you like. But I’m not sticking around for it.”

Her father laughed and hugged her. “That’s okay. I’m here to see you anyway, not my ex-wife. Sorry Tyler and Taysia didn’t come.”

Sam relaxed and smiled at her father as she climbed in the car. She missed him more than she realized. He accepted her as she was and didn’t tell her to smile or how to dress. Selfishly, she was kinda glad her brother and stepmother didn’t come. Now she had him all to herself. “It’s okay. I know everyone is busy.”

“I thought we’d go grab a bite. I’m starving.”

Sam settled back into her seat. “Me too! Sounds good.”

When they got to the restaurant it didn’t take long for Samantha to be recognized. She excused herself to let a fan take a selfie with her.

Then another asked for an autograph.  Once the pictures hit social media, she knew it wouldn’t be long until the paparazzi showed up. Maybe they wouldn’t see it.

Sadly, she was right. They barely had time to order when a photographer waltzed in and shamelessly began snapping pictures.

A fan that had been watching the spectacle came over as soon as he left and asked for a selfie.  She glanced at her father apologetically and complied.  He didn’t look too happy.

“Is it always like this?” he asked when she sat back down. “I don’t remember it being this bad when we went out with your mother.”

“Sorry Dad, I should’ve told you this place might not be a good idea. Mom got a limo and we went to places where paparazzi couldn’t get in. ”

“Sam, would you prefer to leave and order room service at my hotel?” he asked since they hadn’t even gotten their food yet.

“If you want any privacy, we probably should.” She felt bad that their time together was getting wasted.

Her father motioned for the check and paid the bill while Sam dug her sunglasses and baseball cap out of her bag to help disguise herself for the trip back to get the rental car.

When the valet went to get his car, Sam looked at her dad and laughed. “You know, you’re going to be my secret older lover now.”

“What?” Her father looked stunned.

She shrugged. “It sells. Besides, I’m glad your gonna be my secret lover. It’ll be funny when they finally figure it out.”

“Good, the car’s here, let’s get out of here while we can.”

As she was getting in the car a flash blinded her. Another paparazzi. Her father turned like he was going to say something. “No, don’t, just get in the car and let’s go!” she said quickly.

Another one joined after they were in the car, and stood in front of them blocking the way.  “Just honk and go slow,” she said, “he’ll move.”

Fortunately, they arrived at the hotel without maiming any paparazzi. When they got out of the car,  her father winked at her and motioned for her to come to him. He put his arm around her. “My new girlfriend. Won’t Taysia be shocked,” he whispered.

“Come on love,” he said louder and kissed her forehead.  The paparazzi must have followed them, because they showed up just in time to grab shots of them checking into the hotel.

Samantha giggled and ignored them as she snuggled into his embrace. She knew he was playing it up and it was kinda fun. She was glad he had a good attitude about it.

They had to stop at the front desk and check in since he’d come straight from the airport. The clerk was even star struck, but managed to remain cool.

Arm in arm they made their escape towards her dad’s hotel room.

Once they were finally inside his room, away from all the lookie-loos, they found the hotel guide and perused the insanely overpriced room service menu.  They finally decided on cheeseburgers that cost more than a steak in a five star restaurant.

“So, how is the show going?” he asked while they waited, “Are you still enjoying it? And school? How is that? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Whoa there, one question at a time,” she said and laughed. “Are you sure you’re not really the paparazzi in disguise?”

Ryan laughed with her, “Sorry, trying to make up for lost time.”

“I need to use the restroom before they come with our food,” said Sam, “Can you hold off another minute?”

“I’ll just sit here and think up some more questions.”

“Yep, paparazzi,” she said and went to the bathroom.

What she really wanted to do was text Dax and ask him about the party tonight.

When she walked out of the bathroom, her dad was seated at the table that they wheeled in. “Nice!” she said when she sat down, “even a rose. How romantic.”

Her dad laughed. “Let’s eat this gourmet cheeseburger before it gets cold.”

They ate in silence for a few minutes until their hunger was sated.

“How are things with you and Taysia?” asked Sam, “She seems so sweet.”

Her dad’s face softened at the mention of his new wife. Then he laughed. “Don’t let her looks fool you. She can be a firecracker when she has to, but she’s perfect for me and Ty. She holds us both to a higher standard – which is what we both needed I guess. No more bachelor pad for us.”

Samantha giggled at the image he painted of her stepmother moving in and taking over the household. “Does Ty get along with her?” She really hoped he did.

“Actually, yes. I think so. She’s the lesser of the two evils.”

“Daddy, you’re not evil. You just have … a short fuse. I had fun pretending you were my boyfriend.”

“Me too. So tell me about you.”

“Okay, lets see. School is good, I’m doing okay.  Mom hounds me on that and so does Ragnar.  We have the tutor on set that works with those of us that are still in school. So when we aren’t filming we’re doing school work.”

“Oh, I see … Are your grades still as good as they were? Because you need good grades for college.”

“They are,” she said hesitantly, “but, I’m not sure about college. Maybe, depending on how many more seasons the show will run – and it’s always possible my character could get written out.  But Ragnar says if that happens, there will be parts lined up for me to chose from.  If not, then maybe I’d go ahead and take some acting classes.”

“So, you think you’re character might not be around?”

Did he sound hopeful? she wondered. “I’ll be around for at least another season anyway. We’ve already signed the new contract. But no leaking the info.”

“So it’s going well then. And you’re obviously still enjoying it – even with all the attention you get everywhere you go.”

Samantha smiled warmly.  “Yeah, it’s going well, and I really do enjoy it.  It’s so much fun. Everyone, well most everyone, is great to work with. Sometimes Ragnar gets bitchy when something doesn’t go like he wanted. That’s not fun. But he’s usually right in the end.”

“It seems Ragnar is protecting his investment.  Well, that’s good. What about your co-stars? How are they?”

“They’re great,” especially Dax, she added silently. “They’ve really helped me learn how to get into character and what works for them.”

“Boyfriends?” he asked.

She felt the heat rise in her face. “Not really,” she said.

“Does he know you like him?” asked her father, obviously seeing right through her lie.

“Daddy!” she protested and he laughed.

“Hey, I’m surprised they aren’t all trying to date you. You’re beautiful Sam.”

“You’re prejudiced,” she said.

“I might be, but have you looked in the mirror?”

Only every 5 minutes, she thought. “Thanks Daddy.”

“So, who is the boyfriend? Do I need to meet him and read him the riot act?”

“There is this one guy,” she admitted, “but Mom didn’t let us date until I turned 16. But now she lets us go out.”

“Oh,” he replied, seeming surprised. “Well that’s good. Does he have a name?”

“Daxton, he’s on the show too.”  Maybe he doesn’t know…

“Oh … I know which one he is.”  Her father’s expression and tone said it all. 

“Daddy, he’s not like he is on the show. He’s super sweet. And if you google him, which I totally know you’ll do, just don’t believe everything you read.”

“And just how old is this Daxton?”

Um … Dax is 19.” Here it comes, she thought.

“Sam … he’s too old for you. He’ll take advantage …”

“Daddy!” she said interrupting him, “Mom was 4 years older than you and Taysia is 10 years younger than you. He’s only 3 years older than me.”

“Sam … that’s all true, but please, be careful. Right now there’s a big difference in 16 and 19. When you are both older, and more mature, it won’t matter anymore.”

“Yes Mother,” she said and rolled her eyes.

“So your mother is okay with you two dating?”

I told you, she wasn’t at first, but she is now.  Plus, Ragnar said it’s good for the ratings so I think maybe he talked her into it. She pretty much goes along with whatever he says. But I’m not dating Dax for ratings. I really like him Daddy. He’s sweet.”

“Maybe I should meet him,” he said.

“Um, well, we are going to a party together tonight. But tomorrow afternoon, we have photo shoot. You could come to that. Mom and Ragnar will be there too.”

“I think I’ll pass. Your mom and her boyfriend wouldn’t want me there. I’ll just go back home … and Sam, I think for all future visits, it would be best for you to come to Newcrest. You’re 16 and can fly alone with no problem. That way you can see Tyler, your grandparents and cousins too. And we won’t have to meet in a hotel room to escape the paparazzi.”

Nooo, she thought, then I won’t get to see Dax.  She plastered on her fake smile. “Oh. Okay I guess, if Mom and Ragnar don’t mind,” she added trying to figure out a way out of leaving Dax behind for any length of time. It had been awful when she was there for the wedding.

Her father took a deep breath before he said anything. Evidently he didn’t like that she was deferring to them. “This is your choice Sam, not your mother’s or her boyfriend’s. I’ll pay for the ticket so she won’t have to worry about that. I’ll talk to your mother so you don’t have to. It’ll be fine.”

She was right. He wasn’t going to let her get out of going to Newcrest and now he was upset. She didn’t want to end her time with her dad on a sour note. “Okay. Um, well, I really need to get back so I can get ready for the party. It starts in a couple of hours, and it takes awhile to get ready.”

“Already?” asked Ryan, disappointment written all over his face.

“I’m sorry,” she said feeling bad, “That’s part of why I couldn’t come to Newcrest this time. It’s a staff party so I have to be there. But I’ll come this summer and stay a couple of weeks during our hiatus. I promise Daddy.”

He got up from the table.  “Okay sweetie, I’ll drive you back to your house … I guess this is it then.”

She felt bad because he looked so sad. “I’m sorry Daddy. You can come watch tomorrow if you want. I’d really like that,” she offered again.

“No, that’s okay. I’ll give you your space. Just know that I love you Sam, and I miss you tons.”

She smiled, but felt like crying. “I miss you tons too Daddy,” she said and hugged him tight. He held her for a few minutes, neither wanting to let go.

When he finally released her, she put on her ‘disguise’ which she figured would be a wasted effort given everyone knew where she was.

Her dad took her hand. “Text me a picture tomorrow so I can get an exclusive.” Then he winked at her, tugging at her heart strings.  Samantha decided she was glad she had on her sunglasses after all.

To Be Continued….

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A/N:  Next chapter we go back to Tyler and his trip to the arcade.  It was too much to include in one massive chapter.  We will meet more of his friends as well.  💖

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