O.C. Tag – Ben Murdock


  1. What is your name?  Benjamin Michael Murdock. Everyone just calls me Ben.
  2. Do you know why you were named that? Pretty sure my mom just liked the name. My dad probably didn’t give a rats ass about having another kid so I’m pretty sure she named me.
  3. Single or taken? Taken….at least my heart is.  I just have to convince her that I’m not going to hurt her. That sounds awful. She had a bad experience with an ex-boyfriend
  4. Stop being a Mary Sue! Excuse me?
  5. What’s your eye color? Baby blue
  6. How about hair color? Black
  7. Have you any family members? Haha!  I have what my best friend refers to as a ‘big ass’ family. My parents are divorced and both remarried so I have lots of siblings and half siblings all over the place and two step parents. I pretty much hated them all for awhile. Still hate my father for what he did to us. I didn’t understand what was really going on when I was a kid, but now I get it. Yeah, it sucked for my mom worse than me.  I was a really selfish kid. When I recently went through a really dark time, my mom and Stepfather helped me out. I guess I over-answered the question.  
  8. Oh, how about pets? Not yet. But as soon as Cole, my awesome 3 year old son, is old enough I plan to get him a dog. I never had one growing up and I think it would be great for him. I want him to have a normal childhood.
  9. Now tell me something you don’t like? Getting drunk and doing drugs. It only leads to bad decisions. I never did experiment with drugs, but my best friend did. He has since stopped but not before it got me into a situation I am not sure how I am ever going to get out of. I don’t blame him though. Can we talk about something else?
  10. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? I love to fish and work in the garden. I also jog. Mostly on the treadmill these days because I can’t leave my kid alone, but it helps me deal with stress. I sometimes overreact to stressful situations and act without thinking. Physical activity provides a good outlet. 
  11. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Do I have to answer this question? Okay…yes. Lots of people. My mom. I told her to go to hell once and she never got to meet my first wife because of that. She died before mom could meet her. I can never fix that and it sucks. And there were others too. My best friends, Nick and Emma. Plus and countless other women. Before I got married, I had a lot of one night stands. I’m not proud.
  12. Ever… killed anyone before?  No……but sometimes it feels like I did. Although I know it wasn’t my fault. My first wife died after giving birth to our son. She was so beautiful and she loved me. She knew about me and she still loved me. She was only 23. She was a little older than me. I was just 21 at the time. It feels like my fault because I missed the signs that she wasn’t doing well. But the doctors said there was nothing anyone could have done. It hurts anyway. I know in my mind it wasn’t my fault, but my heart sometimes feels differently.
  13. What kind of animal are you? I am guessing you mean if I was an animal, what would I be….A German Shepherd maybe. Loyal and protective of those I love. 
  14. Name your worst weaknesses. Sofia
  15. Do you look up to anyone at all?  My Mom – yes – definitely my mother.  That sounds so cliche for a son to worship his mother but it wasn’t always like that. If you would have asked me that same question 5 years ago, I would have said me, myself and I. Things change. I now know my mother for what she is, an incredibly brave, selfless and loving woman that remade her hard life into one of happiness and love. I hope I can be like her someday. 
  16. Are you straight, gay or bisexual? Haha….so straight….
  17. Do you go to school? I dropped out of college my sophomore year because my wife was having a difficult pregnancy and I needed to take care of her. 
  18. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?  Well, I could be glib and say been there, done that, but I won’t. I am a widower and already have a child. My wife died due to complications from childbirth like I already said. Do I want to get married again? Absolutely and the sooner I can convince Sofia that we are meant to be together the better. Cole needs a mother. They have already bonded so I want her in his life and mine too. Do I want another child with Sofia? That’s hard. If she wants one, I will, but I don’t need another child and I don’t know if I could live through another pregnancy. I think I would constantly be worried. 
  19. Do you have fangirls/fanboys? Most definitely not.
  20. What are you most afraid of? Sofia will say no. 
  21. What do you usually wear? Jeans and a T-shirt. At work I dress up a little more with polo’s and khakis sometimes. 
  22. What’s one food that tempts you? My Moms tiramisu…it’s my all time favorite…because well, it’s a long story.
  23. Am I annoying you? Not too much.
  24. Well, it’s not over. ..Okay then….
  25. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? Middle – thanks to my Stepfather – or I would be struggling. He gave me a job which pays well.
  26. How many friends do you have? I am lucky to have several people I can call friends. Nick is my best friend outside his sister Sofia, who I am very much in love with in case you missed that earlier. Emma, Nick’s fiance’s roommate, is a very special friend too. She was always there for me when I needed a shoulder. Leroy, my step-father, has become a very good friend too. I am very fortunate.
  27. What are your thoughts on pie? It’s good?
  28. Favorite drink? Red wine. Probably a good Cabernet. Sofia likes that kind too – so…
  29. What’s your favorite place? Wherever Sofia is. I haven’t traveled much but would love to take her somewhere romantic for a honeymoon if we ever make it to the altar.
  30. Are you interested in anyone? Didn’t we already have this question? Sofia….
  31. That was a stupid question. Hello!
  32. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? I have no preference. As long as it’s with Sofia.
  33. What’s your type? Sofia….
  34. Any fetishes?.. Does Sofia count?  If not, then no. 
  35. Camping or indoors? Wherever Sofia is….sorry. She is on my mind 24/7 right now. I’m hopelessly in love with her.