I have been creating poses for use with my story and thought I would share some of them here.  They are all on SimsFileShare so you shouldn’t be bombarded with ads. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.  ♥♥♥

Sad Sims in Bed

Three poses for sad sims in bed. Download here SFS.

Adult and Child Sims

PosesSet of 3 poses for your Adult and Child sims.   Download here SFS

Hat Tipping Cowboy 

Hat tips1

Set of four poses with the Base game Cowboy hat.   Download here SFS

Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear Poses

Includes 2 adult and 1 child pinky swear pose.  Plus:  shushing, hands over mouth, fingers in ears, and leaning in chair with arms crossed.   Download here SFS

Getting Arrested

Poses and Statue placement.png

Two poses… Running and ducking shots and frisking a suspect on a police car.        Poses:    Download here SFS.    Police car:  Download Ozyman4’s Police car from his tumblr here.