Below are some of my favorite blogs that I love to read.  (Alphabetically Listed) These authors are currently, as of this post, actively updating their stories (unless otherwise noted) and some of the wonderful stories are complete.   I hope you find something here to enjoy!  I know I have. ♥

An Era of Charming Tales  By: Lisabeesims

Ashes 2 Ashes  (Hiatus) By: CitizenErased14

Bat Fangs and Broomsticks (Complete) By: LadyLobster

Cameron Lineage  By: Viktoria

Chain Reaction (Hiatus) By: MyPalSims

Chasing Hearts (Complete) By: xJojoX

Day & Knight  (Hiatus) By: PammieChick

Discovering Juliana  (Complete) By: Jes2g

Dust 2 Dust (Complete) By CitizenErased 14

Fangs for the Memories (Complete) By: LadyLobster

Fine Lines (Complete) By xjojox

Forever in Time  By: SweetNightingale

From Fangs to Fae Dreams  (Complete) By: LadyLobster

Heffner Legacy  (Hiatus) By: Maladi777

Line of the Last  (Hiatus) By: WagonFruit

Much Ado About Fangs (Complete) By: LadyLobster

Neighbourhood Talk By: CandyCottonChu

Never Do It Again (Complete) By: Jowita

Noble Doubt  By: RosemaryMariee

Once Upon a Legacy  (Hiatus) By: Socallucyfan

Sempreviva’s Sims  By: Sempreviva

Sight By: AmyQueen

Stories By Bee  (Hiatus) By: BmitJessesue

The Hourglass Legacy  (Complete) By: Lonestar2330

The Wishcaster  (Complete)  By: PammieChick

Tribe Wahine  (Hiatus) By: PammieChick

White Lies and Half Truths  (Hiatus) By: Cement