Chapter 4.92 – Engagement Party

Del Sol Valley one month later …. "Are you okay Sam?" asked Walker, as they made their way to the front door of Ragnar's mansion for their engagement party, "you were quiet all the way here." Sam sighed. “I just hope after this you still want to get married.” “I’m marrying you Sam, not your … Continue reading Chapter 4.92 – Engagement Party

Chapter 4.91- Christmas

Newcrest, 3 weeks later at Cole and Dannie's home, (grandparents to Sam, Tyler, Cassie and Paige) “Merry Christmas Katherine," said the elderly, yet spry woman, sitting at the head of the table, "and welcome to the Murdock Madness.” The women around the table snickered at the truth in her remark. "Thank you," said Katherine, … Continue reading Chapter 4.91- Christmas