Chapter 2.71 – Your Children

2 years later . . . . . Cole 32, Avery 36, Twins 7 

For the last two years, they had managed without a Nanny fairly well. Cole took the kids to school everyday and picked them up in the afternoon. If he couldn’t go home, he simply brought them back to the clinic. They were usually well behaved, and sat quietly in his office doing homework or playing on their tablet.

Today was one of the rare days when the whole family was home early enough to have dinner together.  The kids were sitting at the dining room table doing their homework.

Cole and Avery went to the living room to relax and Cole poured them a glass of wine. He handed Avery hers and sat down next to her. “Here you go,” he said, “Guess who I saw today.”

“Thanks,” she said and shaking her head, “No idea. Who?”


Avery caught her breath. “She’s living in Willow Creek? She just better keep away!”

Cole laughed. “She’s not. She’s back in San Myshuno. And she’s doing really well. She had someone with her she wanted me to meet.”

Really? A husband I hope,” said Avery.

Cole laughed. “Are you jealous?” he teased.

Avery narrowed her eyes. “Maybe. A little. So what did the little psycho want?”

“Avery….she’s not crazy. As it turns out, she had a baby in high school and gave it up for adoption.”

“Ha, maybe we shoulda taken a page outta her book!”

“Avery! God, that’s awful!” said Cole, suddenly angry.

“Calm down,” said Avery rolling her eyes, “I’m only joking. So she looked you up to tell you this? She ever hear of cell phones?”

Cole sighed. “She wanted me to meet her daughter. When her daughter turned 13 she asked her adoptive parents if she could meet her birth mother.

“Angie, that’s her name, she played with some of the animals while Yasmine and I talked. I had no idea Yasmine had a daughter, but giving her up destroyed her.  Every year on her birthday, she was triggered so bad she couldn’t function.

“After we broke up, Yasmine had a really hard time, so when an opportunity in Germany came up, she jumped on it. While she was there, she went into therapy.  The therapist I recommended, Phoenix Rosebrook, had also moved back to Germany and was practicing.  She said when she was looking for a therapist, she recognized his name. Such a small world!

“Anyway, while she was there, after months of therapy, she met someone and is now married and very happy.  They are expecting a baby in 6 months. She said seeking me out was the final closure she needed. She felt she needed to tell me the truth about what really destroyed our relationship.”

“Cole, I don’t need to hear about Yasmine’s long lost daughter,” said Avery seemingly bored with the conversation.

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t want you to find out she had been to the office and think I was cheating on you. And her visit also got me to thinking…”

“Uh oh,” said Avery with a short laugh.

“Hey, I have good ideas. Sometimes….” he said laughing.

“We aren’t adopting a baby, Cole. So what is this good idea?” she asked and put the glass to her lips to take a drink.

“Adoption wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but, I do want to have another baby.”

Avery almost choked on her wine. “Are you insane? These two just got somewhat manageable and you want me to do that shit all over again?”

“The odds of twins are so low Avery,” he said trying to ease her into it. “It would probably only be one, and if it is two, at least we know what to expect this time.”

“My point exactly! You seem to forget the sleepless nights, the spit up, teething, poopy diapers, temper tantrums. And YOU don’t have to be pregnant and give birth! Do I need to go on?”

“Avery… wasn’t only those things… It’s just . . . I thought if we are going to have another baby, we really need to do it now.”

Avery glared at him. “No. What don’t you understand about that word. No way in hell am I having another kid, so get that little fantasy out of your head. Not happening. Seriously bad idea. Stop thinking Cole!” Avery stood up to leave the room and downed the rest of her drink.

“Avery, baby….please don’t ….” he begged.

“NO!!!” she ground out as she put her empty glass down on the table, then stormed off to their bedroom.

Cole snuck a peak at the twins to see if they heard.  They were still okay, sitting at the dining table doing homework, so he went to the bedroom to talk to his wife.

She had locked the door so he knocked softly.  “Avery, let me in,” he said just loud enough for her to alone to hear, “Please. Before the kids hear.”

“Go away,” came the teary reply.

Fuck! What’s Avery’s deal? he wondered. He never dreamed she would react so violently. Things had been pretty good lately.  “Avery,” he called out again, more forcefully.

“Daddy, we’re done,” came his daughter’s sweet voice from behind him.

He quickly turned around to hide the argument from his daughter. “Awesome. Ryan’s done too?” he asked, forcing a smile for Reagan.

“Uh huh!” she said smiling. “Can we play video games now? Please Daddy, please?

“Sure sweetie. But only 45 minutes, then bed time.”

She turned and ran, calling out to her brother, “Ryan! Daddy said okay! I told you!”

Cole took a deep breath and knocked on the door again. This time he heard the latch unlock and breathed a sigh of relief. But he was still pissed.

He checked the time before venturing inside.  Avery was sitting on the bed, in the dark, fuming, but no longer crying. He sat down next to her to her.

“I can’t do it Cole, and frankly, I’m shocked you even suggested it,” she said, her words hard and unyielding.

“Why Avery?” he asked.  When they got married she said she wanted kids. And he really wanted another child.

“Cole….how can you be so damn clueless to even ask me such a question? I’m clearly not mother material. I don’t understand all that shit that goes with motherhood. I mean, I love them I guess, but they are your children.”

“They love you very much,” said Cole softly, “Reagan idolizes you and wants to be just like you. She puts on your heels and walks around in them pretending to talk to people about color schemes.”

Big. Fucking. Deal,” she spat out angrily, “Cole, I finally got my life back under control, and I am not letting you rip the rug out from under me again.”

Before Cole could form a thought about what she said, Ryan suddenly burst into the room, clearly upset, on the verge of tears.  “Daddy!” he cried.

Cole immediately knelt down and Ryan went straight into his open arms.

“See….” said Avery, shooting a look at Ryan then him, “Your children.”

“Hey? What’s wrong buddy?” asked Cole, ignoring his wife’s comment.

“Reagan’s cheating!” complained Ryan.

“I am not!” chimed in his sister, who had followed her brother into the bedroom. “Just because you don’t know how to run and jump at the same time!” she said with her little hands on her hips. Cole had to choke back his laughter at her theatrics.

“Okay…..truce!” he said, and stood up, “Now, Reagan, maybe, you could teach Ryan the secret to running and jumping at the same time. And Ryan, maybe you could ask how, instead of just thinking she’s cheating. If you don’t ask you might not ever know.”

Both children pouted at being scolded, even a little bit, by their father.  “Yes sir,” came the response from both children.

“Okay. Now, since you used up your game time arguing, go brush your teeth and get to bed. I’ll be there in a minute to tuck you in.”

Reagan looked at her mother then at Cole. “Can Mommy tuck me in. She looks sad.”

Cole heard Avery catch her breath. “Not tonight sweetie,” she said quickly, “Maybe tomorrow, okay?”

Reagan’s little shoulders slumped. “Okay. Goodnight Mommy,” she said.

Ryan grinned and said, “Race you to the bathroom! Last one in is a rotten egg!” Then they both took off running towards the bathroom, their earlier feud forgotten, Phil hot on their heels.

As soon as the kids were out of earshot Cole turned to Avery. “What the hell? Not tonight? She wanted to make you feel better and you shut it down? Why do you do that?”

“Because I’m too emotional and upset right now. And what if she asks me what’s wrong? I don’t have the right words to say.”

“How about I love you Reagan!” shouted Cole.

“You know it’s not that easy for me. I just screw it up and feel awkward. You do a much better job with them,” shot back Avery.

Cole was so frustrated. “Avery, you don’t even try.”

“That’s not fair Cole. I do try!”

“How?  By working later and later every day. Avoiding helping with homework, not tucking Reagan in when she specifically asks for you? How the hell is that trying?”

“And how is having a another kid going to make any of that better? God….I thought you understood. Obviously I am nothing but one big disappointment to you. Just get out!”

“I need to check on the kids we have. We aren’t finished here.”

“Yes. We are!” said Avery to Cole’s back.

As he walked out of the room, he heard the lock click.  Fuck! he thought, guess I’m sleeping on the couch. 


11-25-18_2-31-04 PMCole’s mention of another baby had backfired horribly. Avery had withdrawn from him and the kids even further in the last couple of months, and he wasn’t sure how to fix it. She was pleasant enough when she was home, but somehow that pleasantry felt forced.  And that was the other problem, when she was home. She was working weekends now. It was like work was an escape from the reality of life with him and the kids.

Additionally, their sex life, which had been good, was now almost non existent. Whenever Cole would try to be intimate, she feigned exhaustion.

Today, Cole had a late meeting with his accountant, which he couldn’t reschedule, so Avery had reluctantly agreed to pick the kids up from school.  He was encouraged that she agreed and hoped to find her spending time with them when he got home.

“Hey guys, Daddy’s home!” he called out when he finally walked inside.

“We’re in the dining room Daddy!” called back Ryan.

He walked into the dining room and his seven year old twins had been making what appeared to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  All of the fixings were strewn across the table where they now sat eating their concoctions along with a glass of milk.

“Hi Daddy! Look. Reagan made dinner!” he said proudly when he saw his father.

“I see,” said Cole, “looks good.”

“Fran taught us how to make PB&J,” explained Reagan in her grown up voice, “she said it was a good source of protein. I made one for you too.”

Cole held his laughter.  How did he get so lucky to get the best kids in the whole world.  Or did every parent think that about their children?  “Thank you. So, where’s Mommy?” he asked, as he sat down. Maybe she had gone to change or something, and they were making dinner together. It made him smile.

“Oh,” said Ryan, suddenly looking sad, “Mommy called and said she was going to be extra late, to tell you not to wait up, and to eat without her.”

“Wait. How did you get home?” he asked, barely maintaining control.

“We walked,” said Reagan weakly, “We were like the last ones.”

“Yeah. And I protected us! We held hands the whole way home!” added Ryan proudly, “I know the way good, because that’s the way we take Phil for a walk.”

“Are we in trouble?” asked Reagan close to tears.

“No. Of course not,” said Cole, “I’m proud of you. Next time though, call me or grandma, okay?”

“Daddy? Are you and mommy getting a divorce?” asked Ryan sadly.

“What?” asked Cole shocked.

“Well, she’s never here anymore,” explained Reagan, no longer using her grown up voice, just her own voice, the voice of a worried seven year old, “Justin’s parents got a divorce and now he has two of everything. But I don’t want two of everything Daddy, I just want Mommy.”

Are we headed in that direction?  wondered Cole, especially if the kids are picking up on it. He was furious with Avery right now. Reagan was right, she was rarely home anymore. “Mommy works super hard,” he said, “and sometimes has to stay late at work. No divorce, okay kiddos? Now let’s eat.”


After he got the kids to bed and cleaned up the kitchen, Cole opened a bottle of wine and waited for Avery to get home. She finally walked in at nine o’clock.

“Well, well. Perfect timing, almost,” said Cole, startling her, “Kids all fed and tucked in, except, damn, hubby’s still awake. Now you might have to fuck him before you can go to sleep.”

“Have you been drinking?” asked Avery glaring at him.

“Maybe a little. I wouldn’t have, if my wife had been home at a decent hour. What the fuck Avery? And since when is it okay to allow two seven-year-olds to walk home alone and stay home alone for hours?”

Avery’s face went from anger to remorse in a split second. “Oh shit…..oh Cole….are they okay?” she asked with genuine concern. Then her tone quickly changed to sarcasm. “Oh, of course they are, or you would have called. Listen Cole, I’m sorry. I forgot, okay? I never have to get them. And….I was prepping for the dinner meeting with an investor. I called to say I would be late and Ryan answered. I’m sorry, I simply forgot.”

“Exactly. YOU never get them. Do you know what they asked me today? If we were getting a divorce. Because you are never home anymore! So, tell me, are we?”

Avery’s expression softened and she became apologetic again. “No Cole. No, no. Don’t say that! Work is really crazy. These new buyers are much more demanding and time consuming than the startup home buyers. It’s just a lot more to do.”

It seemed like Avery really had truly forgotten, and his anger faded slightly. But her work schedule had to change. She needed to be home more, he needed her and so did their children. “Look, I’m going to tell Dad he needs to hire some help,” he said flatly and softening his tone he continued, “We need you here Avery. We don’t need the money.”

Avery’s brow furrowed in frustration. “But don’t you see Cole? It’s our company. I can’t not do what needs to be done.”

“Then get help. You can’t continue to keep these ridiculous hours. I run a clinic and still manage to be home. Yes, sometimes I get called in for emergencies. But you are working every single day and lots of late nights. Like tonight.  If you won’t talk to Dad, I will.”

Avery looked panicked. “NO! Stay out of it Cole. I mean it. I’ll talk to Ben…you just focus on the clinic.”

God, she’s stubborn, thought Cole. “Fine. But please, promise me you will. Baby, we need you. Not just me, but all of us.”

“I will,” she said and smiled weakly. She took a little breath and let it out looking at him tenderly before speaking again. “Cole, I’m really sorry about today and actually, I’m very happy that my ‘hubby’ is still awake and needs some wifely attention.”

11-25-18_5-24-16 PM.pngCole laughed and his anger faded. “Come here wife,” he said and pulled her into his lap. It felt so good to have her in his arms. It had been too long since they had made love and he felt himself growing hard in anticipation. “I love you,” he whispered and kissed her. “We just have to work together.”

“I know, I love you too. It’s just been really hard,” she said, and sighed as he continued to kiss her neck.

“It is now,” he groaned, and rolled her onto her back, laying on top of her. He pressed himself into her belly so she would know exactly what he meant.

“Ohhhh, I hear makeup sex is the best,” she murmured and captured his lips.

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  1. I have many thoughts and have decided to list them (sorta in order)

    1. PHEE 😍😍😍 Lookin good, and I’m so proud of him for helping Yas!
    2. I’m proud of how far Yasmine has come, and I’m happy she’s had the chance to meet her daughter. Hopefully she’s happy and at peace now with her new husband!
    3. Avery you jealous bitch 😂
    4. For once I ageee with Avery — having another kid would be crazy for them. Avery clearly hates kids and has a hard enough time with the two they have!
    5. UGHHHH. I can’t veliebelieve she forgot about the kids! They’re so lucky they were okay 😭
    6. Omg angry Cole was epic (and hot!). I wanna see him more often! 😂
    7. It feels like Avery’s priority hasn’t been chosen, and it’s not her family. 😭
    8. MEN! Angry Cole vanished so quickly as soon as sex was an option 😂 Typical…

    I loved this chapter (but I kinda hate Avery 😂 Sawwy)

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    • Okay! Well let’s start in order! 😂
      1. Thank you for letting me cameo Phoenix! He looked so,professional. 😍 And really helped Yasmine. Now he just needs to figure out his own love life or lack thereof…
      2. Yasmine is finally truly happy. Her daughter was so cute. And she’s married and expecting a baby. ❤️ It felt good to give her a happy ending.
      3. Avery! Yes…jealousy doesn’t look good on you girl.
      4. Avery rightfully so should NEVER have another child. I think Cole was hoping it would work better the second time, maybe…But she clearly broke his heart with her response. Things actually were better for the past couple of years soo he was hoping.
      5. Avery forgetting to pick up the kids was soooo bad. The don’t live too far from the school so the walk wasn’t long. It’s just the idea of two 7 year olds on their own and nobody picked them up. Ryan was proud of himself though. 😊
      6. Angry, sexy Cole….❤️. What can I say? Yummy? 😍
      7. Avery has definitely chosen her priorities and it’s not her family, but her job.
      8. Lol….I know…she puts out and all is forgiven, for the moment anyway.

      I expect a fair amount of Avery hate after this chapter….

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  2. And the last of my ship now lays at the bottom of the ocean.

    I swear I hate Avery more and more each chapter you post. I still think she could be Rowana’s sister. Both terrible mothers and treat their men like shit. Did Damaro happen to make Avery? lol

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  3. Grrr…Avery is the worst! Worst mom. Worst wife. And why doesn’t she want Cole to talk to Ben? Because he’d be surprised that A wry is working late. Most contractors don’t need to work that late. I mean…I can smell an affair. It’s so apparent.

    And she had the nerve to be jealous about Yasmine? That was sweet of her to finally tell Cole what messed her up so much. Her daughter is beautiful! Glad for her that her daughter wanted to find her! *happy tears* Sad for Cole that they couldn’t work things out because his life with her would have been the dream. 😭

    And Ryan and Reagan are gorgeous, sweet kiddos. I’m shocked that their mothers behavior doesn’t hurt them in a way that might make them act out in behavior. They’re…perfect! That’s Coles doing. But when he finds out about Avery’s cheating, they will split. And then…how will this harm the kids? (Because divorce hurts…especially if one parent is a cold abuser—Avery emotionally abuses her kids when she neglects them and doesn’t spend time with them)

    I hate her so much! How could she be like this to her sweet family?

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    • I forgot to mention about Avery not picking up…the kids wouldn’t have been allowed to leave on their own unless the parents had signed something that allows them to walk home. And even then, some schools don’t allow walking home. Cole or Avery would have gotten a call. But I’m just going to assume Cole’s small town is very lax…lol! 😝

      I liked the surprise. As I was reading, I figured they made their own dinner but was shocked she didn’t pick them up! Avery! What a ho!

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      • Things have definitely changed. When my kids were in school, it wasn’t so strict. But nowadays, it is. So let’s just assume their school is small or they managed to sneak away unnoticed. But yes, a very bad thing. Avery is a mess….having dinner with her ‘investor’ was more so much important than picking up her kids, she forgot. She really did forget. 🤷‍♀️ But thought no biggie since they were fine.

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    • Avery has definitely deteriorated….and hmmm. An affair? Interesting thought! And of course she’s jealous! Cole is hers! And nobody else can have him (even if she was getting some on the side). 🤷‍♀️

      Yasmine’s daughter is sooo pretty. ❤️ And a sweetheart too. You are right, if she had been able to work things out sooner, she and Cole would have been a match made in Heaven. But at least she is happy now and pregnant too! She will make a wonderful mother, to both of her children, unlike someone else. 😢

      Reagan and Ryan are sooo cute! Cole has been protective of them up until now. They are beginning to see her true colors and understand in their 7 year old heads that most mom’s are more attentive to their children.

      If she is having an affair and he finds out, yes, it would be over. That could hurt them even more than her absenteeism. She doesn’t think she’s abusing them. She thinks she’s doing them a favor. Actually, she’s just doing it for herself and rationalizing her behavior. PPD is a real thing, but I think she is using it as an excuse.

      Avery is a complicated person. Cole thought he uncovered all of her layers, but I don’t think he dug deep enough. 😢

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  4. I certainly don’t hate Avery (I think it’s kind of hilarious that she was scheming to get Cole and all of a sudden was stuck with a life she hates and is miserable) but because she kind of reminds me of my aunt who was not really a kid person (when she found out that their surrogate was having twins, one of the things she asked was if they had to keep both of them, ahahahaha – we laugh about this now as a family because my aunt actually stepped up and didn’t just ignore them) but yeah, it’s been pretty clear the two of them are headed for a divorce for quite some time now, and the fact that Cole can’t see it says enough about him.

    I can’t wait for the twins to become teenagers and start making all of the same mistakes as their parents. I love the detail of Reagan wearing high heels and holding up color swatches because that’s what she thinks her mother does for work.

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    • SuperKyle! Welcome back! 😊 ❤️😊

      Yes, Avery got what she asked for. ‘Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it’ certainly applies to Avery.

      Oh my goodness your Aunt is Avery in real life! I’m so glad she stepped up though. ❤️❤️❤️

      Cole is in denial about the state of his marriage. He knows they need to fix things and keeps thinking as the kids get older, Avery’s attitude towards them will change. He wants to fix it and still dreams of the love story his parents have. 😢

      Reagan and Ryan love their mother….mostly because Cole runs interference….just like saying she works hard to explain her absence in their lives. So,yes, Reagan’s sees her mom come home all dressed up and Cole tries to explain what she does. So she idolizes her. It’s really sad.

      Yes, the teenage years are going to be confusing….but sadly we have a few more chapters to get there. Um-uh…10 to be exact. 😱

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  5. Well, what can I say that I haven’t said before. While I commend Cole for trying to make things work and not just giving up as soon as it gets rough, it seems like rough is all there has been for 7 years. Avery is lovely and talented, but not cut out for the wife/mother thing. Some are, some aren’t. To me, unless she has a dramatic change of character, I wonder if her being there as aloof and odd does not have the wrong affect on the kids and they end up messed up like Cole and his daddy before him. As a wife and mother Avery is about as useful as mittens to a goldfish.

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    • Lol….useful as mittens for Goldfish! 😂😂😂. That’s a good analogy. Cole is trying to make it work. He’s not ready to give up but is in denial of the underlying issues. The kids definitely are noticing her aloofness and it most definitely could have long term repercussions.


  6. Your sims have love issues and mine have a lot of misunderstandings and secrets it seems.
    I still hate Avery. She’s annoying me. Allowing 7 year olds to walk home alone?! I wasn’t allowed until I was 12! (That was still with my older sister though)

    Good to see Phee and Reagan and Ryan are sweet! (Sibling rivalry should be fun when they’re teens)

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    • She really did forget….and it scared for a split second until she knew they were fine. But probably, scared her more that she would be on the hook if something happened to them! She is annoying to everyone at this point. Seven is way too young to walk alone. Even if they can manage to make supper! Lol….

      Phee! ❤️. Reagan and Ryan are very close and there will be some jealousy here and there…of course.

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  7. Ugh. Okay I guess everyone agrees that Avery is kinda horrible.
    But seriously, is Cole completely delusional? Blind? An idiot? How can he even *think* the idea of having another baby with Avery would be good??
    They haven’t managed to make things work with the kids they already have for seven years, and he wants another one? He can, but not with this woman. It’s either her, or another one. Bringing another child in this world under these circumstances would be completely irresponsible.
    And we didn’t get to see what happened off screen in all those years, but if Cole’s only trying to get Ave bond with her children is just simply throwing them at her (as in suggesting she spends time with them alone), and bitching when she doesn’t feel good about it, that’s certainly not the best method. It’d be much better to try and do things all four of them together, and show her that he’s there when things go wrong. Like a back up.
    It still might have not worked out, considering Avery’s character, but at least he’d tried, then.

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  8. I hate Avery more every chapter. I can’t understand why she would treat Reagan that way. I’ve notice Ryan has no contact with his mom at all.
    No, they diffinently don’t need another child. I think he needs to meet someone else. Maybe, Avery could die. Please!!!

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    • You are very observant. Reagan has much more contact with her mother than Ryan. He’s content to go to his father for everything. But being a girl, she idolizes(d?) her mother. Wants to be like her.

      You are right – not good to bring more children into the marriage. Ready for me to kill of Avery huh? Hmmm….. we shall see what in store for the two of them. 😇😇😇


  9. Okay, Umm..I have to collect my thoughts for this one..

    First, things aren’t looking good for Avery and Cole…Not that’s much of a suprise, they got married too fast, and thought things were going to be just wonderful from now on.

    Yasmine’s back, and got some help, which is great! At least now Cole knows what happened between then, hope the new Yasmine is nothing like the old one.

    This situation with Avery sounds like it’s getting worse and worse, I mean, clearly, she likes her childrem, but, not enought to make some sacrificies(?) I mean, if after 7 years, she *still* treats her kids like aliens, things surely aren’t going to get better in teen years.

    It’s weird because, even thought they *do* have a mother, it’s like, at the same time, they don’t. Avery is constantly at work, and the most parenting ( and care!) they receive is from their father.

    Maybe a divorce would not make *that* much of a diference, whent it comes to take care of childrem..,Cole does almost everything already!

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    • Ha! A lot to process. Yes, they got married too fast and Avery got more than she bargained for and is running away from it.

      Yasmine is so happy now and it made Cole, once again, long for that same happiness with Avery. ☹️. But their situation is indeed deteriorating.

      Eek.. teen years could be horrid. And they have a mother but don’t…it’s sad, that’s why they thought maybe they were getting a divorce. Kids see and feel more than you realize.

      A divorce would probably be a blessing. But Cole isn’t prepared to go there yet. 😳

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  10. My goodness, that’s how my dad talks about me and my siblings to Mom – “your children”. He says that when we do something wrong he doesn’t approve of. When we do something for him to be proud of, suddenly it’s “my daughter” to his friends. 😂
    You can see now how different Avery and Yasmine are. Both had difficult childhood and Avery seemed to have it all together in the past and Yasmine totally didn’t. Now, would you look at that, who’s the one who has a happy life now? You can also see how Yasmine is a warm and affectionate person, I can remember her treating to Cole’s wound or missing her daughter. But Avery is just cold. I think she could well do without sex at all. She seems to be doing this only for her own advantage and for Cole to forgive her. She just uses it as another means to get her way. Wasn’t it sex she first used at the party to get to Cole? In reality, she’s a cold, calculating bitch. She isn’t and will never be mother material. I’m doubting if she even is wife material. She’d be better on her own, honestly, just enjoying her work without having to remember to come back home, as there’d be no one waiting for her. What difference would it make really? She forgets that her family exists anyway. I’m just sorry that Yasmine couldn’t get better at the right time to found a family with Cole. She’d be so much better for him.
    And that question about another child. I was so shocked when I read it. In that case, I totally agree with Yasmine. How on earth doesn’t he see this situation in a proper way? He’s blinded by his own hopes and dreams of another kid!
    Finally, reading about the make up sex, god… I’m having Kaitlin/ Newt flashbacks now.

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    • Haha! I have heard that and sometimes do it with my own kids, when they are bad it’s your kids and good they’re mine! Too bad she is meaning this in a totally non-playful way.

      Yasmine had a good heart, Avery is broken and cold and puts on a show for everyone. She is totally using sex with Cole to get him to do what she wants…always has. And whether or not she could do without it, well that remains to be seen.

      Yasmine and Cole would have made a good couple. They were both warm and giving. She was just too broken to realize she could trust him. I’m so happy she is doing good and is happy now. Her daughter is gorgeous too. I know she is proud of her. Very different from Avery’s feelings about her kids. She is probably glad they are good kids, but it’s no thanks to her.

      Poor Cole is blinded by his own hopes and dreams so much he can’t see what’s right in front of him. And others probably don’t see it because Avery’s a little actress. Ohhh Kaitlin Newt and makeup sex….so very similar. I hadn’t thought of that. Cole is being manipulated and used by Avery. So sad. 😱

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  11. Having a baby is always a decision two people should make. Forcing the issue is the worst possible thing. There are no compromises either. You either have the baby or not. One side is always going to end up unhappy if they can’t agree. But since Avery already gave Cole two children, I believe he should come to terms with the fact that they won’t have more together. I would hope he would be more considerate after what they have been through with the twins. If he loves her, he shouldn’t push and insist she went through it all again.
    Why is it that Cole’s girls always throw tantrums and lock themselves in a bathroom/bedroom? Isn’t there any who is able to present strong arguments and discuss with him about a problem? I get it that some women are more prone to emotional outbursts, but definitely not all of them. I would have expected a good argumentation from a business woman like Avery. She must handle a lot of stress at work, such people are more resistant, me thinks.
    Too bad the kids are the ones who suffers most from it all. After the years Cole should already know Avery and what to expect from her. He’s acting like it is still a big surprise to him that Avery can’t bond with the kids. Either divorce her, Cole, or deal.
    I wouldn’t put it past Avery to have been cheating on him by now simply because he seems to put kids first (which is normal and okay) and has expectations she can’t meet. Some husbands take it bad too when the children have more attention than them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I think Cole is at the point he has to face facts. Avery isn’t maternal and will not have another baby for him or anyone. He should have been more tactful asking her. It truly upset her that he would even consider that.

      I think she was just so upset she didn’t even want to talk to him. Matters of the heart are much different than matters of business.

      The kids are definitely the ones to suffer. He has been in denial for along time. It is time for him to get real. If she hasn’t bonded with them by now, she likely never will. Avery is very jealous of his time with the kids putting them before her. She liked it when she was the center of attention. Since she doesn’t have the same type of relationship with the kids, it’s hard for her to understand why he dotes on them. She does feel like she will never be what he wants her to be, and frankly probably doesn’t want to. It’s not the life she envisioned for herself. You are right about husbands more often feeling like she does. Im sure that is much more common. They start looking outside the marriage when they begin to feel neglected.

      We shall see how Cole deals with the reality that his marriage is in serious trouble in the next chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “He should have been more tactful asking her.”, nope, he shouldn’t have asked at all! Does he even know who he’s married to, after seven years? xD
        Making a child having a mother that cannot deal with her motherhood, and asking a woman to be a mother that clearly doesn’t want to, is purely selfish.

        Liked by 1 person

        • May have been a bit on the selfish side. He just keeps thinking it’s finally gonna ‘take’. I think he knows now it was a foolish thing to do. Seeing Yasmine made him want her happiness and clearly he opened his mouth before really thinking it through.


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  13. And today is the day that the creator hates their own creation. Made worse by the fact of a happy, fixed and no longer available Yasmine.

    The only solace I see from this IS divorce… Maybe a double divorce and he can hook up with Dannie? 😉

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  15. Hmmm as much as I despise Avery at this point, I can’t believe he would even suggest having another child! Can’t he see that the twins already make his wife miserable? Those two are obviously wrong for one another, they never seem to see things eye to eye..!
    But Avery, you sophisticated bimbo!! You forgot you had to take your kids from school?! 😠 What a lousy mother! Fortunately they’re okay, but something bad could have happened to them as easily! Cole should have been more strict with her, although I’m not sure their marriage can be saved. It seems it’s going downhill pretty fast at this point, poor Cole. He made the worst choice marrying this one imo..!
    Awww we saw Yasmine too! I’m so proud of her – she finally seems like she has her life in order ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Yasmine sighting is what triggered him to really think about another child. She was so happy and it looked good on her. ❤️ I think he felt he had to ask. It made him sad for sure that she reacted so violently. He indeed should have known but he has his head buried in the sand. But it was a wake up call for sure.

      They are on opposite ends of the scale as to what they expect out of life. They both made broad assumptions about each other. And Avery never dreamed. Having a kid(s) would have been so devastating for her. She fantasized it.

      She totally spaced the kids. And not really on purpose. It’s like the dad that has to take the baby to daycare but never does and gets in and goes on autopilot and leaves them in the car all day. Fortunately they were fine.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I agree with Avery, having another baby is so not a good idea. However, that is where my sympathies for her end.
    No one can ever predict how having a baby will effect you (especially for the mother). But there are things you can do, people you can talk to, to help.
    When Regan literally called called to her mom basically begging her for some attention it seriously truly broke my heart 😢😢😢. At that moment I stopped being sympathetic towards Avery

    Liked by 1 person

    • Avery is not on anyone’s favorite list right now. Thank goodness Cole has such a huge heart to make up for her coldness towards the kids. Babies do change the dynamics in a marriage, but usually the parents put their children’s need above their own. Poor Reagan. She idolizes her mom and adores her dad.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I’m a couple of chapters behind….Avery needs to get her shit together and figure out her priorities. I don’t see this relationship lasting. Even the kids are figuring things out. Although kids are usually pretty smart. Much more so than most adults give them credit for.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t even know where to start, Audrey. I can’t say I hate Avery because she was kind of like this from the beginning and I feel Cole chose to ignore certain signals along the way. Yet, it breaks my heart the way she can’t connect with her children. Right now, Reagan wants her mother’s attention so badly and isn’t getting what she needs. This is going to probably have an effect on this child’s psyche. She’s going to grow up thinking she’s not good enough or that she doesn’t deserve that attention, yet she’ll crave it. At that point, I wonder if any attention will be enough? I’m worried about Reagan, as you can see.

    It seems to me Ryan looks to the same-sex parent for the attention and approval he needs, and that’s okay. When he’s older, I wonder if he’ll question how cold his mother was to the two of them?

    Cole seems to be so heavy into denial but this isn’t new for him. Look how long he thought he could make it work with Yasmine. That was also a one-sided relationship.

    This was a great chapter and I’m so excited to be able to binge this morning! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Oh man, I can’t help but dislike Avery so much :/ Like one thing is not being the motherly type, another is then pushing through with marrying a guy who’s so obviously a fatherly type, then neglecting him and the children. And there you have lil Coley with his band-aids sticking them all over the place… It’s not a great situation to be in.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Averyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I’m so sorry but that woman needs to go! I might actually bring myself to say I hate her more than Laney! Laney may have cheated but at least she’s not an ice cold monster who treats her kids like hell. Avery doesn’t have a single maternal bone in her body. And yes I am crossing my fingers that they get a divorce. And yes I am still holding out the tiniest bit of hope that ‘you know who’ comes around. Don’t make me cough her name again. Lol! 😂

    Hint: “Barbie” as per Yasmine.

    “I love them… I guess” ooooh I just wanted to slap Avery in the face for saying such a thing. Girl, if you didn’t want kids and you wanted to be married to your job you should have thought of that before you married a sweetheart like Cole.

    Cole has the patience of like a million people, I don’t know how he does it. But he is amazing! Not to mention he is a mother and father in one person. She’s just blehhhh! Hate her.

    It was cool to see how Yasmine was doing. When I brainstorm on all the girls that Cole has been with, I compare Yasmine and Avery. I even liked Yasmine a lot better than Avery because at least that girl had a good heart and an endearing way of talking. Yasmine had some deep wired issues but she was just hurt and battling demons. Avery on the other hand is just an ice-cold bitch that doesn’t give a shit about anybody.😠

    Okay, rant over. Sorry to air out dirty laundry.

    Great job as always, Audrey! I look forward to seeing the rest. 🙂🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. You are saying the same thing just about everyone else has said. Avery is awful. She needs to seriously get her sh!t together and grow up. I hope she does for Cole’s sake and the twin’s well being.

      Yasmine is doing so much better. Most of that is thanks to Cole. I really wish she’d opened up to him instead of getting defensive. He would have supported her 100%.

      Laney was a bit self centered, okay s lot, but she would have loved her children I think. ❤️. Not like Avery who just wanted one to say she had a kid with Cole. She got way more than she bargained for.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Oh man, the twins 😂 How sweet though, walking home alone and making dinner 💖 They’re really good kids and I hope Avery will pick up on that some day. I don’t think this is the life she envisioned when marrying Cole, so I wonder why she still sticks to it. Is her job really that important for her?
    Lol PB&J is not only a good source of protein, but also of sugar and fat my dear kiddos 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think she likes Cole okay, but it’s definitely not what she envisioned. And yes, her job seems to be her identity. One kid was all she wanted but she got double trouble. Hehe. They are so cute though and do have each other’s back.


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