Chapter 3.51 – Hard Truths

The next two weeks weren’t as awkward as Reagan thought they might be. Archer made it easy, just like he always does. He never pressed her, and when he brought up anything she was uncomfortable with, he easily changed the subject. They watched movies, cooked and when she had a nightmare, he was there and then, yes, they had sex.  They couldn’t put that genie back in the bottle once they’d let it out. But what that meant, she didn’t really know.

Even though Archer took some time off, he was really still working. He would hole himself up in his office, which was an extension of the his bedroom, the room they were now sharing. However, the times when he had to take a call or respond to emails for work, and she was alone, her thoughts invariably moved to Evan. Then she would get emotional.

She began to feel like she was going through the motions with Archer. Time was standing still. He was sweet and caring and the sex was a good distraction. Yet she still thought of Evan. And why hadn’t he called her?  She picked up her phone more than once to call him and chickened out. If he cared, he would have called, and he didn’t. In fact nobody did. Maybe she’d been right to leave. They didn’t want to see her and she’d made it easy for them and her by leaving. What hurt most was her father and Ryan.

Still, the nightmares didn’t stop. Every. Single. Night. That was one of the reasons she slept in Archer’s bed. If she didn’t dream about her father lying in a pool of blood, it was her mother sneering at her with a knife in her hand. Some nights, more often now, it was Evan lying in a pool of blood instead of her father.

She still didn’t know why Evan lied to her, but the more she thought about it and began to put together bits and pieces of remembered conversations, she was pretty sure it had to do with her mother.

That day kept playing over and over in her head. After Ryan and her mother left, a lady she didn’t know, who she later came to know as Viv, came into her bedroom, and with a gun stuck in her back, led Reagan out the back door of her house and into a car. They drove to the clubhouse where she took her down to the game room, put tape over her mouth and tied her hands behind her back.

Everything she had believed as truth, was a lie. Her whole life had been a lie. She needed Archer to distract her from her thoughts, so she walked towards the kitchen where he was preparing lunch.

She heard him on the phone, so turned to leave, but heard her name so she stopped to listen where he couldn’t see her.

“Good … but she’s still having nightmares.”


“I’ll call around and get her an appointment.”


“I don’t think she’s ready to talk to him.”


“Fine. I will. I’ll be in touch. Bye,” said Archer.

Reagan was pissed. She thought nobody cared. But clearly, someone had asked about her. She stormed into the kitchen. “Who was that?” she demanded.

Archer spun around looking guilty. “Your father.”

“He’s checking up on me?”

“He’s worried about you.”

Now she was beyond angry. “Why did you tell him about the nightmares? I didn’t want him or know! You should’ve let me talk to him!”

“Reagan. Calm down. He’s got a reason to be worried. He wants you to see a counselor. And frankly, I agree.”

“No,” she said, “I can’t talk to anyone about it,” she said, feeling trapped and ganged up on.

“I’m trying to help you Reagan!  You have to talk to someone. You won’t even talk to me. You avoid it every time I try to bring it up. You won’t tell me what the nightmares are about. You are supposed to go back to work in 2 weeks. Your sister is getting married in 6 weeks. Are you going to be able to work? Or will you fall apart? What about Evan? Do you love him? And where do I fit into your life?”

The walls were closing in and she couldn’t breathe. “Stop it Archer! Stop!” she screamed. She couldn’t deal with any of that yet.

Archer went to her and took her in his arms. “Shhh. I’m sorry. I’m worried sweetheart. You don’t do anything except sit around and mope. Don’t think I don’t notice.”

At first she wanted to just let him comfort her, then a thought occurred to her making her angry. She beat on his chest to push him away. “Are you blocking everyone’s calls?” she demanded.

Archer’s expression belied nothing. “I’ve been calling your brother and your father daily. Providing updates.”

Reagan was livid. “So they wouldn’t call me? I trusted you! And you kept this from me? I didn’t think they wanted to talk to me!”

“I wanted to give you time away from outside pressures. To see if it would help.”

“Don’t do me any more favors!” She turned to walk away and go to the guest room but Archer grabbed her arm.

“Reagan! Don’t walk off,” he begged.

“Let go of me!” she growled out and he immediately released her like he didn’t realize he even had hold of her.

Why is everything so complicated, she thought, why does everyone feel the need to make decisions for me? Maybe because she was a mess and didn’t want to make any decisions of her own. That was true.  Well, she was done with it. Yes, she needed a safe place, and Archer had seemed safe. But he got complicated the minute they slept together and now he’s lying to her too. By omission. No different than what Evan did. Or her father when he didn’t tell her and Ryan about Taylor or how horrible her mother was.

Ryan was the only person that never lied to her. But why didn’t he just call her? But then, she could’ve called him too. She was just as bad. That ends now.  She picked up her phone and punched Ryan’s name.  Her hands were shaking she was so angry.

“Rea! How are you doing?” he said, with an obvious forced cheerfulness.

“Why didn’t you call me?” she asked sharply, not bothering to respond to his fake pleasantries.

“Because Archer was calling us. He said you needed more time….”

“More time? More time for what?!?” She was livid.

“Away from any reminders,” said Ryan.

“I did need space, but I wasn’t running away from you and Daddy.”

“He called us everyday. You didn’t know he was calling us?”

“No. Not until today.”

“He said you needed to decompress. And promised to call everyday. And he has. It sounds like you are doing better. Are you?”

“I almost called you so many times, but I was afraid at first, and then, after a couple of days when you hadn’t called, I didn’t think you wanted to talk to me.  I’m sorry Ryan.  I should’ve called anyway.”

“Did it help? Not having to think about home?”

“Not really, because I think about it every single day, and dream about the clubhouse every single night.”

“God Rea. Maybe you should see a counselor?”

“So I’ve been told.” she said sarcastically.

“It wouldn’t hurt, and it might even help.”

“How’s Evan?” she asked, preferring to ignore the therapy suggestion.

Ryan was quiet for a second before answering. “He’s been seeing a counselor. Same as you should. Why don’t you call him and find out for yourself.”

“He probably hates me by now.” Was that really why?  Or was it because she felt guilty for running away from him and sleeping with Archer instead of talking to him because she was afraid of being hurt again?

“No, Rea, he doesn’t hate you. You need to call him. It would help him and maybe you too. After all he’s been through, after what our mother did to him, he still loves you in spite of it all.”

A creepy feeling ran down her spine. “Ryan, what are you talking about? And why exactly is he in therapy? He wasn’t in the game room. Is it because of his wife? And mother didn’t do anything more than flirt with him, and now that I think about it, she probably did try to keep us apart.”


“Ryan … say something!”

“Rea, you need to talk to Evan,” he said softly.

She knew she had to suck it up and call him. Ryan was right. She was hiding from him. And what did her mother do to him? “Okay. I’ll call him,” she said softly.

“Thank you. The therapy seems to be helping him. He’s back at work. You can call him there if you want. And Reagan, you really should seek help. Not the kind Archer is giving you.” His last words weren’t happy sounding.

“Jason gave me the card of a therapist here. I’ll call them.”

“Good,” said Ryan and the relief in his voice was apparent. “So, would you like some company this weekend? Or is that too much too soon? I thought maybe Rosa and I could come up and have dinner with you and Archer?”

“You don’t hate him?” asked Reagan surprised.

“He’s not my BFF, but I need to see my sister, so if I have to make nice I will.”

“I want to see you too. I miss you Ryan. I’ll tell him you guys are coming.”

“And you really do sound better. Like you are finally taking back control.  But promise. Call and get an appointment – as soon as we hang up. I love you sis.”

“I will. I love you too Ryan. And Ryan, tell Evan I said hello – and I’m sorry – for making this hard – and I’ll be in touch very soon.”

“I will. Bye Rea.”

“Bye. We’ll talk tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it’s going.”

God, she loved her brother and felt better after talking to him. He always made her feel better. And he was right. She was going to have to suck it up and go see a therapist. And just maybe, keeping her insulated from the pressures of life had indeed helped her a little. It at least gave her a chance to breathe.

She took a deep breath and opened to door to go find Archer. He couldn’t keep her from her family. No matter how much ‘better’ she might seem to be to Ryan, she wasn’t so sure. And he lied to her.

Archer was sitting in the lounge chair, drinking a beer and looking out the picture windows. “Archer,” said Reagan, “we need to talk.”

He turned and looked at her. “I was trying to keep the stress off, so you could rest,” he began to explain.

“Come sit over here so we can talk,” said Reagan.  After they were seated she eyed him and felt her resolve melting. The look on his face said it all. “You can’t keep secrets from me. I spoke to Ryan. So I know what you’ve been doing.”

“You didn’t call Evan?” Archer looked relieved. “I thought that’s who you’d go to.”

“Ryan is the only person in my life that hasn’t lied to me, whether it’s ‘for my own good’ or to get something from me.  I never, ever thought you’d be in the category of liars!” She found her anger again.

Archer had a pained look on his face. She realized it was similar to the one he had when he left her all those years ago. “Reagan. Everything isn’t that black and white. Some truths should never be told, because too many lives would be destroyed.”

He was confusing her. “What does that even mean? My mother was a sociopath! And when she was convicted, Daddy just said she made some bad ‘choices’ and had to atone for them. Not that she was a scheming liar that hated her children. Had I known, perhaps I never would’ve wanted to see her again, and all this mess would’ve been avoided. He tried to protect us with half truths, and then when he finally told the truth, I didn’t want to believe it.”

“Your father loves you very much and was doing his best at the time. I’m sure he was hurting too, and only wanted to spare you and Ryan that same pain. Don’t judge him too harshly. He’s a good man. He nearly died for you.”

“God, I sound like I’m blaming him. I’m not. I’m just trying to make a point. Just please, no more lies. I feel like my whole life has been one big lie.”

“I’m sorry Reagan. I never intended to hurt you. I won’t try to shield you anymore. I guess that’s what we do for those we care about. Try to protect them from harm. You know I only did it because I care deeply for you. You must know that by now. Don’t you think maybe it’s some weird karma that brought us back together?” Archer stopped and scrubbed his hands across his face. “You’re not going to leave are you?”

God, he looks miserable. thought Reagan, but only because he cares.  “Not yet. But I can’t do secrets Ev…Archer.” Shit, why did she almost say Evan. He totally noticed it to. Because she kept thinking about him so much.

“You wish you were having this conversation with Evan?” he asked like he didn’t really want the answer.

She said no lies, was in fact adamant about no lies. She had to be honest with him even though it was painful to say out loud. “I miss him terribly Archer. I’m sorry if that hurts you. I don’t mean to. But it’s true. There’s so much between us still unsaid. So I ran. I ran from him, because he scared me and you didn’t. I need to talk to him. Maybe that’ll help me sort out my feelings. I’m going to call him.”

“Because you are still in love with him?”

“Archer, please, don’t make me answer that.”

“You already did. So, what about us? Where do I fit into your life?”

“Archer. God, I don’t know. I’m confused by my feelings. You make me feel safe. I can breathe around you. You’re there for me when I wake up screaming. You kiss me and help me feel and forget for a few minutes … but still, I think of Evan … a lot.”

“Then I need to do a better job of making you forget him. I’m here. I will be as honest as I can. I have a healthy respect for my competition. But just so you know, there is another truth I’ve been withholding … I love you Reagan.”

Reagan caught her breath. She couldn’t say it back. She loved Evan, but he hurt her badly and she was afraid of him hurting her again. Was she falling in love with Archer too. She didn’t know. How could she possibly love two men at the same time?

“See Reagan, some truths are better left unsaid,” he said finally, to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Archer … I like you a lot, but I’m not ready. I told you. I’m confused.”

“It’s okay Reagan. You loved me before, you will again. But maybe since you know how I feel, you’ll better understand why I’ve done what I have for you. You’re important to me. Always were. It was you that forced me to see the direction my life was headed and that I would drag you down with me if I stayed.

“So, sweetheart, no more talk of hard truths. Let’s just take things a day at a time. Come, let me hold you.  Please. I need to know I didn’t lose you yet.”

Whenever he put his arms around her, she did forget. Is that why was it so easy to fall into his arms? Then she remembered Ryan. “I forgot to tell you. I’m going to make an appointment with a therapist for tomorrow. Jason gave me a card. And Ryan and Rosa, they’re coming this weekend for dinner.”

Archer laughed and it sounded good. “You know, you are getting better. We couldn’t have had this conversation when you first got here. And, you are aware, Ryan isn’t my biggest fan?”

She smiled and it felt nice. She took his hands in hers and patted them. “I asked him about that, and he said you were helping me, so he’d give you a pass. Therefore, I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

Archer looked at her and she tried to read his expression. She couldn’t, but then he pulled her into his arms and kissed her – and she didn’t care.

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42 thoughts on “Chapter 3.51 – Hard Truths

  1. God, Archer sounded awful when he said he wasn’t doing a good enough job to make her forget about Evan. But then, like I said, maybe they’re good for each other after all. I mean, how can she be mad at Evan for lying when she ran away with her ex from him? She’s done much, much worse. And still, she has no idea what Avery has done to him. I don’t know how I feel about all that except I’m not sure Evan deserves her anymore. I get it, she’s broken after all that has transpired, but I feel like that’s no excuse to have sex with Archer multiple times when she’s not sorted things out with Evan and they’re not really officially broken up. It’s messed up. If she really does care about him, she should try to distance herself from Archer. Like girl, you gotta make a choice.

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    • I agree. She’s probably done worse. But she’s suffering. She can’t be mad at Evan, but she doesn’t yet know what happened. Girl’s gotta make a choice and fast. Truth. Things can’t stay like they are. At least two good things came outta their discussion…therapy and a phone call to Evan.

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  2. Omg! She’s using him and he doesn’t care. Ugh. Poor guy. He’s going to try to make her forget Evan but he can’t…Evan is who he is and she loves him!

    Archer is manipulating. She needs to run from HIM! Straight to Evan’s arms. Bit she won’t. I don’t get it. What is she scared of? People are telling her that her mother did something to him. Call him. Set up a meeting and find out!

    I’m pulling my hair out! I don’t have much left with Reagan’s antics! 😝

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    • Archer isn’t good for her right now. Maybe the distance from her family helped a little. At least she is going to find a counselor and call Evan. Long overdue. Reagan’s a little screwed – no a lot – screwed up right now.

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  3. Girl, don’t wait! Pick up the phone and calllll Evannnnn!

    I’m glad she has at least agreed to do it… question now is whether she will actually pick up the phone and do it, or let things with Archer get even messier before she does! 😂

    Archer is totally manipulating the situation in his favor here, but I do think he actually cares about her too… double-edged sword! But regardless, I think Reagan should stop sleeping with him. It’s just complicating things even more, and will make things that much harder when she does see Evan again…

    Glad she’s going to start talking to somebody. She needs it! 😦

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    • I also hope she makes the choice to distance herself from him. But falling back into his arms didn’t help. He’s totally trying to manipulate it. Although at one point he did tell Ryan he’d let her go if she didn’t want him. But will he?

      Point is Reagan needs help. She obviously has some PTSD from what happened and is trying to hide from dealing with it. I think knowing that Evan is seeking out help encouraged her to do the same. Along with EVERYBODY saying she needed to. And she did said she would call Evan. Let’s hope she doesn’t chicken out – again. But I think I you’re right – if she doesn’t put some distance between her and Archer, she’s going to have a hard time facing Evan.

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  4. Therapy’s a good thing. Go Ryan! I actually really like him now, he’s grown up from that angry teenager.

    Archer needs to step back and not take control of Reagan’s decisions like this. Reagan needs to just talk to Evan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ryan has grown up a lot! I’m proud of him. Now he needs to yank his sister outta her fantasy worlds and make her start living in the real world.

      Hopefully she will get counseling and talk to Evan and it will help. I hope. 😭

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  5. Many people don’t realize until they experience something like this themselves, that coping with trauma does effect you. Reagan is a different person just surviving and coping day by day. She is not her kind, brilliant, and independent self. She is needy childlike and very shortsighted and self centered. Archer does not know the real, grown up Reagan. He has only really known the dependant childlike Reagan or the teenaged Reagan. Anyway I am glad she is now taking steps to start therapy and be proactive in contacting her family. That will help her get back to her normal self. The nightmares are only part of it. Great story development showing this. I am neither on ship Evan or ship Archer. There is a lot of issues with both. I do know from experience and experiences with my family that when she comes to herself after therapy and time, Reagan will want to put behind and not dwell on her childlike phase, realizing the distance from her coping phase and her normal phase. Reagan was a different person entirely in both phases. Honestly the childlike Reagan bonds is with Archer. Issues and all. The grown up independent Reagan bonds is with Evan. Issues and all. Looking forward to more story development and show the progress and future with Reagan/Archer/Evan.

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    • So very, very true! Coping with trauma is difficult and different for everyone. I love the analogies of the different ‘Reagans’. Archer sees her as the same as when he left her as he doesn’t know the more independent adult Reagan. It’s no wonder she reacts to him the same as she did when she was a teen. It’s the same thing that makes her uncomfortable around Evan. Hopefully, now that she’s seeking help and reaching out to her family, the healing process can truly begin.


  6. Finally! She is going to see a counselor. It’s about damn time. She needs to quit clinging to Archer. I was shipping Archer at first (For obvious reasons) but now I just want her to get away from him. She doesn’t need to necessarily run to Evan, I think she just needs to get her therapy and stand on her own two feet. Figure things out. She won’t be able to do that staying with Archer. Seeing the therapist is perhaps the first step to getting her life back.
    I know Archer cares, there is no doubt about that, but he is being selfish, he is thinking more about having her than he is about what’s best for her. The way he referred to Evan as his “competition” that really was telling, he see’s this as some sort of game, with Reagan as the prize, that is not a good attitude to have. He may care for her, but I don’t think there is real respect there. And without respect, their can’t be love.

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    • I think you might be right. Archer is seeing it as a competition and not as much as what’s best for her. He still sees her as that insecure teenager that needs someone to protect her. And in reality, while she is acting like that right now, she really isn’t that person anymore. And she may change even more once she begins to heal.


  7. Most seem to think that Rea needs to know what her mother did to Evan, but I feel like if that’s what’s needed to change her mind about him, that relationship isn’t worth it.
    She keeps thinking about him, but if she’d truly loved him she’d gone and talk to him long time ago, hurting or not. He has given her more than one chance to come to him.

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    • Evan has been available, but he stepped aside and didn’t push her. Evan never pushes her. Which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t think. I’m not sure what Avery did to him is going to matter in the big scheme of things, you’re right.

      Reagan’s already surmised he said what he did because of her mother. And she knows she still loves him. So now she has to forgive herself for not going to him, which will be harder. She’s trying to deal with everything that happened. And it’s only been just under 3 weeks since everything went down. In that short time, Archer gently steamrolled her into isolation thinking she would be better off with him. She still blames herself for everything that happened. She and Evan won’t likely fall back into each other’s arms. They have a lot to work through if they do want to try again. Especially Reagan.


  8. Hmph. She doesn’t like it that Evan hasn’t called her, but he’s giving her the space she wanted. Girl, make up your mind.
    Part of me wishes Evan has moved on when she returns, because I simply don’t like the fact she’s sleeping with Archer, while there are still unresolved issues with Evan. How would she feel if she found out he had slept with another woman while she was gone? Guys have their pride and most of those I know wouldn’t take her back after sleeping with another guy. Not to mention that it is not a good place to restart their relationship. Maybe Archer is who she deserves after all?

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    • She needs to talk to Evan regardless of what happened before. It’s just that what happened, is the reason she isn’t with Evan right now. And she didn’t put that together enough to act on it until now. If Avery hadn’t done what she did and threatened him, Reagan would’ve run to Evan, even if Archer would’ve ‘rescued’ her. He would have been there and she would have gone to him. But she just learned he was married and was reconciling with his wife. She didn’t feel she could go to him so stayed with Archer who she considered safe.

      Evan may be done with her. But Ryan says not. I don’t know. Maybe they can work out, maybe not.

      Does Evan deserve better, does Reagan deserve worse? She’s in pain, and so is Evan for that matter. Evan’s not a bad guy at all, but he made a mistake by not sharing that he was in the process of a divorce before he hooked up with Reagan and that cost him dearly.

      Reagan isn’t evil, but she made bad choices as well. Sleeping with Archer was one of the worst ones. It was a horrible choice made under extenuating circumstances where she wasn’t truly in the frame of mind to make rational decisions. And she did it again which compounded it.

      Now she needs to decide. If she doesn’t want Archer, she has to leave or at least put distance between them, regardless if Evan is ‘waiting’ for her or not. It may be hard though, because Archer helps her hide from her problems. She needed her family. Not Archer. But he felt he was the best thing for her, so he took control and made it happen. And she was easily controlled. She may not be a strong woman right now, given what happened, but if she gets through this in one piece, she may become a strong woman at the end of the day.

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      • Thank you for the long reply.
        Yes, Evan lied by omission too. But it seems to me, Reagan is only hearing the part about marriage not the part about the divorce and living separately for how long – a year? That should have some weight too in her decisions. Evan hadn’t been sleeping with his wife like she’s with Archer.
        Yes, she’s making one bad decision after another. Such immature decisions that I have to keep asking if she had even ever grown up. I can feel for her as a victim, but my patience has its limits when it comes to her indecisiveness regarding those two men. How she’s been acting these past few chapters is probably the worst and unreasonable out of all her actions this gen. I get it, she had been through a trauma. That one night with Archer was a mistake resulting from a weak moment after the nightmare. But she kept repeating the mistake and that is inexcusable if she still thinks and cares about Evan who made it clear he wants her back. Archer taking advantage of her is simply despicable. I like him as a sim to look at, but I long stopped liking him as a character, because he’s practically preying on Rea’s vulnerability.

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        • All true and valid points. She’s been hard to take. I totally get that. Hopefully now that she has had sort of a wake up call, she’ll begin to make better and more rational decisions. She does need to leave. Archer is not helping her.


  9. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. :/ It is just so freaking creepy that Archer is isolating Reagan from her family likes this and that’s really what he’s doing. He is such a creepy, controlling douche. Basically Reagan went from being controlled and manipulated by her mum to being controlled and manipulated by Archer. Ugh, just no. It’s a good thing that she’s going to therapy, but what should have been her first step was to get out of Archer’s clutches and stay with her brother. Let’s not forget that Archer is *still* lying by omission because he never told her what Avery did to Evan. Yeah. Get out of there, girl. This is a mess and a half.

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    • He’s being super one sided in his need to have her for himself. She’s being controlled again. Reagan is too easily manipulated by strong personalities like those two. His agenda is wrapped up in some need to have her as his and ‘take care of her’ while her mother’s was only to use her for her own gain. Still controlling. Therapy should help. Crossing fingers.

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  10. Oh, this is getting juicy!Unfortunate for Reagan, thought, What Archer did if the calls as a low blow, yeah, he was trying to protect her, but, it still was her Family, didn’t he even realize that *maybe* she would think she was bein isolated when literally everyone in her Family stopped calling her?Archer has good intentions, but he fails when it comes to acting.

    I think talking to Evan will help, maybe if they figure out, and see that they have some chance of working it out, she’ll go and end up with him? I mean, so far it seems as thought Archer is the ”safer” option, as they don’t have that much baggage, and he’s just easier to deal with, since again, they don’t have as many issues to work with. Maybe when everything with Evan is okay, she’ll be able to decide more clearly who she wants to be with?

    I kindaaaa agree with the half truths parts when it comes to Avery,Bad choices is a major understatment.She nasty.He could have told them the whole issue when they were older, so they would get an idea of what she really did.(Myabe he *was* going to do that, but Taylor-big-reveal and mommy dearet got in the way when they were 14.)

    Hurray!For theraphy.Girl.Needs.Help.I bet when she’s in a more healthy place, mental-wise, she’ll take action on her life, and not be dealt like she’s some kind of 5 year old that cn’t make their own choices.

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    • I hope that the therapy does help her. It’s true Archer and she didn’t have baggage to work through so definitely easier, until it wasn’t. He tried to protect her and hurt her. But to his own advantage.

      Talking with Evan can only help them both. It’s long overdue. Avery’s issues were understated more than they should have been. And then once she wasn’t an issue, Cole just swept her under the rug and then the Taylor reveal that turned her world upside down.

      I’m ready for Reagan to take charge of her life again.

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  11. “If he cared, he would have called, and he didn’t. In fact nobody did. Maybe she’d been right to leave. They didn’t want to see her and she’d made it easy for them and her by leaving. What hurt most was her father and Ryan.” …… ummm let me get out my little violin! Sheesh. She always goes to that instead of finding out what is really going on. Evan went through something horrific and then Reagan pushed him away. Why would he call right now? Maybe it has nothing to do with her, and it’s more about healing himself right now.

    As for Archer, he’s killing me. Don’t get me started. He is pushing too hard, and not doing the right thing at all. He can’t really love her if he doesn’t do what is right for her.

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    • It’s easier to say poor me than to face reality and sadly Archer makes it easy for her to not have to deal with it.

      Evan is totally trying to put his life back together. So yes, he’s busy doing that when they should’ve been supporting each other.

      He is pushing. He doesn’t ant to lose his control. He likes being in charge. He thinks he loves her. I’m not so sure maybe he doesn’t just love the idea of someone he can take care of and be a hero.

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  13. Yes Archer, you will be as honest as you can but you still won’t tell her what her mother did to Evan. Gosh, that dude is really starting to piss me off!
    And Reagan is too tbh. She still assumes the worst about everyone and never bothers to ask a straight question or have an honest conversation with her family or Evan. But hey, at least she’s getting therapy! …Man, she just needs to get out and finally face everything..!
    This was great – can’t wait for more! 😀 ❤

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    • Yes….it’s time to for Reagan to start living again.
      And Archer can’t tell her everything. Or he’d have to tell her he killed her mother. 😱 He can’t say that. And if she knew he knew about Evan and didn’t tell her, it would be over. Yep. He dug himself a hole.

      More today! 😁

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  15. it hurts so good.
    Erryone is an asshat.
    Sory Rea, even you my darling.
    actually, you know who isn’t? Connie. Connie is solid people rn!
    /high five Connie
    Reagan, snap out of the weeping hand wringing maiden in distress who needs to talk everything out endlessly and just get yoself together woman
    Have a spa day
    Get a pedi
    See a therapist
    Buy a new (comfy) bra
    Go to a petting zoo
    Dump Archer (ya, I said it, butt I’ll take him ok)
    Go throw a “foo foo coffee” in Evan’s face (lol, jk, thas his moneymaker)
    “I caaaaaan’t”
    omg, ys u can, u a big girl.

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