Chapter 4.09 – Decisions

Tyler was miserable the entire time they were in Del Sol Valley.  He knew he shouldn’t have let Dr. Fields guilt him into going.

When he thought about seeing her and his father kissing on the couch, he got even madder at her.  She lied to him.  She said it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to be married.  But he knew what they were doing.  They were probably doing ‘it’ too. If they could do that or kiss, then why couldn’t they be married?

His sister hugged him and it made him sadder.  She seemed happy to see him and at least she wasn’t being mean to him.  She said he was getting big and that she missed him.  He wished she could come home with him and their dad but he knew she couldn’t.  She was famous now.

Instead he had to endure his mother kissing his cheek, leaving embarrassing lipstick marks on his face.  Then listen to how great his sister was.

When they went to eat, they went in a limo with a driver.  His mother said that Ragnar, the director of Strangerville, had arranged it so they wouldn’t be bombarded by paparazzi.  That was kinda cool he figured.

However, once they got to the restaurant, all they talked about was how wonderful Samantha was doing.

Then random strangers came up to get a selfie with her or an autograph.  He felt invisible. His mother or father barely spoke to him. His dad made him take his meds so he wouldn’t be hyper, and now he wasn’t even hungry.  Tyler couldn’t wait to go home.


On the way home, Tyler didn’t want to talk to his father he was so angry.  He put on his earphones and played his game for the entire 3 1/2 hour flight home. He couldn’t wait until he turned 14, then he would never have to go back.  

When the got home Tyler grabbed his suitcase. He just wanted to go to his room so he could get online and play with his friends.  That would make it easier to forget about the past week.  But no, as soon as they got out of the car, his dad looked back at him.  “Tyler – when we get inside, we’re going to talk.  Take your bag upstairs and get yourself back down.  I want to know what’s going on with you.”

“Fine,” he shot back.

When he came back downstairs, his dad was already sitting there, so he plopped down on the other couch and waited. He didn’t know why his dad was so mad at him. He didn’t do anything. 

“Tyler, you were rude to me all the way home,” said his dad in his angry voice, “You were also rude to your mother and your sister.  That’s not acceptable.  You know better than to act like that.  You’ve been doing so well and all of a sudden – you act like you hate the world.  What’s gotten into you?”

You and everyone else, he thought.  Tyler had a reason to be mad.  And the more he thought about it, the madder he got until the words just started pouring out on their own. “You lied to me! You don’t care about me.  Dr. Fields doesn’t care about me! Mom doesn’t care either! All she did was talk to you and Sam. Sam this and Sam that!”

“Whoa, Tyler, what are you talking about?” asked his dad, “I never lied to you. And of course I care about you. I love you Tyler.  So does your mother and absolutely Dr. Fields cares about you.”

“Bullshit!” spat out Tyler before he could stop the words.  But he didn’t even care.

“What did you just say to me?” asked his dad, his face even more contorted in anger.

He was surely in big time trouble now, so it no longer mattered what he said. Everything he’d been feeling just came tumbling out along with the tears he’d been fighting all week. “That you’re a liar!” he practically screamed, “Mother hates me! And you and Dr. Fields act like you can’t get married, but you’re doing IT.  I saw you kissing her … just like in the movies!  You lied.  I hate you!”

His dad went from angry to shocked. He actually looked sick. Tyler heard him say “Fuck,” under his breath before he got up and moved next to him on the love seat. “Tyler, did you come downstairs the other night?  God, I’m sorry you saw that,” he said quietly, no longer yelling. “Why didn’t you say anything? We could’ve talked about it.”

“I didn’t wanna get in trouble,” he mumbled. Really, he was embarrassed, confused and scared, knowing he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see.

His dad rubbed his hands across his face before he spoke.  “Tyler … you should know you wouldn’t have been in trouble. At least, I hope you would know that.  And both Tay … Dr. Fields and I owe you an apology.  You’re right, I have been seeing her … we’re … dating. We have been for a couple of months. But we had to keep it secret, because you see, what she said is true. She could get in trouble if the school officials found out she was romantically involved with me while you’re a student in her charge. Plus we were trying to protect you.”

“That’s just stupid,” growled Tyler.

His dad actually smiled at him. “Well, that’s where you and I both agree. I don’t want it to be a secret Ty, but we don’t want her to get in trouble either. She could lose her job or at least her position at school.”  He stopped and let out a long slow breath.  “We were going to wait and see if you still needed help with school when it starts back in the fall, and if you didn’t, then we wouldn’t keep it a secret anymore.  You would’ve been the first person we told.”

“So it’s all my fault!” he said getting angry again but not sure why.

“No! It’s because she cares about you. A whole lot Tyler. While we were trying to help you with your school work, we realized we really liked each other as more than friends. That’s a good thing Ty, not bad. Don’t you think?  I know you like her too, since you wanted to stay with her. We just didn’t want you to get your hopes up if it didn’t work between us, or for you to maybe accidentally tell someone else and get her in trouble.”

Tyler was confused.  Now things were even more weird. He could’ve pretended like he didn’t know, but now he opened his big mouth and they knew he knew that they were doing it. Kissing and having sex.  It was gross to think of his principal and his dad doing that.

“Tyler, son, are you okay?” asked Ryan.

“No!” he yelled. “Did you divorce mom because you wanted to do it with her?”

“No Tyler. Absolutely not. We were divorced before Dr. Fields and I got together. I think I should call Dr. Fields and ask her to come over.  We need to talk about this. She should know. Okay?”

“NO!” Tyler was horrified. He wasn’t sure he ever wanted to see her again. Even at school.

“Tyler. She won’t be angry, I promise. She’s a very nice lady. You know that already. Maybe she’ll be happy that you know that we’re dating so we don’t have to hide it from you anymore.  And maybe, we can discuss whether or not you need help next year.”

“You mean I wouldn’t have her to explain things and help me figure out math?” That scared him and it suddenly was hard to breathe.

“Well, if you can manage your classes at school, then she would be able to help you here, at our house perhaps.”

That was better and his chest felt lighter again. “But what if I still need help at school?”

“Let me call her and we can talk it out.  Okay?” asked his dad.

“She’s going to hate me too,” he said.

“Never Tyler,” he assured him, “She likes you very much.”

Tyler didn’t want to hear anymore and curled up on the couch while his father called his principal and ruined everything.


When Taysia saw Ryan was calling, she smiled. He was back and she really wanted to see him. But when she answered the phone he was upset. And what he told her made her sick to her stomach. She needed to get to his house quickly and try to allay Tyler’s fears – the ones that she caused.

When Taysia walked into Ryan’s living room, she saw Tyler curled up on the couch chewing on his fingers.  She felt sickened seeing the rambunctious, yet sweet child miserable and her heart broke for him. He reminded her so much of herself as a child, alone and introverted, until a teacher cared enough to help her find her true potential and self worth. At least Tyler had a father that loved him unconditionally and was at a point in his own life that he would be able to spend as much time with his son as he needed. And she knew, Tyler was definitely going to need it.

But now, instead of helping him blossom, they’d put him through more than he could handle emotionally. She was so afraid he was going to shut down. She couldn’t tell that to Ryan yet. It would crush him. She just had to try and help Tyler back to where he was. She’d done this before as a Special Ed teacher, she just hoped she could do it again. 

If she couldn’t reach him, she was going to recommend professional counseling. Maybe they should’ve done it in the beginning anyway, but with her little bit of attention, he’d done amazing. It seems he was way more fragile than either of them realized.

Taysia turned to face Ryan.  He looked just as miserable as his son.  Taysia felt like she’d made the biggest mistake of her life, falling in love with the handsome and charming Ryan Murdock. She’d become addicted to him and those big blue eyes. The eyes that usually looked at her with lust and maybe love, but now were filled with so much pain. She’d been able to feel his pain through the phone, but never expected Tyler to have withdrawn as much as he had now. He hadn’t even acknowledged her presence.

“Ryan,” she said quietly, “can you give us a few minutes alone?” Maybe if they were alone, he would feel free to say whatever he wanted, if he said anything at all.

Ryan looked like he was going to cry, but thankfully did as she requested and walked out of the room, albeit looking defeated. Her fairy tale was quickly coming to an end, just as she feared. Her heart was slowly breaking into tiny pieces at the mess she’d made of their lives by giving in to her attraction and going to the gym that day.

She took a cleansing breath, then walked over and sat next to Tyler. She began to speak softly to him. “Tyler … you know … sometimes adults make mistakes. We aren’t perfect. And your father and I, we made one of the worst. The mistake wasn’t that we have grown to care about one another. Our mistake was that we decided not to tell you about our relationship. Your father is an amazing man Tyler, and he loves you more than anything. But, I think you know that already.

Tyler didn’t say anything. He just turned his back more. So she continued, keeping her voice soft and soothing. “Sometimes, in an effort to protect those we care about the most, we don’t tell them things for fear it might hurt them. In this case, the not telling part is what hurt you. I’m deeply sorry Tyler, and I hope that you can forgive me and especially your father. You see, I desperately want to continue to be your principal. If that means I have to stop seeing your father, I will, if that’s what you want.”

“No! You can’t leave us too!” Tyler growled out the words between sniffing back tears.

Taysia wanted to rush over and pull him into her arms, and promise she wouldn’t, but she was afraid he would retreat further into himself instead of allowing her to comfort him.  Instead, she worked to keep herself calm as she spoke. “Ty, I have no intention of leaving you or your father. I said I would only do that if you wanted me to. Are okay with me and your father dating?”

“No, yes, I don’t know,” he whined, still not looking at her.

She touched him ever so lightly, like you would a frightened animal.  “It’s confusing isn’t it?” she asked sympathetically. “And a lot of responsibility for a young man your age. Can you imagine that’s how your father and I felt when we realized we were becoming more than just two people that loved you? We struggled with it Tyler, and clearly we came to the wrong decision, at least as far as you are concerned.”

Tyler finally looked up at her. “Dad said you would lose your job if anyone knew you were dating. I don’t want you to lose your job and I don’t want you to leave Dad. Even if you are doing it.”

How did he find out they were sleeping together? she wondered. “Tyler,” she said sternly, “Your father and I are adults. And that part of our relationship is very personal, something that happens when two adults care very much about each other.”

Tyler looked embarrassed. “Yes ma’am,” he said.

She was relieved he didn’t make anymore out of it. “So Tyler, we need to decide what to do. And clearly none of us should make this decision alone. So, why don’t I go get your dad and the three of us can talk it out and come to an agreement about what to do?”

“Dad’s mad at me,” objected Tyler.

“I assure you, he isn’t. He’s only worried about you. Okay?”

Tyler nodded so Taysia got up to get Ryan.  In the words of Ryan – fuck, she thought as she walked into the kitchen.


Ryan had been pacing back and forth between the kitchen and dining room while Taysia was talking to Tyler. He couldn’t hear anything until Tyler yelled ‘No’ and his heart sank. He was losing not only his son, but Taysia too. How did he screw up his life so badly?

At last, Taysia stepped into the dining room making him jump.  She smiled weakly and nodded her head indicating for him to join them. His heart was in his throat as he walked behind her into the living room. Tyler hadn’t said a word to him after he said he was calling Dr. Fields.

Ryan was shocked to see that Tyler was no longer curled into himself. That was a huge relief. However, he didn’t look happy, just incredibly sad. Ryan was a jumble of nerves and had to work hard to keep his composure.

He sat down across from Taysia and his son. Thankfully, she took the lead. “So, here’s the deal,” said Taysia, the teacher, “Tyler is conflicted as to whether or not you and I should continue to have an adult relationship. Because he knows, if we do, I could lose my job.” She looked lovingly at Ryan before she continued. “But he is also concerned about me leaving the two of you.

Ryan caught his breath and looked at Taysia for the okay to speak. She nodded. He’d been thinking while they were talking.  “Tyler,” he said softly, as not to sound threatening, “there are few ways we can resolve this. All of them require someone to sacrifice. First, Dr. Fields and I continue to date in secret. You can’t tell anyone. But if we get caught, she could lose her job.”

“Second,” he continued, “Dr. Fields and I could break off our relationship and stop seeing each other. Her job is safe and she can continue to tutor you in the fall. We’ll do that for you Ty, if that’s what you want.  And the third and final option is that Dr. Fields and I date openly. But if we do, when school starts, you won’t be able to get the help you might need from Dr. Fields at school, and that feels unfair to you.”

“So, Tyler,” said Taysia with so much empathy it took his breath away. “You see from what your father said, the choice is extremely difficult, as each choice has consequences – for all of us. So, this has to be a joint decision.”  Taysia turned to Ryan with sadness in her eyes. Ryan knew, whichever scenario Tyler voted for, she would back him up. “Ryan, what choice do you want? And why?” she asked him.

Ryan wanted the ground to swallow him up.  How could he possibly answer that?  It had to be a choice that worked best for Tyler and he truly didn’t know which one did.  Finally, he looked at Taysia and then at his son.  “I think, the right choice might be … ” he stopped because he couldn’t make the words come out as tears formed in his eyes. He was going to hurt someone no matter what he said.

“Dad,” interrupted Tyler and looked at him with those big blue eyes, “It’s okay.  If I don’t ask for help next year, and just wait until I get home, then Dr. Fields can help me at home.  Can’t you Dr. Fields.  You said.  Then we can all be together and no one will be sad. And she won’t lose her job because of me.”

“Tyler,” interrupted Dr. Fields, “While your reasoning is sound, you wouldn’t get my help at school.  Don’t forget that…”

“I don’t care!” shouted Tyler.  “If you help me at home, it will be the same.  Then you can be with Dad and me and ya’ll can ba … kiss all you want.”

Ryan was shocked and quickly looked at Taysia.  Did she get what he almost said?  But she was looking at Tyler with love, not with shock, and she was smiling.  What did he miss in all of that?

“Tyler, you are the most adult of the three of us in this room,” she said to his 12 year-old son, “You made a most excellent choice.” Then she looked at Ryan who still had his mouth open in shock. “Ryan, do you agree with Tyler’s choice?” she asked him.

He looked between the two of them for a minute. Did his dream just come true? He could openly date this amazing woman that not only was able to reach his son, but guided him to a sound decision?  “Uh, yes. I do,” he said when he finally found his voice.

“Then so be it,” said Taysia.  “I think this calls for ice-cream. What do you think Tyler, you look hungry.”

“Does this mean you will be able to come over whenever you want now and can help me next year at home?” asked Tyler.

Taysia pulled his son into a bear hug.  “I will definitely help you with your work,” she said, “I won’t be here all the time, but I will be able to visit. If that’s okay with you and your father,” she said.

“YES!” exclaimed Tyler. “Can we go now? I want a hamburger first though.”

“Of course Ty,” said Ryan still in awe of what just happened.

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51 thoughts on “Chapter 4.09 – Decisions

    • Yes! Ryan just can’t seem to get past the moment. He is hotheaded which shows, but a hopeless romantic. And yes, Taysia offsets that really well. She is more mature and down to earth than Ryan ever was – even nearly 10 years his junior.

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  1. Man, it really amazes me how clueless Ryan still is about everything happening to him – I will agree with Louise!
    At least things seem like they’re on the right track, at least for now (although I hope they’ll be like this for good, I can’t really tell with you Audrey 😈😂😂 – here’s hoping!)
    I can’t wait for more!! ❤ ❤

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    • Ryan continues to have his head buried in the sand about everything except what he wants in the moment. Maybe Taysia will force him to open his eyes and see beyond today.

      Things do seem to be at least on the right track. And I agree, I hope they stay that way. At least we ended on a positive note with everyone’s favorite ice cream! More is definitely on the way! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Omg…was Ty going to say “bang”? Lol

    Maribel is such a loser. How could she not dote on her precious son? I can only hope mean and horrible things happen to her. 🤬🤬🤬

    Otoh, Samantha seems really sweet, excited to see her brother and allowing fans selfies. That’s good!

    And so they talked it out and Ty is really happy about his dads relationship! They look like a cute fam that’s missing one thing…

    A baby brother or sister! 😝😝😝

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    • Ty was going to say that. So glad he didn’t. Little smart mouth. He comes by it honestly. 😂😂😂

      Maribel is terrible. She kissed him and said hi and then it was all about Sam. He was so hurt. If she would’ve paid any attention to him it would’ve done wonders for his emotional health.

      And yes, at least Samantha was being nice. But then almost all of the attention was on her. She was right where she expects to be. Not saying she isn’t nice. I do think she does miss her father though, but she’s so busy she doesn’t really have time to dwell on what’s missing from her life.

      Ty wanted them to be together. Yes. He was just upset they lied to him about it. It’s been about a year since the divorce and they’ve been seeing each other a good 6 months at least.

      Ohhh. We need another cousin thrown into this mix! Hmmm. 🤔. You think Ryan deserves a chance to get it right!

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  3. Poor Tyler! What a terrible mother Maribel is 😭 Taysia would be a wonderful stepmother HINT-HINT RYAN…

    I’m glad they were able to find some resolution here (and hopefully it lasts!) Tyler needs stability so badly and hopefully his dad and Taysia being together will ultimately lead to that!

    I love how Taysia compliments Ryan’s personality. She evens him out and helps him see reason! And he needs that hehe They’re so cute together and I really selfishly wanna see them have a baby 😂

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    • Ryan is definitely listening to your hints…. nothing would make him happier. 🥰. But we shall see.

      Tyler wanted this and was upset he were seeing each other secretly and lied to him about it. But once they talked it out he would have probably said anything for it to happen.

      Taysia is sooo good for Ryan. She calms him down and makes him see reason for sure. And he probably gives her some spice to her otherwise lonely life that she’s led so far.

      I would suspect that Ryan would be up for anything she wants as long as she doesn’t leave him. And can you imagine how cute a Taysia/Ryan babe would be! 🥰

      Sadly just because she agreed to see him publicly doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing from here out.

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  4. Somehow, I don’t think that this is the end of it all. Everything can’t be resolved this easily.
    Poor Tyler, he has a lot on his plate for someone so young. At least they are not burdening him with a secret relationship.

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    • It was resolved a bit too easily! Lol. And yes, Tyler is fragile and wants to feel loved and most certainly Taysia makes him feel important. She is amazing with him. Ryan fusses at him and she talks to him. Big difference. And yes. Happy no secrets. Not a great example.

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  5. I feel compassionate for Ryan. For someone who probably never saw himself with a kid, let alone a full family, and then a divorce, he is doing okayish.
    Sometimes people need balance in their lives and sometimes, that can only come from another person, at least until they found their even keel themselves. Taysia seems to be that person, but I agree, that was all too simple. Your story never goes like that. Something is coming.
    And I am glad you didn’t depict Ty as some silly little boy. He is pretty sharp and kids that age definitely know a lot more about “stuff” than most adults probably would want them too, even if maybe (hopefully!) not first hand. 😉 Calling them out like that sounded spot on to me.

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    • Ryan’s life definitely didn’t go as he envisioned. He is trying. But I think Taysia came along when he needed something solid and stable. Just like Tyler, he needs her. They both do and I think, she needs them too. She wants a family and someone to take care of. And when you’re confronted with a charming handsome man with a son you already have bonded with, well….the attraction between them took off. I agree that she balances Ryan out very well.

      I know everyone is like yeah, uh no. Not that easy! 😂😂😂. Poor Ryan. I hope its not super bad. He probably thinks she’ll just move in with them… that’s not going to happen. Poor guy.

      I’m glad you feel Tyler’s response was appropriate- he’s almost 13 so he is aware of sex. I don’t see him as having first hand experience. Not yet anyway. I’m sure they know way more than most adults want them to know. Especially these days when it’s everywhere.

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      • Moving in with them right away would put Ryan out of the frying pan and into the fire. No. They need to take it slow, they are not 20 anymore (well, at least to Ryan it’s but a fond memory at this point, I know she is much younger).
        I forsee a jealous ex on the horizon trying to trouble Taysia and Ryan.
        And I also predict an unexpected pregnancy at some point down the road, leading them to an impass.

        And Tyler in his teen hormonal rollercoaster is going to just commit mental suicide and go bonkers, getting in trouble, which will cause more issues for Ryan.

        I’ll put the crystal ball to rest now.

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        • Unexpected pregnancy? Is it possible that besides being very unprofessional, Dr. Fields could also be very irresponsible? Can’t be!
          On the other hand, the pregnancy between these two would probably be the least surprising thing. At least from readers’ perspective.

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          • I don’t see any surprise pregnancies coming from her. She behaved unprofessionally for sure, no doubt. And she’s fully aware of it. Not so sure about Murdick Jr. He’s happy as long as they can sneak around. I’m sure it’s on reader’s minds because isn’t that how it usually goes in these stories?


  6. Must agree with Tyler. Adults are stupid. Please, don’t ever grow up, boy. Daddy’s like a horny teenager who can’t keep his hands off his son’s principal. He threw caution in the wind and risked that Tyler would see them do more than just kissing on the sofa.
    And as if it wasn’t enough daddy jumps at any excuse to call Dr. Fields to their house again instead of seeking a REAL professional for his son. We may be looking at another child whose life is ruined by Murdick parenting.
    I think Tyler should go and rat on his principal or at least get something out of this. “I want that new Star Wars action figure of Kylo Ren, Dr. Fields, or I’ll have a word with your colleagues…” 😈

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    • Lol. Tyler is the most adult of them all! Ryan is indeed acting like a horny teenager instead of seeking professional help for his son. I hope Tyler can overcome the Murdick parenting. At least Dr. Fields knows Tyler likely needs counseling. Maybe he’ll get some cool stuff out of it too? Who knows. Hah.


  7. I am impressed (and surprised) that Dr. Fields also has a degree and has worked as a special education teacher. What handicap has she worked with? There are a very few special education teachers that do pure diagonosing and recommendation. They get students and test them and recommend treatment/education plans in a 2 to 3 months time before are put back into the system with the new program designed to educate them. My mom was a special education aide for one such teacher at Lokranz in California. Also why on earth did Dr Fields leave special education to go into administration at a regular school?
    Why not administration in a special education school? There is a big difference in $$, not
    to mention the impact you make on your students, community, and school. (But that may be prejudice on my part)
    Also Dr Fields is a principal not a teacher, I am very very surprised they allow Principal to teach, counsel, on an ongoing basis to students. I agree that teachers should not date parents of their students. Principals should not date the teachers, employees in their school as a direct conflict of interest. There is not that kind conflict with dating a parent
    of a child in their school.
    I have enjoyed this well crafted chapter. From listening to Ryan as well as Tylers POV. I think that Maribel was ignoring Tyler’s rude behavior and focusing on Sam more because giving negative attention to bad behavior is like feeding the behavior. One parenting approach especially for the non custodial parent. I am also surprised Ryan waited so long
    to speak to Tyler about it. Best way to nip it in the bud is to handle it right away.
    Anyway thanks for the chapter and the insightful and sensitive way you laid it out.

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    • Ha! Your mom sounds like an amazing person. I will always have a special place in my heart for anyone that works in special ed. My sister in law did for a long time and she finally had to make a change to regular children. The emotional toll is real and huge. Especially when you try so hard and the parents don’t support you. My husband was a substitute aide for a while for special ed kids.

      As for my imaginary Dr. Fields, I think she became very driven and was given an opportunity and took it. I expect she and Tyler bonded and she is helping him outside her normal responsibilities.

      Maribel was totally ignoring his behavior and letting Ryan deal with it. Ryan was in a bit of denial too I think. The last thing he ever expected was to find himself divorced with two kids and raising one of them pretty much on his own.

      Hopefully this will work out for them in the long run.


      • I can atest to the emotional toll working with what we called, Developmentally Challenged, except mine were full grown adults, which can be difficult in a whole new way. It’s a more balancing act, cause you have to treat them like adults, and let them make their own decisions, but due to their unique needs, that is difficult, so you basically have to guide them without being Authoritative, which is very very difficult and takes a very special type of temperament, which I unfortunately don’t have. I almost had a nervous break down, the stress of the job got too me so bad, a few months later I started writing simlits lol

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    • I have to agree.
      This whole story with Dr. Fields would convince me more if she would be a counselor/special ed teacher, not the principal.
      There is no conflict because of the dating. And there is no real reason why she should take care personally of a child. (Unless she knew about Ryan and to get to date him was her whole intention 😏😏)

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  8. It’s so hard to have a sibling that overshadows you, especially when you have a parent who only cares about that sibling. It’s a huge knock to your self esteem for sure. Poor Tyler. I’m wary of this new arrangement – it feels like it could all go wrong! And of course Tyler has his potty mouth… Did he learn that from playing online games I wonder :p

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  9. Hummmm. As others have stated,everything seems good.

    *Too* good.

    I mean, I love that Dr.Fields was able to user her many knowledges into action, and menaged to approach Tyler in a good manner. It certainly helps the fact that she has a degree in education, she *literally* studied how to speak to a child about certain things. lol. Ryan really scored with her. I mean, as others have said, the dude really isn’t much able to fix his own mistakes lol.

    I think they’ll have some good balance between then. Ryan is *too* passionate, and in many moments he just lets his feelings do the choices, while Dr.Fields is a somewhat very analytical and logical person, projecting and ticking about the future, making the choices based on that. Hopefully they’ll be able to give each other some balance, keeping in touch with your emotions, but still making racional decisions.

    Rolling a bit back, ugh, poor Tyler. Must have been exhausting for him to only hear about Sam the whole trip. A real punch in the self-esteem. Maybe Sam should be the one doing the visiting the next time around. I mean, I doubt Bel would even consider going back, and both Tyler and Ryan are 90% just going to Del Sol Valley to see Sam, so, if she where to come to newcrest, they wouldn’t have to deal with Bel.(Also, it’s a good sign he likes his sister, I thought he was somewhat indiferent to her.)

    I wonder how things will go from now on, now that Tyler know’s what’s up. He’ll most likely get really close to Dr.Fields, having her as the mother figure his own mother didn’t fill in. I don’t think she and Ryan will break up in a nearby future, but, oh boy, if they do, this is going to be just the kind of mess that Dr.Fields was trying to avoid. How to tell Tyler that the woman her grew to love isn’t going to be around anymore? I’d bet we be looking into some *Ben* level stuff, AKA running away.

    Ryan should really just join some single dad’s group or buy a ”parenting 101” I mean, henow has the help of Dr.Fields, but I swear, it just looks like he’s paralysed in this moments of tension, when he should be doing *something*.

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    • Too good to work – right! Ryan needs her. They balance each other out really well.

      Tyler definitely took a blow. It was hard for him. Makes him a bit bitter I would think. Funny you mention just Sam coming to Newcrest! That actually comes up soon. As far as liking Sam, absence makes the heart grow fonder – but she grown up a little too and was nicer to him than when they saw each other all the time. So yes, he thinks she’s okay.

      He will likely begin to see her as a mother. And you’re right, baring something really awful, I don’t see them breaking up. Tyler would go Ben on them if they did. Not sure who he would run to though. Poor guy.

      Ryan does need a parenting 101 class. He didn’t learn from his Dad. Lol. Ryan does freak out and acts on emotion rather than calmly thinking things through. Shew.

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  10. I have been soooo busy I had to do some catching up. Is it me or do the Murdock Men (as well as some of the women) seem to just get deeper and deeper into trouble. I hope things work out with Ryan and Taysia, they have a good balance and their differences seem to compliment one another. But getting involved with teachers/principles or a teacher getting involved with a parent, can and I am sure will lead to complications…let’s hope Tyler won’t be the one to suffer for the adults lapse in judgement.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Murdocks just can’t seem to get it right the first time. Maybe the third time’s the charm for Ryan and he and Taysia can make it work while she keeps him from being so Murdicky….

      Tyler will definitely want her to be around – so Ryan better do what she says.


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  12. If things go bad, poor Tyler. He’ll feel responsible since his mom, his sister, and then his dad’s girlfriend would all be gone. He’ll feel like he’s being abandoned by everybody. He’ll turn out like my dad. Don’t let him turn out like my dad. Loved that man, but…don’t let that happen to sweet Tyler.

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  14. This is so heartbreakingly told that I got tears in my eyes when I saw Tyler 😢

    I must admit that I have not read all the generations. I decided to start with Gen four, so there may be a lot I do not understand in depth.
    There is really a lot to catch up on and I have to take it in smaller chunks if I am ever to catch up on the story where it is today. I hope you do not take it badly. It’s not meant badly … on the contrary, I’m impressed with how sensitive and detailed you write your family chronicle.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Thank you for your kind words. I think you would enjoy the rest of the gens. But I can understand how overwhelming it might seem. Maybe when you get caught up you can go back. And if you don’t, that’s okay too.❤️ And Taysia is amazing! I love her. She is exactly what Tyler and Ryan both needed.

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  16. Ugh.. Maribel is so superficial D: It sucks to be in Ryan or Tyler’s shoes. I’m concerned for Sam. She’s at her most impressionable years and living with Maribel and in an environment that prioritises image and reputation.

    I love how Taysia and Ryan handled ‘the talk’ with Ryan. I like that they explained each consequence to Tyler and let him make the choice. I also like how level-headed Tyler is despite how confused, embarrassed, and betrayed he felt.

    Imo they’ve made the best decision. The second choice would’ve made everyone miserable. The first choice is professional suicide. 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes. Thank you Taysia for being level headed and including Tyler in their decision. It was what he needed in spite of it being weird.

      Sam has always done whatever her mother said. And she always got trophy’s and kudos. Why wouldn’t she continue to follow her mom.

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