Chapter 2.01 – Genetics

04-11-18_7-21-13 PM.pngBen tucked in his little girl and thought about how different she was than Cole. He had been a quiet and sweet little boy at her age.  Amelia, on the other hand, had earned the nickname Princess Ami.  She was a very demanding little girl. He was glad she was his second child because now he had Sofia to help with her. Still, he couldn’t love the little girl more, occasional temper tantrum and all.

04-11-18_7-33-37 PM.pngThen he peeked in on Cole and he was busy with his homework. Cole had turned out to be a self-motivated and sweet kid who loved his animals. He wished everything could stay just like this forever.  However, Sofia’s need to talk meant things might change. While he was checking on his kids, he tried to mentally prepare himself for whatever it was that she needed to talk about.

04-11-18_7-41-29 PM.pngHe walked back into the living room and sat down next to Sofia. He decided to just put it out there. “Sofia, if your pregnant again, I will deal with it.”

04-11-18_7-42-22 PMSofia laughed. “Oh. No baby. I’m not,” she said between chuckles. The she frowned, “Are you sad? Did you want another baby?”

04-11-18_7-40-50 PM.png“Uh – Princess Ami?” came out of his mouth before he could stop it.  Damn. Wrong answer. Ben knew there was no winning in this discussion and just started rambling. “No, I mean…I would… if that’s what you want. I told you that already. It’s just, our family feels complete. I have a son and a daughter. Plus, with Cole’s zoo, I don’t think there is room in this house for more kids. But if you want…we can….”

“Ben. Stop,” said Sofia giving him a soft smile. “It’s okay. If I found myself pregnant again, I would be happy, but that’s not what this is about. But it does have to do with being a mother.”

“You want to adopt?”

04-11-18_7-49-55 PMSofia gave him an exasperated look. “Ben stop trying to guess and let me talk. This is hard enough. And ironically, adoption is what I was thinking about. You see, you just said it. Your family is complete. You have a son and a daughter. I have a daughter. I want to have a son too.”

Ben was confused. “But you do. Cole considers you his mother. He even calls you Mom.”

04-11-18_7-49-05 PM“That’s just it. I am his Stepmother, not his mother. I want to be his mother, in all ways. I couldn’t do it before.  Even though I think Lillie May would have given her us her blessing…” Sofia paused and took a deep breath and continued, her voice thick with emotion. “It would have felt like I was taking the last of her family from her and I couldn’t do that. But now that she’s gone…. it’s only you that I have to ask. How do you feel about me adopting Cole?”

She totally caught him by surprise.  And, damn, this was harder than her being pregnant in some ways. He didn’t know how he felt. He was surprised he had to think about it.

04-11-18_7-58-34 PMSofia’s eyes sparkled with unshed tears at his silence. “I understand if you say no,” she said softly. “It probably feels like you are dishonoring Grace. But you know how much I love that little boy.” Sofia sniffed back her tears and smiled. “Well, not so little anymore. He knows I’m not his birth mother, and as he gets older, I just want him to know that it doesn’t matter to me. In my heart, he is already as much my child as Amelia, but if I adopted him, they can truly be brother and sister. And I can truly be his mother.”

04-11-18_8-25-04 PMAs he listened to what Sofia was saying, he knew it would be the right thing to do for Cole. He was certainly old enough to understand. He was no stranger to the bird and bees. Ben had ‘the talk’ with him when he started seeing animals procreate just a year ago.

Then he remembered how sad Cole had been when his great grandmother died. He asked him why people had to die, no doubt thinking about his real mother.


Ben reflected on his own childhood, being in a blended, chaotic family, never feeling a part of it. He never wanted Cole to feel like he didn’t truly belong like he had. Sofia was right. In a way, it did feel like dishonoring Grace, but the way his wife put it made it okay. It was right thing to do for his son. And therein is exactly the issue, he thought. Cole was his son. Not their son. This would make him theirs in all ways. As he thought about what Grace would have wanted, he knew she would want this. She loved their son fiercely and she would have wanted Cole to have two loving parents. Not that he didn’t have that already, but making it official was right. He had his decision.

04-11-18_7-41-46 PM.pngHe took a breath and looked into Sofia’s chocolate eyes, still twinkling with tears. She had her bottom lip firmly pulled between her teeth waiting for his answer. “Pia, sweetheart,” he said, choking back his own tears now, “We can start the process as soon as you want. I want you to adopt Cole and make him yours. No, make him ours.”

04-11-18_8-29-27 PM.pngThe floodgates opened and the tears fell as Sofia hugged Ben tightly. “Thank you. Can we do it on his 11th birthday, if that’s okay with you.”

How did I get so lucky? he thought as he pulled her into his lap. “Every time I think there is no way I could love you more, you do something like this and I do.”

04-11-18_8-50-31 PM.png“I love you too,” said Sofia rubbing her hands across the stubble on his cheek.

04-11-18_8-54-42 PM.pngBen kissed her and their kiss quickly turned passionate. Ben could never get enough of Sofia.

04-11-18_9-04-25 PM“Mom! Dad! Gross!” said Cole making a face.

04-11-18_9-29-29 PM.pngDamn! thought Ben as he and Sofia reluctantly broke their kiss. When Sofia made a move to get out of his lap, he held her there and whispered in her ear, “Tiramisu.” She let out a little giggle and shushed him.

Ben turned his attention to Cole. “Hey, whatcha need sport?” he asked.

“I wanted to see if I could watch TV for a little while before bed. There’s a show about training animals I want to watch.”

“Not tonight,” replied Ben, “We can record it and you can watch it tomorrow.”

04-11-18_9-33-18 PM“Okay,” said Cole frowning.

“Get to bed,” instructed Sofia, “I’ll be in in a minute to tuck you in.”

As soon as he turned and went up the stairs, Ben began to nuzzle Sofia’s neck, “Now, where were we?”

Sofia giggled, “That tickles,”

04-11-18_9-57-50 PM.png“Damn I’m losing my touch. That was supposed to turn you on.”

04-11-18_10-02-13 PM.pngSofia kissed him deeply before replying. “You are, you sexy hunk of man. But OUR son needs his mother to tuck him in. Meet you in the bedroom in 10 minutes for that tiramisu?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

04-11-18_10-11-09 PM.pngSofia kissed Cole on the cheek. “Goodnight. I love you. Sleep tight.”

“I love you too,” said Cole automatically.

04-11-18_10-14-30 PMAs she turned and started to leave, he sat up and called out to her. “Mom. You don’t have to tuck me in. I’m not a little kid anymore.”

She turned around and he was looking up at her with his father’s blue eyes, or were they his mother’s? It was hard to tell. Regardless, it warmed her heart.  “But I like doing it?” she said, more as a question hoping for permission to continue. He was right, he wasn’t a baby anymore. He was growing up so fast, no longer the innocent little boy that had wanted to marry her. Two more years and he would be a teenager.

“Ummm. Mom?” asked Cole frowning, now sitting on the edge of his bed.

Evidently he had some things on his mind so Sofia sat down with him.  “What is it sweetie?“

04-11-18_10-40-36 PM.png“Are you and Daddy going to make another baby?”

Whoa. Where did that come from? She hoped he hadn’t been eavesdropping. Then she thought about the kittens. Maybe that was why he was asking. Sofia had to bite back her smile. “Do you want another brother or sister?”

“You and Daddy are always kissing. I thought you were going to make a baby,” said Cole wiping his face so tears wouldn’t fall.

04-11-18_10-52-50 PM.pngSofia smiled softly. He was obviously upset. “No sweetheart. We just love each other very much. When you love someone, you want to be close to them and kissing is one way to be close. Making a baby is very special way to show someone that you love them too.”

04-11-18_10-47-02 PM.png“Then why aren’t you going to make another baby with Daddy?”

“We have you and Amelia. We don’t need any more children.”

“But you and Daddy didn’t make me….did Daddy love my real mother?”

04-11-18_10-37-39 PM.pngSofia took a deep breath. Where is this going? “Of course he did. And she loved you too, and Daddy, very much. Now, why don’t you lay back down and get some sleep?” She hoped that would put an end to the discussion.  She wasn’t comfortable talking about his feelings for his mother without Ben there. 

Cole laid back on the bed. “I wish you and Daddy made me. Then I would have your genes. And my real mother wouldn’t have died. I hope she is in Heaven with Miss Lillie.”

04-11-18_10-59-32 PM.pngHer genes? thought Sofia. In Heaven? He could have only have gotten this from Doc. Her heart went out to him. Still, she wondered what suddenly brought all of this up. She reached down and gently brushed the hair off his forehead. “Oh, Cole, of course she is.  And you know, I love you the same as if we did, right?”

“Yeah. I guess,” he said and pulled the covers over himself, effectively ending the discussion. “Night Mom.”

04-11-18_11-11-55 PM.png“Night sweetheart,” she said and turned to leave for the second time. She jumped when she saw Ben standing in the doorway.

They walked out together and Sofia softly closed the door behind them. “How long were you standing there?” she whispered.

04-11-18_11-15-07 PM.png “Long enough,” he said as they walked towards their bedroom. “You are so good at answering those questions. How fitting that he should be questioning his parentage at the same time you want to adopt him. You are so intuitive when it comes to what our children need.”

04-11-18_11-21-56 PMThey sat on the edge of their bed, continuing the conversation. “I honestly had no idea he was even thinking about that,” said Sofia, “Maybe the kittens made him think. He’s almost eleven. He is more in tune with biology and sex than most other kids his age, no doubt courtesy of Doc Lewis, and well, probably Noah. It’s no wonder he is starting to ask questions. And, we are openly affectionate, which is a good thing.” Sofia laughed softly, “I used to think kissing made you pregnant…so…”

04-11-18_11-24-33 PM.pngBen started laughing. “God, you were a nerd!” His smile left his face. “But you were so right about Cole. You should adopt him. It would make him feel more secure of his place in our family.”

Ben didn’t say anything and had a faraway look in his eye. Sofia wondered if he was thinking back to when he was 10-years-old. His childhood had been so different from what Cole has experienced. Her heart went out to the broken little boy that Ben had been. She reached up and caressed his face much like she had just done with Cole to erase his frown.

04-11-18_11-22-30 PMAs he looked at her, a smirk replaced his frown and she couldn’t help her own grin in anticipation. “Now, Nerd,” he said seductively, “I want to show you how babies are really made.”

“Hey,” she said feigning hurt feelings, “you forgot Hot and Sexy.”

04-11-18_11-44-10 PM.pngBen pulled her into his lap. “Always. Hot. And. Sexy,” he said, punctuating each word with a kiss.

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 2.01 – Genetics

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  2. Aww, I’m so happy!
    Adoption will make their family even more complete for Sofia. She loves Cole so much and so does he. It’s amazing to watch! And Ben… He is so happy and in love. Too bad he couldn’t have it with Grace, but I bet that his life with her wouldn’t have been worse had she not died. They, too, loved each other very much.
    Miss Lillie died? NO! I know she was old, but I loved this lady so much and I am so sad having to say goodbye to her character. Practically the last connection to Grace Ben had since her parents died.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I sort of skimmed over Miss Lillie dying because I couldn’t write it. It was so hard to write about Grace. I cried so much every time I had to write about her death. I couldn’t go through it again with Lillie May. Doesn’t mean I didn’t love her too though! In story time it has been about a year so while it’s not fresh, Cole definitely understood and had a connection to her.

      And yes. Adoption will round out their family very nicely. 🙂 They may need that closer bond as Cole grows up.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Adoption is the best way to go! But, at least for me, this subject surrouding Cole“s mother is not going to die so soon…he could think that his mother love“s Amelia more because she is biologicly his daugther…I have to say, that the situation that they are in could end up being nothing, or something that could affect Cole, such as, no matter how much Pia says she loves him, he will continue to think she does not.( or at least ahs much as she love“s amelia, that is…)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, this could follow him, or not. I hope the adoption does what she wants and shows him that for all intents and purposes she is truly his mother. We will see how it goes in a couple of chapters. Amelia is sucking up their attention because she is clingy and constantly wants their attention now that she’s older. So that’s what he’s feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This chapter made me happy because I think it’s natural that both Pia and Cole feel this way. One thing I’m really glad about is that Cole feels he can talk to Pia about how he’s feeling and what’s going on. That says a lot right there. I’m also glad Ben could reason out that this is something Grace would want if she had a say. Adoption does seem the best way to go.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ben has grown leaps and bounds to be able to listen and think about what Pia said without getting defensive. I think she would have adopted Cole as soon as they married but she instinctively knew Ben would have a hard time with it so she held back. She has been in his life since Cole was two so he really does love her like she was his mother. She is all he has ever really known.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Excellent chapter….I love how Ben and Sofia are still in love after what, at least eight years of marriage? I think the adoption is a good idea, but I am with others who said even with adoption I don’t think this is just going to go away, I think there will always be that insecurity even if it is sub conscious. I do think Cole knows he’s loved, but there is something in him that might feel that love is not unconditional at least with Sofia. Ben was fantastic in the way he handled it, I loved ow he stammered, not knowing exactly what to say when he thought Sofia was pregnant again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, they have been married now about 7 years. And still very much in love. Cole has been an easy button up to now. Amelia is suddenly demanding attention from both parents and easily getting it because Cole never did demand that from them. Even now he is independent. But he is beginning to feel the lack of attention. Even though he didn’t demand attention, it was lavished on him so he’s bound to feel it. Plus, the kids are teasing him about the park and with him close to puberty, well those things get all weird in your head. Fortunately, he’s not insecure to the point that Ben was so I hope the adoption helps allay some of those fears. But we shall see.


      • I didn’t think about the park, he is an independent young man for sure, the Cole Amelia Dynamic reminds me of me and my sister a bit, she was a very demanding child where I was quiet and independent, give me some cars or actions figures I went off by myself, she had to be entertained, The only difference is because of my illness as a child I got a lot of attention and my Sis got sort of left out in the cold…so to speak. Thankfully we both overcame those things….I hope Cole can overcome his own doubts…..I think Cole’s biggest challenge is his over optimism and insecurities, especially as he hits is teen years.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Interesting you picked up on his over optimism! He has high hopes for everything and some nagging insecurities that will definitely shape his teen and adult life.

          I am glad you and your sister both were able to overcome the differences in the way you were raised. So many things can affect sibling relationships to where they might be very close or become jealous and hateful towards each other. Or just distant.


  6. Awww this chapter was so happy and sweet! ❤ I'm so glad Sofia is going to adopt Col, I think they both need it! And speaking of Cole – he is a curious little fella for sure, lol!
    And it was sooo nice to see Ben and Sofia still so in love! ❤ They're one of my favorite couples 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am glad you love Ben and Sofia! They are so good together and have brought ou the best in each other. Sofia has become a very strong and confident woman with Ben’s help and he has learned to be vulnerable, how to give love and mostly how to receive love.

      I do think both Cole and Sofia need for her to adopt him. It means so much to her and hopefully it will mean a lot to him to too. ❤️

      Two more child chapters and then teenage years hit! Hold on….

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ben and Sofia have paid their dues to be happy. ❤️ It’s Cole that I worry about! 😊 He’s getting to that age where he is beginning to question things and think for himself. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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  8. Ahh this was so sweet! I love seeing how much Sofia loves Cole ❤️ And now they can make their family official! This one was so emotional and well written. And Sofia and Ben are still so sweet together! I love that they still call sex tiramisu 😂❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Adoption. It is a wonderful way a step parent can actually be a parent of a child when one of the childs parents are dead.
    sex education starts way before chilldren ask questions. It could be called special holding time for very young kids to relate to.
    Cole trusts his stepmother. And their relationship is that he feels he can ask/tell her anything. It is good that it is established before the teen years as there is a pulling away stage that messes it up.
    Thanks for the story so far, Am continueing reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole’s story is very different from Ben’s for sure. All he sees is a very loving and stable relationship in his family. Although Ben and Sofia are very co-dependent on each other.


  10. ” In my heart, he is already as much my child as Amelia, but if I adopted him, they can truly be brother and sister. And I can truly be his mother.”
    They have the same father, so they ARE brother and sister even if just half-siblings, but I get what she’s saying. I like that she wants to adopt him, but she needs to make sure she explains it well to Cole. She may become his legal mother, but she can’t leave out Grace. Her strong wording makes me nervous lol.

    I love this whole tiramisu metaphor. I have a feeling it’s going to be around forever lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. They are such a lovely family! It was very heartwarming to read about Sophia’s desire to adopt Cole. I can understand her desire to make it “official”, just to have that little bit of personal closure, I think. From what I’m getting in the context of the story so far, I assume Cole’s mother passed on when he was relatively young? I’m sure he will still be dealing with that throughout the course of his life. I wonder if they do end up having more kids in the future? Also, was surprised and excited to see some of my poses in your pictures, haha, very cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my! I didn’t know they were your poses! Thank you sooooo much for making them! I have since learned to pose, but am still a bit of a novice and depend so much on talented creators! ❤️❤️❤️

      Cole’s mother died when he was only a week old so it had a profound effect on Ben, but not so much on Cole other then Ben dedicated the park to her. He totally thinks of Sofia as his mother.

      Liked by 1 person

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