Chapter 2.20 – Mia

memCole and Dannie had met for coffee a few times the past couple of weeks. They spent most of their time together talking about their ‘jobs’.  True to her word, she had been working on an outline for a book and would pull it up on her tablet to get his opinion.  He would sometimes tell her about some of the funnier cat and dog incidents.  He had almost forgotten about the pictures.  Plus, Laney had finally stopped calling him.

05-26-18_1-55-51 PM.pngCole was getting ready to leave for another full day at work when he received a text. He hoped it was from Dannie. His shoulders fell when he saw the name.



05-25-18_10-22-44 PM.pngCole got off a few minutes early and went to the coffee shop. He sat there sipping his coffee waiting for Mia. It seemed weird to be there without Dannie. He realized he missed her company. They had a lot of fun together.

05-25-18_10-21-26 PMHe heard the quiet ding of the door opening and looked up. Mia. He took a deep breath bracing himself. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know about the pictures anymore. Not knowing was easier than knowing, because he was afraid it was Dannie.

05-25-18_10-36-01 PM“Hi Cole,” said Mia as she sat down across from him.

“Hey,” was all he could muster in reply. He really wasn’t looking forward to this.

05-25-18_10-33-41 PM“Why the sad face. I thought you wanted to know who gave you the pictures,” she said, her feelings obviously hurt.

“I guess so,” he said, “What did you find out?”

05-25-18_10-39-38 PMShe perked up. “Well, I asked Jack if he had seen anyone taking pictures. He said he had some pictures he had taken, and that maybe we could see who did it in his pictures. I had some too. I never even thought to look at them. But, well, when I did, it seems pretty clear who took the pictures. Here look.”

picShe handed him her phone and he flipped through a few pictures. He saw Dannie standing on the edge of the dance floor obviously watching the couples dancing. She had a phone in her hand. In another it looked like she had been holding it up to take a picture.


He was sick. “It was Dannie? She took the pictures? Then put them on my locker?” he mumbled.

Mia reached out and put her hand on his arm. “Yes. I’m really sorry Cole. I know you like her,” she said sympathetically.

Cole could feel the coffee he had been drinking begin to churn in his stomach.

05-25-18_11-04-44 PM“No, we were just friends is all…” he said on a sigh.

05-25-18_11-07-41 PM“Is there anything I can do? Maybe we can go hang out at the clubhouse or something. Play some video games. It will help take your mind off everything,” suggested Mia.

Cole needed to get some air. What was wrong with him? Was he that bad of a judge of character? Everyone he seemed to care about wound up hurting him. He started to get up and forgot that Mia was sitting there waiting on an answer, but he also forgot what the question was.

“I’m sorry Mia. What did you say?” he asked.

05-25-18_11-06-42 PM“Are you okay? I thought you two barely knew each other.”

05-25-18_11-04-04 PM“Evidently so. I just can’t believe she used me like that. I need some air.”  His mind was racing. Dannie had set him up so that he would break up with Laney as some sort of sick revenge. Was hanging out with him also part of that revenge? Was she enjoying making Ryker see who she was spending time with?

05-25-18_11-17-24 PM.png“I’ll go with you,” she said standing up, “because you don’t look so good.”

“No…that’s okay,” he said. He really wanted to be alone.

“I insist. Come on. I’ll walk you to your truck.”

05-25-18_11-19-41 PMHe couldn’t say no. She had been worried about him and found out who took the pictures for him. He sighed. “Okay,” he said robotically, “Let’s go.”

05-26-18_12-30-25 PM.pngMia put her hand on his arm and led him out of the coffee shop. He immediately felt better once he got outside.

“Cole, I’m sorry I upset you. I didn’t mean to. I thought it would make you feel better to know who did it. Now it makes me wonder why they broke up in the first place. Maybe she just wants to get back at him.”

05-26-18_12-54-30 PM.png“It’s okay. I just thought it would have been Nicky or Kolby, you know, just trying to watch out for me. I never thought…”

05-26-18_12-57-30 PM.png“Yes. She comes across as ‘miss sweet and innocent’. Now we know her true colors.”

“I still can’t believe it,” said Cole.

“Well, better to find out now, than after you get involved and get another broken heart. I know about those too,” said Mia sadly.

05-26-18_12-59-33 PM“Oh yeah. Berto. I’m sorry. Aren’t you with Jack now?”

“No…we are strictly friends,” she said and looked pointedly at Cole, “he’s not my type.”

Cole laughed in spite of himself, Berto and Jack were polar opposites. “And Berto is?”

“Berto was fun, I thought we had something. But I got to know you and Noah through him, so that was a bonus.”

05-26-18_1-01-39 PM.png“Well, thanks for being a friend. Here’s my truck. I gotta go.”

“You never answered my question Cole,” said Mia.

05-26-18_1-13-14 PM.png“I’m sorry. What question was that?”

05-26-18_1-37-59 PM.png“Do you want to hang out at the clubhouse – play foosball or video games to take your mind off things.”

05-26-18_1-37-22 PM.png“Oh. Not tonight. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very good company. Another time – maybe?”

Mia pouted and then hugged him. “Okay. Another time. I’ll call you. Take care of yourself – and your heart.”

05-26-18_1-42-00 PM.pngCole watched her walk off. Maybe he had been wrong about her too.


05-26-18_2-19-52 PM.pngCole lay down on his bed to think. He didn’t know if he could forgive Dannie for setting him up. Why didn’t she just come and tell him? The reason he plowed into her that day in the hall was because she was probably standing around the corner watching as the carnage began.

Fuck. He needed to get out of the house. He picked up the phone and called Noah.

05-26-18_2-36-51 PM.png“Hey man, I need to get out for a while. You gonna be home?”

“Sure. I’m just got home a bit ago. I need to shower and change. Your old man works me hard.”

“I think it’s the contractor, not my dad!  See you in a minute.”

05-26-18_2-58-56 PM.pngCole changed out of his scrubs and ran down the stairs.  He called out to his mom. “I’m going to Noah’s for awhile. See you later.”

“Hey Cole. Wait!” she yelled back.

05-26-18_3-00-54 PMHe stopped and turned to see what his mom wanted.  “We are going to go bowling for Ami’s birthday.  It’s in three weeks.  Don’t make plans because you are going. Why don’t you ask Dannie to go with you? That should be fun. Huh?”

05-26-18_3-05-34 PM.pngDamn…he would have two hours ago. Now he didn’t know what to say.  “Maybe. Bye.”


05-26-18_3-23-16 PM.pngNoah handed Cole a beer and they went outside.  “How’s the job?” asked Cole.

05-26-18_3-26-08 PM.png“It’s good, but a lot of hard work. I really like it though. I’m getting along with the guys really well and learning a helleva lot about building houses. But I come home and crash.”

“Look at that six pack. I can tell you are working hard.  I’m going to have to hit the weights again. I stopped after Laney and I broke up.”

05-26-18_3-24-44 PM.png“Yeah, you don’t wanna get soft. Chicks like hard bodies,” he said and flexed his chest muscles.

Cole started laughing. “Spare me, please.”

“How’s it going with Dannie? Still just friends?”

05-26-18_4-06-28 PM.pngCole’s face fell. “I talked to Mia today. She said Dannie was the one that put the pictures of Laney and Ryker on my locker.”

05-26-18_3-28-11 PM.png“No shit? And Mia knows this why?”

“Because I asked her if she knew. She always seems to know what everyone is doing.”

“Are you sure. I mean, I don’t know Dannie that well, but that doesn’t seem like something she would do. Did you ask her?”

“No…why would I do that?”

05-26-18_3-30-26 PM“Don’t you want to know her side of the story. You two have been chummy lately.”

“What difference would it make. She broke us on purpose. Probably to get back at Ryker.”

“You will never know unless you confront her. Maybe she has a reasonable explanation.”

05-26-18_4-05-57 PM.png“Whatever, maybe I will,” said Cole to make him drop it. He would think about it. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes and let the warm sun and the beer relax him.

05-26-18_3-32-07 PM.pngThe next thing he knew, he was falling forward. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Text Dannie dumb shit. Now. Get it over with so you can move the fuck on.”

05-26-18_4-06-53 PM“Fine,” said Cole glaring at his friend. He pulled out his phone and texted Dannie.


05-26-18_3-32-53 PM.png“Well?” asked Noah.

“Meeting her for ice cream in 15. Have some more beer ready, I’ll probably be back in an hour needing a drink.”

05-26-18_3-33-34 PM.png“Bullshit. I bet she’s got a perfectly reasonable explanation.”

05-26-18_4-07-19 PM.pngCole rolled his eyes at his friend. “We’ll see.”

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76 thoughts on “Chapter 2.20 – Mia

  1. I don’t know what to think. I feel like you might be tricking us again, as Dannie has seemed like an obvious solution right from the start. She was conveniently there and then she was there taking pictures. I mean, many people take pictures during prom, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was her. By the way, Mia looks like she could be Cole’s next pick. 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Depending on how nice the ice cream shop is…boozy ice cream. Two birds, one stone. 😉 (one fake ID needed too)

    I liked Cole and Dannie for pure genetic purposes but I knew seething was up and the particular line “now we know her true colors” made me feel all tingly and devious. 😈 Take care of your heart indeed, Cole! Surround yourself with friends and take it easy on the alcohol.

    Liked by 5 people

      • Yeah, there were a lot of phones at that party. And again even if she did, maybe she thought Cole needed to know his girl was all over her ex. *shrugs* She doesn’t seem to have any motives. I guess we will see soon.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Cole thinks she had underhanded motives. You and Noah both not so sure. You make a good point. A lot of people had phones.


  3. Mia is laying it on super thick here, with all the “Let’s go to the clubhouse and take your mind off things” routine, I suspect that she had something to do with the photos.

    Question is, why? Isn’t she friends with Laney? Or now that she’s single, are all bets off?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Interesting observation. She single so she could just be taking advantage of the situation. But she is BFFs with Laney….so that would be a huge BFF back stab.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmmm I was thinking whether Mia has some ulterior motives for this… but then she’s Laney’s bff..! Maybe that’s the ulterior motive?
    And the picture she showed Cole doesn’t prove anything imo, I think everyone was taking pictures that night – maybe not as sneakily as Dannie lol, but still!
    I really can’t wait for the confrontation and to see what Dannie has to say! (Maybe she’s innocent, but she’ll hate Cole after this?)
    Oh and… do we need more semi-naked Noah pictures? Yes please! 😍😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Glad you enjoyed Noah’s semi nakedness…lol… *me too – shhh*

      The pictures didn’t prove anything…just that she had the opportunity. Mia may or may not have any ulterior motives. Maybe she just wants to help.

      Confrontation is coming on Sunday….

      Liked by 1 person

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  6. As “helpful” as Mia tried to be, that pictures don’t prove anything. Who wasn’t taking pictures at Prom? And I love how Mia jumped right in to wanting to “hang out” with Cole not 5 minutes after she showed him those pictures. These high school girls are trouble.
    And all this talk about Prom pictures is getting off the main topic of this chapter: Noah’s abs!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! Working construction is definitely agreeing with him.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Noah! ❤️❤️❤️ Lol…

      The pictures don’t prove anything just show opportunity. Cole jumped to a conclusion. And Mia was ready to hang out and make that baby feel better. High school….for sure! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Mia is totally framing Danni as the Locker Rat. If she’s not doing it as a revenge for Laney, she’s doing it for her selfish reasons: she obviously wants Cole for herself. Her true colors will be interesting to see. Looked smug too when she was leaving. 😀
    Six pack Noah! A sight for sore eyes.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Six pack Noah 😍😍😍 Interesting deduction. Mia framing Dannie. Are you giving her too much credit! She may be doing it as revenge! Laney is her BFF. Or maybe she just assumed it was her. She may well want Cole. Laney probably told her how good he was. 😂😂😂. But that is so against BFF code! Regardless, we will find out more on Sunday.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. GIRL you need a warning on this chapter for shirtless Noah 😍😍😍 I loved seeing that slightly more vulnerable side to him (and also the shirtless side… 😂)

    Mia is looking more and more suspicious to me (and boy, not keeping it a secret she’s into Cole!) But then, I’m still not sure about Dannie… gah! I’m looking forward to see how the convo with her goes down. One way or another, maybe we’ll finally have some answers?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shirtless Noah. ❤️ We had to have that after getting robbed of his naked ass the chapter before! Lol.

      Mia is a bit forward. But that is Mia. You don’t have to wait long! We will see how it goes down. Either way it’s bound to be the end of their “friendship” – maybe – probably – yeah.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hmm…. I am fan of Dannie. I don’t see her doing this to be mean to Cole. The pictures doesn’t prove anything beside she was there. I have a good feeling that Mia is behind this for some selfie reason..

    I still wonder if Nickey was behind it. She been upset since they broke up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So you don’t think Dannie is just putting on the sweet girl front to get back at Ryker. Not that she would be mean to Cole. I think she really does like him even if she did do it.

      Your gut says Mia hmmm? Or maybe Nicky? Lol….😂😂😂 Well we will see the aftermath of Cole’s discussion with Dannie on Sunday, so you don’t have to wait long.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Haha! You guys are cracking me up! That picture did show that Dannie had opportunity. But perhaps Nicky did too and she was so convinced it was Dannie that she looked for her pictures.

          Liked by 1 person

  10. Theories running wild until the big reveal.
    So many girls for Cole to choose…lol ;p
    And thank you for the Noah fanservice…those abs omg 😮

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ~ I still say it was Ryker,he got a taste of Laney & knew he was out of luck,as she was taken,so searched for some pictures of them,(why it took three weeks) he waited for them to break up over what happened at prom,& since nothing happen he thought he would push the envelope,so to speak, to make the break-up reality!
    ~ I know that Dannie will be crushed & not want to be friends anymore after her Trust as a friend is questioned, & yes I think Mia is after Cole or Noah, with her comment on one good thing about Berto was meeting those two!
    ~ Those pictures do not prove anything, it does not show who she was taking pictures of,just that she had her phone out,like every other teen there taking pictures at their prom,so who took the pictures is still not discovered as far as I am concerned!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like the way you think! All of those are clear possibilities! I hope if this is true that Cole doesn’t mess things up with Dannie…accusing her of something she didn’t do. Mia could be after Cole or Noah for sure since she is single now. The pictures only proved opportunity- you are right. Tomorrow is the Dannie showdown so we may find out if you are on the right path or not. 😮


  12. Okay, if Mia turns out to be evil, I’m going to just say that Cole makes everyone backstab each other only to get a chance with him, because, daaaaannng! Dannie did that!? Maybe Mia photoshoped or something, or maybe Dannie has a nice explanation to why she toook those photos…maybe she’s the evil one! Or maybe there’s no evil mastermind, and I’m just overthinking…maybe.XD In any way this goes, it will not end up good for Cole.He will just feel as every person he has a relationship with, does not tell him the truth, and like his father he will become! ( at least a little bit..)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…it’s funny you say that because in an upcoming chapter, not really a spoiler, he says his shelf life for relationships is 6 months…lol..

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Hmm this is a bit sneaky. Maybe Dannie wasn’t the culprit. It now looks like Mia is the little ho. She’s soooo forward it’s awkward. And Cole is oblivious!!! Dude, catch a clue. Chicks are dying for you left and right. He’s more sought after than his HUNKY friend Noah ( I have no idea how that’s possible!!!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha…he’s not really sought after, well, right now except by Laney and more than likely Mia…taking advantage of the opportunity. And he and Dannie are “just friends” unless she is after him too, or maybe because she wants to get back at Laney and Ryker. Then Nicky is with someone else too. Haha…but it does seem like it he is being chased and is totally clueless. Maybe after he talks to Dannie, it will all come together. Noah is currently taken by a blonde bombshell! Lol. Dang it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I saw that in the bushes last chapter. 😏

        Mr. Cole is very much hot with the ladies…Nicky, Mia, Laney, and maybe Dannie…but he’s cute, sweet, and totally clueless to any advances. Guys like Noah KNOW they’re hot. 😝 Which can be a turn off..Ben was like that. 😛


        • Just saw this reply. You are so right, Noah knows he’s hot it and it can be a turn off, very much like Ben was. Cole has no idea he is attractive to the girls.

          Liked by 1 person

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  15. Damn Noah, dazzling Cole with your abs while you hand out the Good Advice.

    Mia totally did it; naturally I am smitten and he should marry her right away.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Mia is suspiciously nice to Cole concerning her bff got heart-broken by him. That’s even more anti-bff code than going out with your bff’s ex! D:
    Maybe Mia didn’t put the photos on the locker, but she could easily still see an opportunity to fram Dannie to get her away from him.
    (Okay I guess I’ll find out anyway very soon haha…)

    Also love Noah! Not only good looking, but also a really good friend and I love his honest advice to Cole.
    Still bummed about Cole backstabbing him :c

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Yeah, I’m calling it now – it was Mia. Wasn’t she a little pushy to get Laney to dance with Ryker? AND she’s so obviously into Cole it’s sad. She’s trying to get him away from Dannie after she broke up him and Laney…
    Oh man – Nicky, Laney, Dannie, Mia… Seriously, Cole has a whole harem by now, lol! 😛 No wonder, though. He’s cute 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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