Chapter 2.43 – Important

08-17-18_8-03-20 PMCole had been attempting to talk to his dad concerning learning more about C&M Construction.  It was hard because he often came home late, sometimes after they already had dinner.  He was usually tired, and would disappear into his home office until bedtime.

08-16-18_10-31-07 PMCole was concerned because the summer was slipping away.  Today, his dad actually had breakfast with them, so Cole took advantage and told him that he wanted to learn about the family business.  Ben suggested that Cole come to the office and sit with him. That way he could learn about what goes on each day.

Cole was excited and wanted to start immediately, so as soon as his dad left, he got himself ready and drove the short distance to the C&M Construction offices.

08-17-18_8-08-23 PM.pngWhen he walked in, Avery was sitting in her office so he went to say hello.  “Hey Avery!” he said, “How’s Harley?”

Avery lit up when she saw him and returned his greeting enthusiastically. “Hi there! Harely’s good. So – guess what?” she said excitedly as she motioned for him to sit down.

Cole chuckled at her excitement. “What?” he asked.

08-17-18_8-10-11 PM“I bought one of the starter homes in Newcrest! I am officially a homeowner! And it’s all thanks to you planting that seed last summer.”

08-17-18_8-12-39 PM.png“Hey, that’s great. I bet Harley likes the yard.”

“Gosh yes. It’s sooo much better than that tiny apartment. Hey, maybe I can have you over for dinner – along with Noah and Lindsey.”


08-17-18_8-14-04 PM.png“It’s not a date silly, just friends,” she said. “So, is there someone special back in Brindleton Bay?”

08-17-18_8-15-28 PM.pngJust friends. That made Cole have to think about her question. It depended upon who you asked. For him, he would say yes, but if you asked Yasmine, they were just friends.  “No, there’s not anyone serious,” he finally said and it felt wrong. He wanted to take it it back. “I mean, we have been dating, just not….”

“That’s nice, what’s her name?” interjected Avery.

“Yasmine. She lives next door,” he began to explain and that felt wrong too.

08-17-18_8-17-18 PM.pngAvery arched an eyebrow. “That’s convenient,” she said.

Cole groaned inwardly. “No, it’s not like that.”

She giggled at his comment. “How is this weekend?” she asked and he was grateful for the subject change.

08-17-18_8-23-59 PM.png“That’s good. Just let me know what time. I don’t have any plans while I’m here other than to hang out with dad. If I’m going to inherit this business one day, I suppose I need to learn the ropes.”

“Hmm.  Your dad did say you were coming by.  I’ll let him know you are here,” she said and got up.  Avery wasn’t an admin, but she certainly kept tabs on everyone visiting his dad. She had done the same thing the last time he was there to see him.

08-17-18_8-28-30 PM.pngAs he followed her to his dad’s office, he couldn’t help but admire her curves. He figured she must be a savvy businesswoman to have managed to become such a valued employee in such a short period of time, sexy or not.  He figured she could tell him almost as much about the day to day operations as his dad.

08-17-18_8-35-05 PM.png“Cole!” said Ben, beaming, why don’t you come in and we can talk.

Seeing his dad so happy to have him there gave Cole a warm feeling but at the same time he felt a pang of guilt for not paying more attention to the family business before now. Well, he was going to remedy that and learn as much as he could this summer, and every summer afterwards until he moved back to Willow Creek, or he supposed, Newcrest was his home now.

“Hi Dad,” he said and walked into his office and sat down.

08-17-18_8-45-19 PM.png“I’m so glad you are back for the summer. I really have missed you. Your mom has too. I’m sorry I’m not around much. Since Leroy started cutting back, I’ve tried to pick up the slack. Avery has become indispensable, she helps probably even more than I know. I’m not sure what I would have done without her. Next summer I’m going to have Ami start working in the office to run errands. That way Avery can take on more important jobs.”

08-17-18_8-48-41 PM.png“Are you going to bring in a new partner?” asked Cole.

“No. Not yet. I think I can pay Avery enough to keep her happy, and she can take on more of the heavy lifting. With the houses selling so quickly, we’ll be ready to move to the next phase soon. Between her and Noah helping me keep on top of what’s going on, everything is actually going pretty smooth.”

“Dad, I’m sorry I didn’t try to learn more about the business before now. I should have worked with Noah on the construction site instead working with Doc. Followed more in your footsteps,” said Cole. It was important to him that his dad knew how he felt.

08-17-18_8-55-27 PM.png“Hey son, I’ve told you before, I’m proud of you. You have no idea how happy I am that you didn’t turn out like me.”

08-17-18_8-57-20 PM.pngCole was confused. His dad was a successful businessman, loving husband, great father. “Dad, I don’t know what you mean. I hope to be just like you.”

08-17-18_8-58-39 PM.pngA brief flicker of sadness crossed Ben’s face before he smiled at his son. “I got lucky. And I have no doubt you will do well in spite of me. Now, do you want to start with a tour of the property?”

“Sure. It’s about damn time, don’t you think?” asked Cole.

08-17-18_8-59-57 PMBen chuckled before responding. “Yes, I suppose it is.”


08-17-18_9-13-07 PM.pngWhen Cole returned home that evening, he settled into his ‘guest room’ to call Yasmine. He was missing her badly and wanted to tell her about his day.  They had only spoken briefly since he had been home. Every time he called, she was busy and couldn’t talk long.

08-17-18_9-15-53 PM.pngThis time, she answered and he could hear music in the background.  “Hey Cole!” she said loudly into the phone. Then she pulled the phone away and yelled to someone in the room, “Hey ya’ll, it’s Cole!”

08-17-18_9-15-17 PM.png“Should I call back later?” he asked, disappointed.  It sounded like they might be at a bar.

“Oh, we’re just hanging out an’ dancin!” she slurred.  Then, once again, she spoke to someone else, “Hush a minute. I’m talkin’ to Coleyyy.”

08-17-18_9-17-12 PM.png“Yasmine, are you drunk?” he asked.

“Perhaps a little,” she said and giggled “but I’m not drivin, so you don’t need to worry ’bout me!” 

“Look, I’ll call back on Sunday. You aren’t gonna be in any shape to talk tomorrow, or even remember this conversation.”

“Noooo….Coleyyy…I wanna talk to my friend noooow.”

08-17-18_9-17-57 PM.png“Let me talk to Landon.”

“Laaandonnn…. Oh, he’s not here. I forgot,” she said and snickered.

“Where is he?” And who is she with?

“Prolly back at the duplex doin’ Blake,” she said the words slowly.

08-17-18_9-16-37 PM.png“Geez Yasmine.”

“Stop it Jay,” she said and squealed, “I’m talkin’ to my friend.”

Jay? thought Cole. “Who’s Jay?” he asked angrily.

“My other friend.”

08-17-18_9-19-11 PM.png“Your other friend?”

“Yep. Jay’s my friend. You’re my friend too Coleyyy.”

He could hear a deep voice, he presumed to be Jay, talking in the background. “Come on baby, hang up, let’s dance,”  said the voice.

08-17-18_9-31-46 PM.png“I gotta go Coleyyy. Jay wants to dance. Luuuuuvvv you. Mwaaa,” she said and disconnected the call.

08-17-18_10-05-43 PM.pngCole inhaled deeply and successfully resisted the urge to throw his phone across the room. He placed his fingers against his eyes to stop the burning and hold back his emotions.  He needed to think about what had just transpired. It hadn’t even been a month, and she was already finding another one night stand. Plus, she was drunk. But why?  They had been exclusive ever since they had sex the first time.

Maybe she was right, she couldn’t commit and he didn’t mean anything to her.  A convenient fuck buddy was all.  But it seemed like so much more, and he was sure she felt their connection too. Even though no words were spoken, they were good together. Why didn’t that mean anything to her?

08-17-18_9-59-16 PMCole lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.  I don’t want to share her, he thought sadly, I can’t share her.  He wasn’t ready to give up on her, she was starting to be important to him. Hell, who was he kidding, she was important to him before they had sex. He wouldn’t accept that he and Yasmine could never be. Going in, she said no commitment, so he shouldn’t have been surprised. But maybe, it was time to fight for her. He just wasn’t sure how to do that from Newcrest.

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44 thoughts on “Chapter 2.43 – Important

  1. Yassie isn’t going to settle down. He shouldn’t have been surprised at all. But fighting for her from Newcrest will be a trick. It’s best to forget about her for the summer. Then he can pick right up where he left off. But…there’s Avery in the picture, asking him to dinner and everything. Boy, these girls are all so forward with our boy always asking him to dinner or dancing as “friends”. Riiiiiight. He’s heard that before, Avery. He’s onto you.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Lol….Avery, after that young boy…..for shame! Although he has matured a bit from when they first met. 😂 And he IS the bosses son, so what does she have to lose by being nice to him?

      Yassie isn’t looking to settle down at all. She even told him again before he left, no strings. She’s just trying to ensure the ones that formed got cut all the way through, because before he left, things most definitely were getting stringy. 😉 Being apart, not a lot he can do to replace those strings they were getting tangled up in… it may well have to wait until he gets back.


  2. Or maybe Yasmine wants to deny her feelings for Cole? Who knows really… Either way, I sense that there is another break-up ahead of our poor “Coley” boy. So sad. But hey, there’s also a “not-a-date” with Avery coming! Maybe he could at least try to have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol….it’s NOT A DATE! We will see how the “not-a-date” goes in the next chapter and see Noah again too. 😍😍😍 Yasmine May well be trying to deny her feelings. She so doesn’t want to fall in love. Sounds sooo much like Ben was, but for very different reasons. So, if she ever does allow herself to fall, it may be very hard.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Coleyyyyyyyy! 😦

    Lol no but seriously. I feel bad for Cole. This is proof that he was really looking for more out of the relationship with Yasmine than what she was prepared to give. Even if she does have feelings for him too, she clearly isn’t ready for a relationship right now.

    I just hope Cole can be calm and reasonable about this. I think it’s good that he wants to fight for her, but if she doesn’t want it, he’s gotta let it go 😦 Otherwise, more pain lies ahead for both of them!

    Dinner with Avery, huh? 😏 Well, depending on how that goes, maybe Cole won’t even have to worry about Yasmine anymore… 🤔 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hah, Avery huh, well Cole might enjoy the view, but his heart is with Yasmine. I just hope she doesn’t squish it….she’s well on the way. I’m not sure what, if anything there is that he can do to fix things. Probably not much unless she is willing to give him time, which it appears she isn’t willing to do.

      Avery? Hmmm, IS she thinking about hooking up with the Boss’s son? Might not be a good move on her part.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yasmine definitely has issues. Eventually we will find out what’s up with her. And you are right, he needs a Blake. Too bad she’s taken. Lol… he needs someone that is more grounded and knows what she wants.


  4. Listen to me, Cole. Break down them walls she has built around her and go after your women. 😉
    Yasmine needs to learn, not everyone is her ex and her parents. Not everyone is going to hurt you. Sometimes you just have to let go of the past and learn to trust others. You never going to find love if you want let someone close enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Another ship is sinking and it barely set sail! LOL Yes, Coley, fight for her! But I don’t know how he would do that from Newcrest so maybe when he gets back. I have a feeling, though, if he pushes too hard, Yas will run away fast. *sigh

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, it may have some holes but it isn’t sunk yet. It definitely needs a crew to help it along. He may or may not decide she is worth fighting for. They haven’t even had a real conversation since the drunk phone call. And you are right. If he pushes she will run. So can he NOT push. This IS Cole… lol…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooooo, snap.

    Omg, Cole, we all knew it, didn’t we? Gah! FEELS

    I wonder if Yas is also having an attack of the feels, falling into old destructive habits to hide the pain after getting so close to Cole and having him leave for the summer. I mean, that’s not healthy behaviour, but I could see it from a damaged person.

    Liked by 3 people

    • He should have known….probably did but wasn’t hoping they grew a few strings….sadly he needs chains for this girl. I think she is definitely falling into old habits. He left and she was like crap….I don’t want him to leave….but wait….yes I do…..SEE… strings….all better now or not. ☹️


  7. What is Yasmine doing to my sweet Cole?!?! He has beautiful women asking him to dinner, but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
    He needs to be with someone who is more on his mental maturity level. And that sounds like Avery!!
    Also, can I say how cool it would be to have Ami take over the family business. That way Cole won’t feel so guilty about pursuing other things.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. And here’s the mess… Cole always is too fast getting involved. How did he know they were exclusive? Maybe Yassie just didn’t tell him she had other fish in the tank xD

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Oh noooees! I was afraid this would happen…I think Yasmine is just trying to forget her feelings for Cole, trying to fill in this empty space he left with meaningless sex.

    Poor Cole, the guy doesn’t have a break when it comes to dating problems…

    If he actually wants to date Yasmine, he will need to talk things out with her, see if she’s willing to date him, and if she doesn’t…Well, he *could* try to change her mind, but if that doesn’t work either, he should just move on. He wants a relationship with a future, unlike this one.

    I hope Yasmine tells him what’s happened to her in the past, and allows him to try and help her.It’s hard to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You hit the nail on the head once again! It’s hard to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. If he decides he wants to pursue a relationship with her, which right now I think he does, it’s likely to be an uphill battle.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. So Cole is ready to fight for Yasmine. Here are some long distance strategies in a corny song. “All through the summer my true love sent to meeeee: discord & facetime, singing telegrams, dozen roses, Karaoke singing selfie on video, 20 questions & photo album game online, stuffed love bunny,a bottle of wine, crackers and brieeeeee. All these strategies are g rated!
    When he finally goes back to Brindleton Bay College he can pop the question, so she knows he wants to be with her forever and a day.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Oooh Coley… you are so smitten with Yasmine, poor thing!
    Cole obviously can’t separate between sex and love like Yasmine can… or can she? I bet she has feelings for him too, and that’s why she rushed to find someone to fill in the void while he was away… I wonder how Cole is going to fight for her. When there’s a distance, things can get dangerous and there could be lots of misinterpretations without being able to be fixed.
    Maybe Avery will come into play to make her feel jealous? Can’t wait to find out! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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  14. Oh Cole my dear. I mean, you HAVE been warned… she’s like a free bird. 💔🦅💔🦅💔🦅

    If Cole is lucky maybe she will be like Ben and actually fall in love with him. Ben was like Yasmine until he met Grace. Same scenario? We shall see… 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Pheeew, Yasmine will probably regret that talk once she’s sober again. She wouldn’t have wanted to hurt Cole that way and usually, she’s so empathic.
    Well, if we hadn’t known already, that’s the time when we would learn that Cole has def caught feelings! 😁 He’s just not good with the whole no-strings thing

    Liked by 1 person

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