Chapter 3.45 – Mommy Dearest

Saturday, 11:45 PM – Willow Creek Hospital

After Evan left the waiting room, Reagan allowed Archer to guide her back to the couch. She was feeling an overwhelming need to go to Evan, but Archer pulled her close and that helped ease the pain a little. They sat that way for just a minute, before Archer’s phone buzzed.

“I need to go take this call,” he said, then asked, “Will you be okay alone for a few minutes?”

“Reagan, come sit with me and Ben,” said her grandmother, clearly overhearing the question.

Reagan smiled at the tenderness shown by her father’s parents towards her.  She didn’t feel she deserved it and her hesitation to do as she asked must have been apparent.

“Come on Reagan,” insisted her grandfather, then turned to Archer, “Archer, go take your call.”

Archer stood up and placed a kiss on Reagan’s forehead. “I’ll be back in 15 minutes.” 

Reagan got up and walked across the room and sat between her grandparents. “I was a terrible daughter. I’m so sorry.” Reagan needed to apologize to everyone. But an apology felt so hollow.

“You were hurt sweetheart,” said Sofia gently.

Ben hugged her. “It’s okay Reagan,” he said in his gruff voice, “It’s called growing up. Believe me baby, I know.  I had to lose Cole’s mother before I came to realize how much my parents loved me – no matter what.”

Reagan was temporarily confused at his statement since her father’s mother was sitting right there. Then she remembered the park. Her father’s birth mother’s legacy. She never even thought about the fact that her grandfather had been through losing someone he loved. He seemed so happy.

He continued. “Your father doesn’t hate you. I know he doesn’t.  He loves you very much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be where he is right now. He would do anything for all four of you. You know that, right?”

“How can he forgive me. He could’ve …. and it’s all my fault,” said Reagan and those damn tears welled up again. “And Dannie, she won’t even look at me.”

“Shhh baby,” said Sofia softly, “Don’t go there. This isn’t your fault. It’s Avery’s.  She used you and took advantage of your kind heart.  You don’t get to pick your parents.  And Dannie, she’s just hurting right now too.  She’ll eventually come around.”

Reagan looked at her grandmother and wished it was that easy.  But it wasn’t. She was filled with guilt and confused and wanted nothing more than to hide from the family she hurt so badly.  She hoped Archer wouldn’t be much longer.


Saturday, 11:45 PM – Willow Creek Hospital – out in the hallway……

When Evan left the waiting room, an overwhelming sense of exhaustion caught up with him as the stress of the past 48 hours consumed him. The adrenaline that had kept him moving abruptly left his body. But he knew he hadn’t dreamed it when Reagan hugged him. He could still feel the warmth of her arms around him.Instead of shrinking away from his touch as she’d done earlier, she held him tight, each drawing strength from the other, before she finally pushed him away. Regardless, it felt good to have his arms around her again. Maybe they could indeed make it back, once she wasn’t in so much pain over her father – and he could get her away from fucking Archer Kendall for five minutes.

Lost in his thoughts, Evan mindlessly punched the elevator button.  Tonight, he had seen what a real family should be. It was so unfair that they’d all have to suffer through another trial. Avery should have died instead of Crazy Gun Lady.

When Evan feared he might never see Reagan again, he had realized the depth of his love for her. She had a good heart and it nearly killed him when she said ‘I love you back’. She said it with such conviction, just like it was something she’d already decided, not because he’d said it to her first.  He knew all she wanted in return was his love.  And he’d betrayed her instead.

He’d give anything to be able start a family with Reagan. He never thought he wanted kids before, but for some reason, now he did. He knew without a doubt, Reagan would be a wonderful mother and probably even needed to be a mother. It would heal her and make her whole again.

When he heard the soft ding of the elevator, he vowed to never let anything bad happen to Reagan again. And, if she’d give him a second chance, he’d never lie to her again, no matter how hard the truth was. She deserved to know.

When the elevator doors finally slid open to take him away from Reagan, he had to step back while they wheeled a patient out.

As they wheeled the bed towards the patient rooms, he looked up and locked eyes with Avery fucking Murdock. Her eyes were hard and mean, making his blood run cold.

Suddenly, he couldn’t make his feet move; and the elevator doors softly closed without him inside. He could only watch as they wheeled her into a room.

Less than a minute later, everyone left and his feet finally began to move of their own accord, towards that same room. His heart was loud in his chest, as if the adrenaline kicked in again.

He walked in and closed the door. Reagan’s mother, no not mother, she didn’t deserve that moniker, the witch was handcuffed to the bed rail. The other arm in a cast. “What do you want?” she spat out.

Evan couldn’t speak. He could only watch himself as he calmly picked up a pillow and walked over to her bedside. He glanced at the door. Closed.

“What’re you doing? You’re crazy,” she said panicking, “Don’t Evan – no one was supposed to get …”

He needed to shut that lying voice up. “Goodbye Mommy Dearest,” he heard himself say as put the pillow firmly over her face, silencing her ramblings. She would never again hurt Reagan or anyone else.

He barely registered the door opening.  Then, someone grabbed him from behind pulling him away. No! he thought, as he struggled to keep the pillow firmly in place. But they were too strong and he was too tired.  They easily pulled him away from the bed, and the pillow fell to the floor.

Pissed, Evan turned around.  Archer Kendall, his new worst nightmare, was standing there alone. “Why did you stop me?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Avery was gasping for air and coughing, trying to talk.  Archer looked at her, his eyes hard and cold. “Shut the fuck up,” he said in a loud whisper, then directed his attention back to Evan. “You don’t want this on your conscience Evan. It would destroy you. You need to leave – now.

“No,” said Evan, emotionless and eerily calm, “She needs to pay. Get out of my way.”

Archer suddenly turned angry. “Get the fuck out of here, right now. She will, if you’ll just leave.”

Evan looked at Archer as his words tickled his consciousness, and the reality of what he’d almost done began to sink in. “I … I don’t know what just happened … I …”

“Go. Home. I’ll be in touch,” commanded Archer.

Evan, numbed by what he had done, did as Archer said this time, and walked out of the room.  He shivered as he thought about what might’ve happened had Archer not stopped him.  Evan got on the elevator and not one person paid any attention to him.

As he stepped off the elevator on the ground floor to go home, he heard a code blue go out over the intercom for the room he had vacated less than two minutes earlier.  A shiver rolled down his spine. He suddenly felt incredibly sad, and a sick feeling settled in his gut.


Sunday, 1:00 AM – Evan’s Apartment

By the time Evan made it home, the gravity of what he’d tried to do hit him hard.   On the short drive home, he’d tried to make sense out of it and couldn’t.  It’d been like he’d had no control. He was there, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t a killer. He’d never hurt anyone. But, evidently Archer was. He killed Reagan’s mother in cold blood.  It was pouring down rain and he got drenched going into his apartment, which only worsened his mood.

Evan didn’t trust Archer before, now he knew he couldn’t be trusted.  He pulled off his wet clothes and tossed them on the floor and fell onto the bed exhausted.   He couldn’t help but wonder if Archer would try to blame Avery’s death on him. He really didn’t know if he would or not, despite what he said. He had never met him before today, or was it yesterday now?  He had no idea.

Then he thought of Reagan.  God she needed to know what sort of man Archer Kendall really was.  He needed to figure this out … with that last thought, Evan felt sleep taking over his body and gave in to it.

An hour later, he woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for air. When he sat up, he realized this wasn’t some horrible nightmare, it was true. He’d been drugged and probably raped, the woman he loved had been kidnapped by his rapist, her father nearly died in a shootout and he almost killed the crazy bitch that did it all.  And the man that Reagan had turned to for comfort was dangerous beyond belief.

He dragged himself to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. Evan didn’t recognize the face staring back at him. It was only a matter of time before they came to get him.  Archer hadn’t told Reagan what her mother had done to him, so why wouldn’t he let everyone believe he killed her. Sadly, he would’ve killed her, if Archer hadn’t shown up. Shit.

He heard pounding on his door. It was fucking 2:00 am. Evan figured it must be the police. As the pounding got louder, he turned on the faucet so he could splash water on his face and prepared to face the music.

He pulled a t-shirt over his head and walked to the door to meet his fate. But it wasn’t the cops. It was Archer fucking Kendall. Is this guy everywhere? he thought, What the fuck? And who was with Reagan?

“Are you here to arrest me?” asked Evan flatly. He figured he probably could.

Archer pushed his way inside and closed the door. “No, You stupid little shit.  I came to tell you I finished what you started. I called the nurse and told them she was seizing. I suggested that she’d hit her head hard when she fell. They rushed in and tried to save her, but couldn’t. There won’t be an autopsy. You’re off the hook.”

“So why’d you stop me if you were going to do it anyway?” asked Evan suspiciously.  It was no coincidence that Archer was in her room.  Did he come to her room to kill her?And how did he even know what room she was in, or that she was even in a room?

Archer looked at Evan with disgust.  “Two reasons,” he said, “First, that shit changes a person. No need for you to have that demon to deal with, when it was my fault she wasn’t already dead.

“And second, Reagan can’t handle anymore heartbreak. She’s barely hanging on as it is. If you were arrested for murder, it would destroy her. I know she has feelings for you, probably even loves you in spite of the crap you two are dealing with. She’s important to me, for a lot of reasons. And I didn’t want you doing something stupid and getting both our asses in a sling.”

Evan scraped his hand across his face and into his hair.  Archer made sense, sort of.  “I don’t know what came over me … I’m not violent … I’m a fucking sales guy … it was like … I don’t know…”

Surprisingly, Archer’s voice was soft when he cut Evan off.  “Like you were watching yourself. A sort of fugue state – a disassociation with your body – caused by lack of sleep, drugs, trauma, stress. I expect you’ve had an overdose of all of that in the past two days. That’s all it was, along with being in the right place at the wrong time.”

“I can’t sleep – I keep waking up unable to breathe.”

“I don’t know how to tell you to deal with it, except that she was supposed to die at the scene. But Reagan was too close to get off a clean shot. I was going in to cleanup my mess, but you would’ve screwed things up.”

The pieces started clicking into place for Evan. “You still love Reagan, so you killed Avery. And conveniently, you didn’t bother telling her what her mother did to me. You son of a bitch!  That’s why you didn’t bring the cops in either.  You wanted to fucking kill them both. And almost got Cole killed in the process!  Well, fuck you Kendall.  Just so you know, I’m not giving up on me and Reagan. She’s the best thing to ever enter my life, and she still cares for me. I know she does.”

“Reagan can decide that,” said Archer confidently, “But in the mean time, I’m pretty damn sure she’s not going to want to go back to her house.” Archer paused and looked around Evan’s apartment with disgust. “I’m going to tell her to take some time off and come back to San Myshuno with me. She’s obviously not coming to this pig sty. Nor will she want to, from what I can tell. She may have feelings for you, but it was me she went to.

“Don’t screw this up Connor,” he continued, “Take this time to get your own shit together. I know you’ve been to hell and back these last few days. But so has Reagan. Now, I need to get back before she wakes up and has a panic attack.”

Evan sighed deeply.  “This is so fucked up,” he said, knowing Archer was right and hating every bit of it. He had to figure out a way to get Reagan away from him – but how?

“Welcome to my world,”  Archer tossed over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

Evan sat on the edge of his ratty air mattress. His life totally sucked. The only good thing was that Maribel was finally out if it. He was so afraid it might be too late for him and Reagan. Especially if she leaves town with Kendall. Some screwed up Knight in Shining Armor shit.

He hated Maribel more than ever. If she’d given him the divorce months ago, he would’ve gone after Reagan like he wanted to, and maybe all of this mess with her mother might’ve been avoided.  Most certainly Kendall wouldn’t be making a move on Reagan.  She was honest, caring and had a heart of gold. Both her downfall and what he loved most about her. When she loved, he knew, she would love hard.  He’d hurt her badly, and had a long way to go to fix things. But he would try his damnedest.

Evan thought about his competition.  He hated him, but respected him. He had cold eyes, except when he looked at Reagan, then there was compassion in them, and when he talked about her, it was apparent she was special to him.

He was so fucked. How could he possibly compete? Then he realized how.  It was simple really. Tell her the truth. He damn well knew Archer wouldn’t, and the truth is everything to Reagan, as it should be to every couple. Maybe they’d both lose her, but at least he’d go out with a clear conscience.

To be Continued ….

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R.I.P.  Avery

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74 thoughts on “Chapter 3.45 – Mommy Dearest

  1. Bye Avery! That was…harrowing. It shocked me when Evan went there – like was mentioned in the chapter, I’d expect that of Archer but not Evan…looks like Archer finished the job.

    Evan needs to tell the truth. Good on him for deciding to do so.

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    • Evan was running on emotions alone. When he saw he more or less snapped. I’m actually glad that Archer stopped him. But he didn’t do it just for Evan. If he’d not cared about other consequences, he may have just let him do it and have him out of his life. But he knew he would be discovered and it would break Reagan.

      I’m very glad he’s decided to tell the truth. But when is he going to have an opportunity to do so? I hope sooner than later.

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    • Now onto the love triangle. Who will Reagan choose or maybe she won’t choose either one? Avery is indeed gone…I was actually both sad and relieved. When I put together the slide show. I realized how long she’s been in the story and how much she has influenced it! Other than just being the mother of the next generation.


      • Indeed she has caused many a good deal of heartache and angst.

        It’s hard to tell what Reagan will do but I was surprised that Archer is still in love with her. It’s been a while since he was in the story but with Evan and that mess there’s no clear answer or choice.

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        • We will get a chapter from his point of view soon. I think in high school before he left, he loved her. But absence doesn’t necessarily make the heart grow fonder. And he’s been through a lot and has changed. Or has he?


    • I almost fell out of my chair laughing! *sniff* If you must. Is she causing issues there too? 😱😱😱

      I do want to say thank you for such a great villain. ❤️ She made great evil faces! And she will live on in Reagan and Ryan. I loved having her in my story.

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      • Hahaha! I am just being overly dramatic 😀 She’s burried under the thousands of other sims I’ve created since her, so no worries.

        I gotta say though… The villain part was all on you! 😀 But hey, you’re right, she did make some great evil faces and I couldn’t have asked for a better story out of her… Harley would be so disappointed in his momma!!!

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  2. Somebody’s already said it, but let me repeat: Ding dong the witch is dead! I think that’s all the obituary needed. Though I’m glad that Evan didn’t end up killing her and I’m glad he wants to tell Reagan the truth – not doing it got him into a whole lot of trouble before. I can’t figure Archer out. He stopped Evan from killing Avery which is helping his rival. But then he killed Avery for Reagan which…? I’m not sure that was a good idea? He confuses me… I mean we already knew he wasn’t a perfect guy, but to then murder someone when she should have been punished by the law. He seems a little unhinged and he’s somewhat presumptuous if he thinks he can just come back after years and get right back at it with Reagan.
    A lot to think about here, but hey, at least Avery isn’t going to be a problem anymore!

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    • Yes. Archer is unpredictable and sort of an unknown for sure at this point. He wanted Avery dead to get her out of Reagan’s life. Actually for a lot of the same reason’s Evan nearly killed her. But he didn’t need Reagan more broken. And because he’s indirectly a part of the underworld now, due to his relationship with Mickey, he had access to do it so he wouldn’t be suspected. If Evan did it, yes, he’d be out of Reagan’s life, but she loves Evan and it would’ve broken her if he went to prison for killing Avery. She’s already barely hanging on trying to deal with what her mother did. He doesn’t want to hurt her anymore.

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  3. OHAAAAA I knew Archer was cunning. 😱
    This guy is badly messed up 😡 And while I really like to punch Evan sometimes, I’m convinced he’d be much better for Rea. At least he learned his lesson and will (hopefully) not manipulate her or lie to her anymore. I’m cheering for my baby!

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    • Archer has some issues. 🤔. But really, he always did. I don’t think he’s evil, just, as you said, cunning. I would have liked to think, as he got older he’d worked through some of his demons. But he’s still very much the same deep down. I think, maybe if he’d remained part of law enforcement, he might have been able to feel better about himself. But accepting a job at BASE was too easy. Now he’s part of a ‘legalish’ mob which is really not much different than how he was in high school except the stakes are higher. Much higher.

      Go Evan! At least he has a plan and I think it’s a good one. ❤️. I don’t see him trying to manipulate her. He has a mission. He’s seen the other side of Archer and I think Archer tried to intimidate him into submission. Doesn’t look like it worked. He may have underestimated Evan.


  4. Nooooooo! My precious mommy dearest 😭 Enjoy your fiery eternity in Hell #gonebutnotforgotten

    Man, that was intense 😱 I’m so glad Evan got pulled away, and at first I was like “Wooh! Noble Archer!” But by the end I’m like “dang this dude is sneaky 😂”

    I am so onboard for this love triangle though! 😉 New drama to make up for the loss of beloved Avery 😭

    By the way, your screenshots were once again fabulous! 😍😍😍


    • I knew you’d be sad. 💔 Someone needs has to mourn Avery. She was a great villainess. At least we had a tribute to her in the form of a slide show showing how she wormed her way into Cole’s life.

      It was intense! And Archer….hero or manipulator? A love triangle for sure. More drama incoming. Maybe not as intense. 🤷‍♀️. If we need some fun times … like a wedding – though no wedding will ever be as Epic as Jocelyn’s brother marrying her ex-lovers daughter and the ensuing closet bang. 🤣

      Thank you for the screenshot love! I am so glad you enjoyed them! ❤️

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  5. Well, here’s to you, Avery! The best simlit villain! You’ll be missed…NOT! 🍷 #deathbecomesyouAvery 💀

    So…Archer confuses the heck out of me. He seems to care for Evan one minute (by taking Avery’s life with the blood on his hands) then challenges him as a rival the next. Why tell Evan anything? But maybe Archer was worried he’d go to the police? Hmmm…

    Archer is whisking Reagan off to San Myshuno. I don’t think Evan should say anything. Reagan will find out what kind of dangerous lifestyle Archer is living and she’ll run home right into Evan’s arms. But if he says anything she won’t believe him. Her perfect savior Archer is just what she needs right now. 🙄

    I’m securely fastened to the Evan ship. Batten down the hatches! It’s going to be a bumpy ride! 😜

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    • Bye sweet Avery. You won’t be missed but won’t be forgotten either! RIP….

      Archer had reasons – most of what he laid out for Evan. He for sure didn’t want him to go to the police. He needed no autopsy to be done or chances are they’d figure out she was murdered. Evan already knew that Archer did it. He may have gone to police and suggest they investigate. The fact they didn’t go to the cops to begin with was suspicious to Evan. I think Archer slipped when he told Evan she would pay if he’d just leave. Archer knew he didn’t have much time and he needed him gone. Archer is convinced that Evan will stay quiet. And Evan is a little afraid of him to be honest.

      Archer is going to try to take her away. I believe your right too. If Evan stays patient, he will have an opportunity to turn the tables on Archer. I’m sure Reagan will eventually understand how dangerous his lifestyle is and want no part of it. She’s had enough excitement for a lifetime.

      It will be a bumpy ride because Reagan is confused and right now thinks the confident, take charge Archer is what she needs. Maybe it is? Or maybe he will get her to forget about Evan….maybe Archer will take care of Evan…. soooo many things could happen.

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      • Ohhhh…now THAT is a delicious thread (and one I don’t hope in my heart happens but for the sake of drama, I’m all for it…) 😈😈😈 Archer could take care of our poor little Evan. (But I don’t think you’re that evil. If you couldn’t wipe out Cole, I don’t believe you’ll take out Evan.)

        I don’t blame Evan for being cautious. 🥺

        But wouldn’t it be fun if the next gens dad was a killer? (Even on the side of good.) I’d laugh my ass off! (And he does have good genes….hmm…I might be hopping right back on Team Archer). Munterbacon sims for the sadistic win! 😈😈😈

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  6. Ah, a love triangle on the horizon … something the lovely author used to give me sh** for in my storyline. 🙂
    Also, a big shout out to Archer, THANK YOU for the exterminating the pest problem. You were always my favorite. Am I really condoning murder? You betcha!
    To me, Archer is a get something done type. We tried re-socializing Avery, all have been more than patient, evidently she does not have what it takes to live in society, so: byw bye bye. Proper burial: dumpster.
    Evan … adorable and sweet, handsome .. but not enough “bite”. Guess I do like the bad boys after all (don’t tell Mama).
    Aww, Ben and Sofia.

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    • Yes… a triangle. Eeek. Hehe….you had more than a triangle going on!

      Archer thanks you I’m sure you evil thang. And a dumpster…
      That’s just cold!

      Archer is definitely the get it done type. No messing around. So shipping Reagan and the bad boy instead of the sweet guy! Hmmmm … I guess we are going to need some ship names…. Argan, Reager? I’m open. And for the other ship … Revan maybe?

      Ben and Sofia! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  7. AHhh yeah1 The witch is dead! Didn’t die in a hole, but,hey, it’s close enought! I was surprised that Evan even tried to kill her in the first place. But, as Archer said, his sanity isn’t exactly very good, due to the most recent events.

    I hope Reagan isn’t throw in a love’s triangle right away, she has just experienced a very deep trauma, she ain’t got time for ”Ohh, which boy should I choose?” Go for theraphy.Get help. Then when everything is behind, think about dating.(At least I think it’s a good idea)

    I hope Archer is there for her only because he wants to date her, because, I dunno about you, but helping someone who has just been scared for life with the only intention of using their desperate desiree for safety to turn into something romantic is pretty screwed up. But, if Archer is just being a good pal, and thinks on dating her *after* this whole mess is over, AKA he would be fine she choose Evan and not go fully ”BuT i WaS tHeRe FoR yOu!”

    Archer is just as emotional and filled with revange as Evan, but, unlike Evan, he actually did most of this ordeal with a sane mind, which makes this even more weird.

    Oof, but I’m not sure what Reagan is going to think when she knows he killed her mother. Say what you want to say, Avery was satan, but it was her mother, so I don’t think she’d be thrilled to hear her now-boyfriend killed her.

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    • Evan lost it completely when he saw her. Very little sleep in the past 48 hours. Plus a cocktail of drugs and mega stress, yes, he lost himself for a minute.

      You know Archers gonna try to take care of her and insulate from all of that. As someone else said, he’s a get it done type of guy. I don’t think he’ll try to be romantic, not right away, He’s not slimy I don’t think. But definite realizes he’d like to start something again.

      Archer was emotional but totally knew what he was doing. He is a major actor at BASE which is not 100% above board. They totally should have called the police but because of Viviana’s mob connection and the need to take her out as well as Archer’s need to get rid of Avery, they didn’t.

      You bring up a good point, what will she think if/when she finds out Archer killed her mother in cold blood. The woman was handcuffed to the bed. I don’t think Reagan sees Archer as a boyfriend yet, but it’s probably getting there.

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  9. This was interesting. My jaw dropped when Evan tried to off Avery like that. The woman was cuffed to the hospital bed, dude! Speaking of cuffs. Where was the cop that cuffed her and should have stood guard in front of her room to prevent exactly this from happening. There were cops at the scene, so they must have followed the family to the hospital as well and see to it that Avery wouldn’t escape somehow or the family wouldn’t take revenge. Which brings me to the question of Archer’s status. I understood that he’s not on the force anymore so it couldn’t be him responsible for guarding Avery’s room and also: why would Evan think Archer came to arrest him if he’s not on the force and has no authority to do so? These were my thoughts during reading.
    But I really enjoyed this chapter. The whole exchange between Evan & Archer was super exciting to read. I’m hoping for some cockfighting in the next few chapters. 😏 However, I don’t see Reagan marrying Archer if she ever finds out he finished off her mother despite all the wrong mommy dearest did. She just can’t marry her mother’s murderer. And this is also the strongest card Evan can play to get rid of Archer – tell Reagan about it.

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    • Sooo. Evan lost himself. That is not something he would ever do. I’m sure it probably messed a little with his psyche a bit to know he even went there. And yes, it was cold.

      Archer isn’t on the force anymore. Evan wasn’t making a lot of sense. He knew it but was nervous. This type of life and death drama isn’t something he’s ever experienced before.

      Maybe I should’ve research criminals in the hospital to see how that is generally handled. Figured if she was cuffed, they might be okay leaving her temporarily unguarded.

      I’m very glad, in spite of the ‘poetic’ license I took, you enjoyed the part between Evan and Archer. 😀. Contrary to what Archer May believe, I think you might be right. Evan holds all the cards. It’s just can he play them right? Or will Archer out play him? 😈

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      • Honestly I don’t even think Evan needs to play too much his cards. He’ll just need to go talk to Rea in peace, he doesn’t even have to tell her that Archie murdered her mother.
        Last Rea POV it was so clear she’s still drawn strongly to Evan, and once she’ll calm down I believe she won’t have a hard time to decide. Archer is her past, but Evan is right now and she still loves him.


    • In regard to some of you questions, you have to remember who Archer is, he is part of the Blake clan, and as always, they have complete control. They have the Wyatt’s (some of them at least) on the force in high ranking positions, (Nora was helping out in my end of the story and she is like the head honcho of the robbery/homicide division of the SM Sheriffs Office). The Outfit might have gone legit, but even being legit, you can’t change what it really is. Evan wasn’t making much sense, but BASE is more or less a private police force, and do have arresting powers, although more often than not they prefer…more permanent solutions. More than likely (at least in my head cannon) the Blake’s called the cops off. I don’t think they EVER planned to let Avery and Viv walk out of this alive.

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    • It was and has been a roller coaster! I’m glad you were able to jump in and join the insanity! I didn’t realize what a huge impact Avery had on the story until I started grabbing shots of her as she worked her way into the family and finally as Cole’s wife. ❤️ Thank you for kind words!

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  10. I kind of feel sorry for Avery… She was such a great character! Evil yes, but also smart and cunning with fabulous looks that gave away nothing of the dark depths of her soul!
    I don’t know how I feel about Archer. He zuddenly came back and wants to take advantage of Reagan’s vulnerable state… Oh dear, wonder who she’s going to choose.

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    • It was so hard to end her. You’re right. I loved her too. When I did the slide show, I was shocked.

      Archer. We will get a chapter from his point of view next so will hopefully understand his motives.

      Reagan. Not sure … lots of possibilities.

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  11. I dunno. I kinda feel for Evan. I mean sure, he had the same avenge-the-wicked-deeds-done-to-Reagan thing that Archer had, but I think most may be forgetting that he was in effect RAPED by Avery. I cannot imagine going through that trauma – and freshly so at that – and then seeing my rapist face-to-face again. He gets a pass from me for losing it a little.. more of a pass than Archer, for sure. And at least with Evan I can tell myself he would have stopped himself at the last second. I’m glad I don’t have to know for sure whether that’s true or not.

    But yeah, I’m fully Team Reavan. It seems like Archer – while not just hopping straight to dating her or anything – has definitely lined things up with a very pointed idea of getting her back. He told her the truth.. except what truly kept Evan away. He’s awfully snuggly, including kisses on the forehead. He’s going to try to take her to San Myshuno, though all her family is there and she could stay with any number of them (her aunt who has supported her even while making poor mom-decisions, her grandparents who have tried reaching out in the past and still are, hell even her TWIN is in that town. And her job, which could maybe take her mind off of things.) I dunno.. I don’t DISlike the idea of Reagan and Archer. I DO dislike the idea of Reagan and Archer RIGHT NOW, with him encouraging her to lean on solely him and leave behind all the friends & family she’s known (and all the contacts THEY would know – like trusted therapists.) And she’d be dependent on him for a while at least and.. it just feels icky paired with this timing.

    Evan was an idiot for not just telling her he was separated from his wife and working on divorce from the get go. But that seems to be his greatest crime, and he has more than paid for that. I hope he can get his stuff together. And I hope someone tells Reagan the truth – the WHOLE truth, that he was married yes but never going back and only said so because Mommy Dearest drugged, raped, and blackmailed him – so that she can know exactly what was up and can decide on her own how much of a deal-breaker that initial lie of omission is for her. Judging by the last paragraph Evan does intend to do that, so as long as Archer will let her have a word, I’m interested to see how she reacts.

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    • I loved reading your comment. Thank you so much. You make a lot of good points.
      Evan has been put through the ringer and is no doubt suffering some trauma himself that he hasn’t had time to even come to terms with. You are right. It was VERY fresh. Part of the reason for the timeline. All of this happened from the time Avery told him to come over for lunch to this chapter was a little over 48 hours, maybe 2 1/2 days with little sleep or time to think. He went to see her on Friday afternoon and Reagan was kidnapped Saturday evening and now it’s early in the morning on Sunday.

      Evan was indeed foolish for not telling Reagan about his pending divorce. Hopefully he sticks by his pledge to tell her the entire truth, which obviously she doesn’t know at this point.

      Let’s hope Archer doesn’t make any moves on her. That would be creepy. The forehead kiss was probably pushing it and he just did it without thinking. We can hope anyway! I don’t expect him to push her, but he most certainly will make it easy to make the decision he wants… He’s already said that.

      Reagan is looking to him as a safe place right now because she is very guilt ridden. She longs for Evan, but that betrayal was just a day ago and even though he told her he was not going back to his wife since then, that more or less fell on deaf ears, She wasn’t in a position to deal with it and he knew, so he stayed back.

      More to come! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  12. RIP Avery…
    More like RIH Avery! (Rot in Hell)

    Is it wrong that I’m smiling over somebody’s death? Lol! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I’m so glad the trash has finally been taken out. The level of hate I had for that evil bitch was beyond measure! Now I’m hoping Cole is okay and that he recovers beautifully just like Ami did, bouncing right back. Wow, things are really thickening now! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe. Poor Avery got no love. She’s been scheming her whole life.

      Cole will hopefully do well and bounce back. Maybe Ami can be inspiration for him.

      Reagan is going to have the hardest time probably. And Evan. More to come. It’s thick now. Lol.


  13. OMG, Evan with that pillow trying to kill Avery was shocking..! For a minute there I thought he was really going to do it..! I’m sooo glad he didn’t though. Like Archer said, this would haunt him for life. But Archer did it? And he didn’t even bat an eyelid? Dude… who are you? :O
    I’m not sure what to think of Archer right now. It really rubs me the wrong way how he treats Evan. Poor guy has gone through so much, and now he has to watch his girl get stolen away? I agree with everyone who says Archer’s actions are a bit shady. I wish I knew what he’s thinking! But I’m veeery curious to see what gonna happen next! 😀
    That was such a great chapter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was very glad he didn’t do it. Archer may have saved his sanity. Archer has changed. But he’s still a take charge kinda guy.

      We get to hear what Archer is thinking next chapter. Not sure how he felt about it.

      He was almost cruel to Evan. I guess he thinks Evan doesn’t deserve Reagan? We get to hear from him next couple of chapters.

      Glad you liked the chapter.

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  14. Wow, even after working on it on my end and knowing what happened I was in a state of shock when everything unfolded. Very powerful Images. Archer is a typical Blake, I see more and more of his uncle in him every time. In control, cool head, manipulative, ruthless. If Garret was still alive (hehehehe) he would be very proud.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha. Thanks! The images were a bit harrowing to say the least! I actually felt bad for her to die like that. Archer was always a leader and took control. I’m not sure I would call him ruthless. Not yet anyway. Next two chapters are his POV.


      • Awesome, I did a little of his POV on my end but you are SOOO much better at writing emotions, I can write characters though patterns but getting into how they feel is more difficult for me, especially when it is characters like Archer

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  16. I can’t say that I am sad, or surprised, that Avery is dead. But I feel like death is too good for her. Is it bad to say that I hope she suffered?
    Even is a hot hot hot mess. He needs to pull himself together before he can try to talk to Reagan.
    Speaking of Reagan, I can’t wait to see how she reacts to her mom’s death and the fact that Archer is the one that killed her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, all I can say is that at least she knew it was coming. It wasn’t she died at the scene or in her sleep. So maybe a little suffering.

      Poor Evan. He does need to get himself together before he goes to Reagan. I just hope it’s not too late.

      We will see how she reacts. And hopefully Evan tells her soonish. Certainly Archer won’t.

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  17. I can’t help but feel really bad for Evan. Yeah, he should have told Reagan he was married/separated/divorcing, but he didn’t deserve everything Avery and Gun Lady Viv did to him. I mean, was he raped? Seems like it. And drugged, and everything else. I hope he does tell Reagan the truth and she understands. There was a time when I was firmly in Archer’s corner, but that boat has drifted to sea. hahaha 😀

    And, thank you Archer for getting rid of Avery!

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  18. TY for the Avery slideshow
    I will miss her 😭 and her terrible poorly thought out plots.

    You were the Mother Gothel to my Tangled heart

    Archer and Evan
    Just bang and get it over with, ladies

    killed with a pillow
    wat a way to go

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  19. All I could think of in the beginning was how terrible it is to see Ben with gray hair but now…
    I guess the way you talk about others, the way you treat them changes people. Archer has always been treated like he’s a criminal, someone who doesn’t deserve anything good. In the middle of his story, it seems he proved them all wrong, got to the good side. And then, he killed a person. Yes, a (potential) rapist. A potential future killer. A manipulator. But a person.
    And honestly? It scares me a little bit that I’m not mad at him. Part of me screams that she deserved it but part of me knows humans are not made to kill each other. Soldiers don’t get trauma from nothing. I could go on… I’m just very torn.
    However, it seems like this was Archer’s goodbye to Reagan. At least if Evan seizes his chance now which, by all means, he should. And keep an eye on himself, since now he knows that he was just as close to killing as Archer (maybe with juuuust a liittle more reason)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love hearing how you aren’t mad at Archer. He tried to better himself but got mixed up in something bigger than himself along the way. But has he given up on Regan yet? Perhaps and if so Evan needs to move in quickly.


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