Chapter 3.63 – In a Rut

Ryan felt like he was in a rut. It’d been two months since Taylor’s wedding and almost 4 months months since the kidnapping. He worked at the gym during the day and went to his apartment at night.

He never knew if Rosa would be there or not. Her shifts were crazy. And ever since she decided to go back to school for her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree, it sucked up the rest of her time. She either came home and crashed, or spent the entire day with her nose in a book. Very little of her time was left for him.

Rea announced her engagement to Evan and they bought a house together. They hadn’t set a date yet, but he figured it’d be soon. They were disgustingly happy. But his sister and Evan had been through hell and he was happy for her.  They deserved it.

Taylor and Elliott were just a disgusting. Happy and content together, married now, living in Reagan’s old house, formerly his father’s. Plus, they just broke ground on their own restaurant in Newcrest.

So, why wasn’t he moving forward with his own plans to build a gym? Dammit! He knew he needed financial backing and someone to bounce ideas around with. He couldn’t expect Rosa to help, she was pretty much checked out until she got her degree.


When he got home that evening, he saw Rosa had left a note. Why didn’t she just text him like everyone else? He sighed. He knew why.  Probably because he’d text her back and bitch.

‘Going to be late tonight. Around 10:30. Don’t wait up. XXX’ 

What the fuck? School was out at 7:30.  So why so late? He got no time with her as it was, and maybe when they could’ve had a late supper together, she ditched him. Yes, he was fucking waiting up. They were going to talk.

He threw a frozen dinner in the microwave and slammed the door.

He ate the nasty thing, alone, then grabbed a beer. When did his life get so damn boring?  When Rosa moved in … no … when she went back to school.  He flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV.

Finally, he heard the key in the lock and the door opened.  Then the lights came on, blinding him.  Ryan quickly closed his eyes. “Dammit!” he yelled.

Rosa let out a little yelp. “Ryan! You scared the crap outta me! What are you doing sitting here in the dark?”

Waiting for you to get home. You’re late.” He was pissed.

“I lost track of time. We were celebrating. We all passed our exam. I didn’t expect you to be waiting up anyway. Is something wrong?”

“Who is we?” he asked, “I could’ve come and celebrated with you.”  He knew, but he wanted to hear her say it. She was out partying with her fucking friends.

“Awww. Is somebody jealous?” she asked, dragging out her words, singsonging them like he was a small child.

Ryan didn’t think it was one bit funny. “Cut the shit Rosa.”

She sat down next to him. “Ryan, what’s really bothering you?”

He started spewing out everything he’d been thinking. “I need to move forward. I’m stuck in this stupid ass job. I want to open my own gym. But I need help and you aren’t around to talk to about my ideas. Plus, you and I, we’re just going through the motions in our relationship.  You would rather party with your friends than be with me. I feel like I’m treading water and will eventually drown.”

Rosa was no longer smiling. “This is NOT my fault Ryan Murdock! You don’t need me to do what you want to do.  I would’ve gone back to school regardless. I had that planned long before you begged me to move in with you!”

Ryan was beyond pissed.  He was livid.  He was trying to be serious and she just got defensive. “I didn’t beg!” Maybe I begged a little said a tiny voice in the back of his brain and he quickly pushed it away. “And, going back to school is NOT the same as starting a business!” he snapped back. “I thought we were in this together.  Is living with me just a convenient place to sleep?”

“Ryan … no,” she said softly, seeming to finally get what he was saying, “of course not.”

“Rosa, it’s just that you don’t feel … invested anymore,” said Ryan, reaching for a word to explain.

“What do you mean Ryan?” she asked, looking like she was afraid of his answer.

“Fuck, Rosa. Invested in our future. Not just yours. Starting a business is a big deal and it feels like you are only focused on your career to the exclusion of all else.”

Rosa bit her lip before responding, like she was carefully choosing her words. “I have to Ryan … for me,” she said softly, “I have to make sure I can support myself.  We live together … but it feels like we’re becoming more like friends with benefits … like you could walk away from me tomorrow.”

Ryan was floored. She still didn’t trust him. How did he not know this? “Rosa,” he said softening his words as much as he could, “I asked,” okay begged, “you to live with me because I thought you felt the same way. After all the shit that happened with Avery, I didn’t want to waste any time that we might have together … because I was falling in I love with you.”

She looked distressed at his words and shook her head slowly. “You wouldn’t know it anymore. Ever since that night Reagan called you to come rescue her, you’ve changed.”

That struck a nerve. “Almost get beat to death and see how you feel! I was pretty shaken up. That goddamned bastard tried to kill me, and I thought my twin sister might’ve killed him.  He’s insane.  I needed you badly, but when I got home, you were gone.”

“I was at work Ryan!” she said defensively.

“I know. But you could’ve called in.”

“Ryan … I don’t have seniority like that. That’s not fair. I can’t just make my own hours.”

“Would you feel better if we were married?” he asked. Maybe that was what she needed to know he wouldn’t leave her.

What?” She was incredulous, not what he had hoped. “Was that some sort of back door proposal?”

“No. Dammit, I’m just afraid of losing you. It feels like I already have.” He had given up and had no fight left in him.

“Ryan, look at me. I came home to you. It’s you who isn’t ready to commit. Not me. So don’t you dare propose to me until you are damn sure that’s what you really mean. And until you do, you’re future’s in your hands and my future’s in my hands.”

She was fucking preaching to him. But was she right? And he wasn’t ready to commit? Or was it because he was stagnant and needed a change that he’d thrown out that half baked proposal? Finally he looked her.  “I don’t want you to feel like we are only friends. We are more than that Rosa. We should be working together on our future, not in silos.” He couldn’t help but continue to try. He needed her. Without her, he had nothing.

She sighed, and leaned back. Maybe he’d broken through her walls. “What kind of future?” she asked gently. “Do you want children? We haven’t even talked about that.”

Ryan realized she was right. They hadn’t really talked about their future at all.  He reached out, put his arm around her and pulled her close. Thankfully, she didn’t pull away.  He missed holding her. “I’m sorry Rosa, you’re right,” he said gently, “we should talk about those things. Right now, I have a business to get started, so no, I don’t have time for kids, I can’t even imagine it. Did you want children?”

“No Ryan, I don’t want any right now either,” she said and sighed softly, “I want to get my career to a good place first too. But I do someday … with you.”

Ryan let out a relieved breath and pulled her closer. “I’m sorry baby. I don’t want to fight with you. Maybe I was a little jealous. We’ll figure it out.”

He kissed her forehead and she melted into him. 

Soon, they both forgot about their argument.


The next morning, while Ryan worked out, he thought about everything Rosa said. She was right. Marriage scared the shit outta him, and kids, even more so. Because, frankly, neither of them was ready. They were both still getting established in their chosen professions.

He also knew he needed a business partner to make building a Gym work. But who? He had no idea. Maybe Evan could help him with some ideas, or even his father. His father had a successful business. Of course.

Ryan texted his dad and asked if he could meet for lunch. He wanted to get his advice. Just because they were different types of businesses didn’t mean the premises of starting a business were different. He felt energized again for the first time in a long time.


Ryan got to the restaurant before his dad. He was suddenly nervous. What if his father thought he was rushing things?  He didn’t have long to stew over it.

His dad walked in and grinned when he saw him.   “Hey! Thanks for asking me to lunch,” he said as he sat down and picked up a menu. “I usually work right through. What’s good here?”

Ryan felt a little pang of guilt.  Damn, I should do this more often, not just when I need something, he thought. “Their pizza is good, I guess, and you’re welcome, but it was actually a little selfish,” apologized Ryan, “I wanted to pick your brain.”  That just made his father’s chest puff out. Yep, I need to spend more time with him, thought Ryan and made a mental note to do so.

While they ate, Cole offered Ryan really sound advice for getting started. He also surprised him by offering up seed money to help.

“I didn’t come to ask for cash, Dad,” he said embarrassed.

“Ryan, I helped your sisters. I helped Taylor and Elliott with the restaurant. I’m certainly going to help you too.”

“You said sisters,” asked Ryan confused, “You gave money to Reagan? What for?”

“To help her with your mother,” he said and winced a little.

“You mean Avery?” he corrected. She wasn’t his mother as far as he was concerned.

Cole’s eyebrow shot up but he didn’t say anything about his refusal to acknowledge her as his mother. “She was bleeding your sister dry Ryan. And Reagan didn’t ask either. I just gave it to her and told her to keep it. She and Evan used it as a down payment on their new house.” He smiled before continuing. “Reagan and Evan will do well.  He’s a good man and I’ve never seen her so happy.”

Ryan took a bite of his pizza and thought about what his father said.  He agreed with his assessment of his sister. She practically floated everywhere. It was actually kinda disgusting, and maybe part of what prompted him to realize how much his own life sucked. “Speaking of Reagan,” said Ryan, “has anyone heard from Archer since he stalked her at the wedding?”

His dad thought for a second before finally responding. “Dad said he was transferred to Germany.  Something about starting up an office there. Honestly, I think your grandfather called in some favors.  After the wine bottle incident, and then him stalking her, he was worried for her safety, if not just her peace of mind.”

“That’s a crap answer and you know it,” challenged Ryan. “I thought we were having an honest conversation for once. Grandpa threatened Archer at his apartment, and he backed down. How the hell does that happen with that asshole. What is really going on with Archer and Jason’s dad. Why did you call him when Avery took Reagan?  Why not the police?”

Cole ran his hands through his hair and rubbed his forehead. “Finish your meal and then we’ll go somewhere more private to talk. But what I tell you, stays with you.”

“Okaaay,” replied Ryan, even more curious now.

“Soooo, on a lighter note, how are you and Rosa?” asked Cole.

“Taking it slow,” said Ryan. It made him sad because when she moved in he thought they would be a team and they haven’t been. They sleep together more nights than before. But they still live their own lives.

Cole’s brow creased.  “Oh? Trouble?”

Ryan didn’t want to talk about Rosa. “Not really. We’re just so focused on our own careers we barely see each other.”

Cole looked worried.  “That’s a recipe for disaster. I know from experience.”

“With Avery?” asked Ryan, suddenly curious.

“No. Sort of, I guess.  So, before Avery, I became engaged to a woman named Yasmine, right out of college. Like you, our careers had us barely seeing each other, and she eventually broke off the engagement. I was devastated and made a lot of bad choices afterwards. But they gave me my children, and for that, I’m grateful.”

“Damn. Were you a ladies man Dad?” Ryan laughed. This was a side of his father he hadn’t seen before and he was intrigued.

Cole laughed along with him. “Hardly. If I was, Dannie and I might’ve gotten together a long time ago. Instead, I had a series of broken relationships. I almost let Dannie get away too.”

“So how did you get with Avery?”

“We started seeing each other right after my breakup. She bought me a puppy and we eloped to Las Vegas. It was good for awhile, but I don’t think she ever really loved me, or you and Reagan for that matter.  I’m sorry Ryan, I failed you two.  I should’ve realized how bad it was long before it escalated.”

Ryan was seeing his father through new eyes.  Avery had been a nasty manipulative bitch, and he could see how she could easily take advantage of someone kindhearted like him, his sister too for that matter. “Dad … don’t beat yourself up. I was buying into her bullshit too, at first.”

The waiter came over and his dad insisted on paying the bill. Ryan realized he really did admire his father. He’d been through hell with Avery. And then he and Reagan turned on him when they found out about Taylor. God they were awful to him. And yet he was there for them every time they needed him. In fact, he almost died for Reagan.

When they stood up to leave, Ryan impulsively pulled him into a hug. “I love you Dad.”

“Love you too son. Come on. Let’s go to my office and have that talk.”


Ryan sat alone in his apartment that evening, reflecting on the afternoon with his father. After they had an eye opening lunch, his father had taken him to his clinic and told him why Grandpa Ben was able to make Archer go away.  It turns out his dad’s friend, Mickey Blake, Jason’s dad, and their family were involved in organized crime.

His dad didn’t know much other than that, because he tried to distance himself from it. But he did know that his own father, Grandpa Ben, had been involved with them at one point, growing marijuana for street use when it was still illegal. Damn, thought Ryan, Grandpa was mixed up with gangsters? No wonder he was so damn scary that night.

His dad went on the tell Ryan that, with the Blake’s help, his grandfather had gotten out had managed to get out of it right before he and Sofia got married. But the connections remained. BASE was just one of the companies owned by the Blake family.  It was a legit company, yet a cover for some not so scrupulous activities. when needed.  That’s why his dad had called them when Reagan was kidnapped – and when his sister had been run over.  He had known they would use tactics the police might not be able to employee in order to help find and rescue Reagan.

Jason’s dad is a fucking gangster.  That blew Ryan’s mind. And fuckhead Archer was involved with them too. He should’ve known that, just by the way he handled the operations for the kidnapping.  And now he wondered if Jason was involved too. Probably. Doesn’t all that shit get passed down within a family? Ryan shivered to think about it and was very glad his family was no longer a part of it. He bet Aunt Ami didn’t know either because she still used BASE for security at C&M. Or, maybe that’s why she does. Damn. He felt like he’d been living under a rock.

He was glad his father confided in him. It made a lot of things make more sense. But still, he had his own issues to worry about.  Rosa for one.  She had school tonight and wouldn’t be home until late, so he dragged himself off the couch and to the shower.

As he showered, he vowed to himself to make things better with Rosa. He would make a concentrated effort to give more of himself and show interest in her career choice, even though the hours and time she was putting in sucked. He figured his own was going to get just as sucky very soon, now that he had the money to actually start working on building his gym. He knew their relationship wasn’t strong enough right now to weather the strain, especially after what she’d said. He didn’t have much time to turn it around, but he was going to try his best.

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45 thoughts on “Chapter 3.63 – In a Rut

  1. Wow, Ryan really did some growing up in this chapter. At first, he was kinda acting like a douche, but it really helped when Cole treated him like an adult. I’m glad he’s willing to accept Cole’s help to open the biz.

    And maybe it’s my eyes, but does Cole’s hair look like it’s turning purple? lol I’m imagining like little old ladies dyeing their hair black and not succeeding, not that his hair was black. Meh. It’s probably the lighting.

    And maybe Archer will stay in Windenburg. Maybe.

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    • Ryan usually acts like a douche so why would anyone expect more of him. 🙄 Yes, I agree, he did grow up some in this chapter. Cole didn’t talk down to him at all and he actually listened for once.

      Poor Cole’s hair. I wanted it to look gray and in some lights it does look purple. The lack of graying hair is rough. They have black hair one day and gray the next. So it has been this way for a few chapters. In a few it’ll go gray.

      Let’s hope he stays far, far away. I’m sure Mickey doesn’t want a loose cannon out there. He needs to rein him in.

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  2. I was surprised that Ryan was such a massive jerk at the start of this chapter. Dude, you don’t need Rosa to plan *your* business with you. Getting and education is stressful enough without him requiring her to do everything for him.
    At least I’m glad he’s going to change some things about himself, because otherwise I wouldn’t blame Rosa for leaving his butt. Ryan needs to get his act together.
    Good to know that Reagan is doing well, though. ❤ She deserves it after all the nonsense she's been through.

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    • Ryan was jealous and envious of everyone and feeling sorry for himself. He took it out on Rosa. Yep a jerk. At least he realized at the end that he was being unreasonably nasty to her. Hopefully he will be able to make some changes and start getting her to trust him again.

      Reagan and Evan are happy little bees, living and working together. ❤️. We haven’t seen the last of them, but taking a little detour to find out how Ryan’s doing.

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  3. Srsly I think he should break up with her. He needs her because she’s conveniently there, and because he doesn’t want to be alone, clearly not because he loves her.
    Of course she feels that, so she distances herself.
    If he would really love her, he would be more understanding and invested by himself, and not have to try.
    And Rosa doesn’t seem to have enough backbone to quit it herself.
    I smell disaster coming.😑😐

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    • You are probably right. He doesn’t want to be alone. He thinks he loves her. But maybe he just loves the idea of her. And therefore has to work at it. He went through a lot with his mother and needed to feel alive and she helped him with that. Now that the immediate danger and drama has subsided, he has time to look at his life and its not where he hoped it would be. He knows *he* needs to change which is a huge step for him.

      I think Rosa is just along for the ride to see if it works out. I’m sure he feels his lack of enthusiasm about their relationship. But at least he’s gonna work on it. Maybe the spark will rekindle.

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  4. Yeah these two don’t feel like they really have much love between them, and I think Ryan needs to grow up a lot before he can be a good partner for someone anyhow.

    No one’s going to make your success for you Ry! He did seem like he’s making improvements tho, there may be hope for this boy yet.


    Liked by 3 people

    • There is probably only a physical attraction at this point. And even that is waning. Ryan does have a lot of growing up to do. He was so determined to not get involved with anyone, that when he needed someone he didn’t know how to be there except for sex. He wants to try though.

      Rosa is right, he doesn’t need her to do what he needs to do to become successful. That has to come from him. She knows what she wants to do and is going after it. She didn’t wait for him to tell her it was okay or the right thing to do.

      Maybe he can figure out how relationships work and try to be a better partner.

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  5. Interesting chapter. I know you have your story already mapped out but I’ll still speculate… I don’t think Ryan and Rosa are ready for the kind of relationship they thought they were. It’s going to require sacrifice from both of them and neither is ready to do that. From this chapter. He needs to step up and take his life in the direction he wants it to go so that other things can fall into place. Waiting for someone else to make you happy is a recipe for disaster. You need to be happy internally. Ouch, longest comment ye. And probably makes no sense, Lol, so I’ll just go back to work now 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha! I do have it mapped out… you are right. But until it’s posted it’s subject to change! 😈😈😈. Rosa and Ryan do seriously need to work on their relationship. Ryan, at least, is taking steps in the right direction. Rosa is just protecting herself and probably her heart.

      I love long comments. ❤️. Don’t apologize!

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  6. Ryan and Rosa are really losing touch with one another, huh? 😦 It seems like they’re in such different places in their lives, and Ryan seems to have some major security issues he’s gotta work though… which I think opening that gym will hopefully help with!

    So sad to see Cole getting old 😭 But I’m glad that he’s able to help Ryan out here. Hopefully things will start turning around for Ryan soon (and hopefully there’s still some hope for him and Rosa!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • They have been so absorbed with their own troubles and jobs, yes, sorta drifting apart. He needs to get his gym open soon. It will give him a positive focus.

      Cole… my sweet baby boy. He really talked to Ryan man to man which he needed. Not like father to son. So I hope Ryan takes it all in and works to fix things between him and Rosa.

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  7. I like it that not everything is sunshine and rainbows in Murdickland. At least not for Ryan and Rosa. Looks like the love snuck away from the relationship. I can feel no chemistry between the two of them anymore, but that’s okay, I guess. In real life all family members aren’t always happy at the same time.
    Archer being sent to Germany. 😂

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    • That’s a good way to put it. The love snuck away. Ryan had other priorities and so did Rosa and they drifted apart. There really isn’t chemistry but Ryan’s determined to try anyway.

      Watch out Germany! Lol..😂😂😂😂

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  9. Just now got caught up within the last three chapters. Sorry I’ve been a stranger. It’s good to see how Ryan is doing, I’m a little funny about what Rosa is doing though. Hopefully it’s not a repeat of Avery. I doubt it though, being a nurse is not exactly easy. They really do work a lot and very hard. But hopefully things are okay.

    I’m glad to see Reagan is doing well, and engaged to a very nice guy. I used to not like Evan very much but he’s growing on me. Although I really liked Archer at first, he is starting to become a bit insane.

    Nice job, looking forward to the next chapter Audrey!

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    • I don’t think Rosa is anything close to Avery. She’s just as frustrated with their situation as Ryan is. They rushed into living together too quickly. And she does work hard.

      I’m glad Evan is growing on you! Archer went off the rails and let his power go to his head.

      Glad you got caught up! Hope all is well with you. ❤️

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  10. Awww I am so glad to hear that Reagan and Evan are doing well! ❤ I love those two so much! ^_^ ❤ ❤
    Hmmmm things are pretty rocky with Ryan and Rosa… and they really shouldn't be. So maybe that's a sign that they both try so hard to be in a relationship that's already dead… I don't know. I think things should be easy and sweet now that they're living together, and they're anything but. Maybe one of them has to be brave and admit that it's not working out?
    Archer better be far, far away because if he isn't, I'm gonna raise Sinbad from the grave and send him over there to whisper a word or two, lmao!!
    I looooved that scene with Ryan and Cole ❤ ❤ Cole may have been a dick occasionally, but ultimately he is such a sweet, good dad. You can see his love for his children from miles. And I think he's relaxed a bit now that his kids are older – he's not that stiff anymore. Well, probably Avery being out of the way and everything being out on the open has helped too 🙂
    This was great! ^_^ ❤


    • Evan and Reagan are my new fav couple! ❤️❤️❤️

      Yes. I think you’re close to right about Ryan and Rosa. It should be easy and sweet. They are both afraid of calling it a failure I think and forcing the relationship. Maybe they will be able to fix it. 🤷‍♀️

      Sinbad would scare me! Archer better run!

      Ryan and Cole both needed that and it would only happen if Ryan reached out. Cole is there for them – but he won’t try to interfere in their lives. So this was a huge step for both. And eye opening for Ryan. ❤️

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. ❤️

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  11. Great Story…the explanation about Archer almost make some want to done more Gen in Germany…lol…unfortunately I am so busy nowadays I don’t have time. I recently got some freelance work writing a couple of comic series, so that keeps me freaking busy…..but hopefully we will eventually see the Blake’s in my new saga, if I can keep up with it.

    I am little concerned about Ryan and Rosa, I know this Gen is almost over, but why do I get the feeling the drama isn’t over just yet….

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    • Thanks. Archer trying to be a badass in Germany cracks me up. He’s probably sitting in a pub stewing!

      Congrats on the comic. That’s awesome.

      The gen might be wrapping up but the drama isn’t. Accurate statement. We shall see soon.


  12. There are three very demanding and stressfull professions that demand time, causes stress, ironically saving/protecting lives at the cost of their home/personal life (military, medical, and law enforcement). Rosa has chosen that field. Ryan and Rosa both are going to need to “make time” for each other, communicate well and be supportive if they want their relationship to work and need to prioritize family. I don’t see it happening. Like above. Rosa left a note instead of texting Ryan. Rosa deciding to celebrate her exam, no notification to Ryan or inviting him to join her imprompteau just letting him know after the fact. It is her friends not our friends. It is I/me no we/our. She puts all the blame on Ryan not being ready and afraid to commit. But with that kind of track record like above it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Ryan is no angel either especially in the support department. Thank you for the interesting storyline and development. Am curious how the Ryan chapters are going to work out. and looking forward to more.

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    • So very true. Nursing is very demanding with insane hours and a ton of stress although I’m sure it’s quite rewarding as well.

      Rosa has gone the way you described so well. Slowly excluding Ryan from her life. I don’t think it was intentional, just happened. And Ryan is no angel either. Very selfish and demanding. Not exactly supportive. So it was bound to go off the rails at some point. They rushed into it too quickly.

      I hope we see Ryan mature a bit and stop being such a hot head. I think his talk with Cole was the beginning of him seriously reevaluating where his life is headed and what he needs to do in order to make positive changes.


  13. They need to work thing out. Both sides have to want to make the relationship work.That’s part of being in a relationship, things aren’t just roses, you can’t back out when things aren’t ”convenient”, you gotta fight and make an effort to keep things up and running!If it means getting slihgtly out of you confort zone.

    I can see both Ryan and Rosa’s point. Ryan just wants his girlfriend to be there for him at the end of the day, and Rosa wants to make sure her future is looking good.

    Oof.Ryan really shouldn’t have just said the thing about ”getting married” really wasn’t the time to do that, buddy!Hopefully they’ll be able to work on their issues together, instead of just blaming the other part, and wishing for the other person to change, instead of both changing to make things work.

    I agree with Rosa to some degree. You can’t pull her into some bussines just because it’s convinent that your loved one is with you in this. He should start doing thing on his own, and talking things out with Cole was definetly as step in a good direction.

    Hummm, so BASE is a cover-up for some mafia. I imagined it would be just some company that ”mushed” with mafia, but, guess not, 100% mafia. I sure as heck hope Archer stay alllllllllll the way in Germany lol. If he comes back we are going to have some very angry, resentful, and armed guy in our hands.(Most likely, depends on how long for him to come back, and/or if he’ll try to change.)

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    • They do both need to put forth more effort. I think Rosa went into this thinking he might hurt her, so she’s preparing for it. The getting married thing was soooo wrong and really ticked off Rosa.

      I’m really glad Ryan turned to his father for help. He’s growing up – finally.

      Yeah, BASE is a cover for illegal activities. If Archer shows back up, not going to be pretty. Hope he stays a looong time or at least until he gets his head on straight.

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  14. Thanks! I hope all is well with you too! I’ve decided I’m going to do a simlit on both Sims 2 and 4.
    Sims 2 because I never want to see my original story die, and Sims 4 because that’s the hot thing nowadays and of course the graphics. Would you think that was a good idea if I did a parallel on both?

    Anyways sorry for the topic drift. Lol. Yeah, In fact I feel like an awful person talking about Rosa that way. Lol. She’s a total saint compared to the piece of shit Avery was. Hopefully she is behaving tho. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Link it to me when you start. I love reading as much as writing. So a parallel seems cool but a huge time investment. If you have the time – then go for it! I understand not wanting your story to die.

      Don’t apologize. She’s not evil by a long stretch. But neither one is ready for this too quick decision to live together. She wanted him to be the fantasy she had in her head of him. And still clings to it even while she is subconsciously or maybe even consciously beginning to prepare for him leaving her again. Or maybe she’s fortifying herself to leave him before he does. Either way, they both went into the relationship with their eyes closed.

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  16. I like Ryan and Rosa together, but at the same time, I don’t think Ryan understands how difficult getting a nursing degree is. It sucks up all your time, and if it isn’t all you think about, you will probably fail. Still, I understand why it’s important for Ryan to feel like his life is moving forward, too. Such a tough situation.

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    • Ryan is suddenly feeling alone. Actually I believe it’s partly because of the twin thing. He always watched out for a Reagan. He was who she called when she was in trouble with Archer. They are always there for each other. Now that her life is settled, he feels lost I think. He feels she doesn’t need him as much, although she will always need him.

      And you would know how hard nursing is! It’s consuming I’m sure. She has a goal,that doesn’t necessarily include Ryan in any meaningful way and he’s jealous. Sadly.

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  17. I can relate to Rosa very well. If you intend to pursue a career that takes up a lot of time, of course you put all the time into it. You don’t want to suffer through half of it and then don’t succeed. Nursing, just like pharmacy, eats up a whole lot of time, strength and mind capacity. That doesn’t mean we’ve given up on our relationships, though

    Liked by 1 person

    • No kidding. It’s a lot of work and studying to make it happen. Those fields are intense with all of the information you need to learn and internalize. But it shouldn’t force you to give up on relationships.


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