Chapter 4.20 – Publicity

Sam was furious with her mother. She had the nerve to actually ground her and forbid her from seeing Dax for two weeks. Even on the set she wasn’t allowed to hang out with him.

When her mother pulled Dax aside and lectured him, she was humiliated. She could see Felicity smirking.

She almost wished her mother and Ragnar weren’t engaged.  As long as they were together, Ragnar wouldn’t kick her off the set.  It seemed like he almost wanted Dax and Felicity to get together – for ‘free publicity’ and ‘ratings’. It was awful. For two weeks, she’d had to sit back and watch Felicity move in on Dax.

Those two weeks seemed like two months. And she could finally be with Dax again.  A week later, she walked into the dressing room to finish getting ready to film.  She saw the latest copy of Celebrity laying on the table.  That looked like Dax.  She picked it up to look closer.

It definitely Dax on the front cover – with his arm  snugly wrapped around Felicity.  Sam felt her heart sink into her stomach.  She knew that witch left it there for her to find.

“Hey Sam, are you about ready?” came Dax’s voice behind her. “We start filming in about ten minutes.”

She spun around with the magazine in her hand, hot tears already clouding her vision. When he saw what she had in her hand, she swore he blanched. “What is this Dax?” she asked. “I understand them making crap up, but these pictures are NOT made up. They’re real!” She practically spit out the last word she was so hurt and angry.

“Fuck Sam. It’s what it always is with her. You know that.  She’s always all over me. Especially if there’s a camera around.”

“You look like you were enjoying it. Did she magically force your arm around her?”

“We went to grab lunch and the paps showed up.  I was just tying to get us through the hoard.”

“But you went with her. You didn’t have to!” Sam was full on crying now.

Dax took the magazine from her and threw it in angrily onto the chair. “Sam, look at me,” he pleaded, “Don’t do this. Don’t fight with me. She’s nothing. I swear it. Ragnar told me to get her out of the studio for awhile and chill, so I did. Don’t be angry, I need you, you’re good for me.”

“What does that even mean Dax?” she asked as she shrugged his hands from her arms. She knew if she let him pull her to him,she’d give in. She wanted him even though she was furious.

“You ground me Sam,” he said as he released her, his tone no longer harsh. “Just like when we were at the party last month. You didn’t let me go ape shit crazy looking for Ragnar. You calmed me down. And even when Felicity came up to us, you being there helped me keep it together.”

His words were working. Because, she kinda understood. She reached up and touched his arm. “I think maybe I know what you mean. I feel … lost … alone … without you.”

“Sam … I’m sorry you had to see that,” he said and reached out to her, in an attempt to pull her into his arms again.

This time she let him and all she felt was relief.  She didn’t need to kiss him, just feel him.  She closed her eyes and breathed him in, listening to the steady strum of his heart.  She no longer felt like she was falling.

“I love you baby,” he whispered. “Don’t ever doubt that.”

Now she did want to kiss him. But they were in the dressing room so she couldn’t. Someone might come in. But when he tipped her face to his, all sanity went out the window and she let him kiss her anyway.

When they came up for air, Dax’s hands were all over her. “We need some alone time,” he said, his voice an octave lower than normal.

She tried to clear her head and took the opportunity to push him away. He was getting too carried away. “Dax, someone might come in. Plus, we need to get out to the set.”

“Babe, they already know we’re a couple,” he said, his voice gravely. He began kissing her again.

“Well, well, what have we here?” Felicity’s saccharine voice gave Sam chills. “The little princess is no longer grounded.  You know, princess, Mommy Dearest will only cut you off again if ya’ll don’t ratchet it down.  I seriously doubt she’d appreciate her precious daughter getting felt up in the dressing room.

“God Felicity, haven’t you caused enough trouble?” growled Dax. “Get out.”

“Sorry, darling, gotta touch up my makeup.  This is our dressing room.”

“Come on Sam, let’s get outta here.” Dax took Sam’s hand and lead her out. Sam’s heart was racing. Felicity unnerved her terribly.  Her trash talk made it even easier to despise her character on the set.

As they were leaving Felicity sang out, “Aww Dax baby. You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Instead of going on the set, he took Sam behind the set where the props were stored.

As soon as they got inside, Dax took her in his arms again and started trying to kiss her.  She turned her head away because she was crying. “Stop it!” she whisper yelled because she was afraid someone might hear them. Felicity was right, her mother would probably ground her again.

Finally, he stopped pawing at her. “Sam … what’s wrong?” he asked concerned, “You’re shaking.”

“I hate her, and I hate that I’m jealous of her.” She sniffed loudly because her nose was running. It only made her cry more because it was so gross and she was embarrassed.

Dax grabbed a paper towel and handed it to her. She used it to blow her nose.  “I’m sorry,” she mumbled and sniffed again.

“Sam, you need to pull it together. We have another scene to shoot. You can’t go out there like this. What happened to the talented Sam that could kill any scene?”

“She just upsets me.  Please, don’t tell anyone I’ve been crying. It’ll only make everyone think I can’t handle this. I can.”

“Don’t let her get under your skin. She’s just trying to push your buttons.”

“I won’t,” she said and forced a smile.

“That’s better. Just remember, it’s you that I care about.”

She nodded her ever so slightly. “M-kay.”

Dax pressed his forehead to hers and held her like that for a minute. “Good,” he finally said, letting out a relieved breath, “Now let’s get you back to the dressing room so you can freshen up.”


Outside the dressing room …

“Ah there you are,” she said to her daughter as she walked into the dressing room. “I’ve been looking for you.  Ragnar is ready to film your scene.”

“I know Mom,” she snapped, “I’m getting ready.”

“Okay. You don’t need to be so snippy. Need any help?”

No! I’m not seven years old anymore. I can do this!”

“Ohhhkay then. I only wanted to help.”

Sam’s shoulders sagged. “I’m sorry Mom. It’s been a rough day.”

Maribel noticed the magazine laying on the chair as she started to walk off.  That had to be the source of her daughter’s sour mood. “Sam,” she said softly, “you saw Celebrity?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay sweetie. I’ll leave you alone. But if you want to talk later tonight, I’m around.” When Maribel had seen the magazine earlier, she knew those pictures were going to upset her daughter. She hoped she wouldn’t see it. But that was just wishful thinking. As much as she appreciated the free publicity, she didn’t like that it was at Samantha’s expense. She’d have a talk with Ragnar later.

* * *

As Maribel stepped out of the dressing room, she saw Dax and Felicity in a heated discussion. She stopped and listened rather than interrupt.

“Because … it’s just so easy darlin’,” said Felicity and rolled her eyes. “But really, why do you keep going back? I could tell you were into it the other night.”

“Sam is important to me. You’re simply a distraction.”

“Ohhh. That hurts Dax,” she said pouting.

“That’s bullshit. You don’t care about me. Not the way Sam does. You just want to be seen together to get your name out there.”

“I could say the same for you.” She lifted her hands towards the sky. “Ragnar wants it, so it shall be,” she said, then dropped her arms and tapped her chin. “Hmmm. If I could get Mommy Dearest away from the boss man for 5 minutes, now that might be quite a ride.”

“You’re disgusting. You’d screw a snake if it helped your career.”

“But you liked it,” shot back Felicity, beginning to get angry.

Maribel had heard enough and made her presence known. “Hi guys,” she said pleasantly as if she hadn’t heard anything.

The couple quickly stopped their conversation and turned towards her, guilt written on both their faces. “Sam will be out in a second,” she continued, “I just checked on her. She was upset, no doubt she’s seen the tabloids. Personally I think it’s sick, but you two should’ve warned her it was coming. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll ask Ragnar to reverse the publicity and make it the ‘Sam and Dax’ show next time. That would work too. Getting back together after Dax’s little – misstep.” She smiled and looked looked back and forth between the two of them, enjoying their discomfort.

“I’ll go get Sam,” said Dax quickly, apparently anxious to escape, leaving Maribel and Felicity alone together.

Once Dax was out of earshot Maribel pinned Felicity with a hard stare. “Doing things for publicity is one thing,” she growled under her breath, “but if you hurt my daughter, I’ll have Ragnar ruin your ass.”

“You listen to me … bitch … it’s none of your fucking business what I do or who I do. So don’t make threats you can’t back up. If you didn’t coddle Goldilocks, she wouldn’t have to worry about Dax straying. So fuck off.”

“Mom?” Sam’s voice stopped the words that were getting ready to fly out of Maribel’s mouth. She hoped she hadn’t heard what Felicity said. She turned around quickly and saw Sam and Dax were still a little ways away, while out of the corner of her eye she saw Felicity take off for the set. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mom, I’m sorry about earlier,” said Sam, “I’m really okay.”

“It’s okay baby. Why don’t you two head over. They’re ready.”

“Go ahead Sam, I’ll be right there,” said Dax. As soon as Sam walked off he glared at Maribel. “What did she say to you?”

Maribel was furious. How dare they all talk to her like she was nobody. She didn’t care if he was Sam’s boyfriend, if he was screwing around with that whore, then he deserved to lose Sam. “Nothing,” she finally said, “But if I were you, I’d be sure to keep it in your pants from now on.”

“She lied if she said there was anything going on between us,” growled Dax.

“Someone is definitely lying. And sadly, I don’t think it’s her. Keep. Away.”

“DAX! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!” yelled one of the stage hands.

Maribel watched with satisfaction as he jogged over to the set. He wouldn’t dare defy her. She’d talk to Ragnar about the publicity stunts. She knew he listened to her opinion and she’d get him to have Sam and Dax back as a couple again. It’d be even better that way. Sam would believe it really was a publicity stunt, even if there was more than a shred of truth in it. Plus, it would get Sam back on the front page.


A month later ….

Sam was getting ready for her date with Dax when her phone rang. It was her father. She smiled when she answered.

“Hi Daddy!”

“Hi sweetheart! How’re things?”

“Dax and I are good if that’s what you’re calling about. The pictures in Celebrity were all just a publicity stunt. It was hard to watch, but it’s over – for now anyway.”

“Aww I’m sorry about that, I’m glad you are doing okay though.  That was partly why I called, but I also have some news. I wanted to wait until you got here to tell you, but I was afraid you might hear it from someone else first.”

“Ohhh. What?” She felt her heart begin to race.

“Taysia and I are going to have a baby. She’s pregnant.”

Her heart rate went quickly back to normal. Everyone was okay. “Oh my god!” she squealed into the phone, “Daddy, that’s wonderful! When is it due?”  She couldn’t help but smile.  Her father sounded like he was on cloud nine.

“Thanks sweetie. She’s just 12 weeks, so in December. She’s absolutely glowing.”

“I’m so excited for you. But she couldn’t be glowing anymore than she was on your wedding day. She looked so happy.”

“We are happy Sam. You know, I’ll never forget when I found out about you. I was excited to be a father. I hope this baby is a sweet as you.”

“Oh Daddy. You’re going to make me cry!”

“I wish your brother felt the same.”

“Oh … he’s jealous I bet.”

“Yeah. That’s what Taysia said. He needs time to adjust.”

“When he sees that baby, he’ll fall in love. Ty’s a good kid.”

“I know. Just confused. I wish you could be here. I miss you terribly. When’s your next break?”

“In a few weeks. I’ll be able to come for a least a week, maybe two. We have a month off.

“Oh that’s good. Let me know the date and I’ll make the arrangements. I love you Sam.”

“Love you too Daddy. Congratulations.”

Sam was truly happy for her father.  However, she was a tiny bit jealous that Tyler would have a new brother or sister and it would seem more like she was a distant aunt than the baby’s half-sister.  She hoped it would be born around the holidays, and she might get to be there.

There was a knock on her door. “Samantha, Dax is here,” called her mother from the other side of the door.

Crap. Back to reality. She needed to get downstairs before her mother interrogated Dax. “I’m coming,” she called out and headed out.

Sam ran downstairs and straight into Dax’s arms. She was still smiling about the phone call. “Dax! Guess what! Daddy and Taysia are pregnant!”

“What did you say?” said her mother.

She forgot her mother probably wouldn’t know. “Taysia is pregnant,” she said to her mom.

“Oh good grief. Of all the juvenile things he could’ve done. He has two teenage kids and wants to start over. He’ll never grow up. I’m glad I got away from that.”

“Mom, he’s happy.  I think Taysia probably wanted to have a baby. She’s a teacher. She likes kids.”

Principal – that’s different.”

“Whatever,” said Sam, “We’re leaving.”

“Don’t be late,” warned her mother, “Dax, you get her home by midnight.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Dax stiffly. Sam could hear his eye roll.


Dax took her to his apartment and ordered delivery.  Then he opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass.  He said he needed some time alone away from the media, and she could have a glass of wine without worrying about getting carded.

“So,” he said when they settled on the couch, “you’re excited about your new sibling?” Dax’s question was more of a statement.

“Of course! I don’t remember Daddy being this happy for a long time.”

“You miss him and your brother?”

“I do. I used to think I didn’t want to be around Ty because he was an annoying little brat. He’s changed so much and I think it’s because of Taysia, and well, he’s older and less annoying now too.” Sam laughed at her observation.

“I’d be sad if you ever left to go back.”

“Awww. Dax. I’m not leaving. First. I would miss you way too much, and I need to be here for the show. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. However, I am going back for a couple of weeks during our summer break. I wish you could go with me. You could meet the rest of my family.”

“I don’t think your mom would allow it.”

She knew he was right. Her mother had a split personality when it came to Dax. On the one hand she wanted her to be seen with him, but on the other hand, she didn’t trust them together.  Sam’s insecurities invaded her thoughts. She tried to shake it off.

“I graduate next year,” she said and scooted around, putting her legs in Dax’s lap. “Then she can’t control me anymore. I’m sorry I can’t just do whatever we want.”

“Maybe ….” he said, and had a gleam in his eye.

“What?” she asked grinning.

“Your mother can’t control where I go on my own time. I can go out of town with you. We can even be on the same flight. I’ll get a hotel. Surely you can sneak away to come see me once we are there.”

“I’m not sure how. That’s a long time to be in that tiny town alone. Besides we risk being caught by the paps.”

Dax took her glass and sat it on the table with his and climbed on top of her making her giggle.  “That’s true,” he said, “I’ll just fly in a few days later and stay a couple days. Maybe you can pretend to be spending the night with some old girlfriends.”

“Ohhh. That might work. And then I could spend the night the entire night with you!”

Dax scooted down and kissed her. “Sounds like a plan,” he said between kisses, “we’ll figure it out.”

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38 thoughts on “Chapter 4.20 – Publicity

  1. What the fuck, Maribel? If your version of caring is ‘not telling Sam that her boyfriend definitely cheated on her’, then you’re one hell of a warped woman. Then again we knew that already.

    Poor Sam. I think she’s headed for a breakdown. Nobody in her daily life really has her best interests at heart.

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  2. Maribel definitely has a warped sense of what’s good for her daughter. She has no business judging anyone. She justifies everything she does with a warped view of what’s right. And yes, Sam. Everyone seems to just be using her at this point and she has no idea that’s what’s really going on. So she clings to Dax. And while I think Dax does have some feelings for her, I think she’s convenient and maybe does give him a little of what he’s missing in his own life. He totally knows Felicity is just using him just as he used her.

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    • Sam arguably is definitely worse off than poor Tyler. She just doesn’t realize it yet. She’s clinging to Dax, and if that relationship goes south, because how often do first loves become your last love, she may not be strong enough to deal with the heartbreak and betrayal. I hope it doesn’t come to that and she has time to grow up more first.

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  3. Hmm…Dax is a good talker. He even had me believing his bs. Lol! Well, Sam is happy…for now. Maybe things will be good for a while. I can always hope! A nice vacation from the drama for a bit.

    Ohhh…loved seeing the pics of Jackson and James! ❤️❤️❤️

    It was nice seeing Sam happy for Ryan and Taysia. And she’s right. She will be like an aunt rather than a half sister. I hope she tries to have a relationship with the baby regardless. But that’s the price of living away and being older. Sigh…


    • Dax is interesting. He is an actor as well so maybe he is a smooth talker. However, I think he does care about Sam but often forgets she is just barely 17. She does seem happy for now though. A little calm before …. yeah. 😇

      Ha! I didn’t know if anyone would notice the posters of Jackson and James! ❤️❤️❤️Every time I see that poster of Jackson, it crushes me what he went through. 💔💔💔

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  5. Leave it to one b*tch to deal with the other. In best case they cancel each other out.
    I’m really curious how Sam will get along with the rest of the kids when she comes back home. From her perspective things may have stayed as she left them, but it is rarely so. It wouldn’t surprise me if she felt like she didn’t belong.

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    • Right! Maybe they will cancel each other out! Lol. Sam … going home won’t be the same I’m sure. She’s changed a lot and so,have they. She’s no longer just Tyler’s stuck up older sister. And they are all good friends. It will be quite interesting to see how it goes.


  6. Sam and Dax are feeding me some young Reagan and Archer realness up in here!
    (RIP Reacher 😭)
    I understand Bel’s instinct to protect her child from everything, even hurt feelings, that’s a hard pill to swallow as a mother!
    Maybe Felicity and Bel should redirect that energy into a torrid tryst!

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  7. Ugh, yeah as others have said – more bad parenting from Maribel. Why on earth wouldn’t you tell your daughter her boyfriend is cheating? I’m guessing it’s because she wants Sam to be seen with Dax. And tbh, it doesn’t matter that he probably does care about Sam – and I think he does – because he’s still lying, cheating scum. Poor Sam never should have been embroiled in all this.

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    • Yes. Maribel has her priorities all messed up. She wants Sam to be seen with him and be the one on the cover of the mag instead of Felicity. He cares, but he’s a mess too. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Gonna bite him at some point. Poor Sam is right. She still halfway listens to her mother, but is beginning to pull away. The issue is, Sam really does like what she is doing.

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  8. Aww I still love Bel. She has zero morals, but she cares about her cubs and is a real mama bear 😊

    Ryan on the other hand… his daugher had a heart break and the only thing he cares about is to rub the new baby in her face asap. At least she’s too happy to hear from him to see it.

    Dax you smooth talker 😏😏
    Poor Sam is probably in for a heart break I bet, but I’ll totes enjoy watching how it goes down.

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    • That is Bel in a nutshell! No morals, but protective of her cubs! 😂😂

      Yes, Ryan just can’t understand why his kids aren’t overjoyed at the prospect of a new half sibling. He’s clueless most of the time. And yes, Samantha adores her absentee daddy.

      Dax is a smooooth talker. He cares about her, but probably he cares more about himself than her. Soooo, yes. 😱 There could be some heartbreak coming her way. But then, who ever wound up with their first love anyway? Growing pains …

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  9. Welp, it’s good to see that Maribel *does* care for her dautgher, even in her messed-up way. I must admit I’m liking the ”hollywood” part of this gen, since it’s like all the cast in it falls into some ”grey” morality zone. Maribel cares for her dautgher, but still uses her as profit, Dex likes Sam, but still cheated on her. Sam can judge things more acuratly, but she’s still leaning into drug and has no emotional maturity.So many layers! I love it.

    Ohhh. Dang. I guess it really be eat or be eaten in Hollywood. While I do like this more humane look on Bel, I’m still not sure if it was the best choice to not tell your dautgher that, depise all the beautifull talk, her boyfriend cheated on her.I’m sure her mind came up with na excuse (and not the real reason:The tabloids) as to why that’s best for her.

    You can see just how much ”free” Sam has been raised by this single phrase:”She had the nerve to actually ground her” Honey, he’s your mother. Her job is too keep you in line, and behaving like a good human being. And if Sam thinks she’ll be free as a Bird once she’s legally na adult, reality is gonna slap her hard. Bel ain’t giving up her Golden eggs yet, and I’m not sure Sam would be able to deal with the real world on her own.

    I feel so bad for Sam. Despise being so famous, and leading a glamurous life, I think a child still needs their rock, still needs someone that will be there emotionally for them, will help them grow up, and make the right choices.And Bel is defintly not that. I’m sure she doesn’t have much of na idea of what Sam is going throught, since Sam doesn’t feel confrotable enought to tell her, so she can’t exactly help her either.

    Must be also why she clings to Dex so much. She needs someone that she can share her thoughts and emotions with, besides lingering for a deep emotional connection.Without a good protective andemotional system, Sam is definetly going to grow up with some character flaws, that might turn into psychological ones, even.

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    • I’m glad you are enjoying this portion. Yep – she does care about Sam and needs her to be happy. Dax likes her too and yet he cheated although he’s feeling a bit guilty about it after the fact.

      Sam hasn’t had a reason to really get in trouble before. She’s always done exactly as her mom said and it always made her feel special. But now that she’s discovered boys (Dax and sex) her view is changing and she can’t tell her mother she’s doing things she wouldn’t approve of. So yes, Dax is the only one she feels like she can open up to. Sam will definitely have some issues when she eventually realizes that everyone just wants something from her and they aren’t giving back as much as she needs. You are right, she’s had to pretend to be a woman but she’s really only a teenager. She very likely is going to have some character flaws as an adult. So sad.

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  10. I can’t help but feel worried for Sam. It’s like she’s being controlled by so many people, and they all want something from her. It’s too bad she couldn’t just go home and be with her dad and that side of the family.

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  12. ~ I finally caught up, I am not getting e-mails to alert me to a new Ch & if it is posted in #SAA the feed flies so fast in there that I keep missing it, so I looked on the Forums, as checking my mail was not productive!

    ~ It was lovely to see Taysia & Ryan finally married & all the family together, some looking older than I expected, but time is moving on!
    ~ Ty trying to figure out where he fits into this new change in his life, & so many changes for him that had him confused & flustered, that in the end were unfounded, as Tay his friend helps him navigate through this new phase smoothly!
    ~ And what can I say about Dax & Sam, firstly we do not know that much about Dax, so I can not really say that much about him, I was skeptical to start with about his relationship with Sam, she was so innocent, but I am sure that her work & the people around her have opened her eyes to some extent, she loves Acting as a career, but all the drama that goes with the job, & the self centered people it generates will show her the ugly side of this career that she is yet to discover standing on her own two feet without Mummy Dearest shielding (lying) her from the ugliest of truths, one of those being about Dax & how loyal he is, I am sure he believes it himself when he says he loves her, & he believes her innocents & purity is somehow helping him to stay grounded & make him feel better about himself, maybe he thinks it will wash away some darkness in his past, but if he looks at the reality of his relationship with her he is corrupting the one thing he is clinging too, her innocence & purity which he is slowly destroying, she is so young & naive, has always been sheltered to some extent, but he has introduced her to sex, drinking & drugs, in the short time they have been together, I can only see scandal (with maybe one of his distractions!) or heartache to come for Sam, because of Dax!
    ~ Each of them is clinging onto the other for the emotional support they can not find anywhere else in their lives, but if it was true love on Dax’s part, he would be more honest with Sam, & not seek out others to spend the night hours with, (like he is scared of the dark or being alone) but I have a feeling he has no clue what true love is, who knows, as we still do not know his story, & even though he is 20 he seems lost himself! (he must be good at his craft even though his looks would help, they would not get him by on his looks alone, he would need talent to back it up to stay in the lead role, as there is always so many waiting to take his place!)
    ~ I know why Bel is keeping Mum about Dax, because if she told her Golden Goose the truth she may take flight, & run home to daddy were it is safe, in the arms of her family, then Bel would loose everything she has become accustomed too, she would lose it all with that one truth! So she is only looking out for herself, no one else, did we expect anything else from her? (what you all thought she was being a good mother!!! that will be the day!)
    ~ The Babies announcement was not much of a birthday gift for TY & not much of a comfort for his daughter when he knew she was heartbroken by the tabloids, Ryan at his best, but a shock for me coming from the very grounded Taysia!? (maybe it is baby brain! or their happiness is over shadowing all logical thought!)
    ~ Any way I have written my own book on your story,sorry about that, looking forward to more! ♥♥♥

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    • Congratulations on the binge catch up! ❤️ I loved the story within the story! Lol. You described Dax and Sam’s relationship so well. How they are both sort of depending on the other. He many well believe he loves her and is afraid of losing her, but if he was in love with her, he likely wouldn’t have given in to Felicity. Maybe. Or maybe that opened his eyes? And Mommy Dearest keeping the secret, it’s so true, she’s looking out for her Golden Goose, not for her daughter. It seems she’s watching out for her daughter though and that’s how Sam sees it.
      Baby on board, but not for Ty. He’s so confused. And I blame Taysia’s bad judgement on baby brain too. 🤰Totally was Ryan at his best. 🙄

      And …. dun dun dun …. you don’t have to wait long for more. The next chapter posted this morning… I just hadn’t linked it yet to the last chapter. 🤪. Oops.

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  13. Ugh, another chapter filled with horrible people (minus Sam)! Poor Sam should just get the hell out of there asap.
    Dax is a cheating, lying scumbag, and the terrible duo Maribel/Ragnar only care about the scenes being shot.
    Sam can still save herself, but I don’t think she sees everyone’s true colors, let alone be brave enough to just ditch it all.
    I loved Maribel’s line when she found out Taysia was pregnant. That was such a Bel line – I felt like I was really hearing her saying it!
    And despite what I’m saying, please keep the drama coming – I’m loving it! ❤

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    • Lol. Maribel is Maribel… A bunch of horrible people out for fame and money. Sam doesn’t quite get it yet. She’s not brave enough to walk away either, you’re right. She really does like the acting and has really only just now started to see the real drama with Felicity. Dax cheated … maybe it was a weak moment while Sam was off limits. Still – a cheater.

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  15. Sorry for not commenting i just wanted to read uninterrupted. Its so good and too much tension not to read the next quickly. 😄

    I feel so bad for Sam. I get it Sam wants to act, maybe Maribel wants to preserve her acting career so doesn’t want sam to have a meltdown or w/e, but Sam needs to know the truth. :/ Threatening Dax’s career will only make things worse. Dax might even resent Sam 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s always awesome to get a new reader! So glad you are enjoying so far! You’re almost caught up! ❤️. Her mother is trying to help but she seems to only make things worse. 🙄


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