Chapter 2 – The Party

“Hurry up Nick, they’re here!” said Ben as he banged his fist on bathroom door on the way to answer the knock at their door.

10-24-17_9-17-21 AM“Okay!” yelled Nick and Ben heard the shower shut off.

10-24-17_9-50-27 AMHe opened the door and was pleasantly surprised. The girls looked hot. “Ladies! Wow…come in….quickly, before some other guys swoop you up,” he said as he ushered them inside.

“Hey, it’s early still, why don’t we have a drink here first?” asked Ben.

10-24-17_10-21-56 AMRachael and Emma had some kind of silent female conversation with their eyes before Rachael answered for both of them. “Sure,” she said, “Whatcha got?”

“Cold beer okay?”

They both nodded their head.

Ben grabbed four beers out of the fridge and handed them each one. “Please have a seat while I get Nick,” said Ben motioning them to the couch.

10-24-17_11-37-34 AMBen walked to the bathroom door and knocked on it, “Princess, our guests are here! You are gorgeous enough, come out and have a beer with us!”

Nick emerged from the bathroom and the girls walked over to say hello.

10-24-17_12-04-27 PM“See what I mean,” he said rolling his eyes at Ben as he took the beer from him, “Asshole!”

Ben just smirked and led them back over to the couch. “So tell me about this party. Who’s going to be there?” he asked.

10-24-17_12-37-39 PM“Well,” said Rachael, obviously the ringleader of the two, “there is Johnny and his girlfriend Amber, plus his roommates Max and Victor and their girlfriends and I’m sure a a few more that we don’t know. They generally have plenty of pizza and beer…and some other things…if that’s what you’re into,” then she added quickly, “Nothing hard though.”

This time it was Ben and Nick that exchanged looks. Nick raised an eyebrow and Ben frowned. He didn’t need to smoke or pop anything to have a good time. He was surprised Nick wanted to try it. A couple of drinks to relax was enough for Ben.

“So Emma, you don’t sound like you’re from around here,” said Ben, “How did you two meet?”

10-24-17_1-47-04 PM“I moved here my senior year and Rachael took me under her wing,” said Emma shooting a quick smile at her friend. “We became good friends and when we decided to go to school here, well, roomin’ together made sense for us.”

10-24-17_2-00-23 PM“Nick and I are sort of the same. We’ve been friends since we were 12 and when I decided I wanted to go to school away from home, he jumped on the bandwagon and here we are. We chose San Myshuno because we have lived in small town America all our lives and wanted to experience city life.”

“What do you think so far?” asked Rachael, “has it lived up to your expectations?”

Ben openly ogled Emma and Rachael. “So far so good. I will let you know more after the party,” he asked waggling his eyebrows.

10-24-17_2-04-29 PM“Speaking of parties,” interjected Nick, “it’s time to go. Let me grab a 12 pack to take. We want to make a good impression on our neighbor.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

10-24-17_3-13-12 PMThe party was in full swing by the time the foursome arrived. Lots of folks were already there, huddled in different conversations around the largish living room, drinks in hand. Low music coming from the stereo added a party ambiance to the scene. The sweet unmistakable aroma of burning marijuana wafted in from one of the bedrooms.

10-24-17_3-39-34 PMEmma looked around the room for Johnny. When she found him she introduced him to Nick and Ben. “Hi! Actually, my name isn’t really Johnny Steffen.  It’s Austin Steffen. A lot of people have been calling me Johnny because I am ‘Johnny on the Spot’ when it comes to parties.  Please just call me Austin. It’s nice to meet you neighbor,” he said shaking hands, “Welcome to the bad side of town!”

“Hey, it can’t be so bad with these two gorgeous ladies living here,” said Ben.

10-24-17_3-41-06 PM“They definitely raised the property value when they moved in!” laughed Austin.

Ben felt a little twinge of jealousy.  Johnny/Austin was smooth. Way smoother than he was and he oozed confidence. When a girl walked up and snaked her arm around him, he suddenly felt better. He wouldn’t be competing with him for Emma. Good.

10-24-17_3-45-18 PM“Hey Austin, aren’t you going to introduce me to your new hunky friends?” she asked.

“Sure. Amber, meet Ben Murdock and Nick Hamlin, my new neighbors. Ben, Nick, this is Amber Ridge – my girl – so hands off gentlemen.”

Ben winked at Amber and held his hands up, “Don’t worry. I don’t take what’s not mine to take. Nice to meet you Amber.”

“Help yourself to the bar. There’s beer, wine and few mixed drinks. If you want anything else, they are passing around a pipe in the other room. There’s pizza too.”

10-24-17_4-17-44 PMRachael tugged on Nick’s arm and motioned towards the room where they were passing around the bong.

Nick leaned in to Ben and whispered, “I’m gonna try it. You game?”

Ben shook his head. “I’ll pass. I have my drug of choice right here,” he said as he put his arm around Emma, “Enjoy big guy.”

10-24-17_4-24-42 PMNick turned and followed Rachael like a little puppy dog.

Ben walked over to the bar and got him and Emma a drink. Someone had turned the music up and a few couples had started dancing.

10-24-17_5-32-29 PMThey sat down and finished their drinks and chatted with some of the other couples.

Ben saw Emma watching the dancing couples. “Wanna dance sweetheart?”

10-24-17_5-40-18 PMShe nodded her affirmation.

The music had changed to a slow song. Exactly what Ben was waiting for and from the looks of the other couples around him, so were they.

10-24-17_5-51-32 PMHe pulled Emma close. She smelled so good. It made him hard. But he wanted to take it slow with her. She seemed inexperienced. But maybe it was just her accent. Regardless he didn’t want to scare her off.

10-24-17_6-04-44 PMThey danced a few more dances and Ben really wanted to kiss her. By the way she pressed her body against his, he knew she wanted it too. He opened the door to the bedroom and it was empty.

10-24-17_6-47-49 PMThey went inside and Ben sat down on the edge of the bed. He pulled sweet Emma into his lap and kissed her gently to see how she would react. Her kisses were sweet, yet eager. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and she readily opened up to him.

Things soon escalated to hot and heavy and he could feel her squirming in his lap.

10-24-17_6-46-22 PMEmma pulled back breathless. “Your place, now!” she commanded. Ben smirked at her. He didn’t have to be told twice.

10-24-17_7-04-00 PMBen took Emma by the hand to go look for Nick to let him know they were leaving. They walked inside to find the party had gone from conversation and dancing to couples making out everywhere and Nick was nowhere to be seen. He figured he and Rachael had found another empty bedroom. He laughed to himself and led Emma out of Austin’s apartment and into his own.

10-24-17_7-21-16 PMOnce in his apartment, Ben led Emma to his bedroom and the couple began tearing off each other’s clothes. “I’m on the pill,” she gasped in Ben’s ear.

Ben stopped anyway and pulled out a foil package. “Not taking any chances sweetheart.”

Just then Ben’s door flew open. Nick came barreling into his room, totally wasted. “Oops!” he slurred, “Sorry guys. But I just wanted to tell you that you need to try that shit! Oh, have you seen Val?”

10-24-17_7-42-24 PM“Fuck Nick!” mumbled Ben, “ever heard of knocking?”

Emma quickly grabbed her shirt off the floor to cover up but just pulled it on instead, “Val?” she asked confused. Then her tone changed to worried, “Nick, where’s Rachael?”

10-24-17_7-46-08 PM“You mean Val, no Rachael? Uh, I don’t know. Ben…help me find her Beeeen. I need to tell her I love her. I called her when she left, but…”

Ben sighed. “Sorry Emma, looks like the party’s over. Nick’s totally fucked up. Go on home. I will help Nick find Rachael and bring her home.”

“Who’s Val?” asked Emma.

“Nick’s girlfriend,” said Ben.

“What about you Ben, who’s your girlfriend?”

“I don’t do girlfriends sweetheart. Just friends – with benefits,” said Ben then looked at Nick, “Come on big guy, let’s get some coffee into you and go find Rachael.”

10-24-17_7-53-22 PM

“Well shi-ut! I knew you two were too good to be true,” said Emma, “One’s taken and the other one’s now a confirmed asshole. Your friend was right. And for the record Asshole, I don’t do benefits.” She took another look at Nick and sighed, “Dayum, I will go with you. He looks pretty wasted.”

Ben turned and looked at Emma and gave her his best sad big blue puppy dog eyes and put his hand over his heart. “I’m hurt,” he said. “You don’t know how much fun we could have had being friends – with benefits.”

10-24-17_8-16-45 PMEmma snickered and Ben was hopeful. “When you put it that way… oh crap Ben…he’s gonna get sick…quick, trash can!!!”

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45 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – The Party

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  2. Well, even though he’s a total ass with the ladies, at least Ben’s a loyal friend! Hopefully he doesn’t get puked on though… oh dear 😂

    Another wonderful chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ~ Love the last bit,quick,otherwise they will cop it!LOL!Hand the bin over & stand clear!
    ~ You could say that Ben has never been in love yet,otherwise he would not treat others hearts so casually,but one thing you can say is he is honest, & he was caring,about her feelings, as he guessed she was inexperienced so took it slow,but unfortunately for him Emma is not on the same page as him,she “is” looking for love,I wonder if she could ever change his mind,they do like each other so maybe they will stay friends!
    ~ As for Nick, he really is taking the separation from his girlfriend hard.
    ~ As for relying on Nick finding Rachael and bringing her home, I just hope he can remember were he last saw her!(or did he think she was Val?) I guess with Ben & Emma’s help,they should find her!
    ~ Loving it so far, looking forward to the next Chapter!♥


    • No. Ben has never been in love. Only lust! He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and thinks he is protecting them by not getting emotionally involved beyond just friends. Flawed I know.

      Poor Nick got so strung out…and started drunk dialing Val and Rachael …. well who knows what she/they did. He was confusing the two,girls in his messed up head. Thank you for reading! Next chapter, if all,goes according to plan will be Sunday. 🙂

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  4. Ben reminds me of Sean 🙂 In sooooo many ways… his character his different for sure but his womaniser ways is the same. LOL.
    Nice to see Austin wandering around the party! Hope to see more of him! When i made him he reminded me of Patrick Swayze …

    Great Chapter again!


    • Thanks. Lol. He is Sean and Abby rolled into one! Pammiechick said he reminded her of Abby. I do see both.

      Yes, Austin does kind of have that Patrick Swayze vibe. We will see him at least once more that I know of.


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    • He didn’t with Emma, but he was pissed and worried about Nick so probably just spouted it off since she asked. But if she hadn’t asked, I doubt he would have volunteered the info.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eh, if you’re gonna sleep with a man after one date/day I feel like you can’t expect a relationship. If its an ongoing thing and he isn’t volunteering the information…. than yeah, he’s a dick. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. He does have a tiny little bit of pride. He probably doesn’t think he needs to hit on someone’ else’s girlfriend! 😂. But yes, he drinks but not too much and he totally isn’t into to drugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Well that escalated pretty quickly!! Poor Nick, the drugs turned him into a total mess, lol! It was decent enough of Ben to let Emma know of his intentions, but I have a feeling that he wouldn’t have under normal circumstances..!
    I am totally hooked, and I really wanna know what happens next! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh, the marijuana smell. I remember it was everywhere when I was in Amsterdam one day. Once you know how it smells you can’t mistake it for anything else. I would never try it.
    Emma doesn’t do FWB and yet she was into spending the night with a random guy from the party? I don’t really get her, what was she expecting?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Alright so Ben, despite his iffy relationship with females, seems to have a good sense of loyalty and honesty – so that’s a plus. He’s also quite good looking which I’ve probably already mentioned but shall re-state because it’s true XD. Nick totally knows how to kill a moment, lol, he’s doing a great job of smearing his rep all on his own, and it’s only been a day 😂 I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Ben said he was jealous of Austin, but he’s pretty smooth himself as evident in how he talked to Emma at the end there

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ben does have a few redeeming qualities! Lol. Nick really messed things up for Ben for sure. Probably not a bad thing in the long run. Even though Emma was ready to jump in bed with him, she didn’t like hearing that he had no intention of anything more and she was just convenient.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. omg. Looks like Nick already blew his dedication to his girlfriend. Ok, could be he just had the sudden urge to tell her he loves her randomly. no?

    At least Ben is honest.
    I laugh at the double meaning of “i do friends”

    And srsly Emma… you think the random cute dude you just met earlier today’s gonna marry you just bc he wants into your panties?
    Poor girl had to learn, glad Ben told her now than later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hah. Good ol’ honest Ben. Emma probably wasn’t looking that far into the future but being told that there isn’t any possibility of any deeper relationship ever. Nah. No one wants to here that.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Well, that was a total bust. Talk about getting caught just about in the act. At least he was honest with Emma about his intentions but right now, she doesn’t seem too receptive. He needs to grow up, and Emma needs to guard her heart. And Nick… Oh crap! He got totally blitzed. Let’s hope he doesn’t puke on Ben. LOL. That would be hilarious though. Gross, but hilarious. 😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

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