Chapter 4.50 – Wake Up

“Samantha! Can you open your eyes for me?”

Whose voice is that? wondered Sam. She groaned, not yet ready to wake up.

“Good. She’s coming around,” said the same voice again. “Samantha, open your eyes please. We need you to wake up.”

She frowned and tried to move her head, but she couldn’t.

“God, she’s not going to wake up!” wailed a female voice … her mother?

“Nurse Kennedy, take her out until we can get Samantha awake and calm,” commanded the voice.

Thank you Kennedy, she thought in her head. She heard a door close and it got quiet, except for the soft rhythmic beeping sounds in the background. But those she didn’t mind, they were lulling her back to sleep. She just wanted to sleep.

“Mr. Jefferies, maybe if you can talk to her she’ll respond,” said the same kind voice.

She heard some shuffling and then Levon was talking to her. “Sam, sweetheart, it’s Levon. We really need you to wake up.”

Sweet Levon. She must be in the place between dreaming and waking. “Wanna sleep,” she slurred without opening her eyes.

“Oh thank God,” the words rushed out of Levon’s mouth. “Baby, please open your eyes for me.”

She felt him squeeze her hand. “No, sleep….” she repeated.

“Samantha. This is Dr. Rosebrook.” Oh … the kind voice from my dream, she thought, wait, how did he get here? She was pretty sure wasn’t dreaming anymore. “Can you hear me?”

“Mmm hum,” she responded and turned her head towards the voice, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Good. Samantha, you’re in the hospital. You had … an accident … it’s time to wake up.”

An accident? Finally, she decided to open her eyes so she could make sense of what was happening and get rid of this weird dream. As soon as her eyes opened, she quickly shut them again.

“I’m going to turn off the lights so it won’t be so bright,” said the same gentle voice. “Okay. Now, you can open your eyes.”

She was afraid, but did as he said and slowly opened her eyes again. That’s when panic set in. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. “Where am I?”

“In the hospital. I’m here with you Sam,” said Levon.

“Levon?” She croaked out his name, “What happened.” She tried to turn her head to look at him better. It hurt, making her wince.

“Welcome back Samantha,” said the dream voice from her other side as he gave her a kind smile. “I’m Dr. Rosebrook. I’ve been taking care of you since you arrived. I just need to ask you a few questions.”

“Okay,” she said quickly, and looked to Levon for help. He looked completely miserable.

“Do you remember what happened before you … fell?” asked the doctor.

“I fell? Where?” That was probably why her head hurt.

“It’s okay Samantha,” he assured her, “it’s normal not to remember. What’s the last thing you do remember?”

“I don’t know.” She closed her eyes and tried to think. “Cooking maybe?”

“That’s right,” said Levon. “She made dinner last night.”

“Good, what happened after that? What else can you remember?”

Sam barely shook her head. “Was there an accident?”

“It appears you may have overdosed and fell. Mr. Jeffries found you passed out in your home at the foot of the stairs and called 911. There were a few … complications … but everything seems to be okay now. Your vitals look good and we’re running some tests. We’ll keep you overnight to be sure because you might have a concussion.”

“I’m so sorry Sam,” said Levon as he softly kissed her forehead. “I’ll just go get your mother now.” She could tell he was extremely upset.

As he walked out the door an image of him leaving flashed through her head, sending chills through her. She knew this was likely part of her missing memories, but there was still a lot more missing.

She didn’t have time to think about it because her mother returned with Ragnar. That’s when Sam realized she was attached to an IV and monitors were stuck on her chest.

“I was so worried about you,” said her mother. “Thank God Levon found you! You could’ve died!”

“Mari, calm down,” warned Ragnar, “You’re just upsetting her.”

“Yes, Mrs. Odinssen,” interjected a nurse who was fiddling with her IV, “she needs to remain calm. If you upset her, we’ll have to ask you to leave again.”

“Samantha,” said Dr. Rosebrook, “I’ll be right back. I’m going to see if the test results are complete. Kennedy will stay with you until I get back.”

She didn’t want to be alone but she didn’t want her mother and Ragnar either, at least until she understood what was going on. “Where’s Levon,” she asked her mother, “I need him.”

Her mom gently brushed back her hair. “It’s complicated darling,” she replied.

“Can you please ask him to come back?” begged Sam.

“We’ll go talk to him,” said Ragnar with a pained look on his face. “He’s in the waiting room. Come with me Mari.”

No sooner had they left, than Dr. Rosebrook walked back in. “Hi Samantha. How are you holding up?”

“Scared. I just want to know what happened.”

“Okay, as soon as your family gets back, then we can talk. I’d rather you had someone with you, perhaps Mr. Jeffries.”

As if on queue, Levon walked back in along with her mother and Ragnar. She felt immensely better just having him there.

“Great, here they are,” he said and waited for everyone to get settled before he continued. “Samantha, the toxicology report confirmed you overdosed on Valium and alcohol. You have a few scrapes from the fall, but it doesn’t look like a concussion. You’ll be a little sore, but there’ll be no lasting damage.” Then he glanced at Levon before continuing. “Except, I’m sorry to have to tell you Samantha, we couldn’t save your baby. Because of the bleeding, I felt you needed to know sooner rather than later. I didn’t want you to panic.”

Sam looked at Levon. Baby? His jaw was clenched hard. He clearly already knew what Dr. Rosebrook was talking about, as did her mom. “What? … No …” Sam started to hyperventilate.

Dr. Rosebrook leaned over and took her hand. “Samantha, listen to me. Slow down your breathing. Deep slow breaths. In and out, you can do it.”

She concentrated on the sound of his gentle voice, mimicking his slow in and out breaths. When she began to breathe normally he continued. “I’m so sorry. I know this is difficult …..”

Baby? thought Sam as the doctor droned on, I was going to have a baby? Levon and I were… Oh god. Levon … no wonder he’s so upset.

“… the good news is that you’ll still be able to have children in the future,” continued the doctor. “The ObGyn doc will walk you through what to expect with the D&C. It should only be an hour, two tops before they’re ready for you. Then you’ll be taken to a regular room.”

Sam was horrified. Tears streamed down her face. Clearly the doctor thought she knew she was pregnant. God, she’d been pregnant? They said she overdosed. This was her fault. She had a baby growing inside of her. Levon’s baby. And now it was gone. Before she ever got to love it. It suddenly made her feel empty and alone. And now she understood Levon’s reaction. Why he didn’t want to be with her – could barely even look at her. He was disgusted. How could she blame him?

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” said Dr. Rosebrook, “Mom, Dad, you should give them some space too. If you need anything, just press the call button.”

When the door softly clicked shut and they were alone, Levon sat on the bed with his head in his hands. “Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?” he asked, his voice thick with emotion. “I came back to … I came back and found you. There was blood – and dammit, at first I thought you fucking tried to kill yourself! But instead you freaking mixed drugs and alcohol AGAIN. And this time, instead of just hurting yourself, you killed our baby Sam.”

His last words cut deep. “Levon, I didn’t know,” she whispered, barely able to speak. Then the rest of his words registered. He came back? He’d left, she’d remembered that from earlier. “Oh god. You were going to leave me? Levon, I can’t do this alone, I need you.”

Levon stood up and turned to leave. “We’ll discuss it later. I just … I don’t think I can stay and watch you self destruct Sam. I’ll send your mother back in to be with you, but I need to get some air and think. I’ll come back in the morning.”

Sam couldn’t do anything to stop him. All she could do was watch as he walked out the door. She was terrified because she couldn’t do this alone, she desperately needed him.


4 hours later….

Sam woke up in a private room, no longer in the ER. Her mother was asleep in a chair across the room. She remembered they had taken her to surgery not long after Levon left. Before they’d come for her, her mother told her everything that happened. It was ugly.

“Good, you’re awake,” said a nurse as she walked in the door and proceeded to take her vital signs. “How are you feeling?”

Sam didn’t bother to answer and shrugged.

When she was finished, she continued her monologue. “You might have a some slight cramping, but you should feel better by tomorrow. Just try to get some rest while you’re here. I’ll let the docs know you’re awake and they’ll be in shortly.”

“How long do you think she’ll be here?” asked her mother.

“She might be released tomorrow,” replied the nurse while she entered Sam’s stats into the computer. “She’s doing well physically. But they might keep her longer. I really can’t say for sure.”

Sam groaned. “I just want to go home.”

“Honey, you need to come stay with us,” said her mother. “You shouldn’t be by yourself.”

“I won’t be. Levon will … wait … did he tell you he was leaving me?”

Her mom sighed and waited for the nurse to leave before answering her. “He said you two fought. We all discussed it and think you’ll be better off with Ragnar and I where you can get the care you need. I’m really sorry you can’t seem to make it work with anyone. Levon is so sweet too.”

“It takes two Mother. Dax cheated and Levon – he probably is too.” She remembered that was what they fought about. Things were beginning to come back a piece at a time and matched up with what her mother told her.

“And why do you think they both did?” she continued. “You’re clingy and needy Sam. Levon said this wasn’t the first time you passed out either. We really don’t want to see you in rehab. That would destroy you for years, if not for good. And just when you’re coming into the prime time for your career. The series that Ragnar is working on, it would catapult you to the top. Movie deals would follow. God, I really thought you were mature enough to live on your own, especially with Levon there to guide you. Apparently not.”

“You have no idea what I’ve been going through, so don’t even …”

Her mother sighed deeply. “Darling, calm down. Ragnar wants you to stay with us. He’s worked hard on this deal, and we need to be sure you don’t do anything else that might jeopardize it. And so far, all of this unpleasantness is flying under the radar. He went to pick up your phone and a change of clothes. So as soon as the doc gets in and releases you, you can come straight home with us and not have to go back there yet.”

Her mom frowned and looked at her own phone. “What the hell? Why is your father calling? Fuck. If that ER doc leaked this I’m going to have his license.”

“Daddy’s calling? Oh god! Daddy! Mom, I’m supposed to go to Newcrest. What day is it?”

“You were going to Newcrest? Why on earth would you go there during the winter?”

“Mom! I need to call Daddy. Can I please just use your phone?”

Before her mother could respond, the door opened and a couple of doctors walked in. “Hi. Samantha Murdock? I’m Dr. Montgomery, the doctor assigned to your care, and this is Dr. Jeng. She’s a psychologist and will be doing a psych evaluation. Then he looked at her mother, “Ma’am, we need a minute alone with Ms. Murdock, if you wouldn’t mind stepping out. It won’t take long.”

“Sam?” asked her mom with a look that said she wanted to stay.

There was no way Sam wanted her in there. She wanted Levon, but sadly that ship had sailed. “No,” said Sam, and her mother left in a huff.

“Ms. Murdock, as you know, the results of the toxicology tests showed Valium along with alcohol in your system. Has this ever happened before? Do you often mix these?”

She remembered the time that Levon had come home and put her in the shower. No, it wasn’t the first time she washed down a Valium with wine, She had done it several times. Then, her mother’s words about Rehab came back to her and she panicked.


“No,” she finally said, “this was the first time.” She couldn’t be isolated in Rehab. She wouldn’t survive it.

“Hmmm. You’re sure?”

Sam nodded afraid to speak.

The doctor sighed impatiently. She knew he probably didn’t believe her. “Fine. We’ll need to keep you overnight for observation. But Samantha, if you continue down this path, you will damage yourself irreparably, or even die. If you plan on more children, I don’t think I need to tell you the effects drugs and alcohol have on an unborn fetus. I’m going to go now and leave you with Dr. Jeng. If she concurs, then you’ll be released tomorrow morning.”

Sam didn’t like this new doctor and his condescending attitude frightened her. “Why isn’t Dr. Rosebrook my doctor?”

“He’s the ER doc,” he stated with zero emotion, “I’ll check on you in the morning.” Then he turned and walked out.

Once they were alone, Dr. Jeng addressed her. “Ms. Murdock, I was brought in because it appears you are emotionally unstable, possibly suicidal, and an addict. Your case is compounded further by the stress of your miscarriage.”

“I’m not an addict – or unstable – or suicidal!” said Sam, terrified of being put away in some rehab center. Or worse.

Dr. Jeng looked at her and sighed. “Then tell me, if you weren’t trying to end things, why did you overdose, or even drink being pregnant? That’s completely self destructive behavior. Or a cry for help. And, what of the baby’s father? His absence here is telling. Even more reason for you to be distraught.”

“You have it all wrong!” cried out Sam, “I didn’t know until this morning that I was pregnant. Never would I have done anything that would’ve harmed my baby. You have to believe me.”

“Oh?” she said, still sounding unconvinced. “Dr. Rosebrook said you were quite upset when he told you that you lost the baby.”

”God. Of course I was. Imagine finding out you are pregnant, and in the next breath that you lost it.” Sam was fighting hard to keep control so the psych doctor wouldn’t think she was insane and lock her up. She held tight to the blanket to keep her hands from shaking.

“Ms. Murdock, you need to talk to someone openly and honestly about your addiction.”

“I’m not addicted!”

“Says every addict,” she mumbled quietly, then wrote something down.

“Wouldn’t I be having withdrawals if I were an addict?” reasoned Sam, “I’m not an addict.”

“Even if you aren’t addicted, you have clearly abused alcohol and drugs. At this point, my recommendation would be admission to the rehab center in Brindleton Bay. You should easily be able to afford it, plus their specialty is dealing with … celebrities. You’ll be in excellent hands. I’ll make a call to see if they have an opening.”

Sam’s heart was beating out of her chest. No way. She couldn’t be sent off alone. “No, no please….” she begged, “I can’t…”

“Of course you can. You heard what Dr. Montgomery said, but evidently, Ms. Murdock, you need to hear more hard truths. I can clearly see you’ve been coddled and protected your entire life. Placed on a pedestal. Everything’s been handed to you. You have the life most people strive for. Well, hear this – you aren’t any better than anyone else. The difference is, we have lived our lives and learned to deal with the bumps in the road without resorting to alcohol and drugs to make us feel better. We deal with it, make adjustments and move on. Like adults are supposed to do. But you? No. Your irresponsibility caused you to lose your baby and almost cost you your life. Now, it’s time to wake up and grow up. At least you have the means to get help and perhaps recover from the pitiful mess you’ve already made of your short life. If not, you’ll just be another statistic.”

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A/N – I want to give a shout out to CitizenErased for letting me borrow Dr. Rosebrook from her legacy, Ashes to Ashes. He was perfect for the kind, understanding ER doc.

52 thoughts on “Chapter 4.50 – Wake Up

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  2. I was afraid something like this would be the outcome. She is headed down the path to multiple addictions, if she isn’t already there, and losing the baby she didn’t know she had is either a terrible wakeup call or makes it all worse.
    At least she has no lasting damage, but Levon leaving her, and her having to move into the toxic warzone that is her mother and step-father isn’t going to make anything better.
    Hoping Ryan somehow gets her out and to Newcrest to rest, relax and reflect.

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  3. Okay, I need a minute to freak out over seeing my baby in action 😂❤️ Thank you so much for using him! He’s such a sweet and caring doctor, even though his time with most of his patients are fleeting.
    A stark contrast to those other doctors at the end there… but maybe “tough love” isn’t such an awful thing for Sam right now haha

    Poor Sam… this is definitely rock-bottom for her. She’s just lucky she wasn’t more seriously hurt! Hopefully this was finally the wake up call she needed and she can get her shit together. Wondering what’s gonna happen with her and Levon now too… I feel like it could go either way! 😬😱

    Great chapter!

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    • Hehe. Asher was a great doc for her. Thanks. I hope the tough love the psychologist gave her broke through. She’s pretty freaked out right now and frightened. And yes, rock bottom is where she is. I think Levon cared, but was truly done. He enabled her without meaning to. It was the path of least resistance. And thanks!

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  4. Another fab chapter – poor Sam. My heart actually broke for her when her mom tried to blame her for the break ups!!

    The ER doctor is sooo nice. Wasn’t keen on the counsellor at the end but i get the whole tough love thing. I really hope Ryan can bring her home and she can chill there for a while with Taysia, Ryan, Tyler etc

    Levon has me a bit torn – I think he does care for her in some ways, maybe he’s just bad at showing it….. not sure where I want it to go…..

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    • Thanks. Yes, Sam is between a rock and a very hard place right now and has to make some grown up difficult decisions. Her mother … she definitely loves her daughter, but ugh, has no idea what’s best for her and never taught her how to take care of herself.

      Quite a contrast between the ER doc and the ones at the end. 😬. They have seen it over and over I’m so sure. Tough love may be exactly what she needs. And yes, Levon. He cares but I think he gave up on her. He’s got too much going on to babysit her. Maybe they can work it out. We haven’t heard the last from him just yet.


  5. Well, I must say, I felt a good degree of sympathy for Sam this chapter!
    Yes, she’s been a pain in the arsecakes for ages now, but dang, battered, waking up in the hospital, bombarded and scolded and all sorts of personalities coming and going and throwing their emotions and issues at her. I’m saying it; I feel bad for you, Sammy!

    In my mind I’m calling this chapter Everyone in Sam’s Life Acts Like a Jerk (Except Ragnar)
    It’s a long title, I know, but I feel like it will poll well with the millennials 😀

    Regardless, what’s done is done, and I’m curious how it’s going to be for Sam going forward, and a little extra disappointed in you LEVON; for ages now you’re as patient as a saint, and then suddenly when Sam needs you the most, you bail on her? Tsk. So you’re only a rock when the stakes are low, I see how it is!

    In other news, I think Ragnar is my new Leroy /waggles eyebrows “hey bb”

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    • Sam’s definitely a mess and overwhelmed. Best line: Everyone in Sam’s Life Acts Like a Jerk (Except Ragnar). Ragnar might not be as bad as everyone things. Rough on the outside but good on the inside. Levon just gave up I think. He was patient for awhile until he got too busy to deal with her. Not saying he doesn’t care, but….

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  6. Oh my god….. Losing a child is devastating, but finding out you’re pregnant, then losing the baby is heart-shattering! Sam needs her dad more than Ragnar, Lavonne, and her mother. He needs to help her, I’m sure he can help her better than them. UGH! Can I round up all the wrong-doers, lock them in a room, and set it on fire? Please?!

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  7. Well I need to comment, When a woman is pregnant for the first time, she can be a rollercoaster of emotions and can be seen as unreasonable, and can be worst than PMS state, I think much of Sam’s neediness and moods were due to the first stage of pregnancy, Luckily it does not last long. but unfortunately for Sam noone is taking this in consideration, especially since she did not know she was pregnant.
    What Levon and Sam’s problem is “Lack of commitment” it is not for better or for worst, in sickness or in health, to have and to hold commitment. It is all about me and not about the other person at all. Sam does not put Levon and his happiness first, and neither does Levon put Sam and her happiness first. So I dont see their love lasting when things go wrong, like they just did. And living in the Get Famous environment just accerbates things.
    As for Ragnar and Sam’s mom, they have big plans for Sam and her career. They “really don’t want to see you in rehab. That would destroy you for years, if not for good. And just when you’re coming into the prime time for your career. The series that Ragnar is working on, it would catapult you to the top. Movie deals would follow. God, I really thought you were mature enough to live on your own, especially with Levon there to guide you. Apparently not.” That sounds like an Manager, not a mom. It sounds tough, but I dont see it as love it is money.
    Sam is an adult, and I dont see her signing herself into rehab. It looks like it is going to be up to Ragnar probably due to power of Attorney, unless Sam’s Dad and family gets involved and fights it. Sam has a right to a second opinion than Doctor Montgomery and Doctor Jengs. Both made some judgements after just being assigned to the case. And these quick judgements may have been made to their self interest) to have her committed to Rehab. Possibly both get a private commission on every entry made there. They may be skilled in convincing the layman that it is or their own good and is the only option avaliable for them.
    Anyway this reader is hooked to the story. Pretty please with a cheesecake on it, write up some sunlight for Sam, Tyler and Cassie. Hopefully in the next chapter. Thank you.

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    • Yes. I do think a lot of her over the top emotions were due to the early stages of her pregnancy. Sam and Levon didn’t have a real commitment. They were convenient I think. Not there were no feelings. Just not deep enough. Sam’s mother has been managing her since she was a toddler in a tiara. That’s the only way she knows how to mother her sadly.
      Sam is indeed an adult and it’s past time for her to begin to shoulder that responsibility and agreed, I don’t see her signing herself into rehab. Interesting thought about getting kickbacks from the rehab hospital. They were definitely extremely judgmental. But perhaps she needed to hear it? And I promise, sunlight is coming. 😊🌤


  8. Relief at knowing Sam was alive turned to sadness for the baby she didn’t even know she’d been carrying… I hope she straightens herself up after this. That therapist shoud she like she has a few unresolved issues of her own towards celebrities. It was far too ‘ranty’ for a stranger. Inappropriate, and far too harsh after what Sam just found out and has been through. Her mom is a piece of work too. Geez.

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  9. So I read the last chapter but never found the energy to comment, so I thought I’d do a double here, because this is a continuation of that.
    It’s a really bad situation Sam is in. The pregnancy was tough on top of everything. :/ With the way she was drinking/doing drugs, though, I don’t think the baby would have turned out healthy, though.
    Oh and can I just add that the last doctor and this so-called psychologist are The. Actual. Worst? I know Sam’s made mistakes, but the last thing you want to do is to be judging and scolding your patients. They belong in the trash with Avery and Archer, as far as I’m concerned.
    And pls let’s not send Sam to live with Mari and Ragnar. Send that girl’s butt to her dad’s house. Like. Yesterday.

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    • She is in a tough situation. You are right. The baby probably would’ve had issues. So maybe it was meant to be. And yes. That last doctor wasn’t exactly professional. Maybe she thought she was doing her a favor? Who knows really. I hope she goes to her dad’s. She needs a change of scenery big time. 😬

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  10. Poor Samantha 😭
    It must be awful to wake up to the news that she has lost a child.
    Maybe she would have behaved differently if she had known she was expecting?
    It does not seem likely as she is so far out in her self-destruction, but some people really mature when they are given the responsibility of a human being outside of themselves. Life becomes more important.
    Her current lifestyle is devastating and she so desperately needs to get far away from the inflamed environment where her only solution is abuse and mental escape.
    Maybe Sam really needs to hear the truth, but Dr. Jeng serves it unlovingly and with no hidden contempt. This can only cause Sam to increase his self-hatred and her resistance to coming to consciousness.
    I hope good people will show up and that Sam will learn to hold on to them when they do 🤔

    NB: I think it’s so funny when the different stories cross each other and it was a surprise to see CitizenErased14 Asher perform so confidently and formally in this story.
    It was not him but Nurse Kennedy I recognized at first and then I was on track 😊

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    • Had Sam k own she was pregnant I’d like to think she would have matured and acted in a responsible way. And yes, Dr Jeng gave her some hard truths in a not so nice way. Sam has never been treated like that so it must have her terrified. I hope she does get away from the lifestyle she’s currently leading so she can take the time she needs to heal and figure out how to be her own person. I’m sure her dad will come for her if she asks.

      And yes! Kennedy and Asher! ❤️. It just worked out that they were in the same place.

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  11. I would totally fire that counselor in a second! No psychologist should ever be confrontational like that. Especially to someone who’s hurting. ***hurls a shoe at that woman***

    Sam doesn’t really care about Levon. All she can think about is being alone NOT how she’ll miss living with her beloved and how she messed up. She’s actually turning into her mother! 😭😭😭

    Levon…you’re smart in getting away. My only hope is that Sam moves in with her father and getting her life in order! Please oh please on please!

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  12. Omg!!! First off, thank God, thank God, thank God she is still alive! I was getting a little worried there 🥺 overdosing, alcohol poisoning, and eating shit down the stairs is definitely a recipe for death. 😵😵😵 She got very lucky! It’s so sad that she lost a baby though. Not just any miscarriage, but it’s probably eating her up inside knowing that she was the cause of the baby’s death. Drinking, overdosing, and falling downstairs– all her. There is hope though. Maybe this is a wake-up call and she will turn herself around.

    Now here is where I’m going to vent… 😡 What the actual fuck was wrong with all those people around her? They were also cold! Dr Rosebrook was the only person that was actually nice! No wonder she kept asking where he was. But everybody else was just a jerk. Don’t even get me started with Levon. I know he’s upset but seriously, breaking up with her right there in her hospital bed? Ouch! And her mother? Where the hell is the maternal energy? How about holding your daughter’s hand and telling her everything is going to be okay, in a very soft tender voice. Oh wait, am I supposed to expect that of Maribel? All she cares about is her damn stardom kingdom. Ughhhh! And last but not least, the psychiatrist at the end! She was just rude! She doesn’t even know Samantha! Who the hell does she think she is talking down to her like that and calling her an addict and telling her she was coddled. Isn’t it against policy rules to be a bitch like that? Grrrrr! 😡😡

    Okay, sorry. I feel so much better now. Thanks again for a great chapter, Audrey! Let’s keep positive vibes for Sam! She’s got this! 💪💪


    • Yes, she was very lucky. And the loss of the baby and almost dying should be a big time wake-up call. It’s time for her to take control of her life and stop,depending on everyone else to take care of her.

      Everyone was a jerk. They live in Del Sol Valley and deal with screwed up celebs all the time. She’s probably lucky she got jaded doctors and not the ones that would continue to coddle her. 🤷‍♀️. Her mother … what can I say. She THINKS she has her best interest at heart, but I think it’s her own. 🙄

      Glad you got that off your chest. Positive vibes for Sam! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  13. So much to comment on, so little time. So I’ll save it mostly for Maribel.. the one person in that entire hospital who should have had so much unconditional love for her that they’d support her how she needed. But does she? Let’s see… and I quote: “We really don’t want to see you in rehab. That would destroy you for years, if not for good.” Would it though? Would rehab destroy HER for years? Destroy Sam, your daughter? Or would it cut into her career, and thus your vicarious living. Ugh. Get out of here with your fake self. Ragnar wasn’t as terrible as usual, though I still think it’s because he’s protecting Sam-the-asset not Sam-the-person, same as her mother. Doctor #2 and especially Psychologist were judgey and rude and pushy, especially immediately following all the previous doctor’s orders to keep her calm. Levon.. well, not great timing but I’m sure he’s also hurting and full of feels right now. He also just got the news that he was going to be a parent but the baby was miscarried. And finding Sam that way would be enough of an emotional roller coaster. So I can kinda see why he’d check out.

    I want so badly for Sam to find her way back to her dad… but then that also means Tyler, and by extension, Kiera will be around. If she’s there, there’s no way it doesn’t end up all over social media or even sold to a tabloid by little miss Fame Hungry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! Yes, lots of feels this chapter. And Maribel…. she loves Sam but in her twisted way. She is living vicariously through her and if she were stuck in rehab, it would be all over the tabloids. Ragnar is actually a little better than Maribel believe it or not. But of course he is protecting his investment.

      Levon is so done. Sadly, I don’t think he believes she didn’t know she was pregnant. He was naturally devastated. And Sam is totally on a an emotional roller coaster. I hope she does find her way back to Ryan. He’s totally what she needs right now. Someone that is truly looking out for her well being, not her status as an actor.

      More to come!


  14. Ooooh, I knew Sam was pregnant! But she lost her baby… 😦 I hope this is her opportunity to realize how messed up her life has been until now and change her ways… but I’m not holding my breath!
    Ugh, Sam’s mother is awful! She doesn’t want her daughter to go to rehab because what, it’s going to ruin her career? But being an alcoholic won’t? *smh*
    I totally agree with everyone about that last doctor/psychologist… she was the actual worst! I wonder how on earth she still keeps her job with that attitude… don’t people complain? lol
    Well, seems like things are bound to stay rough for poor Sam… let’s hope her life will not get ruined in the end!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Let’s hope this is the final straw that wakes her up and gets her to make some positive changes in her life. Her mother is clueless to say the least. She thinks she knows what’s best for Sam because in her eyes, she’s responsible for her success as an actress, and perhaps to a point she is. But she’s also responsible for Sam’s inability to cope when things don’t go her way. And right, becoming an alcoholic is better than perhaps stalling or ending her career? Not. But I don’t think her mother wants to admit that Sam is truly on the way to becoming an alcoholic.

      And yes, that last doc was terrible. But maybe Sam needed to hear it? I think Levon tried to tell her but she wasn’t listening. Maybe she is now? Or she’s just going to sink further. I hope not and she is able to begin a path to recovery.

      Liked by 1 person

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  18. Eh I’m actually thinking rehab may be the best for Samantha. She’d get a time away from her family, professionals that care for her, time to rest and also the opportunity to bond with people in a similar situation like her.

    That psychiatrist tho… def one of the worst kinds. She seemed to care more to butter Sam down than actually cares for her, does she have some grudge against people that supposedly have their life handed on a silver plate? 😄
    Not as if she wasn’t the only one, looking at Cassie and Tyler this generation only had useless psychiatrists 😂

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  19. Why is everyone blaming Sam? Her mother’s to blame as well. Its her mother (and step-father Ragnook) who are the ones who allowed “everything to be handed to her on a plate” so that thepartist doesn’t know ****

    Liked by 1 person

    • No. The therapist doesn’t know how she’s been objectified. She shouldn’t make assumptions. It’s rough for Sam who has no real,idea how to make her own decisions but she’s at least had a wake up call regardless what happens. Hopefully she’s strong enough to pull through.


  20. Omg. Is that Lily Feng? I mean, her townie bio made her seem cold, but damn she is so so cold to Samantha. Why is she a psychologist when she clearly lacks the human factor. Its like she entered the field just so she can use it as a weapon. Samantha just lost her baby for christ sake. In her desire to give Sam a reality check based on the assumptions she made, she just painted herself as the worst psych alive. 🤨 Sam is no saint bt im so sorry she has to meet Dr Feng.

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  21. Ah I’m so stressed out about Jeng that I hit send before writing everything else lol. And i realised its jeng not feng lol. Okay so its not lily. Could’ve fooled me though. Anyway I didnt realise Sam had a baby this entire time 😭 I wonder how long had it been. And its a horrible time to be her too. Levon left, and all she has is Maribel and Ragnar ugh. Its so telling how lonely her life is with how blank her hopsital room is. Bt she does have a whole other side of a family that cares for her. I can’t blame Levon for leaving. It’s extremely hard to watch someone we loves/loved self destruct.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. No Jeng not Feng. Sam wasn’t too far along. Maybe around 12 weeks. I feel bad for Sam. It’s very hard for him to watch Sam – that’s so true. He cares, but just can’t anymore. And I’m not sure Sam really loved him. She probably was in love with the idea of him. It’s better they went their separate ways. And the other side of her family does love her. They are who she needs to surround herself with.


  22. Yep. Preggers.
    Doc is hawt.
    Hospitals I’ve been to have an alarm go off if someone comes and sits on the bed (who isn’t the patient, that is). Random comment. I think it’s stupid hospitals do that. I mean, I get it, but it’s annoying.
    OMFG, Mom! You’re going to put the blame of the men cheating (Levon unconfirmed) on SAM?! Bitch!
    Whoa. I both hate and love Dr. Montgomery. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. Doc was hawt. That’s funny about the beds. I don’t recall that happening before. Maybe it just depends…. Mom is awful. She should be supporting Sam not blaming her.

      You mean the phys doc? She’s harsh!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was like that when I visited my dad in the cancer ward–the super sterile ones. Maybe it was just that hospital or just that ward. I don’t think the ER beds were like that, but I also don’t remember sitting on them. That’s just random junk that goes through my head when I read.

        Harsh but needing to be, that doc.

        Liked by 1 person

  23. Um, so… First, I’m glad that Levon came back. I don’t want them to keep being together and obviously, that isn’t an option for him any more either. (We still need to work on the “you killed our baby”, though)
    Second, I was positively surprised to see a Rosebrook 😁 I’m not quite sure if I have met him in A2A yet but once the name rang, his face was all too familiar. Typical Rosebrook face 😄
    Third, good to see that Sam got to see a therapist. However, with the level of sensitivity that therapist has, I’m inclined to throw her out immediately. Even if she has bad memories or other resentments toward celebs, this is NOT how you treat a human being, especially when you’re supposed to be helpful. She should have that much professionality. Being determined is important but that was not determined. That was the opposite of helpful for someone who just lost a baby and woke up in hospital. Apparently, Sam wasn’t even aware that you can overdose with valium and alcohol so if they could have been just a little more sensitive that would be fine, thank you


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